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  1. I'm in the market for some auto insurance and their quote was very reasonable. Has anyone used their insurance? directasia.co.th Any experiences? Thanks in advance.
  2. elektrified

    Copy Shop at Kad Suan Kaew Mall ??

    Since you are staying in a foreign country, it may be helpful to learn some Thai. What would happen if you were really in trouble?
  3. elektrified

    Need new laser printers. HP or Brother?

    I'm actually entertaining the idea of Samsung laser printers as well. We own many Samsung products and are thoroughly satisfied with them all. They are extremely dependable. The specifications overall are better than both HP and Brother.
  4. Our HP laser printers are 10 years old now and are needing maintenance frequently. We've decided to just go ahead and buy new ones at this point. Going back many decades, I've always had HP laser printers and they always last 10 years or more and seldom ever go down. I started to shop around yesterday and find that BROTHER is highly regarded as well. We don't push our printers too hard and speed, etc. is not really a concern. Dependability and low maintenance costs are the main concern. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  5. elektrified

    Wanted! Used Car Broker Chiang Mai. Ideas?

    Bahtsold? Don't bother. Nobody reads that!
  6. elektrified

    Promenada - The Beginning of The End?

    The falangs that go to Immigration only account for perhaps 5% of the business there according to a relative who works at the Prom. That has been my observation as well. When Immigration moves it will have ZERO impact on business at the Promenada.
  7. elektrified

    Wanted! Used Car Broker Chiang Mai. Ideas?

    We have recent experience selling a used car. FB groups (Thai language), kaidee.com, and put a sign on the top of car and park it legally for a few hours each day in a high visibility location. We had a very good response on all 3 of them. 99.99% inquiries from Thais (only one English speaker called - a Chinese).
  8. elektrified

    Y is the Chicago Tribune blocked in T'land?

    Works fine for me.
  9. elektrified

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    Ugh..... just come back at 14:30 and your problems are solved. Or come back tomorrow.
  10. elektrified

    Hitachi Frost Wash air con, any reviews?

    Mitsubishi. 100% satisfied.
  11. elektrified

    Hitachi Frost Wash air con, any reviews?

    Our A/C repair guy talked us out of getting a Hitachi. He told us that none of the 3 major supply warehouses of A/C parts in C.M. where all the guys go to get parts, stock any parts whatsoever for Hitachi. He said he had just worked on one at the time and that he had spent over an hour on the telephone trying to source parts in Bangkok. When he did find some, it took 3 days to arrive. Unacceptable in the hot season. There is a reason why Mitsubishi, Daikin, etc. are popular in Thailand..... Parts are easy to get.
  12. elektrified

    HIV Testing Chiang Mai

    How many shill accounts do these people have pushing this business without paying for advertising? Why not shut the thread down?
  13. elektrified

    Elite Smile Dental - Dr. Krisada

    Dr's. Benjaporn and Krisada are my dentists. I consider them to be the best I've found here and some of the best I've been to anywhere. Of course Dr. Jarunee is wonderful but the clinic has become too much a dental tourism kind of place. Dr. Krisada is extremely liberal with anesthetics, and like my dentist in the USA, he mixes up combinations of short and long acting drugs. He has a whole cart loaded up with anesthetics ready to pop in the syringe! On one of my last visits a couple of months ago when he prepped for a crown and removed the filling and used the grinder for almost an hour to shape the tooth, I asked for extra strong anesthetic. He shook his head and said "O.K. but I think it will be too much - but I will give it." He mixed up 2 or 3 medicines and gave 3 injections. I am not joking when I say that I could feel absolutely nothing from my just above my cheek, down to my neck, from about 15:00 until about 22:00 that evening! When I tried to drink water, it poured down the side of my face. I have never experienced that ever. When I returned 4 days later to have the crown installed, the first thing he asked me was "how long did you feel the effects of the anesthetic the other day?"
  14. elektrified

    Local source for replacement SSD HD for laptop

    Prices are a bit on the high side at this establishment!
  15. elektrified

    Local source for replacement SSD HD for laptop

    Chi Chang is good. I like JIB the best, They have huge stock all over the Kingdom. They have about 5 or 6 locations in C.M.