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  1. happylarry


    George and dragon only has a pool table. There are many Thai snooker halls around the city. A big one with many snooker tables is above the Monkey Bar. HL
  2. She can get the custody but will need to go through the family court to do so. HL
  3. happylarry

    Moving my son to new Tabien bahn

    My wife says that normally if you have custody of your son then you can change the address no problem, BUT, as with everything in Thailand it depends on the officer on the day. So it is probably worth trying if you have someone willing to put him on their bluebook, I think that is the only way you will find out for sure. HL
  4. Yes its the same....the official name is The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (MFA) HL
  5. That is the correct procedure. The chanote always retains the original owners name on the front. HL
  6. I sent you a personal message. HL
  7. happylarry

    Unmarried Father, first post, some advice please.

    You were asking about getting in touch with my wife Chris, so on Wednesday I sent you a personal message with my wife’s business card so you would have her contact details, but since then although you have visited the forum many times you have not bothered to look at your messages. Anyway Chris, as they say over here mate, up to you. By the way many thanks go to Mikeyidea for once again recommending my wife’s services. HL
  8. happylarry

    Power of Attorney

    Thats quite an idea Mikey.....i agree with you, and do wonder if anyone can have such trust without knowing the person they are dealing with. However it has been done and people have had trust in my wife, so I guess if you are stuck in a hard place then you have to make that choice, or lose a lot more. HL
  9. SorryDJ54, but you dont need a divorce because you have never been married. In case you dont realise mate, a village wedding is simply an excuse for a party and for some sinsod to change hands. The only way to get wed is sign the government papers at the amphur. If you were married and then divorced then you would get 50% of any assets aquired during the marriage but in your case I dont fancy your chances much, sorry. HL
  10. happylarry

    Power of Attorney

    My wife has been made power of attorney, from clients living abroad, several times. My wife makes out the form with all relevant information in Thai and also a translation, and sends these ny email. The client then prints out the forms takes them to a notary and signs in front of the notary, who then witnesses and the forms are then couriered back to Thailand. These are then accepted by the courts in Thailand and therefore I would imagine they would be accepted by anybody. HL
  11. You have to go to the amphur wiith the mother and the amphur officer will write the letter which the mother needs to sign. This official letter is what imigration will want to see. HL
  12. If you have gone through court and the court has agreed then you have 50/50 custody rights, yes. HL
  13. happylarry

    Punchbag in Udon Thani?

    Do they not have a shopping mall in Udon, like a central or the mall? They all sell them in their sports department. HL
  14. happylarry

    Yellow book

    You are thinking of the usufruct. If you have a usufruct registered on the chanote then it cannot be sold or used as security for a loan. HL
  15. You need to take your childs housebook and birth certificate, your passport and the court order. It makes no difference if you go by yourself as the legal work has been done at the court. The Amphur cant refuse a court order, but as you say its Thailand. HL