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  1. no agenda..just pointing out the hypocrisy of choosing to live in a country whose leader you so despise. cognitive dissonance at its finest.
  2. shallow spinboi metrics. easy to get likes on social media….usually quoting mandela will do it.
  3. C'mon man…are you denying that you, and all expats, serve at his pleasure?
  4. Mayweather v McGregor

    of the two, i dislike mayweather slightly less so rooting for him.
  5. Thats normal…everyone does it…..but spinbois like to pretend it's not.
  6. Over at CNN the spinbois are having a field day….no one can get a word in in defence of trump. black woman got shouted down. A lot of these pundits have no idea why the voters have rejected politicians. The spinbois still don't get it. Most people are sick of cnn too.
  7. Mayweather v McGregor

    I've read may weather won all his bout with 8oz gloves.
  8. Not your average wet tshirt contest!
  9. huh…thats only for whiteys/farangs.
  10. the last resort of a spinboi. trump spoke the truth…greasy politicians would've just quoted mandela or mlk and basked in it. oh wait...
  11. shame faced attempt to twist the prez's words….no matter what he says what…he praised kim…string him up….spinboi talk.
  12. please…I'm not living in isaan….nor am i a spinboi of the left. well aware that mueller is trundling on. the russia thing has just ebbed away from the media so they need something new to get outraged about.
  13. poor liberals and their media accomplices….when the russian thing didnt stick they came up with trump supporting nazis. a new low.