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  1. Life is too cheap in the land of smiles. Always take the easy way out, case closed,...... Buffoons
  2. That's what you get by playing too much on the phone with heavy rain, you buffalo wannabe dash cam amateur
  3. In other words, regarding my previous post, I wouldn't be surprised if this Fatal injection becomes the "new" "old trend" in the current ruling regime to silence the critics.
  4. I can see this Fatal injection being abused more often in the future
  5. What a way to silence the critics, again and again and again....
  6. Nothing new anymore. And it's only getting worst, when the new stations open......
  7. Don't bet on it,...... There will be upcoming brown envelops right under the table to relinquish this case nice and slowly..........
  8. Sorry but, I cannot laugh about this..... this is just bad comedy.
  9. Thay'd rather collect 500 THB per student and slap them on the wrist...
  10. And they didn't arrest them, yet????
  11. MaxLee

    Thailand becoming ‘garbage bin of world’

    Thailand IS ALREADY the ‘garbage bin of world....
  12. The Psychologists who treats those sick bastards are gonna need a Psychologists themselves later
  13. Reenactment, and then???? Provide a future example for future Rapists????
  14. And we have to pay double for it in the future????