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  1. One might almost think that UT does not want to relinquish power, bit like Mugabe, but he was sort of elected. At least not yet as extreme as over the border buddy HS who has outlawed all opposition parties.
  2. Immigration Office Construction Update

    How about a mobile agency in the back of a truck or something similar and then they could park right outside, or anywhere that gets the passing traffic and could simply be driven away in the event of unwelcome visitors?
  3. Immigration Office Construction Update

    Not far away!
  4. And how often has that happened, and would that be a broken contract not a breach? BTW reporting somewhat worse than that to the police is a complete waste of time.
  5. I am aware that it is not an email address which would be a highly unlikely way for immigration to accept reports. It would appear that another poster made a mistake simple mistake confusing a url with an email address. I have successfully used the online reporting 5 times when it is actually working. However the last time it was stuck in pending for 8 days ( normally 2 day approval) so I also mailed in. Quite ironic for imm to promote online reporting when my last attempt failed.
  6. Good luck on that one, reforms on reforms etc.
  7. This is the note received with my wife's receipt of 90 day notification 2 days ago. Was this received by all and sundry or just special people?
  8. Or you could simply do what many tenants do and not pay the last 2 months rent when you finally leave. It may be in the contract that the landlord can lock you out at that stage but I have generaly found that rental contracts here are somewhat worthless. Generally abused by tenants in particular.
  9. True or more CM Immigration rubbish ?

    Numerous threads on tv and just this forum about TM30. Why would you need an agent? It's a free process unless last arrival had not been reported within the required time frame and then the 1600baht fine would probably apply. I suppose you could hire an agent to pay the fine for you if there is one due!
  10. Could you revise the post please. No idea what you are saying.
  11. Tough for any party to win clear majority: EC

    Impossible I would think with the military guaranteed a large proportion of the seats. If all the "opposition" parties joined together there would be a chance,no chance of that happening. Simply don't see any "election" making any difference as to who will be running the country- basically no change.
  12. Just got the receipt of notification for er indoors by return mail. Included in the envelope was this slip of paper. Was unable to do it online for her at all online, mine went "pending" for 8 days so mailed in. No doubt I will get one of these in my return mail!
  13. ------------ Deleted!