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  1. When is the last time you took a bus? That is simply not true. We went to Chiang Rai a few weeks ago and went 28 hours in advance and it was already too late - all sold out. Things are different now. Chinese tourists go by the thousands.
  2. Not if you value your life.
  3. That is the way it is done here. Fragments/chunks are returned and not ashes as we are accustomed to. Same with humans.....
  4. Sat what you want about the Night Bazaar, but in fact, tourists love it. I doubt it is going away any time soon.
  5. There was plenty of business. But the word was that the blocking of traffic had become unmanageable.
  6. Uhhhhh people...... these are not a couple down on their luck. It's an organized ring.
  7. I'm fairly certain that these are the same people who were in C.M. about 18?? months ago doing the same thing; that is selling photos of the child. And before them were another couple with a child selling photos of various sights around Thailand - and possibly children too as I recall. In all cases the male scammer is somewhere in the background. This is obviously an organized ring.
  8. Saw this on the news live today. This guy looks evil! I say let him loose and let there be vigilante justice. An eye for an eye.
  9. We get those often. Especially just after a heavy rain stops. Dozens of them and yes it sounds like a chainsaw.
  10. The reason there is no scar is because nobody ever "sewed you up". They haven't done that in years now. The old method of sewing up layers is what kept hernia patients in the hospital for days or even a week (or more). Now they use 2 sutures to hold the mesh in place and glue you up.
  11. I've heard it is close to impossible to insure wooden houses. But of course I don't know that for a fact.
  12. Dara Pharmacy is one of the best in town. Sadly, with their high-tech, new remodeling makeover - prices have gone up considerably. Someone has to pay for the makeover; and it's the consumer.
  13. It's apples and oranges... And besides, you don't find Korean beef in Thai food!
  14. Or, it could be something as quietly passing in his sleep.
  15. Correct. And by looking at Meechok Plaza, one would of course assume that it is located in Tambon Nong Chom, Amphur Sansai. But strangely enough, Meechok Plaza and a small area around it is actually in Tambon Faham, Amphur Muang.