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  1. What is mostly missing from these types of reports is the total cost. For instance, do you live nearby or did you travel from another province—what was the cost involved with that. Also you mentioned you had to remain overnight, so I'm guessing you had to pay for hotel, food and maybe even entertainment for one night plus breakfast and lunch the next day. Then there is the return trip to wherever you actually reside in Thailand. Not to mention the boarder hop cost every 90 days for the next 15 months. All of this is relevant to making a decision as to whether to get a Multi-entry or to just go for a straight one year extension. A person's age and financial position weighs heavily on this also, but providing some additional insight would be helpful. Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kind of like FedEx...pay by the kilo. I'm not so sure this isn't a bad idea, though I have to admit, I'm a small guy and may be slightly biased
  3. Are there Taxis in Korat?

    Just checking to see what the situation is like in Korat (Nakon Ratchasima). I think taking the train will be better that driving, but I'd like to know if taxis are readily available to get around. Mind you I'm not talking about Tuk-tuks or Songtaews, but regular Blue/Yellow or Blue/Green Toyota Corolla taxis.
  4. Sometimes even using a Google or Bing search doesn't help.
  5. I used the service with no problems here in Ubon Ratchathani, until I left the country and returned. With a new entry/departure card, the system could no longer process me. I've also "heard" that getting a new passport will also prevent you from processing your 90 day as the system never gets updated. The key word here is "heard", for I have no real evidence that the system never gets updated other than it did not recognize my new passport number.
  6. Coincidentally, I went to a bank branch whose colors are dark blue recently to get a counter withdrawal and the teller told me I could not use a debit card. I then told her that I had been using this method at all of their branches since my arrival. She then suggested I could use the ATM machine, but I objected saying the withdrawal amount was limited plus their fees were charged per transaction. I went on to say that I wanted a large amount, and using an ATM was not good. Her next step was to phone someone at a higher level. She was transferred several times until she finally got someone who understood my situation and could also talk to me in English. I politely repeated my story and, insisted that contrary to their policy, I've been doing this for quite some time at virtually every branch for years. After the consultation, the local teller processed my request, as slowly as I have ever seen a person move in my life. I'm willing to bet my actions will affect other foreigners that want use a debit card for an over the counter withdrawal. The fact of the matter is, they don't make any money on these transactions. However, I mostly deposit the money directly into my account, but not every time. I'm not sure, but they probably checked their records and saw I was a frequent user as well as an account holder. If you're interested in further details, send me a private message.
  7. Leaving after a decade.

    Well considering your language skills, what have you heard said about foreigners that the locals will not say to our faces?
  8. I'd like to chime in on this and say that you probably haven't been paying close enough attention. If you live in Thailand, you should have noticed by now that Black people (of African decent) and most Thais have the same type of noses...meaning flat and wide. And, sometimes really round nostrils. I doubt that a nose would give a person's ancestry away. On the other hand, many people here are living in denial that their hosts, friends, girlfriends and wives have traits more common with Africans than Caucasians. Now if you had said the only thing that gives him away is his curly (kinky) hair, then I would have been with you 100 percent! And I won't elaborate on that "he's on the run" jab you took...but at least you let us know how you think.