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  1. I remember seeing an Indian checking in to a hotel. The receptionist asked if he had a reservation. He replied, "Well I did have until the government stole it."
  2. Hmm, 'a dinning in night at the officers club,retired'? Is that when there's no food, but plenty of noise? Looks like it could have been a bit of a cramped do too, with no room for a space after the comma following 'club', but before 'retired.'
  3. Was that shoo like a someone shooing a sheep, or someone shoeing a horse? Perhaps even Alvin Stardust:
  4. That's great. Amazing what a kick up the backside will do. I take you didn't need the photocopy service today - for a 90 day report?
  5. bluesofa

    Smartphone Driver License Not Accepted By Cops

    Wifie in the village here (in Issan) got stopped recently, didn't have her license with her, said the cop asked 400 baht fine but she negotiated down to 300.  Surely the official fine is 200 Baht.
  6. "Chief Banyat aslo obscurely noted, “This application is active for Thai users with Thai driving licenses, and does not include foreign users.” Mr Banyat declined to elaborate further, as it is many expats have Thai driving licences with their passport number issued as the driving licence number. Of note, the app itself features a login window plainly labelled “PASSPORT” in English. The rest of the app is labelled in Thai language only." Usual story - the left hand doesn't know the right hand even exists, let alone knowing what it's doing.
  7. Perhaps he's good at dominoes?
  8. bluesofa

    Smartphone Driver License Not Accepted By Cops

    When people get a 'digital licence' all it means is they still get issued with a normal licence, but it will have a QR code on the back of it. So for the present, they just still need to take the real licence(s) with them:
  9. bluesofa

    Smartphone Driver License Not Accepted By Cops

    No plastic licence = 200 Baht No digital licence = 200 Bitcoin
  10. You can tell he's not a government minister - he wants them 'wooed', he doesn't want to 'lure' them.
  11. Is it all hype? I'm sure these are the digits a lot of people think of when hearing the words 'government' and 'digital' together: