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  1. MeMock

    Car and Driver Ubon

    Will the autotrans be taking the old man transam for a ride?
  2. MeMock

    Golf Courses in Ubon Ratchathani

    By Thai rates I am assuming you mean the normal price that everyone pays? Also, there is 3 courses, not just the two. Another 9 hole as mentioned a few posts before yours.
  3. MeMock

    Spago is on the move

    Yes, for real.
  4. MeMock

    Fresh markets/restaurants in Amphoe Muang Ubon?

    BIC restaurant on Sapphasit Road just down from the hospital on the same side of the road. http://www.bicrestaurant.com
  5. MeMock

    Is life in Ubon boring?

    Cant talk about the Ubon Hotel Dance parties as I wasn't around (but heard they were the best in town) but I do enjoy going up to the 8th floor for a sundowner looking over Tung Sri Muang Park. Unfortunately when I tried that a couple of days ago they said it was closed. Also disappointing is the state of the park. I used to love taking my kids there and so were so excited to visit again after an absence of a few years. Playgrounds removed, grass all dead, no painting to be done..... closed off the list for now
  6. MeMock

    Renewing Drviers License in Ubon Ratchathani

    Thats great to hear. I just noticed you selling a whole lot of furniture thats all :)
  7. MeMock

    Renewing Drviers License in Ubon Ratchathani

    ubonrthai - are you leaving the fine shores of Thailand in the not too distant future? A real shame if you are as you have been a wealth of information for many years here on Thai Visa as well as on many other platforms.
  8. MeMock

    Is life in Ubon boring?

    Apart from the corrupt umpiring....
  9. MeMock

    Golf Courses in Ubon Ratchathani

    Is the course on sisaket road (near the ring road) still operating?
  10. MeMock

    Tent Camping in Ubon

    They know why.....or perhaps they have never ever tried?
  11. MeMock

    New Bar in Ubon Ratchathani

    Moved to another province, just can't remember which one sorry! Oh and the number 1 bar (cough) in all of Ubon couldn't even give the bar away and slunk back to Pattaya.
  12. That would still only be 23 knots. Strong yes, but still within limits.
  13. Hundreds of dozens you meant right?
  14. MeMock

    Best place to stay in Ubon

    Both are great hotels but T3 is way better if you like going for a stroll around town / park / river.
  15. MeMock

    Spago is on the move

    I've been lucky enough to catch a sneak preview of the new property and believe me, this new place is going to be amazing.