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  1. The Turks have not finished with this one yet,definitely more to come.
  2. Interesting, you have the stats for that?
  3. My thoughts exactly. Tick box 1,2,3 or 4
  4. Thailand

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    I think you need to read a few more posts.
  5. Had a similar situation forced on me by a family members illness a 3 years ago. Had to get back to UK, funds were 5 days short, extension of stay was due to expire whilst I would be away. I asked at immigratio in Chiangmai, an officer said no but I was direcited to a new unsigned shop almost next door. Surprise, for a fee my extension of stay was granted that same morning. In fact I was one of the first to use this service( one time only for me, normally diy), turned out it was the beginning of many problems for customers at that immigration office. Hopefully currently resolved after the appearance of BJ, time will tell.
  6. It must be wearing to continue to stoop so low. And the Saudis are going to kill off a couple of fall guys as the prince was not implicated in any way in the Khasshoggi "accident".
  7. Cards will be marked no doubt.
  8. It's sad and tragic that this old fool could even be pm some day.
  9. Thailand


    Big red banner at top of forum showing technical difficulties.
  10. Thailand

    Chiang Mai Buddy

    Oh dear!
  11. Thailand

    Who heeds a man of no integrity? [Editorial]

    He and the current incumbent were the main cause of the disruption, violence etc during the pre-coup era to oust the elected government. They will have so much shit on one and other that they remain joined at the hip, not too many ways to dissolve that ugly partnership.
  12. Next thing you know there will be extensions of stay based on retirement for five years at 1900 baht and only having to show 100,000 baht in the bank seasoned for one week on initial application only.
  13. Thailand

    TM 8 Chiang Mai version

    The "Notice" on the back next to the photo has been changed related to handicaps and disabilities, maybe that was the answer?
  14. Thailand

    Trump under pressure from Melania to fire top aide

    He will do as he is told, Melania has all the goods on him!