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  1. Thailand

    Immigration Line Sitter

    I use a line sitter for a few years and have recommended them to others that have asked me so by association you are referring to me and those others that use such service as "pigs of the first degree" if that is the level of response you feel necessary to sink to on this forum then I feel quite sorry for you and find it is strange that such comments are acceptable to the ptb.
  2. Thailand

    Immigration Line Sitter

    I hope your Thai is up to standard for the reply you are likely to get, another video request please when you leap in to action.
  3. Thailand

    Immigration Line Sitter

    But it's OK if the agents do it on your behalf?
  4. Campaigning for opposition parties can take place from 31st January. Simply a farce with everyone knowing the outcome of the pointless excercise.
  5. I guess the only only reason the pro Brexit camp would not want a second vote is the certainty they would lose.
  6. Thailand

    Immigration Line Sitter

    Carry your Ipad or smartphone with a Thai translation relating to line sitters perhaps? I guess most of them can read?
  7. Thailand

    Acupressure style massage

    Being an aged golfer I often have problems induced by the errant hook or slice etc on my decrepit ancient body. Usually the problem is in a specific area of the body which requires a full session attention to that particular area. There are a couple of ladies in the massage area of ground floor BigC complex on the Hangdong road that will do exactly that. Recently had a knee/leg problem that was concentrated on for 3 sessions and is now resolved, I guess that is what you are looking for?
  8. Thailand

    90 Day Reporting Online Experiences 2016

    Send by mail and try again next time, good luck.
  9. Thailand

    Immigration Line Sitter

    Good for you that will work well, do take a video for us.
  10. Thailand

    90 Day Reporting Online Experiences 2016

    IE is recommended by immigration but other browsers do work sometimes. However if you are getting that message you may be trying too early or it is not going to work for you for some reason, has it worked before?
  11. Thailand

    Immigration Line Sitter

    Before 7.30am the majority of the stools occupied at the front of a very long queue at Prom will be line sitters, take your pick.
  12. The mammoth in the room that still gives p sleepless nights.
  13. The actual date will be announced when all potential opposition has been quashed. It was good enough for our neighbors and that worked out well.
  14. "Truth is not truth" so even Trump actually telling the truth it must be lies. Rudy G