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  1. I just want to know what I am getting into

    Agreed, wait til the baby is born and get a DNA test. Make sure that you arrange the test yourself, it is not unknown for DNA results to be purchased.
  2. You are talking nonsense. I know several Thai men who have paid dowry to wife with child. I even know a thai man who left his wife and returned twice, and had to pay three dowries. I have no doubt there are areas of Thailand where what you. say is true, but not in areas i know which include parts of Isaan and Bangkok. I am also,shocked that this man has never received treatment. It is as if he had never passed in view of a medicaal doctor. Of course he may have refused treatment but that seems unlikely.
  3. Snake - please identify

    another couple of pics. Dont seem to have on of the back of its head. So will look for it later
  4. Snake - please identify

    Can anyone give me a definite identity of this snake? It is clearly a spitting cobra but i find it hard to identify exactly. It arrived on my verandah hunting toads and was bitten by one of my dogs which got its eyes sprayed. It happened while i was away in New Zealand so my poor housekeeper had to deal with it. She managed to wash the dogs eyes and get it to a vet for injection and eye drops and the dog is ok. First time i have seen a cobra of any sort on my property as i keep geese to keep the, away. It is clearly very angry, cant blame it afetr a substantial bite from the dog hahaha. A2BD9163-418A-4B7C-AD3E-422F4C62EF1C.mp4
  5. 5G SmartGrid Rollout

    Curious to know how it can fake off when I turn everything off at the wall switch when I finished watching. I have done this for years to save power.
  6. I always thought this was true but my daughter who is a qualified solicitor says it is not, all she could rely on his support for the children
  7. I am a Kiwi living in thailand more than 20years age 73. I have never applied for NZ pension because i think i read somewhere that you have to have worked in NZ at least one year after age 50. I also know that years ago you could only stay out of New Zealand for 13 weeks before you lost the pension. But I believe I have read nowadays once you’re entitled to the pension you can live where you like. Any New Zealanders no more than this?
  8. I am astounded at how means minded so many posters are. None of you have any idea of this mans circumstances. What happened to him in his life what brought him to Thailand nobody knows. Even if his problems are the result of bad choices he made does that mean he does not deserve any sympathy?
  9. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    It seems to me that she is being more honest with you then most girls would. If the tension waiting for her to make a decision is too much then you have to force it, tell her You will give her a week to decide and tell her that if she doesn’t tell you within that week then you will assume she has chosen her old boyfriend and cut all ties. if not to much tension then wait it out until you cant stand it any longer. Good luck ps I have always known that if I was in The position of having to make a choice and didn’t make one then I would finish up with neither of them.
  10. lower you cholesterol the safe way

    10mg is tiny. I take 100 mg twice a day. I have some heart conditions but i would think diabetes is serious enough to take more, especially if you are on statins. Its not expensive if you know were to buy it.
  11. lower you cholesterol the safe way

    Of note also, anybody taking statins must also take CoQ10. I understand that it is standard in New Zealand for doctors to prescribe CoQ10 with statins but not in Thailand.
  12. lower you cholesterol the safe way

    Interesting forum, mostly people in favour of abandoning taking statins. But note the evidence that statins saves lives is very clear. The evidence that Lower LDL saves lives is not clear. Has puzzled me for years, but I presume statins also help reduce inflammation and maybe other things. I took statins for years until about a year ago i realised my memory had got much worse. I stopped the statins, and in about 2 months my memory came back. I have always been absent minded but I had begun to forget words which is very unusual. Incidentally my hearing got much better also. Of course this is not evidence many things could cause this to happen. Sooner or later I may well try statins again Because as I said statins save lives. cheers nick
  13. I am also leaving my condo to my 3 daughters. I had long beleived a new FET was required until reading trogers post in a different subject some time ago. As he had succeeded in transferring the condo at the land departement i was happy to accept it as fact. Why would he lie? Now in this conversation his information has been confirmed by two others, cant understanf why anyone would question it. If other lawyers do not agree or the land department objects, get another lawyer. My situation is slightly different in that when i purchased the condo some 20 years ago i was a foreigner and had to produce a FET. But i recently gained Thai citizenship (about a year ago) but i am hoping that the exisiting FET will still apply. Actually i dont recall ever seeing the FET and have no idea where it is now. It is possible that my daughters will decide to keep the condo as they are frequent visitors to Thailand but that of course is up to them. I note the interesting info that the executor of my will can have her name added to the chanote. Does that mean that the actual transfer can be delayed indefinitely? I would also be interested if anyone knows what the situation is in transferring funds received as an inheritance out of Thailand? Cheers nick
  14. I applied for and recieved my continuing membership within the prescribed 6 months after retiring. About 8 years ago. When all arrangements completed they asked have you requested pension money yet? I said "no didnt know i could" response was just a minute i will check how much you could get, on being told it was 100,000 baht i said " yes please" :) left with cheque about 20 minutes later. Amount to pay monthly can vary, was reduced recently due to hardship of members but back to normal now i think.
  15. Anyone have same experience with Lazada

    Wow, for me thats really weird. I have never ever purchased anything from any retailer in Thailand without examining the goods first. My memory is also that the same applies to other countries i have lived in. I know very well the Lazada rule but in all cases so far the delivery man with a little persuasion had agreed to examining the good before payment. That includes plugging in a 55" TV and a washing machine.