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  1. Ha ha, I'd not 'herd' that before.
  2. I see today there's another damning report about glyphosate: "However, the new study shows that glyphosate damages the microbiota that honeybees need to grow and to fight off pathogens. The findings show glyphosate, the most used agricultural chemical ever, may be contributing to the global decline in bees, along with the loss of habitat." source: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/sep/24/monsanto-weedkiller-harms-bees-research-finds
  3. His masters must have been reading Pavlov's studies.
  4. If he's smart: Or just say he will, but drag it out until 'elected' then ignore it.
  5. Thanks for posting the link. At the time I never saw the news article about it, it was pre-internet time. I remember a girl who had a room in our apartment thought her sister might have been a victim. There were three of us in a tuk-tuk going into the area where the explosion had happened looking for the girl. Everyone else were evacuating, carrying any possessions they could. I remember seeing two people lugging a big TV between them. We managed to find the sister, she was OK fortunately.
  6. At first I thought it said the villagers were to be shot quickly. Better than a slow, painful death I suppose.
  7. So which one will be undergoing plastic surgery to get a square face?
  8. Ha ha! Not sure if that's a decimal or binary error there! No, my mistake. It must be regular army accounting.
  9. Wasn't there another explosion a few months later, near one of the docks. I don't remember if that was a gas tanker or not? That was around mid-morning and the apartment I was in near Klong Toei shook, everyone thought it was an earthquake at first.
  10. Can't wait to see him in the phone box, changing costume, with his underpants on the outside (probably not a good idea for Prawit though, given his recent 'medical emergency')
  11. That's a Thai calculator I assume, going on a news article last week: The PMs bound to win.
  12. Hmm, what's he going to pay off the panther's parents with - five kilos of fresh meat each?
  13. I doubt if we'll see him as Superman, although he might see himself like that.
  14. He's built quite a political career already, evading answering awkward questions. “Since he says he’s interested, I think there will be many parties that are interested in inviting him, too,” Suchart said. “It’s up to him to decide.” What about the ones that don't invite the PM? Will that anger him, and to quote him on that subject, "punch them in the face"?
  15. bluesofa

    Japanese tourist, 62, drowns at Karon Beach

    I don't know if it's my imagination, or do there seem to be more reports of drownings in Phuket recently? Is it since the original lifeguards were sacked and a new group (now involved in a corruption scandal) took over, with virtually no equipment and untrained lifeguards? Is there is someone with details about the number of 'beach/sea accidents' recently compared to in the past? A genuine question.