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  1. canopus1969

    Siemens touts gas turbine edge for Thailand

    Should choose RR - they pay better
  2. canopus1969

    cream for soft nails ?

    Yes it works - Google it
  3. canopus1969

    cream for soft nails ?

    Simple and cheap = Vaseline
  4. canopus1969

    MAZDA CX5 any owners?

    What about the new Subaru XV as an option ?
  5. canopus1969

    Praying for rain - in the Thai way!

    Need less not more rain - way too much rain at the moment
  6. canopus1969

    Netizens Blast Bangkok ‘Trash Cages,’ Users

    Let's just be thankful they are throwing the rubbish into the bins and not onto the pavement - or elsewhere
  7. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is why the 'Amart' will always rule Thailand
  8. canopus1969

    From Khon Kaen to Udon Thani

    9.30 early morning
  9. these were not war weapons or assault weapons. They could fire only eight rounds automatically. Me thinks the Police Chief is taking the urine and should be sacked asap
  10. canopus1969


    Thank you
  11. canopus1969


    Have been using X-Marks as an extension to Firefox for years but have been told they will discontinue 1st May. Is anyone using a similar extension they would recommend, crossing different devices and OS ? Cheers
  12. Crazy - it's Hun Sen who needs detaining, and then 'put down'
  13. canopus1969

    Enlarged Prostate New Treatment.

    Try this : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/04/24/pioneering-prostate-treatment-gets-nhs-green-light/
  14. They need 4 runways, they must be extracting the urine