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  1. Easy. You'll be sold new products you never knew you needed.
  2. Not forgetting of course, Modern Times.
  3. I'm sure panda meat would be better roast than poached.
  4. It sounds more like a statement of fact, rather than a newspaper.
  5. Is that the Group Captain in the photo? He has rather long hair for someone in the military. Looks like he had his own near miss tracking a pair of scissors.
  6. How did the family become "furious"? It's not clear to me whether the "post" on the fan page identified the woman by name, or by including her face in the photo? Difficult (for me) to work it out, as the original article is in entirely in Thai.
  7. Hmm, not saying the postal service here is slow, but did the last one that arrived say, "Happy tenth birthday"?
  8. I completely agree with what you say. Unfortunately, I feel you might just as well add, "And then I woke up."
  9. Those dastardly religious men, undermining the security of the country. Were they praying without a work permit?
  10. True, but if everybody were to touch the statue (which does have historical significance) then it would eventually get eroded and damaged. This is why it's generally accepted to not touch antiques, statues etc. Didn't someone say it was concrete? It's from 1961, so it isn't yet an antique. not that most people would b aware of that.
  11. The very same thought occurred to me. Surely they're otherwise known as flip-flops?
  12. Only a 7% reduction?????

    It allows for the VAT.
  13. Three hours each way. That's something like the normal slow train takes. Just tried to check the SRT website, I see they've removed the timetable and only have this weekend service listed. IIRC the old service was about 30-50 Baht? So you're paying well over 100 Baht more per person for the aircon. It does seem pretty pointless (no pun intended) unless you're deliberately trying to waste a day.
  14. If it was anyone else, he would be charged with "consuming a wild animal with criminal intent". It worked for charging the sandwich-eating students recently.
  15. If they found some in there, I take it the panther was dead already? Otherwise there could be bestiality charges appearing.