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  1. I opened A bank account back in 2009 with Kasikorn.I was just in Thailand for 30 days.I just showed them my passport.My address and Thai phone number. I’ve been told if one will turn you down go and try another one.
  2. Just like every country there are odds and bad things about Thailand.Been going there off and on now for almost 50 years.I go there every year but not for an extended time.The world isn’t that small.I do a lot of traveling.
  3. Phuket blood banks in need of O-negative blood

    All hospitals need O- negative blood.It’s universal.Everyone can receive it.
  4. Best bang for buck

    Honda civics does good.And it goes and goes and goes.You can always get A BMW but that will cost ya.I have A Honda City at the moment.It does good for A small car.
  5. There are pros and cons of living in both countries.In the US nearly everyone has central air.The house is at the same temperature.In Thailand whatever room that has the air conditioner is cool if it’s turned on.In Thailand if you live in the city and take walks the smell can get really bad.Also many streets areas have trash.They look really bad.If you’r not careful some of the soi dogs will bite you.Transportation most likely A songthew or A tuk tuk.Not very enjoyable.Don’t get me wrong plenty of undesirable things about the US also.
  6. Something’s wrong.I have been going to Thailand since 1971 and have never had immigration ask me about my past.As far as I know they don’t ask anyone.
  7. What ever are they doing to my favorite Soi

    I’m glad your not referring to Soi 6.You had me worried.
  8. Too many Shopping Malls?

    Myself I enjoy Central Plaza,Terminal 21 and the Mall.It’s good to get out of the heat.The Mall on weekends gets so crowded the cars need to start parking outside on the right hand side towards the rear. I also enjoy the 2 Krung Plaza’s.It’s A shame about IT Plaza.The last time I went there it was nearly A ghost town.
  9. Sounds like people aren’t getting enough fiber in their diet.I have never dropped anything like i’m reading about on here.Sounds like colon cancer is right around the corner.Or polips anyway.
  10. You need to remember this isn’t the US.This sort of thing is ok in Thailand.
  11. Retirees in Thailand

    I believe people retire to Thailand mostly do to prices.As long as A person is careful they can live on social security alone.
  12. It sounds nearly like kidnaping.Wait this isn’t Mexico.I believe he did something stupid.Now he has to pay the price. I do know in Thailand if A foreigner breaks the law and gets caught.The 1st police that confronts him he needs to get it straightened out right on the spot.
  13. Is Yingluck really wanted?

    I’m surprised that she can’t talk to the government.For A reduced sentence maybe pay up some money.
  14. I own A NGV vehicle.I’ve had it 6 years and it does really good.
  15. Opening a bank account

    I’ve been with Kasikorn nearly 10 years now.It works for me.