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  1. cost of living Chaing Mai/provinces

    O.K. Ours has never been less than 425 over the last 11 years; usually around 485 and even more during the hot season when we water the garden usually twice a day and shower frequently. Our neighbor's bills are more like 600-800 but they have bigger gardens than we do.
  2. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    I'm sure I could find it anywhere - and I have. Since when is Aspirin non-soluble?
  3. cost of living Chaing Mai/provinces

    Water 100-200 per month???
  4. Which are the best highschools in CM?

    I see the poster who was critical deleted his post. I only made the suggestion based on the OP's budget of up to 20K per term. I don't know what there is available for between 7K-20K per term. I know what there is for 7K and then 30K on up (high school). Schools are what you make of them. If a student is motivated to learn, then they will. If they are not, then they won't. In the case of the wife's cousin, she entered that school not speaking a word of English and 3 years later when she graduated, she could hold a reasonable conversation in English. She was subsequently accepted at two of the most popular Universities here. I'm not saying it is great, only what the experience of a family member was. Instead of being critical perhaps make a suggestion? I suspect you are a teacher so you could be helpful...
  5. Which are the best highschools in CM?

    There is a good High School near Big C Don Chan on the opposite side of the highway. I believe it is called Kawila Wittayalai School. It's about 5-7K THB per term + books, etc. The cousin went there and did very well, got excellent grades. She really liked it. She's in her 2nd year at University now.
  6. Flower delivery in CM

    To be perfectly honest, she would probably throw them out. If you don't know the hidden meanings behind each flower in Thailand then you should never give flowers as gifts! I remember one time about 17 years ago when I gave some beautiful flowers to a lady as a gift. Her aunt gave me a horrible look. When I asked later on what that was all about, I was told that giving that particular flower to some one was like wishing them 10 years of bad luck! The lady told me that no sooner had I turned the corner when I left, her aunt had tossed them in the trash. True story! Give the cash.
  7. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    You can also download a mobile app that automatically contacts 1669 when you push the SOS button and engage both WiFi and "mobile data" for best triangulation. They will figure out where you are - but yes you are correct, for instance where we live is wrong on google maps and using the navigation software, one would never find our place as it is way off.
  8. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    It can be found everywhere.
  9. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    Come on.......Aspirin (ASA) is the most common drug in the world and can be found in any pharmacy in the world.
  10. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    1. Call 1669 if you need to get to the hospital quickly. The EMS guys (and gals) are amazing. Some are VERY well trained both here and in foreign countries. Some are less trained but they will get you to the closest hospital quickly unless you tell them somewhere else you wish to go. 2. It's 191, not 911. That number gets you the police. No need to call them. 3. Nakhorping Hospital would also be another good choice if you are having a heart attack in the middle of the night and live out Mae Rim or Sansai way. They have many skilled specialists 24/7. Many of the specialists there including cardiologists have very nice private clinics and see many patients when they are not practicing there or at private hospitals. 4. Yes, good advice....if you think you or a loved one is having a heart attack, get them to chew on a couple of Aspirin while you wait for the ambulance. It could save their life.
  11. Recommend psychiatrist in Chiang Mai

    Huh? ECT is widely used all over the world including the USA. It is one of the most (if not the most) effective ways of treating severe clinical depression. Many, many patients do not respond to antidepressants or are unable to tolerate the side-effects. Please, before you post ridiculous accusations, know what you are talking about.
  12. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    I've posted mine for almost 11 years. Never had a problem. What a waste of time going there!
  13. Any "southern" bars in Chiang Mai?

    There were two Country & Western bars (real C&W) in Sansai - Mae Jo area for many years but the land was sold for development and both bars packed up and closed. Haven't seen any others around.
  14. You are correct, they can't. We only have them do the inspection though. We aren't afraid of them (or other inspection places like the one in Faham) attempting an illegal transfer, etc. but have noticed that they hand off the books to some young kid who just tosses them in a basket on a motorcycle and heads off to Hang Dong. If it rains....mai bpen rai..., they blow away...etc. Just seems careless and we don't want to take a chance of losing the books.
  15. This one is good. We never leave the original books with them - or any others.