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  1. thanks rasg, I presume this all has to be done via the uk embassy Bangkok? Are the details on their website? A1 and A2 english? Where can we find details of these? thanx for your advice
  2. hi, I wish to bring my Thai wife of 10 years (legally married) to the UK to settle with me. Can I have some advice of what we should do to make this application as easy?as possible. I have looked into some of the previous posts regarding my earnings etc,but most are a few years old and I am wondering if things have changed. She has been to the UK on four previous occasions,with no problems,apart from the last visit in april,when she was hauled away and questioned as to why she has not applied for settlement! Your collective help would be appreciated. I am presently in the UK but will be returning in April for 3 months to start and hopefully finish the process with her
  3. single entry non O

    Thanks for the replies,my wife always comes,so no problems there. What form is to be filled in and what info do I need to bring along(to jomtien)
  4. single entry non O

    legally married and over 65. I have in the past had extension of stay based on retirement granted,but I am unsure of my plans for date of return to Thailand at this moment. I just wish to extend my stay for approx. 25 days.
  5. Hi, I have a single entry non O valid until April 10th,but wish to extend my stay until May 5th. what is my best option? thanks
  6. Extend setv

    Just looking at all of my options!
  7. Extend setv

    Thanks for that. Whilst in the uk can I apply for a single entry non O based on retirement? I am over 65 and in receipt of government pension. If so what docs do I need,and do I have to go to (Liverpool) personally?
  8. Extend setv

    With regard to a previous answer regarding 'conversion' of an setv to a non O (so as to get an extension by way of retirement),what exactly is this,and can I achieve it at Jomtien?
  9. Extend setv

    Ubonjoe With regard to your reply for dolger,what form number is required for the extra 60 days on an setv?
  10. Extend setv

    Thanks everyone for your advice,I know my options now.
  11. Extend setv

    Thanks for the replies. I will either go for the setv and do the 90 plus 60 plus 7 route,and am looking also at the non O single entry.(based on marriage to a Thai) For the non O can I still extend for 7 days as well? A question regarding both setv and non O,can I get an extension based on retirement,and when should I apply?
  12. Extend setv

    Thanks for your reply. Can I apply for an OA visa at the Liverpool consulate? Not sure what this type of visa is,and it's requirements and limitations?
  13. Hi, My extension to stay based on retirement ends on 21st Dec,and I cannot return from the uk until early Jan 2017. I realise that this is now finished! I have booked a return ticket to the uk,but it means I will have 92 days in Thailand. My mistake,as I meant to stay for 90 days and get an setv and extend for 30 days.What are my options now? I will be returning to the uk in April with my wife,and staying for approx 6 months,after which we will repeat the process and split our time between the two countries. Thanks
  14. re entry permit

    thank you to all those that have given advice,much appreciated!
  15. re entry permit

    So I will have to get another O visa from the Thai embassy before I return then. That's fine and I will do that. I hated doing the dangerous (by minivan) 90 day ' excursions' to Cambodia,and this was thr reason I went for an extension based on retirement route. How soon after entry to Thailand can I re apply for this extension?