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  1. Thanks wilkis333 although my wife and I have been visiting this office for past 8 years doing 90 day checks and retirement extensions.
  2. Oops !! better not proceed with this enquiry then !! sorry.
  3. Dear Jai Dee, have you happened to find a source for "Foxtel Sports" Aust ?? Thanks for any feedback ??
  4. Has any of our members recently undertaken one of these recently at Nonthaburi Immigration and have they been enforcing interviewing a close neighbour etc for verification, thanks for any feedback or abnormalities required by this office.
  5. Thanks JaiMaai, appreciated
  6. We used to be a True client several years ago and cancelled it due to IPTV but we still have the HD box,card,Sat dish & remote as we bought these and still receive all the True freebie channels of which my wife watches. Just need to know the channel numbers where english is available & yes my remote has the the dual language option. Thanks
  7. As I will be having my iPTV box fixed shortly for a few days I will be subject to watching the True free channels, can any members please advise the channel numbers that contain english language , thanks for your feedback.
  8. Notice that this morning that all ZEM channels including Australian content are still working as per normal ??
  9. Thanks,checked the device manager and like me it is bloody too old and without bluetooth so I will need to pick up a dongle !!!!
  10. Thanks Don,how can I check if my desktop has bluetooth ??
  11. Dear Don, Stupid me did not have laptop bluetooth turned on,now all okay and installed, doh doh !!! what about installing on a desktop ?? is that possible ??
  12. How do I find out that information ? sorry Im not too computer savvy !!
  13. no software or driver included within box
  14. I have been trying to install a new bluetooth mouse to my laptop which is running Windows 7 and are having problems with the laptop recognising this to install,any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated,thanks
  15. I believe that Setanta shown on Truevisions which telecasts the NRL is actually "Setanta Sports Asia" of which is different than the normal Setanta (now EIR) shown on other sports sites. I have been trying to source this other Setanta Sports Asia for sometime to no avail !!!!!