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  1. JHolmesJr

    Pattaya cabbies demand higher minimum charge

    with a name like Grab, what do you expect?
  2. JHolmesJr

    Pattaya cabbies demand higher minimum charge

    If I had to tip a taxi driver 100b for being honest and using the meter I might as well hail one of the crooked cabs...they calculate the fare and the tip together. The only people I tip in thailand are the clean room ladies...they work bloody hard for a pittance.
  3. JHolmesJr

    Pattaya cabbies demand higher minimum charge

    Ive only met one honest cabbie in pattaya he picked me up outside foodland on pattaya klang and bought me to beach road soi 13. I still remember the meter read 38 baht at the end. I was so stunned I gave him a 50 and asked him to keep the change.
  4. Been reading some real nonsense from the trump biased media of late. If you talk to putin he wins, if you invite him to the US he wins. So what are you supposed to do? Sanction even more till he becomes a hermit tied to his own country? Whether you like it or not, Russia has a lot of hard power...and after the amazing world cup success, a lot of soft power too. No one is buying the crap that russians are nasty ogres who want to shaft the entire world....so isn't it better to sit down and thrash out some sort of equitable plan to live together without forcing armageddon. Im not happy about how trump handled the summit....he should have shown the world hard evidence if russia had meddled. Hard evidence, not just "my intel people told me"....hard evidence in the case of a rape would be a perpetrators sperm inside the victim, dna under her fingernails etc. In case of an alleged tampering, there needs to be similar forensic evidence that proves it....not just verbal crap slung around.There was tampering because we say so is not an admissible statement.
  5. JHolmesJr

    Thai celeb in hot water over cave video

    she needs to have that nose slapped off her face.
  6. JHolmesJr

    Swedish tourist killed in Pattaya motorcycle crash

    Truth is in thailand you can be horribly killed even if you're not driving....someone could crash int you anytime anywhere....the idea is to maintain 100% situational awareness....very hard nowadays due to the habit people have of looking at their phone while on the go. The times when I do ride a bike, I drive like an old lady. Seems to work so far.
  7. The only one I can name is Singapore....which also happens to be the world's most successful social experiment in rearing a docile, independent/individual thinking averse and highly pliable populace. Apart from, that the honourable minister is spot on.
  8. I smell out of court settlement shortly. And Vern will donate a part of that to a nice little charity for displaced kids in LOS. Everybody happy except Musky.
  9. It is common for someone who has been brainwashed by a certain pattaya sex forum run by soi 6 bar managers to say stuff like you just did.
  10. 3 months ago.....1500b LT....if you can call leaving the disco at 5am LT...she left at about 3pm the next day. Lemme just say that Im not into stunners....im into women their late 30s and 40s with a slightly desperate air about them.
  11. I could have a grrrreat time for 2.5k euro and have a fair bit left over. My thing is to start each day with about 4-5K baht in the pocket, never falls short. I buy lady drinks only for a confirmed target, not for mama sans, girls' friends and no ringing the bell. 4-5 K covers modest, yummy meals, daytime pleasure and a LT at night. Punters are paying anything the girls ask these days....softie millennial crap. Just bear in mind....the average barfine should be 300-350b. ST average is 500-700 in pattaya.....LT 1000-1500 (in bkk I never go above 1.5K LT) There are those who go to a flash gogo and pay 700b barfine and 5K for two rounds of action with a sexy yet mercenary performer. The no 1 rule is never never never let a thai woman see ur cards....never say you are there for the first time. They will take u to the cleaners....and then dry-clean you as well. If ur in bkk then u r an expat from chiangmai...and so on. To each his own but i prefer 30+ women to a 20+ "spinner"
  12. These days its a matter of perspective....one mans truth is another mans lies and vice versa Look at cnn....their truth is that "trump has been hacked by the man who is a master of that dark art" To me that is false.
  13. did he request the black eyed peas?