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  1. Paid Visa Queue

    I think he's the boss.
  2. Paid Visa Queue

    20K, wow that's steep. I think about 300-500 is the going rate. There was a somewhat portly couple that were offering the service for 800 and seemed to have a lot of customers when I was there a year ago. They were handing out business cards and had their facebook ID on a sign. I noticed later that day someone in one of the C.M. groups had posted their photo on facebook and when I looked at the comments on their page, there were literally dozens and dozens of people telling them what money-hungry scammers they were and that 800 was unreasonable. A couple of days later they caved in and lowered their fee to 300/person. But you could send a cousin, neighbor, etc. to do it for you too.
  3. It can take up to 30 days. No need to panic and run to the Immigration Office.
  4. One thing I always worry about, living here. Improperly tied loads. My wife and I both are always getting out of the way of trucks with metal bars, etc. tied on them. That along with being electrocuted...
  5. TM30 Experience

    Me too. In fact, I've never been asked for it. I had to google what it even was.
  6. TM30 Experience

    Rubbish. Not true.
  7. CM Immigration phone number

    Mine showed up 30 minutes ago; posted yesterday.
  8. Car Light Bulbs

    Every dealer will sell you as many pcs. as you would like. They are about 20-50 Baht each. Sounds like you have language/communication problems. They WANT to sell.
  9. Car Light Bulbs

    "Agent will change a bulb but not sell a new part. " Assuming "agent" is the dealer, the dealerships do not charge anything over the cost of the bulb itself to replace it for you. I've had a few replaced at different dealerships and they only charge 20-50 Baht to replace it for you - total cost.
  10. Immigration: Which office to go to?

    Sorry to take up another thread. I didn't see the other one about this same matter.
  11. CM Immigration phone number

    I didn't see this thread earlier but am in the same boat and opened another topic. I also sent mine on 05/09 and it was received on 06/09 but I have not received the new date either. I checked the tracking on my return envelope and it only shows "item not found". I'll give it some more time.....obviously there is a backlog.
  12. Immigration: Which office to go to?

    Thanks for the replies. Looks like all 3 of us are indeed in the same boat, with mrmillersr sending his only one day before worgeordie and I. Yes, I always send to the Airport Office. There must be some backlog as it is more than a coincidence. O.K. then, I too will give it a little more time before making the trip over there.
  13. About once every 3 years there is a small hitch and I don't get my 90-day report back by return post. This is now that time as it has been about 3 years without any problem whatsoever. The tracking number from my postage prepaid envelope just shows "not found" (but the 90-day report which was due on 17/09 arrived on 06/09 after posting it on 05/09). I used to go to the Airport branch around 14:30 and it would take 5 minutes for them to listen to my problem, look in the computer, and print out another copy. Has anything changed? Still go to the Airport office - correct? Thanks in advance.
  14. Great Brunch/Diner place

    That's right, Ohkaju - not Organic Coffee Bus. One of our favorite places. We go about twice a month.
  15. Opening a Thai Bank Account- New Policy?

    We have all separate accounts. My wife wouldn't have it any other way. We do 80% of our business and errands separately. We're adults....