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  1. And how can he get his affirmation to marry letter from the embassy.....without his divorce certificate.....lol I may well be wrong but I don't think the amphur will break the rules and marry someone without it, but you never know. HL
  2. Quite correct BC, I put it badly, I should have said the only way to get married is in front of a representative official from the Amphur. for instance when I got married I had a big ceremony and party at my house in Samui and I paid for the official to come to the house to do the signing. HL
  3. I am aware of that fact but there was no mention of any specific condos and therefore no mention of them being over the quota of 49%. So my feelings have not changed.....i.e.:- why bother?.....lol HL
  4. I don't get it.....why put the condo under the company when you can own it in your own name? Am I missing something here? HL
  5. You do not need to be married to have your name on your babies birth certificate. And the village ceremony means nothing even if the monks are there, it is just a party for the sake of the family's face.....lol The only way to get married is at the Amphur. HL
  6. Yes exactly, and I have had many enquiries resulting from that post as it happens. Why not, what better advertising is there than recommendations. And no I did not post on this thread in order to push that, if you can remember that far back you actually asked to see posts from people who were satisfied or something like that, (I can't be bothered to look back). Anyway I am pleased to say that we agree on something at last, that is the sole reason I have my usufruct, is in the case of my wife predeceasing me. Our property is also willed to me as well. HL
  7. Wow, more name calling.... what do you see that is different in my previous statement. The wife can ask the court to cancel the usufruct....can ask!!! it doesn't say that the court will grant it, does it, as I said before and say it again the husband can put forth his reasons for not having it cancelled and the court will make its decision. That's what the judge is there for. It also does not matter who fully paid for the property because if it is within the marriage then it is considered marital assets and therefore split between the two, unless there are other extenuating circumstances. Lastly the usufruct does not give you 100% control over the land, it gives you the right to stay on the land while it's in force. For instance the land can still be sold but the new owner has to adhere to the usufruct still. However if the court has deemed to sell the land in order to split the assets then obviously the court will also be voiding the usufruct prior to selling. Tell you what Khun Jean let's agree to disagree shall we and get on with life. byebye HL
  8. You didn't read the post properly....the child won't be going back to be with his mother....he will be going straight to boarding school to be with strangers. Also the daughter is a son.....lol HL
  9. I said I wasn't going to post again but you have asked the question so I will answer it. My wife is a freelance interpreter and translator and also has worked as a paralegal with a very busy lawyer for the last four years. They do go all over the country as it happens north, south, isaan, Bangkok wherever the work requires. She is also halfway through a law degree with the intention of becoming a lawyer herself in the near future. So no she is not the "cleaner", and I do wonder why you have to resort to name calling.....is it because you are starting to realize I am right.....lol Surely you must agree that there has to be give and take in the justice system, and I'm not talking about tea money....lol. If the courts were not there to hear arguments and make decisions accordingly in what they think is right then there would be no need for courts to sit in the first place. We could all live somewhere like North Korea and have young Kim just point his finger and your in prison for life. Of course there are straightforward laws that have no argument like speeding, theft, murder etc. but we are talking about family law here and divorce courts are completely different from criminal courts in the way they work. If you do want to read a post by a very satisfied farang then go to the marriage and divorce page and look at a thread entitled "Divorce Lawyer Review". I have just made a comment on it to bring it to the top of the pile again so it easy for you to find.....lol HL
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  11. I think you will find that when it comes to dealing with real people then the "rule book" is normally as a guideline, not as hard and fast rules that have to be adhered to regardless of circumstances, the divorce courts are there to make decisions based on what is deemed best for each and both parties depending on the circumstances and when children are involved then they become the priority in the case too, not your rule book. So do I take it that you are just quoting from your rule books then and not quoting from any real experience. Never mind mate, I am finished with this thread....lol as I said before people can believe what they want to regardless....aye. Have a good day. HL
  12. Believe what you want to, but my wife works in the legal profession and deals mostly with marital cases, so I choose to believe her and what actually goes on in court. The divorce courts take no notice whatsoever of the land office paper that the farang signs stating he has not paid for the property. Thay are simply not interested in that. It is something the land office incorporated and is nothing to do with any other government entity. Any assets that are accrued during the marriage are counted and unless there are reasons to rule otherwise (or decided otherwise during the negotiation hearing) then it is shared on a fifty fifty basis. As I said, on here you believe who you want to believe, but I know I believe my wife because she is in court dealing with these cases every week. Also you can quote all the rule books you like but as we all know from dealing with immigration these are not followed or are interpreted differently. HL
  13. A usufruct is not automatically voided if a divorce takes place. in a divorce the wife can "ask" the court to void the usufruct but the court, as in all court cases will listen to both the wife's reasons for cancelling and also the husbands reasons for not cancelling the usufruct,and then the court will make a decision. It is not automatic as some people try to make out. Also this is the only way a usufruct can be cancelled without the usufrctee's permission, otherwise there would not be much protection and therefore not much point in doing it in the first place, would there. HL
  14. It all depends on whether you are getting divorced at the same amphur in which you got married. If it is the same one then all you need is a copy of the front page of your passport, but if it is a different one then you will probably need the translated copy which may be accepted with only the translators certified translation stamp or it may need to be stamped at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As is usual in Thailand different amphurs interpret rules differently so I suggest that you go and ask them exactly what they need, to be sure. You will also need to take two witnesses with you to sign the paper. HL
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