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  1. Is there the same runaround opening a second savings account with Bangkok Bank? I need it to put my 800,000 Baht in.
  2. pontious

    Road Tax Issue On Speeding Tickets

    Why did you not pay the fines?
  3. I agree - like me I will have the joint account available if asked.
  4. No you may be right - I have not used this before either. Whatever, if you have 800,000 Baht in your bank account and another account to show living expenses and you apply 30 days before I would not lose any sleep over it. Don't worry so much. You will be fine.
  5. I will be going this route this year. Why do you have to add / deduct anything. The ' update ' of the book will show 800,000 on the day will it not?
  6. I will be using money in the bank for my next retirement extension. This will be my first time using this method. Is it 3 months seasoning from last day of extension or 3 months before you apply? I always go 30 days early to renew. There will be no activity on the sole account at all, just 800,000. Is that a problem? I have a joint account with all living expense's shown.