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  1. yadda yadda yadda ask yourself why?
  2. I got my exodus repo from the simplycaz repo…works well so far. Meanwhile, 1Channel and SALTS are no longer being maintained by tknorris. They are now available under the K3l3vra repo as this bloke has taken over their development. Only problem is they don't work too good….get an error in salts that url resolver did not load.
  3. U would prefer " shocking, unprovoked and uncalled for"?
  4. " She's a liar, liar…."
  5. hahahahaha yep…..not to mention, increased probability of inheriting some assets sooner rather than later.
  6. Alas poor baldwin, I knew him not well.
  7. soi 6 bar owner 55555.
  8. Did they use the ol' 'if it doesnt fit you must acquit' defense?
  9. Thank you general….soi 6 is just grossly overpriced….used to be 700b all in for an onsite indulgence…..now the standard is 1000…..and even 1500. hope this lowers prices back to normal levels.
  10. I don't actively seek out 50+…..usually they fall in the 40-ish range….can spot them a mile away with that hungry look in their eyes and they're completely uninhibited.
  11. don't they stop to exchange insurance information?
  12. You should see the other guy…hehe How the %^$ do you collide with something this big? (no titanic references, please)
  13. As an equal opportunity monger, I've gone up to 50-55…..you don't know what you're missing. No ones really banging them with affection so they're very responsive. Long live Bamboo.
  14. MILFs rule