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  1. MaxLee

    Can Thailand lure the Chinese back?

    Yep, the immigration department in the mean time have acquired new staff and told them, "next time don't get caught in demandng immigration money under the table."
  2. The police are gonna hunt down and silence that generous man who recorded those videos,... wanna bet?
  3. Absolute self serving,....... Baffoons in Brown, the guy in the middle looks very pissed at the cop.....
  4. The poster of this video should run for his/her life, before unknown henchmen authorities get a nasty hand on him/her for defamation of the school's image.....
  5. Careful, Mr. Scott Redding, you could be charged for defamation....
  6. Okay, then pay your few thousand Baht to the police, make a wai and buzz off
  7. Just transferred???? Ah..... to inactive posts,.....I get it.....
  8. Nope, just the Maintenance, that they never-ever-dever did since they opened business.
  9. MaxLee

    BTS extended Green Line to begin service end of this year 

    Yep, I can feel the log jam incoming in the center of Bangkok, and more delays
  10. Then stop sitting on your a***** all day and take actions, you buffoons in brown
  11. Yep arrangements under the table are already under the way....
  12. Well, if the dad aimed for his private parts, then maybe...
  13. What a GREAT COVER-UP Operation , I guess all securities can read this in (Non)-Thai language .....
  14. I thought for a moment, that a Chinese has been punched in the face by a Thai thug, when I read those headlines......
  15. MaxLee

    Five charged over moo baan tunnel drowning

    Yep negligence charges of a few thousand Baht as always