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  1. On Chrome : URL method from google is visible, just as the drag and drop methode ones are.
  2. Good to see the pic department is back on it`s feet again. Thanks for all the nice pics Assurancetourix .
  3. Latest info on where it is possible to do the 90 days report: 1 Chaeng Wattana 2 Imperial World Ladprao, 5 Floor , Ladprao Road, Wang Tong Lang, Bangkok 3 Big C on Ratburana Rd Address: 19 Moo 9 Ratburana Rd., Bangpakok, Bang Pakok, Rat Burana, Bangkok 10140. 4 By mail, send to: 90 DAYS REGISTRATION, IMMIGRATION DIVISION 1 Chalermprakiat Government Complex 120 MOO 3, CHAENGWATTANA ROAD,SOI 7, LAKSI, BANGKOK. 10210
  4. Like Crossy said, one cannot " Like" own posts and after about 20 minutes the Edit button disappears.
  5. I could, but it is gone again.
  6. Yes, now I can..
  7. Yes, thank you very much, I most certainly enjoyed it !!
  8. Getting rid of U-turns would help.
  9. I am sure there will be a claim for missing luggage..
  10. The new address is the one where you can login to Hotmail. You found it yourself. Delete the old shortcut and replace it with the one you found.
  11. You have until 7 days after the original reporting day, so you should be fine doing the report within that time, the weekend is close so..... and they count days, not working days. Yes, someone else can do it for you but you will need to fill out and sign the TM47 Form yourself . Bring Passport Copies: The passport photo page, Date of Arrival (Last Entry Stamp), Permit to Stay until (Last Visa Stamp or Extension), TM.6 (Arrival/Departure Card). Your last receipt of notification (original), and the already mentioned Form TM 47. Some offices also want to se some proof of address, like a rental contract or a utility bill. Not sure if all this is required for Bangkok immigration, it varies by immigration office.
  12. Great, a battery operated suitcase. Maybe the perfect recipe for cargo hold fires ? I was not even allowed to have a spare li-ion small laptop battery in my checked in suitcase.
  13. Yeah right, it is like in the middle ages; Weigh someone down and if she floats she is innocent and if she drowns she was a witch.
  14. Is your Chrome browser up to date? Are you using the correct version for your operating system 32 versus 64 bit? RH upper corner, click on the three dots, a drop down menu will open, go to help and select "About google chrome". It shows the version you are using and it will update to the latest version automatically. If that doesn't help you could uninstall and reinstall Chrome and see if that works for you.