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  1. You can bet that at least one of the agents has already staked out their claim within kicking distance of the new old offices.
  2. All very amusing with China holding all the high cards and a bit like the "election" here the eventual winner is already known.
  3. Hard to believe you are still going on about this, 4 or 5 threads? Our friend picks up her visa in 3 weeks. Cost 2000 baht
  4. Our friend had her appointment at 3pm today. She provided TWO copies of all documents including lease agreement for proof of address. Officers very pleasant and helpful. She will receive her "o" visa in 3 weeks 1 day before her tourist visa expires. Home by 4.05pm.
  5. Maybe he is next but he probably has the goods on certain persons so reasonably well protected.
  6. North Korea ready to talk 'at any time' with Donald Trump http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-44248256 Makes Trump and his administration look like the dolts they are. Completely outplayed by North korea and China.
  7. Oh dear no wonder he is confused. 100% he has to get an appointment , it's the most important part of the process to change tourist visa to "o" pending application of "extension of stay" based on retirement.
  8. You should. . It is. You are.
  9. I told you what the lady did and what she provided, she has an appointment for tomorrow. Why don't you simply take copies of everything then you have covered all the bases.
  10. There is no problem dealing with Promenada. Looks like you still have your knickers in a twist. Why don't you read what I posted,we have helped a friend through the process in the last couple of weeks. It is simple and relatively painless and she will be hopefully attending her appointment tomorrow to complete the process.
  11. The authorities are starting the long overdue crackdown on illegal homestay. This may be a consequence of that crackdown?
  12. When the office opens you DO NOT need to get a ticket at the desk just to the right inside the door. Proceed to the back of the office as previously advised.