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  1. elektrified

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    From post #7 in the other thread. "I have been getting my extensions for 12 years now. No agent, no "sitter", no complaints, no whining, nothing. I've never arrived before 8:45 and never spent more than 3 hours (usually 90 minutes) from start to finish..." I know some of you don't work, sit in bars all day and instantly respond on your mobiles, but I've got business, kids, and a number of other matters so don't have time to check often and instantly respond.
  2. elektrified

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    3 or 4 years ago I did have to try about 3-4 times to get it done but not a big deal as I am there often.
  3. elektrified

    Dentist recommendation

    Student dentists at CMU? Surely you are joking?
  4. elektrified

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    Call it all you want. I was there last month. Went in the afternoon and there were less than 10 people in the big room. I was out in an hour.
  5. elektrified

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    What tickets?
  6. And in the other thread in this forum it was reported (today I believe) that it is not possible to be on the premises prior to 5:00 A.M.
  7. elektrified

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    Just go at 13:00. Problem solved!
  8. For the 2nd time, I am not calling you a liar. I am saying that it was only reported to you and your friend by the person(s) your friend employed - that a 12 hour wait was necessary (at the expense of your friend), for your friend to get a visa extension. Frankly that is absurd and it's foolish to believe, and instill fear in others, that this is the only way to get an annual visa extension - short of hiring an "agent" for 5-18,000 THB. There are literally hundreds of people who just like me, can get their annual extension with no drama at all. I wouldn't pay 300 Baht for a "sitter" nor would I pay 300 Baht for an agent to help with my annual extension. But if you want to - then that is your choice.
  9. elektrified

    Girl, 3, suffocates in Pattani school van

    All the windows closed for 8 hours in the heat. The husband drove them alone that day and did not count heads when the children exited the van.
  10. elektrified

    Girl, 3, suffocates in Pattani school van

    Maybe the 2nd such case reported on the forum, but if you watch the Thai news you would know that this is about the 7th identical such case in perhaps 2.5 years.
  11. I agree. I don't believe it either. They probably showed up around 6:30 is my guess.
  12. No, I am not. I think whoever billed your friend for 12 hours of "sitting" was pulling his/her leg and padding the bill. I don't think anyone would do that and furthermore security would have given them the boot. Once I was there late drinking with friends after a jazz concert. At around 1:30-2:00 as I recall, when we were about to leave anyway, we were confronted by 2 security guards who told us that we had to get going right then or they would call the police. They made it clear that was the policy of the management...... nobody on the premises after-hours.
  13. elektrified

    UV Flashlight / Blacklight

    deleted - didn't realize how old this was!
  14. LOL I don't believe anyone sat at Immigration for 12 hours; sorry. I will continue arriving at 13:00-14:30 in the afternoon and being on my way in 60-90 minutes. I just got my extension last month and there was hardly anyone there. I was out in one hour. All this drama posted on here is hilarious. You don't see any of this posted on Facebook (which is much more active than this forum now for visa issues). I have been getting my extensions for 12 years now. No agent, no "sitter", no complaints, no whining, nothing. I've never arrived before 8:45 and never spent more than 3 hours (usually 90 minutes) from start to finish. If you go there and there and like you said - there is a queue past the car wash.....just come back the next day, simple as that.
  15. It's the old Ruen Phaed (sp?) government Hospital, they have since changed the name. The worst hospital in C.M. - or it was 9 years ago at least.