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  1. What homeless? The only homeless I have ever seen are either alcoholics or mentally ill - mostly schizophrenic who don't take their meds and choose to live that way.
  2. elektrified

    your experience at Tulou's dim sum brunch ?

    This is also my favorite place, but as has been said - much more simple. But everything is freshly made there and there is a large variety.
  3. elektrified

    David's Kitchen Top 10 Worldwide

    I haven't eaten beef steak from any country in more than 18 years so not anything that interests me. Don't know if I've had Canadian lobster or not. Had Maine lobster and Phuket lobster. Again, doesn't interest me. 500 Baht for a small portion of chicken breast and potato wedges? No thanks. But certainly up to you to enjoy.
  4. elektrified

    David's Kitchen Top 10 Worldwide

    I wouldn't eat there for free.
  5. elektrified

    PSA test

    It is possible. In fact over 200 even. My good friend had a PSA of 62 I believe. The doctor told him it was actually much higher but was masked by him taking Finasteride. After biopsy, one-half of his prostate was positive for PCa.
  6. Are there any retired U.S.A. C.P.A.'s in Thailand that offer any services? I want some advice with regard to filing simple 1040EZ or 1040A tax returns, tax credits, etc. Also looking for advice in regard to Social Security and benefits which will come due in the next couple of years. There used to be a retired CPA in Chiang Mai who was good and offered advice and income tax form preparation for US $75.00 per year for complex tax filing. But he has since passed on. Is there anyone else, anywhere in the country? I have seen some ads for large firms in Bangkok charging starting at 10,000 Baht or US $350 per year but I need really simple stuff. Thanks in advance.
  7. elektrified

    Swarming Thingies - Ants Or Termites

    For an interesting sight go up to CMU on the one day a year that a certain ant comes out. People all over the campus are collecting them in jars with incredible enthusiasm!
  8. elektrified

    Swarming Thingies - Ants Or Termites

    They visited us last night. Took close to 3 hours to clean up the mess this morning. What was different this year was that there were babies (almost every screen was literally covered with them) as opposed to adult termites in the past, and they slid right through the screen so there must have been close to a million? of them that got in. This morning the ants were devouring their carcases. Happens every year just before the start of the rains.
  9. elektrified

    When Will The Chiang Mai Building Bubble Burst?

    Yes from the look of the unit size on the video it looks like prices will start at about 3.5 or 4m. [/url] I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole and the outlook is mediocre, but as we all know the real money here is in Thai hands and like everywhere they like to have location location location. Personally though Nimman is a very nice area I wouldn't want to live there and having lived years in the heart of Chelsea (London) and frequented the Chelsea Arts Club, Aspinalls, the Speakeasy, the Middle Earth, the Queens Elm and the Cross Keys and the like where there is real depth in people and they actually have something interesting to say and are leaders in their field even if it's only being bohemian, who actually know what a conversation is rather than sitting fiddling with a cellphone taking photos of themselves and talking about what they just ate and how "aroi" it was. For me that's depressing but hey the shops are nice and the girls are very pretty. Well said. Pretty much mirrors my thoughts.
  10. elektrified

    When Will The Chiang Mai Building Bubble Burst?

    Again, as has been said before, they may be frugal on accommodation but spend big at places like Central's all over Thailand and the C.M. Night Bazaar where they consider goods "cheap" and much cheaper than Hong Kong. And yes some are staying in small guest houses but others (many others) are staying at places like Khum Phaya for a few grand a night. Jan 1-March 1 the g/f was called in to help at the Spa there as they were overwhelmed and needed more spa technicians. She said on a daily basis the breakdown was about 40% Chinese, 30% Thai, 20% Japanese, and a mere 10% "farang" guests at the hotel and the spa. I've been saying for more than a year now whenever this comes up and TV members who own businesses whine about how their Western tourist oriented businesses are doing poorly, that they need to adapt to changing times and demographics. The business is there, they just need to go out and get it. Actually I have learned a lot from my observation and although I am not involved in hospitality or any kind of business in Thailand, I can use a lot of what I learn and see to implement in my own business.
  11. Where is the location of Niyom Pannich? Actually I was just in Siam TV last night and they have a very nice portable vacuum just like you are looking for. I don't think it was a Siemens - perhaps a Braun? I forget the brand but it was a German brand. Looked very high-quality. I think it was about 2500 Baht. Siam TV is on the outer moat. Can't miss it. The largest consumer electronic store in C.M.
  12. And how many in the regular stuff? As far as I remember they were only testing what sellers were selling as "organic" and/or "pesticide free". They couldn't name names but the camera truck did roll past the little "organic market" near CMU (and Muang Mai Market of course). The g/f says the whole video compilation of the investigation is on-line but I don't know how to search for it in Thai.
  13. A few months ago there was an undercover investigation on Channel 7 News. It ran for a week on the evening news. They purchased "organic fruit and vegetables" all over Thailand; including from markets in Chiang Mai. They tested the produce at an independent laboratory and the average "pesticide free" vegetable contained 15 chemicals!
  14. The You Tube video is very touching. He was a good looking boy and obviously a very good student. I can't imagine the pain the parents are feeling... I agree with the others. No way am I letting my boy ride around on a motorcycle. You can be the best parent you can be, teach them all the dangers, etc. but kids will be kids. I see it every day, kids chatting on mobiles while driving, not wearing their helmets, etc.
  15. elektrified

    When Will The Chiang Mai Building Bubble Burst?

    Or....it just stops going up, and goes sideways for a while. That seems to be the case for Thailand real-estate. No buyers does not mean lower prices here for some strange reason. Yes, you have a valid point.