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  1. Okay, not only a taxi story trend, so now police trend, too??? Notice a pattern here?
  2. Yep, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 code cracked, Happy day
  3. D'ya hear that, dear parents ,.... don't make another naughty one
  4. They're just wasting their time and gasoline
  5. MaxLee

    Thailand 1997 All Over Again?

    Nope, only worst
  6. I guess she didn't study Biology too much, RIP
  7. Hell no,.... any more questions
  8. Don't worry boy, I bet mommy and daddy will pay for your mental illness pass soon....
  9. His parents must be rich, if you know what I mean....
  10. He should be fired right NOW
  11. Well,.... property development
  12. MaxLee

    4 wild boars granted Thai citizenship: Official

    Behind that visible surface aka good governor deeds, another public stunt to delude the World........... just saying