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  1. Theoretically yes you could carry on but then you wouldn't be able to put a foot wrong, for instance you wouldn't be able to have another girlfriend because that would then give your wife the ammunition to sue you for divorce. Of course you would use her infidelity in your defence but so what, the outcome will still be a divorce regardless. The required time for her to sue for separation is three years so that is the maximum you could hope to stay there anyway. By the way the usufruct lasts for the agreed period except in the case of a divorce (and if the usufruct has been granted by a wife to a husband), then the wife can ask the divorce court to cancel the usufruct. So basically unless you wish to lead a life of celibacy for the next three years then you need to find another way of staying in the country. I am sending you a copy of my wifes business card in case you wish to check any information with someone who actually works within the legal system, just give her a call and she can advise you with no commitments. HL
  2. "No one will expect cash"......Dream on mate. HL
  3. Seriously Clive, have you thought this through? Although your intentions are honorable you do realize that you would be asking a government employee to tell a lie. i don't know if you could be arrested for that but it may not be looked at favourably by some people, if you chose the wrong one. Think again mate! HL
  4. Pm sent.
  5. Reference my post above I just checked and Nok Air fly direct to Phuket, prices vary a bit but I looked up a couple of dates and it was 7,000 baht return. not bad. HL
  6. Look up Nok Air and Thai lion Air and I bet you can get four flights (CM to BKK, BKK to Phuket and back) for under 6,000 baht. ( I haven't actually checked) But they are very reasonable and done and dusted in two days. You could even go with her and have a short holiday!!! HL
  7. I've sent you a pm but although I see you have been on since you posted, you have not yet checked your pm's. HL
  8. One of the pleasures of a parent is naming a new born, surely you are not trying to take away that pleasure for your stepson. You are in Thailand so try not to compare what the name means in the western world.....how about nicknames like pooh etc. Just enjoy the occasion mate and give support not bad feelings. Just my opinions. HL
  9. I have asked my wife and she agrees that you could do it with no problems,assuming that both your wife and the father are in agreement of course, but yes you do have to do it in Bangkok because that is where the main adoption center is. You can do it yourself but it would be much easier and quicker using a lawyer, and she recommends you do.....but that goes without saying of course as that is her interest....lol HL
  10. The judge will only take it to a second negotiation if he sees hope and improvement in the first meeting, but from your descriptions it does not seem likely, so he wont want to waste his and everybodys time I would have thought. HL
  11. I just wanted to clarify what the negotiation hearing is about for you , because you keep mentioning showing the judge video's etc. You will be in a room with your wife and your respective lawyers and an interpreter if you don't speak Thai fluently. (you must know what is being said!) Also a judge will be present to act as mediator and that is all. He will not be making any judgements whatsoever except if he can see the meeting is going nowhere then he finishes it and then you get given a date for the main hearing. The meeting is simply for the lawyers to talk to each other on your behalf and try to come to a mutually acceptable agreement to both of you. Once it moves on to the main hearing in court you get a totally different and more senior judge who then looks at all evidence and gives his judgement. Hope this snippet helps mate. HL
  12. There is no comparison demon, for instance you could get on a bus carrying a gun, knife, axe or even a bag full of drugs but I'm damn sure you wouldn't get near a plane carrying them. anyway my reference is my wife's say so. She has worked in the legal profession for the past five years or more and has been involved with all types of family cases especially involving custody cases, and where clients are traveling from one part of the country to another to go to court then she has helped them in many ways, including flying. But it is what it is, if the OP wants to find out for sure then the best thing is to ring the airline itself and ask, I know I would believe my wife rather the "head of grade two"......lol I'm finished posting on this subject now. Have a good day all. HL
  13. As I said in post 3, the age is seven and you need the original (not copy) birth certificate for domestic airline travel. As if the airline would let you take a child on a flight without proof that it belongs to you.....lol HL
  14. May I bring everyone's attention to post number 3. Facts and the answers to the OP's questions. HL