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  1. McCain...a guy who was in the wrong place at the right time....and milked that narrative his entire life. Built a very profitable career on it too...he got his flowers and tributes.....glad donald wasn't there....he hates him....and donald is many things but not a hypocrite. I think he would have been relieved to not be invited.
  2. I don't know who I loathe more....Lemon or Cuomo....they appear like they have been paid to go after trump....absolute shitbags. And don't get me started on that b%$^% Allysyn Camerota.....what a swamp CNN has turned out to be.
  3. Looks like a prison van in a cartoon film prefer the old ones
  4. The loony left is focused only on creating irrelevant noise and disrupting the Don's agenda. They have no proof about anything...just a bunch of testimonies extracted under duress. Now they are clamouring for his tapes during the Apprentice TV Show recordings....what the hell for... it a show about firing people so he's bound to have said some nasty things...who cares....that was way back... who do they think they are..... angels...lol I don't care how many pussies he's grabbed or people he's been rude to....let him do his work....he was elected through lawful means....stand down lefty nutters.
  5. Some great tv shows at the moment. Spud17 dropped L'Accident with subs...a french thriller abut a woman found dead in her car Sno dropped Deadwind which i think is brilliant... Guyane is from barshynkv .... Im not watching it until I have all episodes in hand.... And here is my nominee for film of the moment... Pop Aye....a wonderful film about a city architect who buys back an elephant in bangkok and goes on a road trip to return the big guy to his stomping grounds in Loei.....just wonderful.....and made by a singaporean director....
  6. This bar does have neon red and blue lighting, so may be a trick of the light.
  7. Few Ive enjoyed lately: Season 4 of The Affair. (shocking turn of events but still very well done) Sharp Objects - HBO Series (a real sleeper, slow burn crime investigation) Guardian Angel...surprisingly good crime film with a mixed international cast set in denmark. In english. El Chapo Season 3.....the finale.....a riveting watch as usual.
  8. ""This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.""
  9. apparently this forum does not. Night & Day aired on Walter Presents on 30 June....no one knew that in May.
  10. Its not 3 months ago....its 5 July....18 days ago....
  11. That alley is home to JP Bar....where all the freaks congregate....if you have seen it, you would know that a man slumped by a pole is actually quite tame compared to the shit you see on that alley.
  12. @Giddy It is not my fault if you have not seen this...you are a regular visitor to this thread.
  13. hw many clues do you want? I said the name right, i said it was spanish...actually it is catalonian....a strange sounding version of spanish, basque probably....great stuff right up there with the scandi series. Night and Day...aka Nit i Dia.....Sno has dropped it on the usual channels.
  14. 3 episodes in to Night & Day....enjoying it a lot.
  15. JHolmesJr

    Pattaya cabbies demand higher minimum charge

    with a name like Grab, what do you expect?