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  1. canopus1969


    Many thanks for all the replies - making them does sound a great idea
  2. ....organisers indulge in shady practice This is S.E.A. what else do you expect
  3. canopus1969


    Anyone seen Crumpets for sale in Pattaya ? Cheers
  4. When will Pierre and the rest of the morons understand we do not want the self indulgent, expensive bureaucracy that is Europe. We want out and to leave the Europeans to themselves to stew in their own mess
  5. canopus1969

    New Tesco Lotus

    Nookie will send their products, they tend to be lower cost than the local supermarkets http://www.nookiesdelights.3baht.net http://www.nookiesdelights.3baht.net/docs/Nookies Price List.pdf
  6. Everyone, because they will not issue new visa debit cards period
  7. canopus1969

    Household debt

    Nothing new, all countries household debit increases - example the US household debit is the highest it's ever been
  8. canopus1969

    Fraud chief hails Bt13bn in seizures

    Well that should just about cover the watches........
  9. canopus1969

    Bangkok Bombing Trial Remains Stalled 3 Years On

    So the question is, what are the authorities trying to cover up
  10. Have scratched it off all 3 of my CC's
  11. canopus1969

    100 Electric Taxis Coming To Suvarnabhumi

    Great news so as the price of electricity is less than their fuel the cost of the are will go down ???
  12. They are an optional extra on that model