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  1. Blazing fireballs seen over southern England by dozens of people

    The End... The END is neigh my friends.. Repent..
  2. Is this the guy who does the Tell-Sell commercials?
  3. NMAX: How much should I be paying new?

    I very much doubt you mentioned the right reason, I think it has more to do that there is a dedicated forum for "motorcycles in Thailand". You should have posted the question there for a better response. Ask the mods to move the topic .
  4. For The Birds !

    True, hence the "Could it be".. Difficult one.
  5. For The Birds !

    Could it be a grey faced buzzard? http://orientalbirdimages.org/birdimages.php?action=birdspecies&Bird_ID=915&Bird_Image_ID=82407&Bird_Family_ID= http://www.pbase.com/peterericsson/image/166539724
  6. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    Firefox Quantum vs. Google Chrome: Which browser is faster? http://mashable.com/2017/11/15/google-chrome-vs-firefox-quantum/#d0_5NfH2Maqd
  7. Monkey addicted to petrol won’t stop drinking fuel from motorbikes

    What is his mileage?
  8. Have a thai speaking person call your immigration office, find out if they accept the online report.
  9. Yes, but only if you do in in person. Not online or by mail(post). Is it wise to do it the very last day?
  10. OP; Your info is not correct. That rule has been revoked some time ago. You will now have 30 days at a land border crossing with a limit of 2 times in a year. No limit coming in through an airport. I just saw that sanemax beat me to it with an actual valid link.
  11. Do not send passport!! Only copies and a completed TM47 form. A copy of your passport photo page, visa, entry stamp, current extension stamp and TM6 departure card. Your current 90 day report slip (make a copy for yourself to keep). And a self addressed return envelope with postage.
  12. Profile Picture/Avatar

    Testing.. Yup..fixed.
  13. Naaaah it was not a gun issue. He used marshmallows. Too bad most americans cannot read other languages, they would see that the world looks at the usa in bewilderment concerning this issue. Basically where it comes down to is: How stupid can you be and how many more have to needlessly die before "something" will be done.