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  1. I submitted mine on the 17th, as mentioned above, for Bangkok and it's remained on Pending. Someone from work was going in yesterday and did it for me.
  2. It doesn't look like that to me. Travelling with a small child can be extremely stressful at the best of times. But she's managing twins and appears to be on her own with them as well. I really can't understand the idea that she's 'milking it'.
  3. It's says it's a contract number. Assuming the OP is not the person it's addressed, I think it's safe to ignore. Unless you're married to her maybe. If you don't know her, then it's most likely someone who's moved on trying to stay a step or two ahead.
  4. Strollers are usually allowed through the gate and then taken when boarding the plane and stored. It's not really the woman's fault if correct procedures weren't followed. And you are completely lacking in empathy if you expect a mother travelling with very young twins to be aware of every step if the professional staff aren't doing their jobs correctly. In the video the airline employee barges right through and almost knocks the child again as he confronts the passenger sticking up for the woman. Completely indefensible on his part whatever the situation.
  5. It would also be useful with any of these reports if OPs would say which office they've been to.
  6. And have you received the approval yet? My application was accepted on Monday but is still pending. I've never had to wait this long for approval before (Bangkok).
  7. That would probably account for most of the history books used in the education system here already. It's nothing new here at all and has not been the preserve of military governments either. You can find serious scholarship on Thai history if you look but it won't be reflected in the books used in schools.
  8. I think there's a chance this will gradually take, but not overnight of course. There was something on the news last night about businesses that install seatbelts and the various carryboy options, including collapsible seating etc., for the back of pickups. They're already seeing a big jump in business, which means that some people are beginning to make the necessary changes. It means making some investment and it would be good if there could be some kind of subsidy or special deals for people to make the conversions. I first saw this law being enforced several years ago around the Bangchak refinery area. This was after a couple of accidents where people in the back of pickups had been thrown from the overhead expressway down to ground level. I think at first they talked about enforcing the no passenger law and every morning for quite a while I would see the police pulling over the pickups carrying in the Bangchak workers. It was actually pretty effective and to this day you see very few pickups transporting the workforce there.
  9. Why would he believe there would be consequences? Total red herring. Everything that has gone on previously would tell him to go ahead as there would be no consequences. Trump seemed to have no interest. So not why keep making your domestic opponents pay the worst possible price?
  10. Why would he think there would be a reaction when nothing has happened before?
  11. This is nothing to do with ISIS though. It's not ISIS under attack here. And I have been thinking about it (and noted how you keep suggesting anyone who doesn't agree with you is incapable of thinking for themselves). The "It can't be him" argument doesn't add up to anything anyway. Assad likely thinks peace talks are in the bag so it doesn't really matter what he does right now because it hasn't had any real consequences for him before. Crushing the opposition before getting into talks makes his own position that much stronger - it's not like that's never been done before.
  12. I think this question is a huge red herring. He's not actually been getting support from the West. The 'support' has been to get off his back and leave him to deal things his own way with backing from the Russians and Iranians. Why gas 'his own people' (in a place continuing to hold out against him)? That's one of the ways he's been 'stabilizing' his country.
  13. Because he can. Because he's done it before and got away with it. Because he's consistently taken a ruthless line with all opposition to him. He's had sarin before that was supposedly decommissioned but was probably just a sham that should have been dealt with by the US and the Russians at the time.
  14. Well that's a rather bizarre statement since even the Syrians actually said they were carrying out air raids that targeted the rebels' chemical warehouse (which they say belonged to the al-Nusra Front, not ISIS). Assad has shown many times that he would quite happily obliterate the opposition to him whatever their affiliation. An attack like this doesn't mean he's stupid, just that he's done it before and thinks he can get away with it. To think it's some kind of conspiracy seems much more implausible IMO and some genuine evidence would be interesting.
  15. That was actually a lie. And we all believe our own lies.