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  1. I am also leaving my condo to my 3 daughters. I had long beleived a new FET was required until reading trogers post in a different subject some time ago. As he had succeeded in transferring the condo at the land departement i was happy to accept it as fact. Why would he lie? Now in this conversation his information has been confirmed by two others, cant understanf why anyone would question it. If other lawyers do not agree or the land department objects, get another lawyer. My situation is slightly different in that when i purchased the condo some 20 years ago i was a foreigner and had to produce a FET. But i recently gained Thai citizenship (about a year ago) but i am hoping that the exisiting FET will still apply. Actually i dont recall ever seeing the FET and have no idea where it is now. It is possible that my daughters will decide to keep the condo as they are frequent visitors to Thailand but that of course is up to them. I note the interesting info that the executor of my will can have her name added to the chanote. Does that mean that the actual transfer can be delayed indefinitely? I would also be interested if anyone knows what the situation is in transferring funds received as an inheritance out of Thailand? Cheers nick
  2. I applied for and recieved my continuing membership within the prescribed 6 months after retiring. About 8 years ago. When all arrangements completed they asked have you requested pension money yet? I said "no didnt know i could" response was just a minute i will check how much you could get, on being told it was 100,000 baht i said " yes please" :) left with cheque about 20 minutes later. Amount to pay monthly can vary, was reduced recently due to hardship of members but back to normal now i think.
  3. Anyone have same experience with Lazada

    Wow, for me thats really weird. I have never ever purchased anything from any retailer in Thailand without examining the goods first. My memory is also that the same applies to other countries i have lived in. I know very well the Lazada rule but in all cases so far the delivery man with a little persuasion had agreed to examining the good before payment. That includes plugging in a 55" TV and a washing machine.
  4. Wow, what movies are you watching? I watch a TV movie at least once a day and rarely if you ever see a naked woman and never fully naked. Have to go to the porn sites for that he he.
  5. Growing avocado in Thailand

    Thanks very much for your help and advise. I have lived here about 8 years and this is the first time, caused by the gate in a damn half a kilo away breaking and being unable to open. Also OBT being incompetent and refusing to dig a path for the water to escape. Had to wait for the water to cut a path(assisted by me and friends)
  6. Growing avocado in Thailand

    Thanks guys, quick question "two thirds of the canopy" would that mean cutting 2/3 of the branches from top to bottom and/or cutting the top part of the tree off? cheers nick
  7. Growing avocado in Thailand

    Carlyai. Thanks
  8. Growing avocado in Thailand

    Hi avocado experts, recently had a disaster with my trees and wonder if there is anyhing i can do. The trees were flooded for 3 days, and i feel i have read that they can only survive 24 hours under water. The flood occurred Monday 10th July and they were dry by thursday. The trees still look ok but have noticed they are beginning to look a bit sad. Huge disappointment as had my first decent crop this year, one tree with as many as 50 avos. Any ideas? thanks nick
  9. I wonder why you would say that, is it from ignorance? I worked in Bumrungrad hospital for nearly 15 years developing their computer systems. If they were so backward why would Microsoft buy the computer system having searched all around the world for the best? I was involved in installing and implementing some of the most sophisticated medical equipment in the world, certainly the best in Asia. Many loopholes where staff can make mistakes plugged with automation. Such as prescriptions entered into the computer by doctors fulfilled by machine and then checked by pharmacists. Blood tests completely automated on a chain system that treats the blood and inserts into each appropriate machine and then stores in the fridge without any human intervention. Laboratory technicians then check the results for reasonableness on the computer. I doubt you would find such sophistication in many hospitals in the USA or UK
  10. I am surprised to hear that you would expect the owner to put a value on it in order to pay the correct tax, my main house has a large piece of land and the house is properly registered with a Blue registration book. When i pay the yearly tax at the town hall they only asked what the land is used for never been interested in the house even though everyone must know it is there
  11. The land office currently does not know there isnanhouse on it. How do they find out?
  12. Hi all, i wonder if anyone can advise me re valuse of land and house. Currently i have a chanote but no details of house on it. I plan to sell this land, does the land department increase the valuse of the chanote if they know there is a house on it? And how do they find out if there is a house on it if they do increase? thanks nick
  13. And it's goodbye from Mobi…

    Well Mr Mobi, we have never met, and i have never noticed your posts as i tend to read but not take much notice of who is the poster. You certainly seemed to have lived an interesting life with your fair share of misfortunes and no doubt pleasures. I have no doubt you will make a successful transition back to the UK amd i wish you all the luck you need in getting yourself and family established there again. I have my roots in England and in New Zealand with now triple nationality as i have Thai as well. I still have 2 daughters in the uk who visit me regularly here. I am looking forward to visit there again soon as i haven't been for more than 6 years. I do so miss the lovely summer days and evenings but it was the dark winters that i couldn't stand. I also used to love being able to hop in the car and drive off to the south of france or anywhere else in europe. So there is much to enjoy there. Thank you for an interesting post with detail about why you decided to leave, i don't agree with much of it and many of the negative posters here, but then i have had a very very lucky life and i expect it is the right decision for you. Enjoy yourself and visit thailand again when you can afford it. Regards nick
  14. And it's goodbye from Mobi…

    Aha yes, learning lessons. I must admit i am 73 and have not leraned my lessons either. Lessons i assume are : 1 don't take risks 2 don't have fun 3 don't do anything others would disapprove of 4 sex once a month is too much 5 don't trust anyone etc, etc hahaha I rather hope i never learn.