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  1. Same here. In 12 years I've never had a single problem with Immigration and am always finished in 1-3 hours the one time a year I have to go.
  2. elektrified

    Reliable tree service - recommendations?

    I've used them a couple of times too. I have their number if you need it. As said, they are a gang of about 4 older guys who come on motorcycles with ropes and pulleys and chainsaws. Just like out of a movie. They know what they are doing. There is a foreman who makes the plan of how to handle the job and they carefully take down the large pieces and don't damage anything. But they are not cheap. Both times we used them the foreman demanded about 3600 from my wife - take it or leave it; no negotiation. It's been a while but I believe a guy showed up 2-3 days later to haul away the large pieces.
  3. elektrified

    Some good news

    I believe this was Sunday or Monday night. The main Chinese tourist trap in the Night Bazaar. Not one single customer. The shop across from it already folded a few days ago.
  4. A couple of things: MRI fusion guided prostate biopsy unavailable anywhere in Northern Thailand. Anesthesiology costs go up considerably based on several factors, height and weight of patient, and the doctor's time is billed in 15 minute intervals.
  5. Hi Sheryl, I had TRUS guided prostate biopsy with general anesthesia (Propofol) administered by Anesthesiologist.
  6. Sounds very high to me. I had one 4 years ago at C.M. Ram and it was around 28K. I will be having another soon. Estimate: 25-35K. You do not need to stay in the hospital. It is an OP procedure. Arrive in the morning, leave in the afternoon.
  7. elektrified

    Ram Hospital Prices?

    I copied this from another post (my post) a few days ago since it applies. Having required a couple of procedures recently that my insurance would not cover, I price-shopped at all the hospitals in which my surgeon practices, and Chiang Mai Ram was the cheapest. I checked at Sriphat, Bangkok Hospital, and C.M. Ram. Bangkok Hospital was by far the most expensive at almost 80%! higher, followed by Sriphat, and Chiang Mai Ram being the cheapest. Also, C.M. Ram was the only one who was open to negotiation beyond the already lower fee. They contacted me about 4 times offering adjustments and further discounts to have the procedures there. Sriphat is still an excellent resource of excellent medical professionals, but everything has gone way, way up in price over the years. Also, Suan Dok (government hospital) is not much cheaper than Sriphat for certain procedures. I needed a specific MRI and Sriphat was 25,500 Baht while Suan Dok was only a little less at 20,500 Baht (and the wait was almost 4 months). But yes, the follow up appointment was 60 Baht.
  8. elektrified

    Ram Hospital Prices?

    I disagree with that. It is not true.
  9. elektrified

    Looking for bilingual lawyer for fraud case

    The good lawyers are in Bangkok. Maybe hop down there and check it out.
  10. elektrified

    Vegetarian festival in Chiang Mai

    The only "Vegetarian Festival" is in Phuket. Worth checking out if you haven't seen it before. It's not only about food.
  11. elektrified

    Promenada - The Beginning of The End?

    50% drop in bodies. Not in revenue to the businesses that do well. Most falangs there for Immigration dropped 60 Baht at the food stalls outside. That's about it. Those vendors are affected. Gone? The people who shop at Rimping still shop there. People still go to the cinema.... The Thursday-Sunday evening events have been 97% Thai since the inception. I rarely ever see a falang there. Never more than perhaps 6 falangs all evening; including myself. Yawn
  12. elektrified

    Promenada - The Beginning of The End?

    I was there yesterday and spoke with my relative. No change. The businesses that do well (Dukes, Rimping, Chi Chang, Sports shop, ramen shop, cinema, toy shop, food court, etc.) continue to do well. The falangs that frequented Dukes or shopped at Rimping, etc. continue to do so. Falangs still come to the cinema as they did before. The food vendors that were near Immigration obviously were affected. Next...
  13. elektrified

    Company that picks up junk

    You can go by the places that buy your junk and tell them specifically what you have and leave them your number and address. We did this one time, and within about 3 days we began getting calls. A couple of surprises: we were offered 300 Baht for some old shocks from a Honda automobile. 250 Baht for an old mattress that had metal springs. The lady told us that springs are in big demand and that she pays 250 for mattresses with springs. We were offered good money for some old car batteries - I forget how much now, but in all we ended up with enough money for a very nice dinner. Pretty much everything we had was picked up.; old fans, clothes, etc.
  14. elektrified

    Did I buy fake Tramadol?

    1 baht per tablet. How do they even make a profit on that Are you serious? My close friend owns a few pharmacies. He told me he pays as little as 10 Satang per tablet for some medications produced in factories in Thailand; provided he buys about 5,000 at a time. At 1 Baht each, that is 90% profit on some meds! I don't think my friend sells anything at 1 Baht each, more like 2-3 Baht (or 180-270% profit).
  15. elektrified

    How can i find the cost price of meds?

    "..... What i would like to know is how much they buy it for. How much does the distributor sell it to pharmacies for (cost price)." Nobody is going to tell you that.