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  1. If its farang on farang, will they care to investigate. sounds sickening...anyone got a link to the video...i cant log on to fartbook. had only good times at Ruby what a shocker.
  2. Thai people smile a lot..be careful...the bigger the smile the more trouble you can get into.
  3. another trump bashing thread...yet he thunders on....now they have nothing so its his hair....5555
  4. Phantom Thread is out and a good copy too....Daniel Day Lewis and a bunch of others watching tonight
  5. Shunned psoriasis sufferer warmed by rays of hope

    Is this not a diet related malady? Ive read that eliminating certain foods can rapidly cure it.
  6. I had probs after Ep10 myself....user baryshnikov has uploaded all 12.
  7. another excellent initiative by the good general.....their prices are criminal.
  8. My advice to anyone doing it on the balcony is...find a nice comfy chair and carry out all proceedings with both parties seated. Preferably with the lady on top.
  9. Kodi and No Limits on TV box

    I would never put a build on kodi but thats just me....I just cherry pick a few reliable add ons for film and tv shows....live tv needs an iptv subscription...done.
  10. Im never going to waste any time or money on wolfs garbage but i did read an article he's published in some trump unfriendly magazine...wow...I don't know how he makes up such crap....he is literally writing about whats going on in the thought processes of conway, trump, priebus, bannon, seems like everyone told this journo their innermost thoughts ....yeah, right. i smell the stench of a certain 'foundation' all over this.
  11. I bet if we went through michael wolffs phone and his cal history it would include just about every democrat and enemy of trumps. so hardly credible. Next.
  12. Ketogenic (Keto) Diet/Lifestyle

    Here's a doctor whining about how unhealthy keto is....yes it's unhealthy.....for their earnings. No one with blood sugar problems (diabetes)...no one with obesity related illnesses to fleece. wasn't it the doctors who told us that fat was the enemy decades ago...the same doctors who received money from the sugar lobby to say that. cant trust any of these white coated turncoats. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/ketogenic-diet-is-the-ultimate-low-carb-diet-good-for-you-2017072712089 love how the comments set him right.
  13. Woman Agrees To Pay For Wrong Lottery Ticket, Then Wins $5 Million

    I'll take it.
  14. Death to all starfish! They've got some nerve.