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  1. Was wondering if anybody knows what's up with True Fitness Asoke. They clearly have a zero-maintenance policy as functional workout machines/apparatus, treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes are rapidly becoming an increasingly rare sight. What are the new best option/s in the same Prompong area?
  2. BigBadSeattleLad

    Border Run Alternatives

    After slogging through numerous useless voicemail systems reached through numerous numbers provided to torment inquisitive travelers on the official Bkk Immigration website, I finally got through to a REAL PERSON (For future reference: it may take a few tries at 02 209-1100 but persistence will ultimately get one of them to actually answer their phone). The 'official' word on duration of visas received upon arrival: 15 DAYS IF BY LAND, 30 DAYS IF BY AIR (apparently this is how they separate the budget travelers from those with a bit of money to spill).
  3. BigBadSeattleLad

    Buddhist Tattoos

    It's unlikely that any reputable ajarn - and NO temple abbots - will do a custom job according to your carry-in design. Usually, after a brief chat to familiarize themselves with you and your situation (and what concerns and issues you may be having at this point in your life), they will propose a few options (various yant) from a sizable collection that may serve to remedy your concerns and protect you. The example in your photo is a-typical and unlikely to be found in any of their existing collections. If your sole concern is an awesome tattoo, there are dozens of tattoo artists in the Kao Sarn area that will ink you with whatever design you want. The former option is blessed upon completion by the ajarn/abbot and is applied in order to bring luck and protection from various threats (manual bamboo or steel spike application), the latter is purely a cosmetic undertaking (electronic needle application) any any 'blessing' will happen only after a big tip.
  4. BigBadSeattleLad

    Buddhist Tattoos

  5. BigBadSeattleLad

    Health Food Store Bangkok

    The "health foods" that Mission sells is limited to milk powder and peanut butter [ http://www.mission.co.th/eng/products.htm ] -hardly any better than you could do at your nearest 7-11. Your best hope is to google GNC to locate the nearest branch for common supps or, if you have time for some back and forth between regional manufacturers, go to alibaba.com and key in the 'health food' you desire...
  6. BigBadSeattleLad

    Elder Care: Nurses/caretakers

    Hi Tammi, I appreciate your suggestions and hope you'll excuse my slow response (just returned to Seattle after LONG flight and LONG catch-up sleep). I don't currently employ any maid staff in Bkk as I've just kept an apartment the past few years and have gotten by with the upkeep on my own. I WILL however consider regular housecare-type staff for the care of my mother if they indicate that they may be able and willing to take on such a burden. I just wish candidates for such work were more readiy available...
  7. BigBadSeattleLad

    Elder Care: Nurses/caretakers

    Because of some fairly advanced 'cognitive decline' consistent with AD, my 83-year old mother can no longer live alone. With great trepidation and considerable researching of the 'elder care' options stateside, I finally entrusted her into the care of what I believed to be the most suitable of those available (immediately prior to my last departure from the US). I was assured (and wanted to believe) that she was in safe hands and would be well looked after. Five days after my return to Bkk, I received an email from this facilty informing me that "she had a fall". Calls to the hospital revealed that she'd broken her hip in the fall. Subsequently - as is typical with such trauma among the elderly - her mental state has worsened as well. As I'm all she's got nowadays, I really want her over here (Bangkok or environs) where I can at least be closer at hand and play a greater role in her general sense of well-being. The challenge, of course, is finding qualified, reliable nursing/caretaking help to look after her while I work. Thus far I've heard only of possible nurse-for-hire help through a Klong Toey-area hospital (apparently Thai speaking only) but hope for other options (i.e. experienced, private elder care nurses/caretakers with some english language abilities who may be seeking full-time employment). Any suggestions (or personal experiences) from anyone on ways to find such 'qualified/reliable' help would be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated.
  8. BigBadSeattleLad


    there is one Czech fellow who - despite being located in the peripheral wastelands of Bangkok ( - seems to have a faithful following: Dr. Capek (pron. 'capetch') PM me for details