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  1. happylarry

    Marriage and study.

    Its rubbish. My wife has done degrees at three universities now, since we were married. Rajabhat, Rajamangala University of Technology, and now her law degree at Ramkhamheang. As long as she pays her money she can attend. HL
  2. I have talked with my wife and basically you are correct with what you suggest with a couple of additions. The divorce certificate will need to be certified as genuine by the German Embassy in Bangkok, then translated and then stamped by the MFA (ministry of foreign affairs) in Bangkok. Then she will be good to go. HL
  3. happylarry

    Tablet Surin

    Hey youreavinalaff, do you wanna laff......although im making myself look stupid I gotta tell you I was thinking of another tablet.....lol HL
  4. happylarry

    Tablet Surin

  5. happylarry

    Tablet Surin

    Use your imagination.....lol HL
  6. happylarry

    Brit getting married in Thailand...

    Lemonjelly and tweedledee.......if you use a translation office around the Embassy then you dont need to go to the MFA at all, the office translates your documents then takes them to be stamped and then EMS to your address. And if there are any mistakes then they are responsible for correcting them and taking them back again for stamping. When that service is available I can never understand why anybody wants to trawl over to the MFA themselves. HL
  7. happylarry

    Brit getting married in Thailand...

    Its just a freelance translating office, same as any outside. My wife used them once and they kept making mistakes and having to redo the document. Its better to use any of the offices scattered around the Embassies then you dont have the hassle of travelling to the MFA building yourself. HL
  8. happylarry

    Abandoned House

    Move in and squat for ten years and its then yours.....lol HL
  9. Project developers more often than not charge inflated prices for utilities on private estates, did you not know this before you bought the property? Its a very old scam and been going on for years. HL
  10. Moon, if your gf grants you a usufruct on the land, that is then noted on the back of the title deed and the property cannot then be sold while the usufruct is still in place. I dont know for sure but I imagine it would also be a problem as far as getting a further loan on the property. Might be worth checking. HL
  11. happylarry

    anyone know of a simple house for rent in isaan

    I would just like to ask the poster, is he aware that Isaan is almost the same size as the whole of England? If he is aware then surely he must have some idea of where he wants to go. Near to Bangkok? Near to Cambodia? Near to Laos? Korat, Khon Kaen, Udon??? HL
  12. happylarry

    UK Passport for Half-Thai Baby

    You haven't mentioned whether your name is on the birth certificate as the father. If it is not then it will mean a court case and DNA tests etc to have your name put on the birth certificate. If it is already on there then it should be straightforward with all the documents that you have mentioned. Just a thought though.....why are you worrying about other peoples posts....just ask the Embassy what they require and supply it....simple. I expect different Embassies have different requirements which could also be why you are reading varying posts. Go to the UK website and supply what they want. HL
  13. happylarry

    Divorce and property abroad

    Thai law only includes Assets in Thailand. HL
  14. happylarry

    register company

    I have checked with my wife and there is no problem but it is always best to draw up a seperate agreement relating to the situation and get it witnessed. When you think about it most shops etc just rent or lease the land or property that they use, and there is no relationship between the property owners and those running the business. HL
  15. happylarry

    Divorce in Thailand + company in home country

    Thai law is for Thailand.......the Thai courts cannot touch any assets in another country. HL