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  1. Standing PC desk

    I made my own standing desk to try it out (could not get on with it) by simply putting concrete building blocks under the 2 sides of the desk - think it was a bout 4 high laying flat
  2. Well I think we should mince the little fat blob into fish-meal - so there
  3. She's never afraid of facing criticism or confronting problems. Perhaps she's got more pressing matters here to deal with Yes like doing the laundry and sorting out this evenings meal - waste of space
  4. Phew, for one moment I thought that was Yingluck sitting next to the little fat freak
  5. This seems to be an ongoing scam by Bangkok Bank to change your ATM debit card to one of their expensive (and useless) Chinese Union Pay cards
  6. And now a version from the UK : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/09/bride-cons-fiance-friends-13000-stag-fund/
  7. Quite simply a brilliant description
  8. Out means out period !
  9. THAI ex-employee dies from mysterious shotgun shot

    Are they suggesting Thai Airways International has something to do with this
  10. he met Jariyaporn through Facebook. After two months he offered to marry her and go into business together So it's not just foreigners that stupid
  11. They keep misspelling his name - there should be no W or I
  12. Why not just buy them from Ebay