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  1. As North Floods, Major Dam At 100% Capacity

    Drought by February.
  2. The Hangout - The Game - Rock City

    Wish them luck but that spot does seem to have the kiss of death, 4 or 5 new eateries in just a few years. And a lot of competition in Kad Farang now.
  3. Got one for my aged Samsung in the phone section ground floor BigC Chiangmai/Hod road.
  4. Paid Visa Queue

    He is looking for a "line sitter" not an agent. I think the op may have already have resolved that requirement.
  5. Ex-PAD leaders slapped with Bt522m siege bill

    44 amnesty, job done.
  6. The box of crappy wine that I like immediately went up fron 719 baht to 899 baht at the local Makro, how's that for profiteering?
  7. That was just about guaranteed when they first announced the system, over 70 would be a large proportion of retirees.
  8. TM30 Experience

    The copy of our TM30 was checked against our passports and ticked off a checklist when we did our extension of stay 2 weeks ago.
  9. Rental Agent

    I agree!
  10. 90 Day reporting online . . . . Available or not ?

    This may help. https://sites.google.com/site/ccccrecent/home/immigration-online-reporting-help
  11. If it's as effective as the other online services that are forever breaking down then it's an uphill struggle.
  12. Prayut’s visit to US may happen soon

    A meeting of the mindless?