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  1. Could be instructions about not undertaking, but also who knows when the stupid pick-up driver might pull over and hit the undertaking ambulance! The standard of driving in Thailand is so bad and the accident rate so high, who wants to second guess any drivers actions?
  2. So many jokes, don't know where to start! I wonder if they gave him a catalogue of stiffs to choose from?
  3. Pattaya is notorious or even infamous for it's "nightlife" It is what it is and should be celebrated for that, not condemned. Pretty much anyone going to Pattaya knows what to expect and let's face it that's what attracts many of the tourists that go there. For most expats who live there, they live a pretty normal life but with the added value of the extras if they so choose. In fact the expats seldom have any trouble as they know how Pattaya works and what to avoid.
  4. Well it's clear enough to me. Not suggesting a second or third referendum. It was a comment about how the negotiations could have kicked off by not putting down red lines but instead address the concerns of the Brexit voters. Only if that was achievable would you then say to the voters "We have now agreed that the things you were worried about are being resolved so do you still want to go ahead. If the EU didn't agree to that then you carry on with Brexit because the reasons for leaving are valid. There would only be an argument for a second vote IF the EU came up with the deal Cameron tried to get in the first place. Not rocket science is it? I accepted a long time ago that Brexit was going to happen and my argument, I feel is valid, in that having another referendum is useless because we would, once again be voting without knowing what we would be voting for. As it stands the deals will be presented to parliament before the Brexit deadline and then it can be decided whether to accept or reject them. That I agree with completely so once again I am not arguing for a second or third referendum. It appears that you are the one confused because to me it is as clear as day. Finally if you are not angry with the way the negotiations are progressing then I take my hat off to you. You must feel that May and Davis are delivering what you voted for. Never met anyone who thought that before but good for you.
  5. No not at all. I am just looking at the complete pigs ear that the Brexit negotiators are making of it. They are failing the Brexiteers and the remainers. They are constantly backing themselves into a corner and will have to keep making concessions that dilutes what they said at the outset. I am not pitching for a second referendum because Parliament now gets a vote as to whether we accept the Brexit deal or throw it out. To have a second referendum would be a dumb thing anyway because we would, just like last time, be voting blind. Until we know just what Brexit consists then how could we give an informed vote? My point is this. Cameron went to try to negotiate a new deal with the EU and although he made some progress it wasn't enough, I agree with that, it wasn't enough. At that point the only negotiating tool he had was that if he failed to get the deal we wanted then he would have to call a referendum. Then Britain would vote whether to stay or go. It was generally thought at that time that Britain would vote to stay. In other words there wasn't a great incentive for the EU to sharpen their pencils. At that time Cameron couldn't say "If I don't get my deal we will leave the EU". So we have a referendum and the people vote to leave. May steps up and accepts the poisoned chalice as the others back off to sit on the sidelines. May, being pushed from behind, comes out with a series of hard line rhetoric. "Brexit means Brexit" she chanted but not saying what Brexit was. She couldn't because she didn't know herself. Nobody did but still she went on proclaiming that Britain was coming out of the single market and customs union without ever considering the consequences of that. Slowly over time she has had to back down on many issues and continues to do so. My "maybe" was about approaching the negotiations a different way. To go back to Brussels after the referendum and say "The people of Britain have voted to leave because they feel the deal, as it is unfair". That is a much stronger negotiating tool than Cameron had. "So if you don't want us to leave (and they don't) then we need to address the issues again and if we can then get an agreement that meets the original criteria then we could then put the new deal to the public. They may or may not have responded to that but surely it was worth a try. Take away the fears of the Brexiteers and then the vote could have been very different. As it is now, everyone is angry and nothing is being achieved. I am not banging a remain drum here, we are all being screwed!
  6. Maybe, just maybe, if the Brexit negotiators approached the EU (after the referendum) and said "If you agree to these changes then we will put it to the people again" rather than saying "We are leaving and this is what we want!" Then a better outcome could have been reached. It just seems now that Britain are backing themselves into a corner where a negative deal is inevitable.
  7. Pharmacies are great if you know what medicine you need. To diagnose a problem they are pretty useless though.
  8. I am sure there a few countries watching closely at how Brexit pans out. I am also pretty sure that Brexit will trigger reforms within the EU. Which way that goes is yet to be seen but if we are out it is unlikely to benefit us at all. However there will be some indication later this week when Brexit is raised again in Parliament. The real test will come next month though and then we will see the depth of the descent in the Cabinet and Conservative members.
  9. Rather racist don't you think? Good chance she was sold by her farming parents to the sex business? And maybe she did have a degree and was working in the hotel the Iranian was staying in and because she spoke a language that he did, she decided to help him. Unlikely but no more than your bigoted view.
  10. Racist? Maybe you are right. I have been married to my Thai wife for over fifteen years and we lived together before that so probably about the same as you. My comments are based on living in S.E.A for over twenty years. As for my Thai relatives and friends.... Well my wife is the first to say that you cannot believe anything anyone says in Thailand. "It is just the way it is". My Thai friends are mainly business related and they go to great lengths to play a straight bat with me but they are very aware that I am always sceptical of what I am told. In the early days of my marriage some of my in-laws would test the water with some tall tales but after being barracked by my wife they decided not to bother.
  11. That is IF the Thai girl was telling it how it was. In Thailand pretty much everyone lies or exaggerates so let's not take any of this as being in any way balanced or truthful!
  12. What? and close all the borders and scrap all trade arrangements that had been in place for over forty years only to start again from scratch? All on the Monday after the referendum. What about all the EU citizens living in the UK and the Brits living in the EU. Do they all just pack their bags and head for their home countries? Makes about as much sense as us all sticking our heads up our own a*ses and then farting.
  13. Who said the Doctor was speaking in English? The report is coming from the Thai girl, not the Iranian so probably the conversation was in Thai with the girl then translating it into English
  14. May re-iterated this morning that there would be no U-turn on leaving the customs union. (23/4). It had been reported that she was softening her stance over it but Boris and Davis have said it is a red line and if May backs down over it they will have her out! I am paraphrasing but the gist is clear enough. I suspect that there could be a new style custom union set up so that we can leave the current one. Can't really see how anything else can work at the moment but with this shower, who knows?
  15. I am not looking to make excuses for the Iranian but surely the blame here lies with the Thai female who took him there. As a foreigner he wouldn't know the procedure but she should do. You can go to the hospital as well as a private clinic to be seen for general health issues without going to A&E.