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  1. Flowers!

    Those grafted bougainvillea look fantastic. I have seen natural combinations of purple and partly white, but these are absolutely beautiful.
  2. That stream has stopped working. I can see several topics with a star on other pages so I know postings have been made, but no update on the ownership "I posted in" page. Tried a few things but to no avail. "Contents I posted in" is dead and topics have disappeared from the list. Is it just me who has this problem?
  3. bye bye STICKMAN

    6 pages already filled by mostly the ones who "never read his site". Remarkable..
  4. Single female in Pattaya

    This must be a wind-up, if not and the op looks anything like her pic I will wind her up, just tell me where the key is. I used to be very good with clocks too....
  5. New Site Feedback

    Posting numbers are gone again.
  6. Thai Breast Enlargement Cream

    I have an ointment that works, only if applied by me..
  7. The subject is about the design and building of a small house.
  8. Well, for one she cannot hear the silly questions like what they will do for the world ones she wins. But I agree, it is rather strange to have this kind of category.
  9. Take a look at this page ; http://www.crossy.co.uk/Thai_House_Plans/ It is "a translation" made by thaivisa member and moderator Crossy of the free government house plans. Always good for some ideas.
  10. Sorry to have spoiled the joke...
  11. Airbus has already done better...
  12. bye bye STICKMAN

    Stickman should have been obligatory reading for the ones getting involved with isaan ladies. It could have saved some of them millions of baht