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  1. A people's vote has already been conducted and the people have spoken. Patrick Stewart and his handlers need to step off.
  2. 2 films I really enjoyed in the past couple of days: In The Fade Backstabbing for Beginners Also, has no one watched Lee and Dean on Channel4 ... i would have thought it's comedy gold.
  3. any chance you could pm me the source....couldnt find on kodi so downloaded episodes....but no subs. also couldn't find all episodes...
  4. Not only do I want him to finish his first term I'd like him to win a second term. Not a "great" president in the vein of obama etc who only talk great. Everything he's doing he said he was going to do. He said he was going to bring it to China and he brought it. I like it when a Prez takes action to keep his promises.
  5. She is tainted goods...obviously she's the only one who doesn't know it.
  6. Everyone should know that you never feel up a thai woman in public....there are discos where you do that... but only if you are 100% sure that it is welcomed. For me it's usually order them a tequila or three and then the bottom grinding begins...simples
  7. the guy on the right could star as The Joker in any batman remake.
  8. Kodi Shakeup

    scratch that...iplayer doesn't work today. does the itv add-on in the same repo have a walter presents section...they just updated it today
  9. just watched Paterno with al pacino as the football coach at the centre of a huge pedo scandal, directed by barry levinson the same guy who made the madoff film. worth watching if you have absolutely f'all to do.
  10. she aint got no ass, homie!
  11. Good Tailor in Bangkok?

    If you have a body shape and size that falls outside conventional sizing norms i can understand a tailor but nowadays some great sits being made by the likes of boss, canali, D&G etc....hit them at the sale
  12. Kodi Shakeup

    got mine to work yesterday with hd autoplay on...englandproxy/rtmp/akamai what exactly is teatimetv....i think I've got an android app on my shield...thought it was like terrarium...but this link seems exclusively bbc...any nasty ads?
  13. Kodi Shakeup

    bbc iplayer add-on from littlewiz isn't working...proxy enabled using rmtp and limelight for streaming...anyone the same?
  14. Loved Killing Eve...very dry. Some good ones this week. Very funny Ch4 series called Lee and Dean...about two builders, almost gervaisian, written by 2 proteges of Armand Ianucci the genius. 2 episodes out. Lowlife...excellent but graphic. Pulp Fiction vibe, lives intersecting etc...without the heavy star power and pithy dialogue. The Spinning Man has an interesting start and middle but then fizzled...still, better than getting yourself shot at in a bahtbus at 5am in pattaya.