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  1. True, and the sad thing is that they will probably be considered too should a teacher ever 'make a mistake' with his gun. The US has gone absolutely bonkers.
  2. The police state is getting closer day by day, just to protect the second amendment fans. Teachers with guns, how low can a country go.
  3. Trump orders flags at half-mast after Florida shooting. Take a good look at it because it is the only thing what will be done. And again at the next shooting and aga.. and..
  4. Wish I had a lawyer like that.. must be a first, usually lawyers rob you blind, this one pays your bills even if the isn't supposed to be a bill.
  5. It is only the 19th school shooting in 2018. What will happen is that there will be lots of people praying and urging others to do so too, and after that it will be maybe concentrating on the ethnicity of the shooter if applicable , and than moving on to other diversions. The real problem will not be addressed and school shooting number 20 will happen in a few days time followed by 21 and so on, and so on... Got kids in school in the US? Look at the video`s of children running out of the school with their hands up. It could be one of yours.
  6. Losing some of my hair too, with me it is a problem with intelligence. I am becoming smarter all the time, my brain is growing and therefore pushes my hair out. The price one has to pay for a high IQ... I use a number two to keep the rest trimmed, losing hair is part of life for some, no need to deny it.
  7. Well so much for "Using up the old TM6 cards first" ... judging by what Merijn tells us. I wish they would for once stick to a plan. Grrr
  8. Dog shoots his owner to death with rifle while out hunting

    The dog`s name wasn't Cheney was it?
  9. we have created a generation of zombies

    It has started already..
  10. Which immigration office was it?
  11. You have my 5 second sympathy. It is hard to imagine the horror you are going through.
  12. Well done that driver ! Can we for once try not to post the usual " It is a TAT publicity stunt" bullsheit?