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  1. 2 of my wife's friends are both working in massage parlours close to Seoul Airport. The first one left her lowly paid husband and the 2nd one broke up with her sugar-daddy pensioner boyfriend. They both earn good money and are saving a lot and they both are planning to stay there until they get arrested and deported. They both have lived there for more than 2 years now.
  2. His pinky chopped? You mean he was of the hebrew persuasion??
  3. Ezzra, Dexterm is writing the truth, but you cant handle the truth. The Palestinian state will have East Jerusalem as its capital once a resolution occurs for a 2 state solution if that is ever possible. Otherwise a one state solution will probably keep TA as its capital as an interim measure. Can I ask why you do not live in your beloved Israel Ezzra? BDS
  4. Try Wororot Road markets and there is the big Flower Festival on the first weekend in February.
  5. Of course the Israelis deny the right of the Palestinians to exist Harvey by seizing their lands, demolishing their homes, stealing or poisoning their water supplies, building a wall that devides their farms so they can not access their crops or shooting them at point blank range just to name few. This is happening every day Harvey. Hamas should not soften its stance of resistance against the Israelis. BDS
  6. A huge army Ezra? You are exagerating again both in numbers, and what constitutes an army-Israel has all the (US supplied) weapons remember. You are also using the "Real estate agent in the sky" argument as well for the European, Russian and US jews who are stealing Palestinian land so that they can live there part time. BDS
  7. Combination Fried Rice surfaces again
  8. I still can't get used it
  9. Firstly, RIP to the mother and baby and sincere condolences to the partner, friends and families of both. Without picking on you Briggsy, but since when does one drive a motor bike rather than riding one? Do we now all drive a horse as well??
  10. But Bandito you can read about Israelis using guns with and without rubber bullets against Palestinians, or tear gas cannisters to the chest or head at point blank range, or a front end loader, etc against Palestinians and I am just mentioning the ones used on the ground............................. RIP to the young lady and condolences to her family. BDS
  11. But it is true sanukjim. It does not fit your agenda?
  12. More bs and hollow rhetoric from the yahoo. Watch a documentary called "The Lab" and you will see why right-wing jews do not want peace with Palestinians.
  13. It keeps those of the hebrew persuasion on their toes, constantly looking over their shoulders.