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  1. I am quoting what actually happens in divorce courts. Divorce courts do not take any notice of the land registry etc. They purely look at the assets of the couple and how they should divide them. And it makes no difference whatsoever whether it is in the wifes name its just the date that it was aquired and if that is during the marriage then it is counted as assets. It is not me that is misquoting here and if you wish to read up on the law then look up the divorce court laws. I admit I am not into researching books but I am educated by my wife who works in divorce courts on a weekly basis and has been for a number of years now and knows what she is talking about from experience.
  2. People that lose all their assets in a divorce have not done their homework regarding getting a good lawyer to protect their rights. Unless there are extenuating circumstances in the divorce then all assets accrued during the marriage are shared 50/50 and this applies to farangs as well. Of course if one party cannot sell the property or does not wish to and fails to pay the other party their share then its a return to court and the court will order the property to be auctioned off and the proceeds split. The courts are very fair to all parties and the breakdown is when a lawyer either is incompetent or does not want to represent his client as he should be and thus does not put across the clients wishes and needs. Its so important to get a good lawyer but also a professional interpreter as well. Many people make the mistake of looking for a lawyer that speaks a bit of English, mistake! When in court the lawyer will be too busy to sit on your shoulder all the time telling you what every person is saying. You need to be aware of all that is going on and this is what your interpreter will be doing at all times. Also when it is your turn to address the court your interpreter is your mouthpiece and needs to be aware of what you want to say and have the confidence to put it accross exactly as you require. So when it comes to finding a good lawyer, dont be put off if they dont speak good English, its what they say to the court that you should be interested in, not which language they use. My wife is a freelance interpreter, and she and the lawyer she works with a lot, get many clients coming to them after being let down by other lawyers. The nightmare stories that we all read about are unfortunately mostly true but its always because they did not do their homework when getting their representation. In the case of divorce the wife can ask for the usufruct to be cancelled, but only in that circumstance. HL
  3. In the case of divorce so long as you get good legal representation then the assets are always split 50/50. You both need to make a will with your requirements upon death, presuming you will both leave the property to each other. Apart from this get your wife to issue a usufruct to you which allows you to occupy the property for life no matter who legally owns the property until you cancel it at the land office. Hope this helps. HL
  4. Proof of full custody K2 visa

    I will send you my wife’s business card with her telephone number, by personal message. Please note that she will not know anything about the questions relating to the Embassy or US visa’s etc. But she will be able to help you with any questions you have about legal custody, birth certificates etc in Thailand. I hope this helps. HL
  5. Quite right, apologies, slip of my pen....lol....district office, but the comment is the same. HL
  6. As with most official things here it will all depend on the officer at the land department as to whether they would accept issuing a book on a short term lease. But the second question is a definate no, once you move house then the yellow book dies a death and you would have to start from scratch. We dont think he would be able to get the book on a tourist visa either. HL
  7. Sorry I dont have your answers but i was just wondering why your wife did not ask the bank what they require, why go to a third party. Maybe you do not have the experience of living in Thailand but a Thai person will never lose face by saying they “dont know”, and will make anything up. For instance if you ask where something is in a supermarket the assistant will always instantly say “no have” rather than go and find out, then you look in the next aisle and see it sitting on a shelf. Anyway as the previous poster said you probably wont get a mortgage anyway but i’d ask the bank directly what they need. Good luck. HL
  8. True Visions

    Hellyes in answer to your question.....you should already have wifi from your true box therefore the android box should simply work using the wifi and you wont need a hard wire. HL
  9. English - Thai Baby help

    The birth certificate does not need translating but the hospital will need just your name translating in order to write it on the birth certificate in Thai writing. Names are translated by what they sound like which is why different versions are produced by different people thereby causing confusion, so you would do best to have an experienced translator do it for you. My wife is a court interpreter and translator and I have spoken with her and if you send me your name in a personal message then she will translate and send it back to you with no charge. HL
  10. Divorce

    Hi, I’m here......sent you a personal message! HL
  11. Nakhon Phanom Lawyer

    PM sent.
  12. I may be wrong but the impression i get from the op is that the op thinks the chanote copy held by the owner is the only copy and is unaware that the main copy is held in the land office and can only be accessed officially. HL
  13. Visitation rights Thailand

    You can get rights but only by taking them to court which obviously will cost money. If your name is on the birth certificate and if she agrees in court that you are the father then the court will probably have enough to make their decision however if the mother does not agree that you are the father then the court can order DNA tests as proof. Of course you do realise that by going this route then you will probably end up paying maintenance for a long time. Without going to court even if your name is on the birth certificate you basically have no rights whatsoever in Thailand. HL
  14. I think we can safely assume that it is a registered marriage, after all why else would the man be asking for a divorce.....lol HL
  15. There’s no real way to recover the debt if he is in OZ. The only thing she can do is refuse to divorce him thereby forcing him to pay or no divorce. It all depends on how desperate he is to get married again I guess.