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  1. Mate, it says it all. Member of TRT. Taksin's party..... Thai Love Thai.... yeah? right. As long as you pay the right amount, all is okay...
  2. 32 years ago... Utopia....really. How many would agree? Bkk, Ambassador hotel, b4 they did the front renovations to the eatery’s, Check-inn 99 inj it’s hey day, The Coffee shop, (Thermae) and the best Thai fried rice at ANY mobile cooking station.
  3. 2 star ** General THB 80,000 monthly salary. Work it out......................
  4. Filthy Samui

    No different to Pattaya
  5. Gunman kills 2 women at Arizona courthouse

    cock head
  6. Neighbour dogs roaming the Moobaan.

    I'd give'm a treat, lead.....
  7. Link is not working. Shows no connection....
  8. Siam hotel? Yes, that's it. Another late opener. It was more of a Thai scene, but still had some memorable nigts there.
  9. I just loved CheckInn 99. I always thought it good value. What a shame. Same goes for The Coffee Shop. Thermae on Sukhumvit, down the Sleaziest back alley. It was F A N T A S T I C...... I'm surprised no has mentioned the hotel on Petchaburi Rd, Gee can't remember the name. Had a "Coffee shop" at the front and always full, live bands and plenty of food. It was notorious in the late Nineties for Uni students to to work off their Uni fees. Heading down town it was on the right side in between Asoke and Prayathai. Really old styled Thai hotel.
  10. F - me, This’ll be a first on this site, I am not a cheap Charlie, I am happy to pay for quality... On Ya Mate!.......
  11. Yes, "shoddy" is a word that often springs to mind when looking at resale property here. "Tasteless" is another. I sometimes wonder if there isnt someone in Europe buying all the old and broken furniture and exporting it here by the container-load. New places at least have the merit of being shiny and clean (though both are only surface qualities and wont last at all) and so it's no surprise that Thais prefer to buy new. I do agree with many post. I bought a property a few years back in my home country, the standard is crap when compared to many Thai properties. I have had endless repair bills from the managing agent. The Thai property I want to sell is in top condition. Has to be as I bought is for investment purpose. Clients are mostly corporate but of late I changed to holiday/short term letting. The daily rate is not cheap so the furniture, fittings and overall maintenance must be kept up. View for yourself if interested. http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/rentals/jomtien-beach/1791768 The photos reflect exactly what to expect. So this is the reason I am surprised as to why it has not sold. The pricing is more than fair and well inline with current prices. (According to the estate developer)
  12. 50 police officers to arrest pensioners..... yeah! Right!
  13. That's 3% you owe us then. Don't know where you live, in Pattaya the agents DEMAND 5%, and get this, Condo's give them 10 - 15%. So if anyone's buying a condo, ask for half his comm..... In the States (at least where I live), real estate agents ask 7% ! Holy hell. In Oz 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 % on a sliding scale.
  14. That's 3% you owe us then. Don't know where you live, in Pattaya the agents DEMAND 5%, and get this, Condo's give them 10 - 15%. So if anyone's buying a condo, ask for half his comm..... I assume you meant...New condo projects. Yes