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  1. if this is true, you have to wonder how someone can get a backpack into a concert in todays climate. theres also a high likelihood of collusion from someone on the ground staff of the arena who helped bring the backpack in.
  2. who's the lucky fellatio?
  3. every time you travel on the road in thailand you are rolling the dice. I shit myself every time i get on a moto….even when i tell them cha cha, they still zip. When i ride my rented scooty i drive like an old lady….but even then i know that doesn't stop some drunk to run me over.
  4. as usual the most enlightening section of the article is the comments section. Correctly noting that this will make people shy away from purchasing microsoft products (yay)….and it can be termed as surveillance…..so a minefield of legal issues awaiting the microtosspots.
  5. I know...just pointing out the ridiculousness of the premise
  6. Current version is nougat so maybe ganache.
  7. So you cant even stream netflix then?
  8. U kidding? Most of my insomnia lovelies are about this gone when we hook up...lemme tell you they go off like a frog in a sock.
  9. Someone still hasn't learnt the trump doctrine….watch what he does, not what he says.
  10. what? has no one married the cashier yet?
  11. Thank you so much for the opinions guys….I will pass them on.
  12. wow…i seem to remember a bingo player who was making a killing selling these boxes to fellers in pattaya….wonder if he's gone underground cos he could be next.
  13. 85 year old woman has fallen a few days ago and broken her thigh bone. Doctor has recommended that a metal plate be inserted in her thigh. Thought Id get a few opinions here since Im pretty skeptical of doctors. This woman has suffered a host of other serious health issues in the months leading up to her fall…heart, stroke, coma... the whole shebang. Given her advanced years, precarious health situation and the fact that bones don't mend easily at this age, would you recommend going ahead with inserting the metal plate? And if not, then what are the alternatives to the plate? Thank you in advance.
  14. im liking the attitude adjustment.