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  1. I would not hold your breath waiting for a report. According to the OP nothing has been changed yet. The Tourism and Sport Ministry will recommend start date, period of change blah blah blah etc and present it to the government for approval. At the moment there is NO change.
  2. After 14 pages people still think visas change today. They do not. 1. Vat refund starts today 15 Nov - 15 Jan 2. Tourist visas have not changed yet. TAT have to present to the government proposals and time period etc . There is no start date and no change as of now.
  3. It does not say it is approved now. Nothing has changed yet. No details have been announced - Suggest you read the OP carefully - not just the headline.
  4. To be precise they did not check - they said you had presented documents that said you received xyz. That is not checking. Checking would mean verifying.
  5. Yes There is no change to tourist visas at all at this present time.
  6. In red - this is what starts tomorrow. In orange -i think the 2 month pilot period is wrong reporting. They are going to study the proper period and the details. I posted this 5 hours ago.
  7. Nothing changes tomorrow - do not read the OP Headline. Read the whole statement. Nothing has been agreed yet.
  8. They are not issuing income letters. Embassies are not aware of the terminology - and nor is Thai Immigration..
  9. OOPS! Sorry, Joe can you change it to avoid Dutch heart attacks.
  10. No notice and a refund if you have not received it yet is extreme to say the least. Our Dutch colleagues would have every right to be furious.
  11. A tourist visa - same as before - there is no change yet.
  12. It is not for the next two months - there is no start date and the details have not been finalised yet - the government is awaiting the details from TAT. Read the OP again.
  13. I suggest the OP headline be changed to PLANS changes to tourist visa's.
  14. The government has agreed in principle!! They await the TAT study for the suggested period and details. At the present time there is no change and no announcement of when / if it will change and any details. It is just like yesterday.