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  1. thrilled

    Why are 50 and 500 baht currency notes used sparingly?

    When I go to A bank and change $100 into baht,many times A ask for 500 and 20 baht cause I hardly ever have any.I will have 1000,100 and 20 baht only. and your right you will hardly ever get 500 baht or 50 baht change.
  2. thrilled

    Hell's Angels in Isarn

    There are many 1% clubs all over Thailand.You just have to watch.Some do illegal activity but they tend to keep it quiet.They know the Thai government will come down on them hard.
  3. Being Obama received it for doing nothing rhen Trump should receive it. He did tax reform.He made it for business to run better.Obama was trying to freeze businesses with the executive orders.Trump is trying to keep tax papers money from going to enemy countries.He’s trying to build the wall.It’s been needed for 30-40 years. if Obama hadn’t received it then I would have said no to Trump.But Obama received it for doing nothing.
  4. They the 2 men were definitely in violation.Most restaurants in the US won’t allow you to use the restroom without purchasing something.Then the manager was right in asking the men to leave.Then the men were breaking the law when they refused to leave.If it had have been whites there wouldn’t have been A story.
  5. A bank is A bank is A bank.My advise is open an account with one near you.You’ll be fine.
  6. thrilled

    Taxi tipping to/from airport

    If you knew how much some of the taxi drivers make in Bangkok then I believe you would be more generous.I don’t tip 20%.But I usually tip 10% of whatever the fare is.
  7. People need to learn laws in other countries.20 years ago it would have probably been A worse outcome.An 18 year old being allowed by family to go visit another country.Not in my day. I say consider yourself lucky.You gave him the money to go there.The fines were small.You have the money.Tell him no next time.He’s not going anywhere.
  8. If your leaving the US then the most you can take out of the us is $10,000 Anymore than that they can confiscate it.Thailand might allow more but you need to be careful of what country your leaving and which country your going to.
  9. thrilled

    Do you ever bump into people you know in BKK?

    I don’t know many people on purpose.I have A few friends.So chances of it happening would be slim.
  10. thrilled

    Why no milkshakes?

    I had A milkshake at A baskin Robbibs at Terminal 21 on Sukhumvit.It was terrible.There is one place that makes A delicious milkshake if you can find one."cold stone"ice cream shop.They aren't cheap but you will get A thick sweet delicious shake if you want vanilla. Can't understand McDonalds.No pancakes for breakfast and no milkshakes.
  11. Gold sells on the world market.Meaning it’s roughly the same price everywhere you go.Thai labor makes it A little cheaper.If you know where to shop you can actually buy diamonds cheaper in the us than in Thailand.
  12. You notice it didn’t happen in Thailand.The women wear shorts under their skirts.
  13. thrilled

    Urgent coach safety warning

    I fly as much as possible in Thailand.With the new airline flying out of Korat airport it’s fantastic.Heck with the bus
  14. thrilled

    Should I take my passport to Bangkok with me

    I never take my passport anywhere in Thailand.I carry A copy of it everywhere I go. I have been doing it for years.The only time I carry it is when I fly from one area to another.
  15. The police will speak some English.They will tell you what they want.Then you go from there.It’s the same every country.Just listen and they will tell you what they want..