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  1. whatever it takes, my man…whatever it takes…do a deal, better
  2. there are hundreds of billions, if they know where to look…i cant show them everything can I?
  3. cable companies sell info anyway….thats why I'm a cable cutter. anyway these are not insurmountable problems….getting mexico to pay will be tricky…as I said freeze all the drug cartels funds and that'll fund 90% of the wall to start with. Next problem?
  4. so you're renting for 99 years…and you pay all the rent upfront.
  5. I guess its ok if your king tells you to deliver a message to the next kingdom by any means possible..or he'll have you beheaded. Otherwise, you couldn't pay me to do one. Have done many bedroom marathons though….now thats wear and tear i can understand.
  6. who keeps score of 100 days…its largely symbolic milestone that means nothing. wise up.
  7. Veep and Silicon Valley are strong out of the gate too. Any of you guys using Terrarium TV?…best android streaming app ever.
  8. Billions Season 2 is sizzling…2 more episodes to go for the finale. What a great show. And that bald androgynous person who works for Axelrod is just the best character Ive seen on tv in a while. 1st Season of Feud just concluded..about the vicious rivalry between joan crawford and bette davis…some emmy winning stuff right there. 2nd season will be abut the feud between charles and diana….Im guessing it will be like a tepid cup of tetleys.
  9. a story that truly warms the cockles.
  10. its a clearly disingenuous piece aimed at making Mr Trump look ineffective on terror. Still early days. Wouldn't be surprised if plans are being drawn up to respond as we speak….but these cockroaches hide among women and children so won't be easy...
  11. Must be the first world's first concentration camps where people turn up of their own free will. Sorry il Padrino, you trippin'
  12. Frank Zappa is the first offender of this genre…he named his daughter Moon Unit.
  13. No worries….she can just file a petition to turn it to Alliya Lorraine when she's able to. Dumb parents.
  14. Madam Le Pen is leading at the moment…go Marie….up the pollsters.