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  1. Phuket Amphoe

    Jeez mate.....just go to a different amphoe, and get wed with no hassles. HL
  2. Hidden Assets Investigation

    Ive just been talking with my wife about this and apparently the only way your wife’s lawyer would find out about the condo would be if he checked in the exact land office where the condo was registered, and if as you say it was far away then what are the chances of that happening. Of course when/ if it comes to it then you do realise you would be commiting an offence by lying to the court and if found out you would be in deep shit. HL
  3. Did you write it for him then? How can you possibly know what was written into somebody else’s agreement? It is what it is....an agreement ...between two people, and different people draw up agreements putting in whatever they deem important to themselves and is agreeable to the other party. Having said that, if the OP is not aware then we can assume that he didnt include this point, but it still needs checking before he goes any further. HL
  4. If its of interest to anybody i wanted a western style property insurance and i went with NZI, which is a New Zealand Company and was the nearest i could find to the policy i was used to in the UK. Property and contents all covered for satisfactory amounts. I got this through a guy called Matt at AA Insurance Brokers in Hua Hin and have had good service from them. I only claimed once when I broke a glass shower door but they paid for it with no quibbles at all. 10,000 baht I think it was. Anyway if anybody is interested Matts number is <deleted>. I am sure he wont mind me posting this.....lol HL
  5. Apparently the first thing you need to do is check what you signed for on your rental agreement. Without seeing that nobody can give any advise. PM sent. HL
  6. GRAB and UBER in Isaan - alive and kicking?

    Cant answer your question because I have never used these apps anywhere but just wanted to comment on your comment.....lol Yes, probably most ex-pats do have their own wheels, but most of them would only use a taxi or tuktuk when going out for an evening. I dont know about other cities but Korat has police road blocks everywhere, with breathalisers, so only a fool will drink and drive here...... HL
  7. Sole custody for unmarried Thai mother?

    There was no need to involve a lawyer at all. If the mother was not married then she has sole custody in Thai law, no matter that the father is on the birth certificate. The mother could have simply gone to the Amphur herself and asked them for the form confirming her sole custody for a few baht. HL
  8. Has anyone recently done a Thai Will?

    Hi Jamie, you asked for a pm but then have not read it even though you have been back here since?????? lol HL
  9. Of course its an official divorce. The ampho registers your marriage on the government network therefore when you divorce then they register your divorce on the government network. I dont know about the German authorities but I can certainly speak for the British authorities and they accept a Thai marriage and therefore a Thai divorce. I cant imagine why you would think otherwise. Anyway having said all that I can hardly think that one single expat ( all due respect to yourself mate) is going to warrant an international exchange of information, so I would think you would be ok regards your pension. However you do realise you would then immediately be committing fraud and it could come back to bite you in the future. If you divorce then why dont you marry your girlfriend and keep your pension that way......nice and legal......lol HL
  10. Has anyone recently done a Thai Will?

    When my wife Draws up a will for a client she writes one paragraph in Thai and then repeats the same paragraph in English, and then the next paragraph in Thai....and so on. Then at the end of the will she adds a paragraph stating that if there is any discrepency then the English version is to be followed. This way the client can see exactly what he is signing for and cannot be hoodwinked in any way, and there is only one will to worry about. HL
  11. Has anyone recently done a Thai Will?

    Of course you can make your will out that way. But if you want to do the best for your next of kin then you need to have a legal will that will stand up in court in the event that others are trying to get a slice of the cake, against your wishes. HL
  12. Marriage Certificate query

    Well you will just have to make a choice who you want to believe then mate, wont you.....lol HL
  13. Marriage Certificate query

    You dont have to register your marriage mick, the govt dont want to know mate. Just leave it until you apply for her settlement visa and then they will see. Just a small tip.....you can always get a copy of the certificate but not another original so I got the two originals laminated so it lasts and isnt so easy to lose...lol HL
  14. Papers needed for future wife.

    Just to add to the above post.....the affirmation to marry has to be translated into Thai and then taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok where they will check it and hopefully stamp it. They are very fussy and refuse many letters the first time, so make sure you use a good translation service. The best way is to use one of the many translation offices around the Embassys and pay a bit extra and they will get it stamped for you and post to your home address. Job finished.