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  1. Very cool .... thanks
  2. After the pickup had veered off the road, to stop him getting away. From the witness, it sounds like the pickup was coming down the road at speed and ploughed into the motorcycle. The TV news said after they got him out he was asking the police to shoot him.
  3. Yep, only two statements so far. Are you intentionally spreading lies or just ignorant of what's been going on?
  4. That's quite strange since they were holding the perpetrator and waiting for the police to arrive. It's possible you're relying on an early report from a confused scene? Also being reported that an imam from the mosque was ensuring that the man arrested came to no harm before being handed over.
  5. Extremists and terrorists of whatever affiliation should be dealt with in the same way. It's not like Britain has never experienced right-wing extremism before, Jo Cox's murder last year for example. One of the great things that we have seen from the tragedies of the last few weeks is ordinary people of all faiths and colours coming together to support the victims. That's the real Britain.
  6. This is what Corbyn has been doing for decades as a backbencher. Local people know him and they know it wasn't stage managed. And in his backbench days, he would have spoken out on behalf of people like this, regardless of whether it was a Labour or Conservative government. Now that he's in the leadership, he hasn't changed his style. There's no point in arguing the toss with people who think he's a raving leftie opportunist rabble rouser. But look at the editorials coming out of the Tory newspapers and the reports from everyone who has actually been on the ground.
  7. There is still absolutely no leadership or coordination being exercised at Grenfell. Every single reporter who has been to the scene has talked of the community pouring out to give support and the complete chaos and lack of leadership shown by the authorities. Theresa May has announced her package and that's it. No coordination or working to focus the efforts of all the volunteers and organizations doing their best, just a team to give out hotline numbers. It's a disgrace. And then people complain that the tragedy is being politicized ...
  8. So how was the rioting and theft?
  9. What nonsense. To be honest, it's pretty sick that you have that take on what's going on when people are doing their jobs and actually showing care and concern.
  10. You're joking...he'll probably be lined up for a photo shoot with the Big Man himself.
  11. While your points are all valid, you've missed the sea change and the new laws that have been around in the last couple of years. The message may just be starting to filter through. Anyone doing what he is doing in such a blatant manner is asking for trouble, especially if they are a knob who can annoy both Thai and resident farang netizens in equal measure.
  12. Not only local people but churches and mosques as well. This is Britain.
  13. Agreed. I was just answering the question. Apparently they were in trouble before receiving protected status but have now recovered to almost become a pest in some areas.
  14. Yes, they are a protected species in Thailand.