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  1. And after a comprehensive review pending investigation and appeal and national referendum, popcorn will be introduced in 2019.
  2. I am embarrassed to admit I LOVED Kingsman the Sequel....some crazy action sequences from start to finish...well worth price of admission...which in my case is zero. Other stuff I recommend: 1. Superb BBC Storyville Doco called Voyager The Farthest....stunning depiction of voyagers epic interstellar journey....guaranteed to make you feel smaller than the <deleted> of the tiniest microbe in the world. 2. Acquitted (Frikjent) Season 2...nordic thriller. 3. Dark....superb euro thriller from Netflix. 4. Roman Israel Esquire....my man denzil washngton's best actor nomination for 2017.
  3. sometimes there are seeds but they may not show...give it a whirl...worked for me
  4. Snowhiter is dropping some cool tv shows: Paris (full season) Babylon Berlin Norskov (full season) Nordic Thriller Jordskott Season 2 Nordic Thriller
  5. Over here we just use the ignore button....and a slap with our handbag....lol
  6. Greggs 'sorry' for replacing Jesus with sausage roll in Christmas advert

    Another social media idiot....thats all they got: BOYCOTT.....pathetic
  7. Where can I find massage therapists?

    I can honestly say that in all my years I've never come across any thai woman who had to be "forced into sex".
  8. Clarification of "Reaction" emoticons requested

    I presume you are requesting a purple animated penis to convey this emotion too.
  9. Lucky for warren beatty...he probably doesn't need to work any more....he'd be slaughtered.
  10. i thought you just put a few drops of lemon juice in boiled milk...let it sit for an hour or so...and stick it in the fridge.
  11. Bit distressing to see truly talented people being so messed up. And the out of control social media court system that applies mob justice. Kevin Spacey has been written out of that netflix show to appease the SJWs...how the hell do you do house of cards without spacey? Aaaaarghhhhh....I won't be watching that crap no more. Louie has always made jokes about jackin off but doing in front of women shows no self esteem. Please god, let larry david be clean...i couldn't handle it if we lost him to some PC BS.
  12. I don't mind doing my bit to help.
  13. Careful....Ive heard that stuff can make you go blind! Unless it already has. Read my lips....No Impeachment ...this poll don't lie...the silent majority has won.
  14. Just popped in to se how impeachment proceeding are going...looks like nothing yet. Pervert dossier disproven...women sent by enemy rebuffed....trump is obviously not as stupid as people think.