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  1. If anyone dares to criticize Israel or jews, on TV they get censored. If anyone criticizes Western countries, or any other religions or races, they don't get censored. Why is this so?
  2. What OTT, paranoid BS you sprout! Get over it!
  3. New To Chiang Mai

    These are a Chinese invention made for electric bikes-not Honda Waves etc. I see heaps of them here in Jiangsu province but few if any in Beijing
  4. We were at Bang Saen on Sunday and there were football sized jellyfish in the water and on the sand but also lots of dead little silver fish floating about in amongst the rubbish. There was also a lot of rubbish on the beach but a front end loader was cruising up and down the beach to maybe clean it up a bit?
  5. Pardon me but give this butcher Azaria a pardon? Only in Israel..............
  6. Bangkok aims to halve road deaths

    Thailand only measures road deaths at the accident site and not those who later die of their injuries in hospital, so Thailand probably should be #1 in the world ahead of Libya. The authorities are not going to listen to any farang whatsoever, so going into schools to educate students about road safety is not going to happen because it would be viewed as interference and so "unThainess". As long as we and our families and friends do not become an accident statistic, we just have to let the carnage continue, but be continually defensive on the roads in self-preservation mode.
  7. I moved to Xuzhou in February this year and was surprised to see these things on electric bikes and scooters everywhere. As I have never seen them anywhere else in China in the past 12 years, I thought they must be a local thing but I was so surprised to also see them here in Chiang Mai while on R&R for a month. I too thought originally that a big gust of wind would turn them into Mary Poppins copycats!
  8. Typically the ones in the body armour, clubs and guns with rubber bullets attack the unarmed worshipers. These ugly goons are pure scum and oxygen thieves, and they revel in their own gutlessness. BDS
  9. He was lucky the Monitor lizards did not find him. Yes well done to the Thai and all the rescue personnel.
  10. How are you now Paulinho? Pancreatitis is a serious illness to recover from
  11. 56 rounded up for road racing in Chon Buri

    Quote: "ranging in age from 14 to 28" and "They were taken to Huay Yai police station to wait for their parents to pick them up and pay fines" I can't believe that mommy or daddy would be coming to pick up anyone over 21
  12. Can't the mother/father sue for the cremation of their daughter's body without their permission???
  13. This has just been reported in Khao Sod News by a German reporter: When a reporter reached out to Koh Tao police on Wednesday, two officers denied knowledge of the tourist’s death. “I don’t remember any Belgians,” Lt. Col. Napha Senathip said. Another officer said he had not seen any case with the name Elise Dallemagne and added that police do not always open investigations into foreigners’ deaths on the island. He also accused the media of portraying Koh Tao in a negative light. “Sometimes, people just die on Koh Tao without [an investigation], because sometimes people just die,” Lt. Col. Chokchai Sutthimek said. “That said, the media should stop portraying Koh Tao as an ‘Island of Death,’ because that’s unethical journalism.” Negative light?? Unethical Journalism?? Don't remember any Belgians?? Deny deny deny..................
  14. Is that with his wife, wi fi or with a robot?/
  15. If the CCTV cameras on Koh Tao can now be made to be "picture perfect" as well, they may help with future evidence gathering...........