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  1. if you bother to watch to the end of the video the motorcycle taxi rider actually pursues the bus driver to ensure he stops..
  2. regardless of whether the op has a tefl/tesol/celta as a non-native teacher they will still need a valid toeic score dated within the last 2 years to obtain the work permit
  3. no problem anymore- they can just use the online 90 day reporting. . .
  4. what would be the point?? if you've not utilized a second language for 10 or so years then your proficiency in that language is obviously going to have suffered.. hence the requirement for re-testing..
  5. maybe like many westerners, these days, they aren't particularly religious... also begging is illegal in most western countries
  6. but showing an online bank statement for the account the cards are attached too should be enough..
  7. issued it to who?? obviously not to the publisher of this article who prefers to show us the back of the injured woman rather than the picture that might help with his apprehension...
  8. Phuket cat blamed in Chinese driver wipe-out

    you start with a big animal and then list a number of smaller animals... so what is your actual cut off point size wise?? maybe go with "I would swerve for anything bigger than a..." and then just choose one animal. also most people are smaller than all of the animals you listed- do you have a policy on vehicle damage in this case?
  9. the driver of the cam car was by no means a mature driver.. all over the road.. changing lanes willy-nilly without indicating.. driving too close to the traffic in front and also overtaking people on the left hand side... as someone else already pointed out black pickup was attempting to get out of his way but blocked by a slower moving vehicle.. i am in no way defending the black pickup's drivers actions but please do not suggest any level of maturity from the cam car driver..
  10. i personally never use more than one hand when riding pillion.. how would i catch pokemon if i was using both?!
  11. you must be a mind reader- i was just sitting here thinking "i wonder how much that is in australian money"... thanks for clearing that up..
  12. if your premiums go up you just change insurers- thailand style...