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  1. I just came back from a long weekend with the family at Sam Roi Yot, staying on the beach just to the north of the national park. It was really just meant to be a beach holiday but one plus was the number of wading birds feeding on the beach, not too bothered by the human activity around. I got a few shots, not the greatest, but I haven't done any birdwatching in decades and even looking online I'm not sure of most of them. So I would really appreciate some knowledgeable help. I think this is a Malaysian Plover? And Common Sandpipers? How about in these other pictures? I'm sure there's a few repeats but not sure with some of the slightly different plumages. 1.2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Many thanks for anyone who can help with identification.
  2. It's very interesting to watch how easily people like yourself are being led straight up the garden path.
  3. Sorry, just editing. Yes. นับแต่ 'starting from'
  4. The only thing that is really unreadable there is the single word ราชอาณาจักร, meaning 'kingdom' (comes again right at the end). It says he's not permitted to enter the kingdom for a period of 5 years. The other word not fully clear is นับแต่, 'since/from'. So the last line makes it 'a period of 5 years from the day he leaves the kingdom.
  5. It refers to the ministerial order setting out the penalties for overstays, depending on the length of the overstay and whether the offender has turned themselves in or been caught. It doesn't actually state that you were deported.
  6. KhaoNiaw

    How to say 'thank you' to children?

    Thais generally use 'thank you' less than most native English speakers would do at home, particularly the British perhaps. So you generally wouldn't need to say anything like that to a child. Though I think ubonrthai has picked up on something that Thais often do to teach their kids. Saying 'khob chai' to a taxi driver doesn't really show much awareness of the language.
  7. I saw a rumour that 3 Brits will be indicted. It could spill over to the Brexit campaign in the UK.
  8. KhaoNiaw

    Search continues for injured wild elephant

    Unbelievable...the wildlife experts of ThaiVisa would have found this animal within minutes. Some people really don't have a clue.
  9. KhaoNiaw

    Translating phrases

    There are many Thai websites with this information if you google it. This link even has your chart translated into Thai: https://jbrakeservice.wordpress.com/2016/08/06/ระยะเบรครถยนต์ที่ความเ/ It uses ระยะตัดสินใจ ('deciding distance') for Thinking Distance and ระยะหยุดรถ ('stopping distance') for Braking Distance. I think just ระยะคิด would be used informally for Thinking Distance. ค่าเฉลี่ยระยะหยุดรถจากช่วงความเร็วต่างๆ for Typical Stopping Distances (which would more directly translate as 'average stopping distances at different speeds').
  10. Maybe. But I don't think they can overturn any votes. The real end game is for those people on the fringes of the Establishment who pretend they are not really part of the Establishment, the ones who have always been there in the background. Tax cuts and deregulation. UK out of the EU. US-UK trade deal that will force the UK to accept US regulations on food and let US private healthcare in to destroy the NHS. Big money has been put into it already and paths may have intersected at times with what the Russians are doing. They're still the Establishment though, just not the neo-liberal side of it, even if they're in the shadows.
  11. Which they also said in the US. But then it turned out that when they looked, the evidence was there. You also seem to have conveniently ignored the evidence in the links I've given. Apart from the quotes I posted. Even though I've chosen links from newspapers that also have an agenda which would be much better served by suppressing the stories. In any case, I think the reverberations from the Mueller investigation will reach the UK in time. And as I have said a couple of times already, I think this line of investigation into the Russian trolls is something of a distraction from the real issues. If it forces the social media corporations to sort out their businesses so much the better but there are other fish to fry, who probably welcome the chance to hide behind the distraction of Russia. Though as JingThing has pointed out, this may suit Mueller and let him get on with his other business.
  12. Yes, he's a Tory so he's obviously dodgy. But you can't carry that into a parliamentary enquiry where there is a level of scrutiny far beyond anything applied to Facebook or Twitter. He's not the only member of the committee and does not have carte blanche over its workings. I have no love of Soros. And I don't believe Mercer is any friend of the UK either. But they have nothing to do with this topic and throwing them in there is downright deflection. Anyway, I'm not sure why you'd think the Russians tried it on in the US but not the UK. As I said before, it's not really a concern of mine because it's the Russians doing what they've always done. The real culprits who don't have their own country's best interests at heart are much closer to home.
  13. We're both naive I think! He's not just a politician with an agenda. He's leading a parliamentary enquiry and even though he's a Tory, I'd take his concerns before any US corporation with little accountability that is in denial about its own responsibilities, and doing as much as possible to deflect attention from its own shortcomings. Still each to their own. I'll go back and dig up some of the Russians posting as UK citizens that were outed if I can find them. It's very entertaining, especially the ones whose English slips a little or was just slightly off in the first place. Here's a link to a story but it's much more fun when you see it on Twitter: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/twitter-warrior-david-jones-denounced-as-russian-based-kremlin-stooge-2xj850vdt I'm not actually bothered about the Russian bots and trolls. Our countries are behind but will have to come up with ways to deal with it. Much more interesting are the connections between the likes of Assange, Farage, Banks, Mercer, Cambridge Analytica, etc. (with the odd dodgy Russian thrown in for good measure). Follow the money and look closer to home to see what's really going on. But that's a whole other topic and not the story we're commenting on here.
  14. Yes. There's plenty of evidence to the contrary and they also said the same at first in the US before they started looking into it. You actually believe what Facebook and Twitter report about themselves? This is what the committee chair, a Conservative incidentally, thinks: