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  1. I am surprised to hear that you would expect the owner to put a value on it in order to pay the correct tax, my main house has a large piece of land and the house is properly registered with a Blue registration book. When i pay the yearly tax at the town hall they only asked what the land is used for never been interested in the house even though everyone must know it is there
  2. The land office currently does not know there isnanhouse on it. How do they find out?
  3. Hi all, i wonder if anyone can advise me re valuse of land and house. Currently i have a chanote but no details of house on it. I plan to sell this land, does the land department increase the valuse of the chanote if they know there is a house on it? And how do they find out if there is a house on it if they do increase? thanks nick
  4. Well Mr Mobi, we have never met, and i have never noticed your posts as i tend to read but not take much notice of who is the poster. You certainly seemed to have lived an interesting life with your fair share of misfortunes and no doubt pleasures. I have no doubt you will make a successful transition back to the UK amd i wish you all the luck you need in getting yourself and family established there again. I have my roots in England and in New Zealand with now triple nationality as i have Thai as well. I still have 2 daughters in the uk who visit me regularly here. I am looking forward to visit there again soon as i haven't been for more than 6 years. I do so miss the lovely summer days and evenings but it was the dark winters that i couldn't stand. I also used to love being able to hop in the car and drive off to the south of france or anywhere else in europe. So there is much to enjoy there. Thank you for an interesting post with detail about why you decided to leave, i don't agree with much of it and many of the negative posters here, but then i have had a very very lucky life and i expect it is the right decision for you. Enjoy yourself and visit thailand again when you can afford it. Regards nick
  5. Aha yes, learning lessons. I must admit i am 73 and have not leraned my lessons either. Lessons i assume are : 1 don't take risks 2 don't have fun 3 don't do anything others would disapprove of 4 sex once a month is too much 5 don't trust anyone etc, etc hahaha I rather hope i never learn.
  6. May I ask if current passport means a passport that has not yet expired? My British passport expired time 10 or 11 years ago as I now use my New Zealand passport most of the time
  7. I have lived in Thailand for 25 years. In Bangkok and the last 8 years up country. I also have never had a problem. The dogs i know sometimes bite people but never me, presumably becuase I am never afraid of them. For those who encourage poisoning I presume you have never seen the agony of a poisoned dog. Where i come from we shoot them when necessary.
  8. My understanding is that most Thais will agree two contracts of sale, one the true contract and one for the land department. Further i have heard that the no bussiness tax if the land has been owned for more than 5 years has been cancelled and full tax is always payable, but this may apply to land owned by companies only. Anybody can confirm this?
  9. My main reason for eating bananas is the are a good supply of potassium and i dont want to take another supplement. They say that bananas have many good health properties and all i can add to that is i am 73 and still strong. :)
  10. I Eat bananas every day, I doubt if there are as many as 10 days in the whole year when I can't find a banana to eat. I nearly always eat a variety called "glue naam whaa". Dont know the english name. I find this variety lasts longer than most and they say it has the best health benefits. They are often kept in the fridge and I note that the skin doesn't go black and inside doesn't go black or mushy and they as tasty as normal.
  11. Can only tell you the dr i visited was not long for the visit. Havnt enqired about date for cataract yet. Can walk into the building from ekamai bts.
  12. My friend had the first eye done in Nakhon Pathom, and the second eye done at the ekamai branch. Cost aroud 28000 per eye. I visited the hospital on friday, very impressed with the doctor. It is called Metta international eye centre in english and Metta Pracharak in Thai dr disagreed with more than one of the rutnin diagnosis. She doubted that i have glaucoma, maybe some eye hypertension. We agreed i should stop the xalatan for one month and she will check the eyes again. Took some photos of the nerves and macalur and showed some inflamation of the maculars which she said is a side affect of xalatan. The rutnin dr also said i had some narrowing of a pathway of liquid or something that i should have a laser treatment but not necessary if i have my cataracts done. This dr disagreed and said she did not think it was enough to require treatment. Also my cataracts will probably give me some vision improvement but no need to hurry. She also explained that normal eye pressure for the caucassion eye is greater that Thai. Max for Thai is about 18, but farang 22-23 is ok.
  13. Has anybody heard anything good or bad about Mettapracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing )? They have a branch very close to my condo at ekamai and i have heard good things about them.
  14. I presume this is nothing to do with cataracts?