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  1. thrilled

    Im getting very bored

    It’s not as fantastic as people make it out to be.I’m not A big drinker.I do enjoy female companionship.5 days was ok for me.Now I have more money.When I go again maybe I will try A harem.
  2. I really don’t understand.On the tv show apprentice she back stabbed everyone she came in contact with.She was fired 2-3 times on the show.Then he put her in the White House.Why?It doesn’t make any sense.Trump dropped the ball on that one.As far as him calling her A dog!Myself I would have used other words.
  3. Just like britmanto said.Thai girls wear shorts under their shorts.I mean I have also saw bar girls doing this.So this guy apparently likes seeing shorts.
  4. thrilled

    Wet Passport

    Go to Immigration.A pocket isn’t A good place for A passport.Putit in some type of bag that you can carry.Also Best to make photo copies of it.
  5. thrilled


    At Bangkok in Chinatown they want baht only.They do accept credit cards.But they really like baht.
  6. thrilled

    Buying Gold Bullion

    Gold shops in China town in Bangkok will not buy gold that has been bought in other shops in Thailand.They say not real.So maybe A little hustle but definitely go to yaraphat rd to buy and sell gold in Thailand.
  7. Myself I like small perky breast.Anymore many thai women have big saggy breast. A big turnoff.Most runway models don’t have big breast til they go under the knife.
  8. Many people don’t like each other.When it comes to making money then there isn’t any problem.Just because they don’t have family outings together doesn’t mean much.
  9. I don’t believe you’ll need much at all.Just remember to not invest more than you can afford to loose.
  10. thrilled

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    I enjoy life I don’t have A budget.I spend about A million baht A year give or take. when traveling the hotels I go to are approximately 10,000 baht.I eat at nice restaurants.I didn’t go to Thailand to skimp.
  11. Gold is art like the stock market.It goes up and down.Much May New has been lost trying to time it.It’s very possible that soon after you buy it that it will go down. i have some just to help diversify my portfolio.
  12. You need to watch your money.I mean islands like Phangan there are people who are looking for an opportunity.
  13. You need to obtain A lawyer and set A long term lease.If not she can get an attitude and boot you out.
  14. I have dish network.Friday at 10:00 p.m it has Street outlaws.I will keep checking for program changes.
  15. thrilled

    Bangkok Getaway

    Many people like Sukhumvit area.The air pollution is bad there.Myself I enjoy Riverside area.BTS is easy plus the water taxi also.