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  1. I guess it would come as surprise if Prayuth was nominated?
  2. Buying a House for Americans

    Many Chinese are being recommended to "buy" via the "form a company" route by real estate agencies and are being provided with simple shell companies for large fees. These are of course potential bombs waiting to explode.
  3. Guess the two options offered will be join or else!
  4. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    As it has since it first went sort of live a few years ago. As mentioned a couple posts ago ignore it, send by mail, stand in line, or pay an agent.
  5. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    Obviously you are wrong as it now works for many people. It works for me, but does not work for the wife so we simply mail hers in. I do check the online for hers each time and maybe it will eventually work for hers also.
  6. Put Prawit in charge of the anti corruption drive and he will definitely keep a watch on developments.
  7. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    It is also pinned at the top of the forum and shows all the ways of doing a 90 day report including online with the link to the immigration website.
  8. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    Ignore it.
  9. What was it that just flew over your head?
  10. They deserve their spoils by getting the country out of the clutches of those nasty Shin people. It's simply collateral wealth, the populace from the Issan farmers to the Bangkok elite all agree that the ptb should be rewarded for returning happiness to the people and removing that pesky voting problem.
  11. The winning ticker was found in amongst a cache of luxury watches and the authorities are still seeking the owner.
  12. The winners of the big girls blouse!
  13. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    5 restaurants in about as many years on that site. Perhaps another gym might be a good idea, that should last at least a few months.
  14. Good idea, create another party that will divide the Democrats and give an even better chance of PT of getting back in to power. Oops, keep forgetting all those seats Prayuth ( sorry, the military) is guaranteed. Can there be a bigger snake, or nasty person, as Trump may say than this man who should be serving multiple jail terms.
  15. Peed down for the best part of last year. Guessing that water management was not a huge success. Again.