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  1. Nvidia Shield (2017)

    It's good that you like it but I am just very wary of stuff like this...if it can hear my commands, then it can pick up anything being said in the room. And since Im ex-SAS, there is a lot of sensitive stuff always being discussed....so no voice control for me hehe.
  2. Nvidia Shield (2017)

    Have not updated from 5.2 and no plans to either....last thing I wanna do is talk to a box. Is there any way to delete this update completely so it doesn't keep appearing.....so annoying.
  3. After 60 episodes of Alias JJ I didn't think i could get excited about a mafia series.....but Suburra delivers in spades. On episode 9 now....do yourself a favour and only get the version uploaded by Sno. The rest are a disaster....first 4 episodes in italian and then suddenly dubbed english...this thing is nt meant to be watched dubbed.
  4. Asus RT-AC3100....identical to the 88u but with 4 LAN ports instead of 8.
  5. The swamp rats, in collusion with their media friends, have joined hands to attack him from every front possible...he's done admirably considering that everyone wants him gone....since he has upset their little apple cart of business and suave crookery as usual.
  6. well the fact that the people have chosen Trump over more seasoned political sleazeballs should give everyone pause for thought.
  7. well the moral of the tale is dont take you eyes off a thai adversary even when a cop is present....cos they will do f'all.
  8. E-cigarettes linger despite legal threats

    there are to types of vapers: 1. MTL (mouth to lung vapers) who are just trying to find something as close as possible to a cigarette draw to wean them off smokes. They use high resistance coils and low watts and fairly high nicotine liquids to generate fairly wispy cigarette style smoke. 2. DTL (direct to lung vapers) who are just showoffs who want to blow huge clouds cos they think it's cool. They use very low resistance coils, high wattage and low nicotine liquids and draw real hard straight into the lungs, to release copious amounts of vapers. These are the types who have explosive accidents from time to time, mainly cause they dont understand ohm's law. They're also known as 'clouds bro' .
  9. "Floored by a left hook".....that landed on his left jaw? Interesting.
  10. yes you're right....I hadn't read the charge sheet and heard the recording when i commented. he's in some deep shit....but let me tell you, there are millions of men who do this and far worse. he just happened to get caught. still, shame because he has an eye for green lighting some great films.
  11. As long as they don't enforce no smoking in soi 6 bars, soi bongkot bars, I am fine.
  12. That is a shame because he is a genius who knows how to spot a winner script like nobody else. After this miramax is done. I cant see whats the big deal if he used his position to pressure a few women into submission....it is a very normal thing that happens in corporate life....and this is showbiz, which is way more OTT version. Another consequence of the ultra PC bs and saw culture that has pervaded our society. Where a man sticks his dick is his own business....unless the recipient is unwilling. If he did that, that's his mistake.
  13. Hundreds of share-bikes taken home by renters

    Usually such schemes work best with an app. You have to sign up and place a deposit so at any time if the bike goes missing on your watch they know where to find you.
  14. She won't be doing that again.