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  1. The current ptb will also be on the block sometime in the future when the self given amnesties are revoked, not much changes here.
  2. A Hilton holiday on the horizon? He can make some interesting videos from that location.
  3. No need to pay for EMS or registered mail for return of receipt of notification of 90 day report. EMS/ register out so you can confirm immigration has received the package. Simply enclose a sae for the return, it works and nobody has to sign for it.
  4. EMS/register in, standard postage stamp (3 baht?) return. Used that last time with 4/5 day turnaround with no problem.Check online that it was received. Even if the maid stays dumb it will still get delivered with normal post.
  5. He must have had to cross a lot of rubble to do that.
  6. Can't be bothered to read it all.
  7. Plenty of info here.
  8. Get those number plates for the lottery!
  9. It is isn't! You would have thought at least one or two of the many other agencies would have chosen a similar location.
  10. Phone 053142787 - 0955428125
  11. "Anyway, I EMSed my last 90 day report on 23 June, and it got to Immigration on 26 June. No further action since. And on July 8th, my 90 days ran out." If they received your mail on 26th June why would 90 days run out on 8th July? You are assuming it did not get processed? Just call immigration and ask on Tuesday, may save you a trip.
  12. Thank goodness the military is free of such wrongdoings.
  13. Android boxes work without the Kodi app,, but Kodi is not the problem it's some of the dodgy apps. Plenty of alternatives that are available to add in to Kodi that are legal and effective, as I said, Kodi is not the problem.
  14. Buy an Android box with Kodi 17 installed and then watch almost anything you want. Been mentioned quite a few times on this forum.