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  1. I honestly thought this was going to be a story about katoeys.
  2. Carib

    Money transfer

    They will send you an email when the money has been received and send to where you want it to go and another mail when it arrives at the destination. Also on their site it shows up as a transaction.
  3. Jerry for president ! Although I am not sure the entertainment level can be beaten right now..
  4. Carib

    Insect identification and solution

    Please read the following link and tips therein how to get rid of them and their eggs. Goodluck. https://www.pestwiki.com/rice-weevil/
  5. That's it ! Time magazine will be banned and if anyone uses the word "Dictator" they will be called in for adjustment therapy. The people have not learned enough yet and it is cause for further delaying the elections.
  6. Carib

    Insect identification and solution

    Do they look like this? These are rice weevils. If recognized check your rice and pasta storage/boxes. Airtight containers recommended.
  7. 100 Baht, MBK Bangkok...
  8. Could it be that Trump is afraid to have a lack of support from his own party at this moment in time??
  9. Just look afew 100 years back and see who were looking for a better life. Some seem to have forgotten.
  10. Carib

    Money transfer

    No, no trouble at all.
  11. Yes I did, but from what I read now it's something one cannot always count on anymore (waving the overstay fee for the first day).
  12. Kindergarten politics. I cannot have it my way, so I quit. Childish behavior.
  13. Well played by Prayut is all I can say. What will be next?
  14. Yes, at first the identity verification was a bit slow and failed a couple of times, but that is a one time occurence. After being approved everything is smooth and it works as advertised. No problems at all.
  15. At the airport you will not have any issues, they are not interested in 90 day reports. But IF you come back and do the first 90 day report thereafter, you may be forced to pay a fine for not reporting in time, that is if they notice.