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  1. Never seen anything like it, very beautiful. I suppose it will take a year sales to cover that display bill....
  2. Carib

    What's this critter?

    Looks like a bagworm moth cocoon, also called case moths. They come in different shapes and sizes. A few examples here: http://www.brisbaneinsects.com/brisbane_moths/PSYCHIDAE.htm
  3. Carib

    I.D. This Bird?

    Looks like a coppersmith Barbet. http://www.pbase.com/peterericsson/image/128767357 Sounds like it too. Should have checked before posting.... oh well..
  4. Kasikorn bank shows incoming transferwise payments as being done from a "Dummy branch". No indication it comes from abroad.
  5. Like a normal nation?? Pffff That's a a bit rich coming from the US, normal to their model? Please give me a break.
  6. Well if he wants to do that he should do it the right way and go back a couple of generations, let's see who is left at the end of that.
  7. Carib

    Best Free Antivirus

    The best antivirus program is in the brain of the person sitting behind the keyboard. Use your brain when visiting sites and downloading stuff, clicking on suggested links and so on. I use fully updated windows 10, so that includes the windows defender. Ones a week I run malwarebytes free edition and / or superantispyware. My settings include not to accept third party cookies / popups. I can honestly say that I have never had anything happen to my laptops that couldn't be explained or was even remotely related to a virus. Maybe I have been lucky so far, but for sure I am careful.
  8. So he will be turning himself in then..
  9. Did someone make Trump a better offer since he now acts different from his first reaction on this matter? Or did the international community surprise him with their view so he was more or less forced to show some moral.
  10. Is there a group left Dear Leader has not pissed off yet, besides the pure white`s of course?
  11. No, I got it right the first time alright, you just made it worse by stating that foreigners should not criticize anything american. Try that the other way around for starters.
  12. Great, and all this because of turning down a superbowl thingy? America is becoming worse and worse every day. Some answers here proof that point.