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  1. 2 mil at 5% A year is 100 grand,figure taxes on it ,maybe 75000. Stickman says about a million baht a year in bangkok,so if in thailand 6 months ,I would say 500000 baht and then the rest for the us and traveling.
  2. thrilled

    Computer Virus

    Bitdefender isn't fantastic.I now have microsoftessentials ,it works good for me
  3. thrilled

    Bank Accounts

    I like kasikorn ,never A problem,friendly and understanding
  4. thrilled

    Asked To Show Boarding Pass

    Always keep your papers,it called covering your a_ _.Never can be to careful.
  5. thrilled

    Learning A Skill In Bangkok

    I agree.
  6. thrilled

    Good Restaurant To Introduce Newbies To Thai Food

    I don't know about other countries,but in the us ,there are many thai restaurants
  7. thrilled

    Looking To Own My First Real Motorcycle.

    If your talking about traveling to pai or even further you'll want around A 250cc are something even bigger.
  8. thrilled

    Honda Air Blade I Bike

    if your going to travel outside the area,you would like something with a little more power.Maybe something in the 250 cc range.Fino,airblade,they are ok for going around town.
  9. thrilled

    Buying A Honda Wave On Kpg

    The biggest problem that I see with those small bikes are the hills From hadrin going toward thong sala,they are A little steep.I would want at least A 250cc
  10. thrilled

    Opening A Pub In Bangkok

    Ya better have some deep pockets.Of course you'll need good prices for happy hour etc.Get back on here when ya open up.
  11. thrilled

    3 U.S. Navy Ships, 1,800 Sailors Visit Phuket.

    they tend to spoil the ladies,it'll be inflated prices for awhile. I know your locking this.
  12. thrilled

    Expats Ladies Lunch

    I believe theres A group at bangkok also.Don't remember the website
  13. thrilled

    Ubon To Udon

    I've never heard of any.at udonmap,they have van service,but to go ubon to pick ya up,I don't know.
  14. ya might have to take it to samui,or surit thani