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  1. On page 2 of the TM30 it asks for "date of arrival". Is that referring to the date of arrival into Thailand, or the date of arrival at the residence where the TM30 is being submitted for?
  2. I can say this with absolute certainty: Prompt Pay - they don't even know what year it is, let alone day of the week.
  3. Prayut asks UK to confirm Yingluck’s location

    There's no personal interest in nabbing him like there would be with Yingluck.
  4. Yes, at present that means: business opportunity without responsibility.
  5. พร้อมเพย์

    Ah, thanks. Talk about missing the obvious!
  6. Prayut asks UK to confirm Yingluck’s location

    Was she shopping for a Fair Isle jumper perhaps?
  7. From what I've noticed, that seems a fair comment. It often needs social media to stir the police into action - just to do they job they've being paid for anyway.
  8. พร้อมเพย์

    Regarding the recent news with Prompt Pay, I just saw a sign with the name in Thai and English. It’s the first time I’ve seen the Thai translation of it: พร้อมเพย์ I suppose the word ‘prompt’ is not an easy word for Thais to pronounce due to the three consonant ending – m-p-t (Is that a triphthong?) So to write it in Thai script must be nearly impossible, although I would have perhaps expected to see the ‘p’ and ‘t’ added with a garan above both(?) of them?
  9. Could have been. No interest in 'responsibility'
  10. Probably so drunk he tried to shoot someone but missed.
  11. Observing the speed limit Driving with due care or attention Stopping at a red light Driving with an offensive wife
  12. It was released into production in order for customers to complete testing it, which they successfully did. Isn't that how it works here?
  13. Sure it wasn't a ham bush?
  14. This is a short quote from an article in khaosodenglish: “Predee Daochai, executive of Kasikorn Bank and president of the Thai Bankers Association, said the problem was caused by the central system’s calendar in which the last day of 2017 incorrectly set to 2018.”