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  1. It's really not as small as people would have you believe. Both our houses went to first-time buyers who were able to get mortgages. Location was the important factor in both cases and it wasn't any more difficult for them to get the loan on a used home than it would have been new.
  2. We had them on https://www.kaidee.com/ http://www.clickthaihome.com http://www.hometodays.com/ We did more but I can just find my log-in emails from these ones. Just google and a whole bunch come up. They don't all get many views and you get some agents, but not too many.
  3. So there have been 2 referendums in the past. Maybe it should be the best of three? Personally, I would go with the leave but go to the people with some facts and genuine information to ask what kind of leave they want. So let the people decide if they want a soft or a hard Brexit? Nobody had a clue what they were voting for last time (not blaming one side for that). So give them an informed choice now. Out with no agreement or stay in the single market and customs union. Ask the people and then follow their wishes instead of making it up as they go along.
  4. It's not make believe. The problem is even when it's up and running, it doesn't always work for everybody. I've used it successfully 6 times but a couple of other times it hasn't worked.
  5. I think this is all undeniably correct and even though some of his ideas had actually been floated before, to his credit he brought them in and took them further. But at the same time, Thaksin did nothing for the development of democracy and even started moving things backwards. He put down the slowly emerging more open and critical press by slapping lawsuits on any who put him under scrutiny. There was a spike in the murders of community/environmental activists. The Tak Bai murders (can be blamed on the military but Thaksin's comments were utterly repugnant). The escalation of the use of lese majeste laws against political opponents actually started under Thaksin when he was at odds with Sondhi Limthongkul. The development of democracy is about more than just holding elections. The Shinawatras have never offered a genuine democratic alternative but it seems that some of those who originally supported them perhaps as a stepping-stone to something different have got stuck with the idea that they offer the only alternative to dictatorship. Time to move on and come up with other ways to move forward without being reliant on individuals or dynasties.
  6. Good value wedding venue in Bangkok

    I went to a wedding at this place on Sukhumvit 50 a few months ago: https://www.ruenthaisukhumvit50.com/ Probably best for small to medium wedding but they seemed to organize it all well through the steps of the Thai wedding ceremony and the food was pretty good.
  7. Unwavering support for their absent heroine

    And the Shinawatras are progressives I suppose? In any western democracy, they would be well to the right.
  8. It says that they let her go.
  9. That's right. And when the government ordered them to stop using formaldehyde, the customers complained that the taste was so bad, they had to let them start using it again.
  10. No it doesn't. That's decades-old barstool talk that research has already disproved.
  11. Police seize fake Man U merchandise in Sa Kaew

    They made the raid because they "were alerted by an official representative of the club". I believe they can only carry out these raids in response to specific requests by the official parties involved.
  12. A problem that needs dealing with, certainly. But plenty of fine British Muslims out there.