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  1. Well, sorry, but the winner has already been determined ways in advance behind all this extreme smokescreen of the article number "not-to-be-named"
  2. Wow, and they're gonna put her into bars now, while the dead old phu yai is regarded as "victim"?.....
  3. No matter who comes into power here, those goons will just govern for their own self interest.
  4. Just wannabe critics stating the obvious YAAAAAWN
  5. But, but, but,....... the ultimate productivity killer in the land of smiles is,..... Losing face OR making someone lose face Making someone, especially in influential status lose face can end fatal in several XXXtreme cases.
  6. Dismissed..... yes.... into an inactive post. He was preparing some quick brown envelops BEFORE he surrendered himself....
  7. Double standards, bro....
  8. I have a warning for you: Department of Health warns of pathogens after flood doesn't give a dam_n about the flood victims In other words these backstabbing agencies are telling everyone: "If you have a problem, we won't go out and help you, you can help yourselves at your own costs. You wanna have 5,000 Baht compensation program??? We won't come out and help you, you gotta come and get it. That's the Thai(-SHINESE) definition of government agencies' warning: "Go help yourselves, we won't come out and rescue you....",
  9. What book, "How I sidestepped the problem as Defenseless Minister and travel to Hawaii" ???
  10. MaxLee

    Thai govt mulls extending ISA

    ISA extended to Nov 30 wait until the rest of Thailand gets flooded, while the Defenseless Minister and PM Proxyn Shinawatra will travel to Hawaii, smiley smiley thank you, see you again next year
  11. Whether coup-ousted or vote-bought... what difference does it make? It's the same old overly-police-and-military-controlled-propaganda-brain-pushed-washed procedure to brainwash the masses to believe in what they want to hear, only in order to backstab them where it hurts them the most, mentally and physically... The military will always side with the winning party, so simple as logic that... Welcome to future SHINA
  12. In other words, Thailand, the future SHINA aka China, where police-controlled communism will terrorize the nation and therefore becomes the hub of government controlled IMPORT-(ONLY), aka backstabbing greedy borrowing theft from other Nations, without regard to human life. Export business and difference in thought authenticy and unique character, will become a crime punishable by SHINA-Law
  13. No need to tell the world, everybody knows already, and the majority who has been brainwashed beyond brain damage repair, blindly and mindly accept corruption aka easy peasy money and free luxury goodies without wanting to work a sweat.
  14. Don Muang is for the domestic aka poor, so screw them... like every other province outside of Bangkok ONLY Bangkok.