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  1. Can you sing? I have a martin to teach you for free if you're English speaker, I'll teach you at home

    This is me just kidding around at home.

  2. Do you still need help? If you do please let me know.

  3. And this time it's hot and humid (good for my bread raising)
  4. I think it will rain a lot very soon. I see ants starting their parade in to the house and that can predict a period of heavy rain.
  5. Heavy rain in Nimmanhaemin area
  6. I thought most Kiwis love the heat! i reckon less, say 20 days
  7. I gave up hope long time ago.
  8. I notice when the Thai Weather bureau says something the opposite usually happens. That's a fact. Weather bureau issued warning for upper Thailand that tropical storm could bring rain and strong wind Mar.25-28 The Nation 2010-03-24 I am still waiting for this......