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  1. Not the Brits who live in the UK or have kids or relatives living there. We are all stubborn but eventually you have to face reality.
  2. Seems like you did all the right things and things turned out well for you. I am sure the vast majority of people on benefits would give their right arm to have what you have. No debt and not even a credit card shows you are very careful with your money. However whereas you don't have any debts most people out there do. Often for a car or mortgage (which you had until ten years ago) or school fees or holidays etc. etc. We live in a world where people don't save up for things anymore because they are constantly being sold credit.
  3. Too late. The bullet would blow the whole country apart. The Brits are not stupid enough to do that.
  4. UK's May sets out transition plan in bid to unlock Brexit talks

    They have but at what point did they betray us? Was it lying about what Brexit would bring or failing to deliver. After all it is hard to deliver something that had no foundation in the truth. Will people forgive them? Will people actually admit the mistake they made in believing the lies? Doubt it.
  5. The sad truth is that if we walk away several things will happen. The pound will fall through the floor making our imports ludicrously expensive. Secondly we would be shunned by all the EU countries and that would help to cripple our economy. Then we would lose our car manufacturing sector that is owned in part by the Germans. We would be seen as cancerous and almost certainly lose the Japanese car business as well. It would be economic suicide and it isn't going to happen. If we could have just walked away we would have some time ago. It is not an option and everyone in the cabinet knows it including Boris, Davis and Hamilton. We are stuck and whichever way we jump is going to cost the UK very dearly indeed. As a Brit living in the UK I am sick to the stomach over this disaster. Not for me but for the young people. We are screwing up their future and they don't deserve that.
  6. Defying Trump, Iran says will boost missile capabilities

    Maybe you should edit the "maniacs" to maniac
  7. Defying Trump, Iran says will boost missile capabilities

    I think you are crediting Trump with more brains than he has. He is incapable of "dealing with either". His weapon is bluster and threats.
  8. We can't leave the table immediately. That is part of the problem. As for the Mercedes sales, their rising markets are in Asia and after the economic hit we will take with a hard Brexit I suspect the sales in the UK will fall considerably anyway. When you say they export more to us than we do to them remember that we are one small country importing from 27 countries so not a level playing field at all. Between them (I know that Germany is the biggest exporter through the car sales) they can absorb the lost trade far easier than we can.
  9. UK's May sets out transition plan in bid to unlock Brexit talks

    This remoaner isn't happy with May's speech one little bit. It just prolongs the agony. The indecisiveness causes more unrest and keeps business guessing the eventual outcome. At the moment nobody knows anymore than they did last week. We knew that May would ask for the transition period and pay billions to get it. We know nothing about the Irish border problem which is still a sticking point. Nothing more on the residency of the EU members living in the UK except that the European courts will have a say and nothing more on the figure for the divorce settlement. As you say just kicking the can further down the road and that is no good for either side.
  10. You can only take a strong and more aggressive position if you are in a strong position to negotiate. The UK isn't in a strong position hence Mays submissive speech to the EU. At the end of the transition period, then what? Could be we have to ask for an extension of that or maybe we finally fall off of the cliff edge. Just kicking the tin can further down the road at the moment.
  11. The 20 billion euros if our commitment for the transition period. I fear you can expect billions more for the divorce settlement. Slowly but surely the reality is kicking in. Clearly listening to May's speech, (actually sounding quite a lot like Joyce Grenfell "Don't do that George!") she really cannot deliver anything. The EU boys said they were glad that it sounded positive, by that I think they mean positive for them.
  12. The way for Britain to meet it's commitments is with a strong economy and that relies to a great extent on trade with the EU. That is why we need the best possible deal with the EU and access to the single market. Without that all our services are going to suffer, add to that us losing most of the European doctors and nurses and we could go into meltdown with the NHS.
  13. May is clearly in an impossible position. She is pitching to the EU, businesses, her cabinet and the British people. In reality though she has nothing to say that will placate any of them apart from the commitment to pay in the £20 Billion (or thereabouts) to get us through the transition period.
  14. So what have we learnt from the "speech". There was a lot of sucking up to the Europeans and her saying that she wanted a transition period of about two years. She committed to keep paying into the EU for that time even though we would have no seat at the table and so no voice. So much for Boris saying they could go and whistle for the money. She also confirmed that all EU citizens living in the UK could stay and that the European courts would probably still have an input after we leave. Apart from that she said she didn't want a Norwegian or Canadian style deal but instead a bespoke one for the UK. Of course she can only say what she would like or not like as everything is waiting for the "negotiations" to begin. So nothing we didn't know already and no actual figures on payments. A complete let down for the Brexiteers and Remoaners alike.
  15. one of the girls refused but that isn't the point is it? Not that I believe that is necessarily the truth anyway.