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  1. happylarry

    Korat real Estate

    Although Korat is the third largest city in Thailand it is not a tourist location in any way, although there are quite a large number of expats living here. As far as English proficiency goes, few and far between. Go into a supermarket or department store or petrol station and you would be lucky to find anyone speaking English. There is no comparison in any way to Pattaya or Phuket, and why would there be after all theres no beach...lol HL
  2. Not everybody is in that much of a rush to sign their life and money away.....lol
  3. There is a translation office within the MFA building but it is just a normal private business and is not affiliated to the MFA in any way. I expect this is what the people were referring to in an earlier post. If you are going to use this office then you have already made the journey to the building and are not saving anything by doing so. Much easier to use one of the many translation offices near to the Embassies and pay a few baht for them to get the documents stamped and posted back. Also if they need altering then that will be done automatically as well at no further cost or inconvenience. HL
  4. happylarry

    New road Korat

    There are new roads, u turn bridges and underpasses appearing all over the place, I believe they are all part of the new Bangkok to Korat motorway plans. I’m sure it will all make sense in a couple of years time.
  5. happylarry

    Foreigner and foreigner divorce in Thailand

    Preacher beat me to it....lol
  6. happylarry

    MotoGP in Buriam.

    I expect all the hotels were full for this event but just for your interest each booking agent has a quota of rooms assigned to use so even if Agoda shows full then Booking.com may have rooms or traveloka etc. and it always pays to ring the hotel direct as well.
  7. happylarry

    Adding father to Birth certificate

    Apparently I jumped the gun, and mis quoted what my wife told me,and you are correct, but it depends on the court, as with everything in this country. Most courts these days however do insist on a DNA but as you say it also depends on the mothers cooperation. But still the DNA test is a minor consideration as compared to going through the court process. You have been a very lucky man offset.
  8. happylarry

    Adding father to Birth certificate

    There is only one way to do this, you need to have a DNA test and then go through the court procedure. I will send you my wife’s card and you can ring her and she will tell you the procedure and your best way forward. HL
  9. I presume you mean jacuzzi because I havent seen any with heaters for heating the water internally (hot tub)....anyway I bought a two person jacuzzi at do home a few years ago and paid 28,000 baht for it. It was obviously a cheap Chinese model but it all worked well, was quiet and had no leaks. I resold it after a few months because we just didnt use it much so you need to be sure you definately want one. HL
  10. I cant believe no one has suggested simple blue glass cleaner which is sold in every shop and supermarket. I have used that for many years and it does the job perfectly...after all it is what you use when cleaning the windows with a cloth. HL
  11. happylarry

    Korat Immigration

    Ah, ok, yes I have been in and out a couple of times, apologies for I misunderstood. HL
  12. happylarry

    Korat Immigration

    I’ve been living in Thailand full time for fourteen years now and I do my 90 day reports on line. HL
  13. happylarry

    Separation from Ex Girlfriend my son

    Well speaking for myself Odin, my wife works with an excellent lawyer specialising in marital and custody cases and for six years they have been appearing in courts all over Thailand almost on a weekly basis, and I always get my info from them, BUT nobody knows everything.......lol HL
  14. happylarry

    Separation from Ex Girlfriend my son

    Ok Odin, I stand corrected, as you say like all things in Thailand maybe things are interpretted differently from one province to another, or maybe because the mother was so willing as well. Who knows but all the courts that my wife has worked in, its the first thing they ask for..... c’est la vie. HL
  15. happylarry

    Separation from Ex Girlfriend my son

    I wonder how long ago that was Odin, these days DNA is the only thing a court would accept as proof. Once the lawyer has submitted the paper to start the court process the first thing you have to do is attend an interview with the juvenile social worker and then go to a specific government hospital to have DNA taken. Only after that will the court case be heard and the date of the hearing is set in order to give time for the reports from both the social worker and the DNA results to reach the court. HL