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  1. Well it was £26,000 when we came but that can be in assets as well. In other words if you own a house, even with a mortgage that negates the cash in the bank.
  2. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    Were you there at the signing! if so I am impressed. And there are many ways of writing a tell-all without writing a tell-all. When large amounts of money are involved all things are possible.
  3. Depends where is Glasgow you are referring to, I'd walk round the west end happily Less likely to get a "Glasgow Kiss" there? There are dodgy areas in most cities in the world but this is about Pattaya.
  4. Fair enough, have a good day
  5. Well the law changes so I can only compare it to my experience some years ago. The child will not have a UK birth certificate if they were born in Thailand but will be eligible for UK citizenship. I got my son a British passport when I was in the UK on business He was 4 years old and we were lucky in having a British doctor friend who did the declaration over knowing him since birth. Obviously there was a cost to that. Up until then my boy had a Thai passport. When we moved to the UK there were a lot of hoops my wife had to jump through but no difficulty or cost for our son. The original "leave to remain" visa came first and then when she was in the UK she had to do the "Living in the UK" test and also the "Spoken English Test". Then depending on your bank balance and earnings a second "leave to remain" after two and a half years (cost was about £1,000) and then after five years an "indefinite leave to remain". Having a child with a British Passport makes a big difference too. I know it is now harder and some of the regulations have been tightened. It isn't easy and you must make sure it is what your wife wants to do and not just you. Life in the UK can be a tough call for a homesick wife.
  6. Yes the cut and thrust of healthy debate eh! Your turn to counter, or was that it?
  7. Bit of an ambitious headline, sex capital of the world. Maybe "commercial" sex capital of Asia may be more appropriate but I guess that doesn't really have the same sensationalism.
  8. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    Melania must be dying of embarrassment inside but still gritting her teeth and seeing out this farce. Hillary did it with Bill but I sincerely hope that as soon there is the opportunity Melania kicks Trump firmly between the legs and divorces him. There may not be a big divorce payout (pre-nup?) but the book deal will be staggeringly high and think of the revenge factor with the tell-all.
  9. Fabulous post! You start by complaining about what you (mistakenly) believe are "agenda driven Liberals" referring to Brexiteers as racist/bigot/right wing nut jobs. You just have to put people into boxes when in fact Remoaners and Brexiteers are both made up of all sides of society, left, right or just in the middle. If you find it difficult to speak your mind (which I doubt from your rant) why are you doing so now? These forums are for people to give their opinions and state their positions and arguments. It is debate and that is healthy. I would suggest that if you are offended by the vast majority of the media backing the other side that you stick to just reading the papers that don't. I believe the Sun () and Fox News are more sympathetic to your views. And you have every right to your views just like the rest of us have to ours. Brexit has been triggered and it is now up to the government to see it through. It seems that most Remoaners and a large proportion of Brexiteers feel they are being let down. That is not left wing liberalism, that is just a fact.
  10. That is correct. My state pension is topped up by pension credit so I get the same amount as a full state pension. But from what I understand, I am only eligible for that whilst living in the UK, as you say.
  11. I suppose it is all about compassion and some just don't have any
  12. It's all speculation of course but I agree it is unlikely that he paid in enough NI to get a full pension. I didn't and only get a relatively small amount in State pension. As for donating to people who are having difficulties, I too have helped when I could. However only when the help was get them to another stage when they could fend for themselves. We have all heard the saying "give a man a fish...etc etc"
  13. As always it is May saying what she "wants" but no hint at an offer or how to get it. She isn't going to be able to achieve much with all the discord in the UK and idiots like Johnson and Rees-Mogg just add to the problems.
  14. You mean like not taking the Euro when all the others did? Maybe you do hate Brussels don't let that blind you to the reality.
  15. You right about sending food back to the kitchen in restaurants in Thailand. As we all know causing Thais to lose face always has a consequence