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  1. Was wondering if anybody knows what's up with True Fitness Asoke. They clearly have a zero-maintenance policy as functional workout machines/apparatus, treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes are rapidly becoming an increasingly rare sight. What are the new best option/s in the same Prompong area?
  2. Border Run Alternatives

    After slogging through numerous useless voicemail systems reached through numerous numbers provided to torment inquisitive travelers on the official Bkk Immigration website, I finally got through to a REAL PERSON (For future reference: it may take a few tries at 02 209-1100 but persistence will ultimately get one of them to actually answer their phone). The 'official' word on duration of visas received upon arrival: 15 DAYS IF BY LAND, 30 DAYS IF BY AIR (apparently this is how they separate the budget travelers from those with a bit of money to spill).