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  1. A slight side step; Do you happen to know if there is a Kasikorn Bank branch in the Bangkok/CW building too? I tried the kasikorn site, but to no avail.
  2. For a visa exempt yes, available at your local immigration office for 1900 Baht
  3. If the 800.000 is still in the bank, you still can use that method. Get a bank letter proving that the 800000 was there 3 months before the date you apply for an extension, and you will be fine. There is no need for the 65K THB deposit every month if the 800.000 is still there. It has not changed.
  4. And every sunday loads of places in the so called developed world are filled with the ones who believe that the holy spirit is upon them...., send by a mysterious man living in heaven, to whom they pray and sing a couple of songs to. He is the one who gives and takes and protects them from evil and is their savior so they say. Same sheit but different and just as retarded.
  5. The ones not using the metric system cannot count to ten...
  6. 500 and 520`s and logged off without initiating it. Did the storm blow the forum migration to another platform away??