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  1. One dead, one injured in wicked pickup accident

    That really is 'wrapping it round the lamp post' !
  2. And the female nurse who was in attendance at these checkups, what does she have to say ?
  3. Insurance for Drones

    Seems reasonable, paid 3,000 Baht for 1m Baht of cover
  4. Insurance for Drones

    Seems they are being overly cautious - just had my policy through in 8 days which is normal for insurance policies
  5. Iranian president declares end to Islamic State

    A shame we cannot declare the end of Iran
  6. Internal Travel

    Any (legal) Passport you have is fine, as is a Thai DL
  7. Congratulations to both, God save the Queen
  8. Mugabe's nephew Patrick Zhuwao, speaking from an undisclosed location in South Africa, told Reuters the leader and his wife were "ready to die for what is correct" rather than step down Perfectly fine by me
  9. The day after this farce finishes
  10. Drug suspect drowns as police make bungled arrest That's not bungled, let them all down
  11. Always turn it into a pair of shoes and a handbag
  12. Our company accountant told us we need the our name, address and Tax ID number on the invoice
  13. What has his job to do with the accident