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  1. Much of the conflict in the world is caused by religion and always has been. Christianity has done as much damage as any of the others but they all have the same message..."Ours is the only true religion and everyone should believe what we believe and live by our rules". It is a form of brainwashing that almost the whole world signs up for one way or another. It is a stick for controlling the masses and does tremendous harm but still we buy into it.
  2. Well Trump has failed on just about all of his campaign pledges but Tillerson knew what his intentions were when he accepted the job. Trump has been a total disaster on every front but as far as his objectives go he hasn't changed his direction. As his downfall comes closer most will try to distance themselves from him but I fear they will be tainted by their association with him. What on earth were they thinking backing such a lunatic.
  3. Don't forget the fruit!
  4. As I understand it Britain exports more to the USA than it imports so Trump's boys will be trying to address the balance!
  5. To coin a phrase "You make your bed and then you have to lie in it!" I would say that it is some lumpy mattress!
  6. Well the media report what is going on so who do you suggest we listen to? Even Fox News these days are struggling to be positive about Trump and his circus. To believe that all the media in all the world is wrong and Trump is right is a bit of a stretch isn't it? Blind faith is one thing but please don't expect the rest of us to be so gullible.
  7. And that is why the USA is so divided today. One side you have people with compassion and on the other side you have the "screw them as long as I am alright" brigade also known as Trumpsters!
  8. As always it ends up with a discussion about guns. Thailand has the guns and highly volatile and unstable people and that is a dangerous combination.
  9. Traditionally in the UK it has been football related hooligans. In Thailand it seems to be school or college related but it is same tribe mentality.. Youth and testosterone eh!
  10. There are plenty of examples of people in Thailand showing compassion. I lived in Chiang Mai when the Tsunami hit the south and we all went to the hospital to donate blood. I was staggered by the number of folk who had turned up including trucks full of hill tribe people and farmers and office workers and even some policemen and women and of course hundreds of ex-pats and tourists. The queue spread round the block but everyone waited patiently to give blood.
  11. Should be an interesting Autumn. Right now it is summer hols time though and their thoughts turn to ice cream and tantrums on the beach rather than in Downing Street.
  12. Can't see how trying to negotiate anything with the USA is going to be helpful in four years time. Fox has conceded that the transitional period would probably go on until the next election which would be at least four more years. Add to that the U-turn POTUS and it is all p*ssing in the wind. I suspect that in the end the trade with the USA will be more or less the same as it is today but Fox has to try to put a positive spin on things.
  13. Happened to me not long after the swamp opened. The case was locked and all the currency was foreign to Thailand but they broke into it and took the money. It was an internal flight from Chiang Mai. Hard lesson to learn at the time and a stupid thing to do. The police told me that it happened all the time by the baggage handlers which begs the question.....
  14. Well I think you will find most people "came here" for a myriad of different reasons but not to escape the wests decadent ways. Many because they were attracted by the cheap prices, great climate, beautiful young women who were readily available and the ability to live without the restrictions encountered in the west. I came for business reasons after living in Hong Kong for a couple of years. Just about everything is available in Thailand and I enjoyed my twenty years of living the life. We moved to the uncivilised west because we didn't want our son to grow up amongst the corruption and mindless violence that is now everyday life in Thailand.
  15. Nobody wants to see my tits, I can promise you that!