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  1. thats very good And once they find her, the police will all have the shirt off her back. It could be a case of one size fits all.
  2. They need to wise up and grow a pair.
  3. bluesofa

    Heads rolling over poor-quality school lunches

    Is that rolling in the aisles?
  4. I'll get you Butler...
  5. Forgive me being a dinosaur, but isn't that usually referred to as a school register? You don't need high-tech just for the sake of it. When it becomes faulty, the first they will be aware of it is when another kid dies. Plus, it will allow one kid to swipe two in, or swipe someone else in entirely. With the traditional register, the class teacher knows all the kids faces and names. This is looking to technology to find a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
  6. 'real time' and 'travel planning', that's today's two oxymorons. 'real-time': I take it that means when it states the bus departs at 12:05 it really does? Nah, I thought not. From what I can see from the article, their idea of 'real-time' just displays blindly what's on the timetable, but on a smartphone. A proper real-time system will update to say the bus is late and will now depart at 12:10
  7. They should've called it Scabbun. Contractual problem solved. Is that because they they won't pay to licesun it?
  8. Yeah, looks like Plan H in the offing now.
  9. Perhaps they're going to use them as patrol cars - with the appropriate 'wide vehicle' sign of course. Or was it 'wide boy'?
  10. I always thought the phrase was 'the natives are revolting'.
  11. Ha ha! When it comes to predictions, those mediums are pretty rare, I'd steak her reputation on it.
  12. OK, I'll ask. What's TPB? For a split second I thought The Pirate Bay. Then I was thinking perhaps Thai PBS. Now I see a link at the foot of the article to the Tourist Police website. In one of those photo opportunity pics, behind the six bigwigs there's a sign in the background saying 'Police Tourist Bureau', which would make it PTB.
  13. A journalist making a transcription error? Shurely not.