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  1. My understanding is that most Thais will agree two contracts of sale, one the true contract and one for the land department. Further i have heard that the no bussiness tax if the land has been owned for more than 5 years has been cancelled and full tax is always payable, but this may apply to land owned by companies only. Anybody can confirm this?
  2. My main reason for eating bananas is the are a good supply of potassium and i dont want to take another supplement. They say that bananas have many good health properties and all i can add to that is i am 73 and still strong. :)
  3. I Eat bananas every day, I doubt if there are as many as 10 days in the whole year when I can't find a banana to eat. I nearly always eat a variety called "glue naam whaa". Dont know the english name. I find this variety lasts longer than most and they say it has the best health benefits. They are often kept in the fridge and I note that the skin doesn't go black and inside doesn't go black or mushy and they as tasty as normal.
  4. Can only tell you the dr i visited was not long for the visit. Havnt enqired about date for cataract yet. Can walk into the building from ekamai bts.
  5. My friend had the first eye done in Nakhon Pathom, and the second eye done at the ekamai branch. Cost aroud 28000 per eye. I visited the hospital on friday, very impressed with the doctor. It is called Metta international eye centre in english and Metta Pracharak in Thai dr disagreed with more than one of the rutnin diagnosis. She doubted that i have glaucoma, maybe some eye hypertension. We agreed i should stop the xalatan for one month and she will check the eyes again. Took some photos of the nerves and macalur and showed some inflamation of the maculars which she said is a side affect of xalatan. The rutnin dr also said i had some narrowing of a pathway of liquid or something that i should have a laser treatment but not necessary if i have my cataracts done. This dr disagreed and said she did not think it was enough to require treatment. Also my cataracts will probably give me some vision improvement but no need to hurry. She also explained that normal eye pressure for the caucassion eye is greater that Thai. Max for Thai is about 18, but farang 22-23 is ok.
  6. Has anybody heard anything good or bad about Mettapracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing )? They have a branch very close to my condo at ekamai and i have heard good things about them.
  7. I presume this is nothing to do with cataracts?
  8. I am looking for a hospital to,do my cataracts. I normally use rutnin hospital in bkk to look after my eyes but they are very expensive, 150,000 both eyes and my doctor said not to worry doing it elsewhere as it is a very routine operation. Any recomendations or warnings would be much appreciated. Thanks nick
  9. Dont know what its like nowdays. But i married my burmese wife in bangkok years ago, she got british nationality almost the next day, i think all that was required was for the marriage certificate to be translated. We got divorced in bangkok about 25 years after the marriage, went to the local amphur each with a witness and after confirming there was no settlement required, received the certificate of divorce. Took about 30 minutes.
  10. I was intending to leave on my Thai passport, enter th next country on my NZ passport, exit that country on the NZ passport and reenter thailand on my Thai passport. A practise I always usee with my NZ passport ans UK passport.
  11. I dont understand this. I have recently received my Thai passport. I intend to leave on my next trip using my new blank Thai passport. I will be like any Thai leaving for the first time on a new Thai passport. If they demand to see my NZ passport that i entered on i have no problem as i had a resident visa so there is no question of an overstay.
  12. I Havnt seen the german video, but i have seen many times drivers giving way to emergency vehicles. I have only been driving here for 20 years though. I have never seen a vehicle not giving way except sometimes when the traffic is so bad there is no way it can.
  13. Most of my trees are about 5 years old. The peterson started flowering 3 years ago, one or 2 trees start flowering each year. Usually masses of flowers but very litttle fruit. Booth7 started flowering 2 years ago, but little flowers and no fruit yet.
  14. 1- peterson and Booth7 2- i still have had little fruit, 2-4 per year. They say it is too hot here. What i have had is very good. (I am also a bit lazy looking after the trees) 3 044 311 796 cheers nick