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  1. canopus1969

    best health insurance co in Thai?

    Disagree, neither efficient nor reliable, better companies out there
  2. canopus1969

    best tuk com shop for nokia

    Yup and with the Win 8 installed on my Lumina it beats the hell out of the Apple/Android nonsense which is around
  3. canopus1969

    where can I get baby/kid seat on motorbike

    Keep with the car when you are taking the baby anywhere – too dangerous on a scooter
  4. canopus1969

    Good veterinarian in Udon Thani?

    Very good vet on the road to the airport - about 300 metres from the airport entrance (opposite side of road)
  5. canopus1969

    printer with cheap toner

    Sounds as though you need to educate your customers - but start off by setting a minimum order of (say) 200 Baht and that will cover it.
  6. My careers teacher at school never told me to be a politician or a monk to get ahead in life
  7. canopus1969

    American dies in hotel in Chiang Mai

    Sad but his choice
  8. canopus1969

    Contamination: Thai rice safety fears

    Was it not recently some silly little girl in Government was saying the rice was not contaminated and was fine to eat ? ** Just remembered, am sure it was some girl called Yingluk