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  1. divorce certificate copy

    You cannot get any information from the amphur yourself.....your boyfriend will have to go in person with his official id or he can appoint a lawyer to do this for him by signing a lawyer appointment form but of course this will involve a charge. This is the only way you can access the information and as Blackcab states no divorce certificate....no Embassy certificate....no marriage. Sorry!! HL
  2. Rules for Thai Divorce

    Well who knows what a handfull of banknotes can bring forth, this is Thailand after all.....lol To answer your first question, if the court grants a divorce then they give you the judgement paper and you then go to the amphur armed with that and get your divorce. HL
  3. Rules for Thai Divorce

    Yes, both parties have to be present for an amphur divorce. You can divorce alone but through the courts if you can prove abandonment or over three years seperation but cant be done in four days.....lol HL
  4. UK wedding, move to thailand, pre nup required?

    A will before you move....do you mean a UK will? You do realise that you will need (or at least it would be best to) to make a Thai will for your assets in Thailand dont you. You need to make things as easy as possible for the surviving partner and having to deal with lawyers courts etc from 7,000 miles away is not easy. HL
  5. Samacha try joining paypal.....they may well accept your union card, as they have time to check it out, then you can get virtually anything on line with paypal. HL
  6. UK wedding, move to thailand, pre nup required?

    If you get divorced then In Thai law the assets aquired during the marriage is generally divided 50/50. But you need to get your wife to draw up a legal will and leave all assets to yourself and then you are the legal owner and have one year to sell the house or transfer the ownership to a Thai person. Also it is best to get your wife to grant you a usufruct on the property which gives you the right to stay at the property for life whoever owns it. HL
  7. product for pest control

    Both Dohome and Global House sell the poison for making up the sprays for pest control. HL
  8. Divorcing a Thai national..married only in the U.S.

    I have just spoken with my wife and she tells me that you will have to go to your Embassy and get your documents certified as true documents, you then get them translated and take them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who will then stamp them as being true copies, only then can you go to an Amphur and register your marriage. Once you have registered your marriage you are then free to divorce at the same Amphur. HL
  9. Quite right....lol....its me that's getting confused and I apologise profusely. HL
  10. You need to read the posts my friend, that has already been covered but this question was what if both spouses died.....lol
  11. Once again it depends on which land office you go to as to whether they will grant you a usufruct or not, some land offices refuse to grant usufructs to farangs, period, but it is always wise to use a lawyer as other offices wont deal with a farang unless through a lawyer. Same as always go to your office and ask beforehand and then act accordingly. HL
  12. Good question.....please see the attached list. The authorities would just go down the list until they found an appropriate person on the list to give the house to. HL
  13. To start with you need to get your wife to make a legal will leaving it to you. You are then the legal owner but only for one year!!! You have a year to either sell the property or to put it into another Thai persons name. Also you need to get your wife to sign a usufruct to you on the property. This allows you to stay in the property for life if you so require, so that when you sign over the title deeds to another Thai name (ie a relative) there is no way they can then force you out against your will. If there is no will then the legal spouse will inherit 50% and the other 50% is split between the parents of the deceased and the children of the deceased. Hope this helps. HL
  14. At the moment my wife is halfway through her law degree and when she has finished that and passed her bar exam and is a lawyer in her own right then believe me I will be shouting it from the rooftops, but meanwhile we will just carry on offerring advice and help to those that need it, free of charge. Having said that if somebody decides after talking to my wife that her skills and legal knowledge together with her abilities at the English language are what they require and want her and the lawyer she works with to represent them then obviously there are charges involved, but this is no scam, she will give good advice to anyone over the phone f.o.c. HL
  15. Khun Jean i dont know the answers to the questions so I cant at this time post any. All I am doing is passing on my wifes contact details so the guy can call and get his info from a professional, if he chooses to call. Not sure what you mean by recruiting but I am sure that offering accurate information with no charge or commitments is not known as recruiting, especially as the guy has not asked for or indeed need representation. HL