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  1. 555 another bunch trying hard to get this year's Darwin Award
  2. canopus1969

    Rain dominates weekend forecast for most regions

    There is some rain around the Korat and Buriram area (which you cannot call Northeast, more middle/east) but no rain in the Northeast as yet
  3. He will not be "moved" to Russia - the Brits will not allow it
  4. canopus1969

    At least 59 killed as train hits crowd in northern India

    A country the size of India and the only place they can find to hold a festival(?) is a railway track
  5. canopus1969

    Thai drivers ignoring 11 million traffic tickets

    Correct - from Win 7
  6. Hmm, the French and Germans have beaten us Disgruntled Brit
  7. That proves it, these motorcades are a good thing after all
  8. The driver of the Bangkok-Si Sa Ket bus, Somyos Thammawat, 41, was severely injured in the crash. Tough, maybe the crash will knock some sense into him
  9. Good news, let's just hope she has the balls to tell Tusk and the other EU parasites to go to hell
  10. canopus1969

    Where to buy a high-end laptop?

    Bought my Dell Latitude direct from Dell Thailand, over the internet
  11. But but......... they are not wearing helmets
  12. Seems from the photo the old devil dodger is happy about the state of affairs