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  1. Customs duties from Bangkok?
  2. Japanese imports (some of the best/safest on the market) are readily available in Bangkok.
  3. http://www.truevalue.co.th/index.php (enter "broom" into search) I go to Bangkok about 5 times a year which I suspect most others do as well. I can't think of anything that I have not been able to find there. (I don't look for obscure foreign foods as they are not important to me - Thai food is just fine). But just about anything else is available there. If you can't find it yourself - just ask someone - it's there.
  4. Available in Bangkok. You can order on-line. Sorry, too lazy and busy to search for the website for you, but it's there.
  5. Absolutely useless. Tried calling them once about 5 years ago at around 1:00 A.M. for some help with an urgent situation. Called maybe 6 times, letting the phone ring about 25 times each. Finally on the 6th time, someone answered who I had obviously woken up. I explained to him (in Thai) what the problem was. He complained loudly and bitterly that I had woken him up, to call back the next day, and he proceeded to slam the phone down on the hook. Totally useless.
  6. Ah O.K. I misunderstood you. Khamtieng is not what you a re looking for then. Probably as the others said, C.M. Plastics.
  7. Yeah, forget San Patong. There is absolutely nothing to do there. You couldn't pay me to live there. Lamphun is a very large Province with lots going on. 3-4K is the absolute bottom of the price range, but as another member pointed out - you could find a small house there and be around a lot of factory workers. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs, that cater to them. Not too bad in Lamphun actually.
  8. That's where I buy it. Lat shop on the right before the area where they sell the stones/bricks. They have many options.
  9. The location in the big mango has a good reputation. One vet we know here in C.M. used to work there and she said they have a high turnover of vets. The facility here is a franchise, not directly related to the BKK location. I heard from someone who has been to this location that at least one or two of the vets also work at the CMU Small Animal Hospital... Yes... one pays a price for the name....
  10. After you go a few times you meet the instructors, more senior doctors and occasionally the Professors. After you have a relationship with them, you can schedule appointments with them directly. Also, most of the Professors have their own private clinics which you can choose to go to if you wish - but they will tell you that for surgery or any major diagnostics - come to the Small Animal Hospital because they have the best and most modern technology in the city.
  11. We always used Baan Ma Kha Maew when "Mohr Aaa" was there. He went into semi-retirement about 3 years ago. My wife went for at least 15 or more years with all of her animals. All of our dogs have since passed but we have many other animals. We believe the best care currently is at the CMU Small Animal Hospital. They have the resources and equipment/technology to handle anything and most other clinics/hospitals send their cases there to be done (labs, etc.). The Professors are the best. The Ortho vet is the best (and only one in town). If there is a complex case, you may get up to 4 doctors involved and they conference with the Professor(s). Absolutely the best.
  12. Always best to replace both parts of the A/C system at the same time as they are matched to work with each other efficiently, covered by warranty, etc. Yes, March-May is the worst time of the year to have issues with an existing unit or be in the market for a new one. Prices are at their absolute highest now, and technicians are hard to pin down on when they can come as it is their busiest time of the year. Inverter units are good. Stay clear of the cheaply priced Hitachi and other inverter units. Our guy says it could take take up to 2 weeks to get parts for Hitachi. Best brands in Thailand are Mitubishi and Daikin. Saijo Denki is also very good - most hospitals have them. Parts for all 3 brands can usually be found in 3 hours or overnight form Bangkok says our guy.
  13. "They claim they obstruct traffic ,create rubbish and many are not clean. " Uh yes, that is all true. It makes getting around Bangkok a nightmare at times. They also obstruct foot traffic and increase the rat population.
  14. I don't have dogs anymore, but the first thing I would do is get the animal over to CMU Small Animal Hospital....