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  1. Double standards come to mind. TIT.
  2. Let's hope we can end the year on a high. After all it has been an abysmal year for Americans and they deserve some good news. Mr President, it looks as if your goose is being cooked at last!
  3. Actually I think these crazy ideas never lead to anywhere at all. However I am sure there will be quite a few ex-pats (and Thais) who will be reaching for the "send to recycle bin" tab any time soon
  4. Think "verge of collapse" is a bit over the top. However the Irish border is increasingly looking like the main problem over a "hard Brexit" approach to leaving. We really need some clarity and the sooner the better
  5. Waiting for May, Brussels eyes December Brexit deal

    Show me the money and we can all do high fives and move forward. Let's hope this really is a deal we can agree to.
  6. Waste of time, nothing will change.
  7. And breathalyse them both! Actually it is a fifty-fifty but if the pickup wasn't indicating then more his fault than the motorcyclist
  8. Posted in a public forum. Maybe you should message your posts privately if you don't want people to respond. Money, Money, Money. Abba - 1976 Love, Love, Love. Beatles (All you need is love) 1967 OK your turn
  9. Well life in prison is the sentence handed down in the Hague.
  10. I don't trust the polls any more than I trust a load of drunks down at the pub. So I suppose we have no way of telling...
  11. Yep read it again but still cannot see your point. I agreed that the remainers voted mainly on the economy and the leave voters didn't. Although I am not ignoring the fact. Is that your point?
  12. Is that a surgical procedure?
  13. Well if the teenager is on her way home from school then I doubt many would say it was OK. However if the teenager was working as a sex worker in a bar then I totally take your point. So for clarity, was Moore in a hookers bar with underage girls at the time of the alleged assaults (nine and counting)?
  14. Well you would think so! The problem is, as the public, we are only drip fed bits of information and most things are kept under wraps. Now you would hope that in pledging the 40 billion Davis and May have been told the deal by Barnier and that does, as you say, justify the large payment. You still have the Irish border issue though, although I think the citizens rights issue is more or less agreed. As we know Barnier did re-iterate that as far as a "free movement of goods" trade deal was concerned, it wasn't possible without the free movement of people because it was written in EU law (drawn up partly by the UK). Let's hope this "ambitious" deal will have found a way round that. Anyway time will tell on that. In the meantime we have the budget and that should be very interesting.