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  1. Is Microsoft Surface any good?

    So what you're saying is you don't like the operating system, but the hardware is OK. And, you haven't used Windows for years. Looks like you set yourself up to fail. Windows has never been easy for casual use. Either you spend the time to learn the idiosyncrasies, or you go for something less complicated. That said, anything can be complicated if you don't immerse yourself in the experience. I hope you find your green pasture...
  2. Is Microsoft Surface any good?

    I bought a Lenovo MIIX-510 which is a surface clone. If you're not familiar, Lenovo bought the IBM Thinkpad line of laptops a while back...quality remains the same. The MIIX 510 is middle of the road, I bought the cheapest one but the specifications are equivalent to all the Surface Pro models except the entry level one (the one I bought) comes is a 7th generation quad core i3, 4 gig RAM and 128 gig SSD, micro SD slot, available SIM slot and USB Type C 3.1 plus USB 3.0. You can go to core i7 16 gig RAM 1 TeraByte SSD, also the keyboard and digital pen is included. I didn't spring for a warranty because at 23,000 Thai Baht ($675) I decided to take a chance on Lenovo's quality... Almost one year later, I'm happy, no glitches. Presently running Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Fall Creators Update which came out in October 2017. They also make the MIIX-710 series which is a little higher class of machine, but the 510 series is just fine if you want to save some money. I average about 8 hours a day on this thing and really never think about recharging as I usually plug it in at night and throw it into my bag when I leave the house. A far more reliable choice than a real Microsoft Surface. Check out some YouTube videos for reviews...