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  1. All that's needed to end these assaults is for the police to lay the appropriate charges and the courts to hand out custodial sentences. 500 Baht fines are no deterrent. Sent from my GT-I8552
  2. I'm not sure how child custody case is classified but if it falls under "civil law" then it appears that any appeal must be lodged within one month. http://www.bia.co.th/030.html
  3. I don't think so. But many including me are against it as they aren't just raising the child, it was all planned through dodgy surrogacy agencies. This is immoral, two gay men, who obv. can't have children together buying an egg then buying a woman to carry it. Disgusting. However, now you mention it, I've never known a gay couple that I would trust to raise a child. They have all been too emotional, sensitive and promiscuous with mental issues. Could be a coincidence as I've only known about 8 couples. Well, that's clear for all to see.
  4. http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/babies-toddlers-becoming-targets-paedophiles/1927425/ Well heres one possibilty. Not likely agreed...but possible Indeed, not likely. And off course anything is possible, a pedophile mother even but I won't post a meaningless link.
  5. Some people will dance around but never actually come straight out and say they are against these guys raising this child because the are gay.
  6. Kids get picked on for a vast variety of different reasons. I can say with certainty that the younger generation are far more accepting of homosexual relationships than the middle aged/elderly. It was the open support of the younger people in America that actually swung public opinion in favour of gay marriage.
  7. When I look at my home country and see how many single mothers there are who's kids were quite often conceived after a drunken one night stand and compare that situation to this, a number of points stand out clearly. These guys made a conscious decision to become parents. They invested time and a not inconsiderable amount of money to bring a child into this world. When the going got tough they didn't turn and run, they stood and fought. Standing beside your child through the toughest of times is one of the many attributes a good parent has. These guys have want it takes to be good parents by the bucket full. No doubt in my mind.
  8. Why? No mum...... If that's your answer in it's entirety then I better contact the few fathers I know who are raising their kids alone and inform them they are not worthy, in your opinion.
  9. You are right, but the kid should never have never been put in this situation.. So you agree the outcome was the best for the child then. I wasn't feeling that from your posts and I'm glad I was wrong. No, the child should never have been "created".....It has "no" mum...... You can talk all day long about what should have happened but the reality is what has to be dealt with. So the child is not better off with the gay males who clearly are devoted to her? Is that what you are saying. Would she be better off being raised by the state in an orphanage or by a biological mother who, in this case, doesn't seemed to actually want her. What's best for the child? "The child should never have been created" adds nothing to the reality.
  10. You are right, but the kid should never have never been put in this situation.. So you agree the outcome was the best for the child then. I wasn't feeling that from your posts and I'm glad I was wrong.
  11. I rarely post on TV anymore but reading this thread has got my back up. I consider myself a "family man" and as such I'm delighted with the result of this court case as a child will now be raised by 2 people who are obviously totally devoted to her. Bravo
  12. Getting batteries from aliexpress.com

    I've made a handful of orders from aliexpress in the past but haven't used them since discovering fasttech dot com where I've successfully placed and received about 40 orders including batteries. sent from my left foot
  13. Tires in Thailand

    Some on the forum would say the same about their wife/gf sent from my left foot
  14. Is Bush the same guy that charged a veterans association 100k USD for making a speech? sent from my left foot