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  1. Suing for such a low amount is the ultimate insult.
  2. People are always watching her feet when at the beach...
  3. Carib

    Tour bus brakes fail on Patong Hill

    Most certainly not at that hill.....
  4. No lifting of the ban, Prayut has not finished the self promotion tours yet and will not allow anyone to interfere with that.
  5. Carib

    what kind of bird is this

    After enlarging the pic on screen and noticing the shape of the beak I would say it is a raptor, but the pic is unclear to determine which one.
  6. When reporting in person you have window of 15 days before until 7 days after the original report date. Include the report date as the first day for the 7 days after calculation. With 3 days late you will be fine. No problems there. Take a look at this link: https://www.immigration.go.th/content/sv_90day Straight from the horses mouth..
  7. This is the one for private transport..... Negotiate the fare price first!!
  8. Carib

    PHOTOS: Crane collapses in Bangkok

    Like I said; It happens all over the world. Thailand is no exception.
  9. Carib

    PHOTOS: Crane collapses in Bangkok

    Google cranes falling down or words likewise, or do a search on Youtube. This happens all over the world. Thailand is no exception.
  10. Go to the local immigration office, extensions are 30 days and will cost 1900 Baht.
  11. What a plonker ️
  12. You really think travel insurances are in local language only?
  13. In some if not most countries I took a thai lady to it is mandatory to have an insurance, no insurance means no visa. Most certainly for Europe. Some of the caribbean islands i took her to have a holiday also wanted to see an insurance policy. Lots of other countries have this as a rule.
  14. Ah yes, those talks about russian orphans... all called Hillary?? What a mess US politics is. Already tired of winning anybody?
  15. Carib

    Info on this woman under horse drawing

    Someone misunderstood Go forth and multiply..