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  1. Slowly with a blunt knife. Brigante7.
  2. And here's me here in the UK and I don't watch any UK tv because it is crap. Brigante7.
  3. After reading the article it seemed to me that rather stand-up for herself she is trying to use the publicity to secure a new job, as for the "sexist" remarks, it's called humour, nobody is accusing her of being a prostitute or saying that, that is all she can do. Brigante7.
  4. My wifes home town, I'll have to see if she knows the woman, the woman owns a motorcycle dealership so that should narrow it down. Brigante7.
  5. Sumo is a sport not a race. Brigante7.
  6. How does TV know that they are British? just because 1 of them has a British passport doesn't make him or the rest of them British. My Thai wife has a British passport but she isn't British, and before any snowflake's are "triggered" deal with it. Brigante7
  7. So e-fags are ILLEGAL but fags are LEGAL? Wow, that is some amount of influence that the fag industry has. Brigante7
  8. Or they could demolish the dump that Pattaya is, no? Brigante7.
  9. Meanwhile 10 vehicles back, an even bigger truck has 15 million tablets stashed in it. Sacrifice 1 million and 2 idiots to get 15 million through. Brigante7.
  10. She's a bit old to be working the bars in BKK, I would suggest Pattaya would be a better choice for her, no? Brigante7.
  11. Careful, the snowflakes will be triggered and will cry for their safe space Brigante7.
  12. Ah! That golden rain. Brigante7.
  13. They better hope that they never have my mum in their van, lol. Taking my newborn son to Thailand to see my wifes family, we got a mini-bus from the airport to the hotel, my mum is a nervous passenger at the best of times but she was bricking it on the motorway and if she told him once to slow down she told him 100 times of course he just smiled, nodded and kept going eventually in her strongest Scottish accent, and probably loudest, she told him to slow down. He hadn't a clue what she was saying but he knew by the tone she wasn't happy and he asked my wife if everything was ok, I'm not sure what she said but he slowed down. Brigante7.
  14. So he's sorry for going OTT but not for attacking him? Brigante7.