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  1. Almost the same as the Olympics. If coups became an Olympic discipline Thailand would win gold every time
  2. That happens with Thais also, it's not confined to elderly dyslexic Alzheimer addled expats. At least I think it does if I remember correctly!
  3. You are only to be misled by what we tell you, ignore any other disinformation.
  4. Which countries?
  5. You have every reason to check to see if it has been approved., if it has not you will be fined and have it on your record.
  6. Also just a small problem of their illegal occupation of northern Cyprus since 1974 and the 30,000 troops and tanks etc stationed there. Cyprus as a member of the EU has a veto and until the occupation is amicably resolved then membership will not happen.
  7. Anyway, the minnions don't need to to know if we are spending a few billion baht on useless toys, we are happy and that's what counts.
  8. A complete Brexit uturn and strategic alliances could possibly cause an upset. If they have the balls to campaign on a new vote on Brexit they could be on to a winner.
  9. Didn't he get the deckchairs off the beaches and reduce the cost of lottery tickets?
  10. And you thought Amnesty was only useful fighting for human rights.
  11. i think that's what I said contrary to what they said? "He was upbeat after it was announced that 8.4 million Chinese visitors had crossed the three borders into Thailand in 2016".
  12. A lease is a lease is a lease. This is just another lease idea that is only for a few in special areas. You have the option of getting screwed after your 30+ lease expires or now after your 50 year lease expires.