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  1. Channel 9now Melbourne APK app

    Try the following link for non buffering channel 9, it is also free https://www.firstonetv.net/Live/Australia/Nine-1
  2. Chuck Balding

    Thanks for your concern "impulse" but Chuck has been a personal friend of mine for over 20 years, also one of the moderators has already assisted me with enquiries with some of his Pattaya contacts.
  3. Chuck Balding

    Following up from my previous post last October, I have been trying to locate my old Aussie mate Chuck as he seems to have disappeared completely, he used to reside in Jomtein but was a regular visitor to the "Camel Pub" in Banchang. I am aware that he was not well and I fear the worse,his email,home phone & mobile are all going unanswered and I am hoping that someone has some news about Chuck, thanks kindly for any feedback accordingly.
  4. Interesting Website ??

    The following has access to many live world TV stations and all free !! https://www.firstonetv.net/Live Enjoy !!
  5. I had the same problem using my BKK Bank online with their designated web page,kept on saying incorrect account number so went to the nearest BKK Bank ATM and transfer was done within 5 mins with no problems.
  6. Australian TV Kodi addon

    Correct janclaes47 !!
  7. Australian TV Kodi addon

    As at 2 days ago Channel 7 stopped working and apparently requires an Oz VPN for it to function, also the main Channel 9 stopped working yesterday but the others i.e 9 GO,9 Life etc still seem to be working ?
  8. Skype

    Go to tools at the top of the page then options and then notifications.
  9. I have been a Sony TV fan for the past 25 years but have only purchased units that were actually manufactured in Japan & not Malaysia,where most units are from. Although slightly dearer than the Malaysian units the quality of the picture from the Jap units is far more superior.
  10. Banchang personality

    Hi Huanqnon, yes I do read all my PMs, the strange part is that his mobile phone is turned off,his home phone seems disconnected & skype & email messages go unanswered ??
  11. Banchang personality

    Still no further feedback from any members ??? thanks
  12. Buffering

    There are many discussions on buffering, type in buffering in the search box on the top right hand side of the page.
  13. I have been trying to track down my old friend "Chuck Balding" of whom used to frequent the "Camel" on a regular basis. I already have his mobile number but not getting any response from him and was wondering if any of his old Banchang mates have heard from him recently ?? thanks for any feedback.
  14. Receive Australia or UK Radio in Thailand

    For Aust radio stations go to website http://www.radioemu.com/4bc-1116/
  15. Australian TV Kodi addon

    I now watch the ABC News 24 of which is pretty good, Australia TV seems to jam up and the little circle keeps swirling around.