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  1. Send it to me in a private message and I will do it for you.
  2. Spago is on the move

    You obviously didn't get an invitation...
  3. Spago is on the move

    I was hoping that might bring you into the conversation!
  4. Spago is on the move

    Good idea mate. She is currently in Begen, Norway though. I will see if she can cut her tour short to make it back in time.
  5. Spago is on the move

    It's interesting as well as disappointing to see isn't it Michael. I had plenty of knockers when I started my business and while at the beginning I worried about it I quickly came to realise that these people had nothing going on in their own lives and simply wanted you to fail so that they could feel just that little bit better about themselves. I love coming back to Ubon and eating at the restaurants, renting cars and motorbikes or having a cold drink in the bars all started years ago by foreigners and still going strong. The new look Spago will be first on my list.
  6. Spago is on the move

    Forgot to mention that John, the former owner of Peppers who did some great things with that business is also joining in with Franco with the new venture. With Franco in the kitchen and John running the floor I think this new restaurant is going to really raise the bar in Ubon.
  7. Spago is on the move

    Spago has always been one of my favourite restaurants in Ubon and has some of the best pizza anywhere. My only gripe was the location and parking etc. Well that is all about to change as they are on the move and opening in what I consider a much better location into the most amazing premises. The fit out must be costing a fortune and I can't wait to try it. They are even putting a wine cellar in! New location is the down stairs area of the You Hotel, formally the Montana. I understand that they hope to open Mid September.
  8. Barbers in Ubon

    Any street corner does me! 40 - 80 baht with a shave and ear clean thrown in.
  9. Where to rent motorcycle in Ubonratchathani city

    I use them and highly recommend them.
  10. Places to socialize in Mukdahan

    If that is too expensive then my only suggestion is the outside step of your nearest 7/11
  11. Money Changer Ubon City

    I have asked around a few times for back yard operators but never had any luck. Go to a shopping centre where you can check the rates quickly at a few different banks and do it there. If it is for a large amount then fly to Bangkok.
  12. Not sure if it is still there but up from peppers right near the entrance to Wing 21 (same side of road) there was a shop that did a lot of that sort of stuff. We did our Peppers shirts with them. They seemed to have a lot of stock.
  13. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Phadaeng Mansion used to do it for 50 baht a day but this was a while ago.
  14. How much does 26 rai of rice fields yield per year?

    Why are you worried about how much the farmer is making from it? Worry about what % return you are getting. Even if I went really conservative and said your farm was worth 50,000 per rai then you are getting a fraction over 1% return. If you are keen to make money then go share farming or farm it your self or sell it and invest the money elsewhere.
  15. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Yeah I was thinking about that place as well. Take the 2nd bridge from Ubon city to Warin. Turn off to golf club on your left - keep driving and the market will be on your right then 100m after the market the shop is on your left.