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  1. Any Friendly & English Speaking Doctor In Chiang Mai ?

    Every doctor speaks English - and some Latin too. Indeed, some are more friendly than others. What specialty do you require?
  2. homemade spaghetti sauce

    I don't know what it does and in general I am not a fan of sugar in anything (except desserts of course). But when I lived in in Europe, I used to watch a food channel and there was an excellent Hungarian chef who had a show each day and one trick I did learn from him was adding just a spoon of sugar to the tomato sauce towards the end of the cooking. It doesn't add sweetness but it sounds like what you say is correct. It always tastes better. I only add a single tablespoon to a large pot. Another thing this chef did to start tomato sauce is create a base using the olive oil, onions and garlic of course, but also Italian parsley and some thick bacon and the salt and pepper and a dried red chili or two. That's where the flavor starts and then the tomatoes are added and it cooks down for 90 minutes or so - or longer. You can of course add carrots or whatever.
  3. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    The night market is a disaster for business that are open at night there. The sellers set-up shop right where people park. Went we went to dine at our favorite restaurant in there recently we couldn't park and had to "hike in". When we finally got to our favorite dining spot, we found the prices (which have been steadily going up and up over the years) to border on price gouging. High-quality it is but it put a damper on the meal!
  4. Rentals in Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son

    You would die of boredom in a month of staying in Chiang Rai!
  5. Office Chairs

    I owned one when I lived in the USA. Excellent chair - super comfortable. Very expensive there too.
  6. Cleaning company recommendations

    Search on Facebook. There are quite a few companies. But they are not inexpensive. They start at about 5K Baht for the day, but that includes setting up scaffolding to clean the widows, shampooing couches, etc. They come with a crew of about 6 or more people.
  7. Office Chairs

    I don't know what Amazon credit has to do with anything, but you can get an O.K. office chair on promotion (floor model) from Office Mate in that price range ~ 6-7.5K THB.
  8. Mall Opening Times

    Friday and Saturday that I know of. Tables? Yes, there are about 8 of them. I was there last Friday. The beer (Chang draught) was flat and warm.... Hadn't been there on a weekend evening in years and it will be a long time before I return! But I like the mall....
  9. Genuine copy of Windows 10 Home - where to buy?

    LOL.... I learned something new the other day.... I had an issue with one of our computers and after spending a ridiculous amount of time to sort it, decided to just reinstall Windows 10 from the ground up. I continued to experience problems even after the re-installation of Windows. It was beyond my expertise and I retained the services of a technician to come over and sort things out. It turned out to be an issue with the bios as well as another problem with a program I was running. Anyway, Windows 10 was re-installed for the 3rd time, this time the technician performed the installation. When I asked the technician if I should go and get the license key that I had previously purchased, he looked at me with a confused look on his face and said "Why?" Then......"Didn't you know that any name motherboard (or name-brand desktop set/notebook) purchased within the last 6 years (Windows 8) has a chip on it that automatically generates a license key? The manufacturer has already made this arrangement with Microsoft." He then showed me as he was installing the OS, the screen where it says something like "Windows 10 Pro detected, issuing license." My motherboard on this particular machine is ASUS, but he says that almost any decent brand computer or motherboard purchased in Thailand and Malaysia has this feature built in. I told the technician that I had read on a forum of people spending 4K Baht on a Windows 10 license. He turned and looked at me with a grin on his face and said "Falang? Can't be Thai people. They would never do that. But every shop knows about this chip that generates a license. Maybe an opportunity to sell to falang who don't know."
  10. Mall Opening Times

    Yes most shops open at 10:00 in KSK.
  11. Flu Shots

    30-60% effective for this season's strain? Although I haven't googled it (and don't have time now), I heard on the news that this year it is only 10% effective. If I have time this evening I will ask a friend who is a doctor.
  12. Flu Shots

    It's only 10% effective.
  13. best men's shirtmaker in town

    For 400 Baht you can buy high-quality Pierre Cardin shirts in Lamphun. They sell for about 800-900 each in Central. I bought 8 different Pierre Cardin shirts and got them for 340 each (thanks to the wife's bargaining skills) about 3 years ago. PC shirts are very well tailored and made from high-quality cotton which is one thing you can't find in the fabric stores in Kad Luang. They were so cheap I picked up a few extras to give as gifts to friends in America (where they sell for about 4 or 5 times the price).
  14. Cable TV options?

    When we switched back to True after about 8 years with 3BB, which unfortunately ended in disaster and bad feelings for all concerned, True told us that they were no longer offering satellite in many/most areas and they were concentrating on cable. When we started a new contract with them, they installed cable as satellite was no longer an option. I no longer see any True satellite dishes - at least in our moobann.
  15. Cable TV options?

    Sorry I did forget to mention that both the basic True package and WETV have several sports channels. I don't think any are in English but I'm not 100% sure about that.