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  1. That's according to American history books is it
  2. dunroaming

    Thai man viciously murdered in Sydney is named

    Yes I think it is a strange reference to someone Maybe overly romantic with someone else's squeeze?
  3. I am sure Yingluk is very proficient in saying "I have got lot's of cash to spend on expensive handbags, can you tell me the way to Harrods?".
  4. I suspect the message was to Trump himself concerning their marriage. She has been humiliated enough by the moron.
  5. I suspect that ten minutes before Prayut arrived May was briefed as to who he was and where he was from, followed by how to pronounce his name. Everything else is scripted and any conversations done by the minions. It would have been a minor distraction for her as she goes about screwing up the country.
  6. It was close call yesterday for the May. The government were facing a serious defeat and Labour were chomping at the bit, bringing in members (some in wheelchairs) to maximise their votes. So Dominic Grieve had a tough choice to make. Bring about that defeat and weaken the government even further or capitulate. He chose to step back and encouraged the other rebels to do the same. So May scraped through. Is it time to stop using the term "remainer" (remoaner). I think it is acknowledged that most people know that remaining is not going to happen and that ship has sailed. The "remainers" are therefore now the people trying to limit the damage that is inevitably going to hit home soon. Maybe they should be called the "realists" in future. Of course that leaves us what to call the Brexiteers as we are all Brexiteers now. Can't wait to hear the suggestions
  7. Trump backed down because of overwhelming condemnation from both Americans, a great many being republicans, and world wide pressure. Not to mention his own wife! Are they all Trump haters? Yes they are and they count as millions across the world, rising every single day.
  8. Quite a while ago now but when we lived in Chiang Mai a Python (that had been stealing ducks) of about the same size as this one attacked a young girl and ripped her leg to shreds as she tried desperately to get away. Still it wasn't venomous so who cares!
  9. Well I enjoy the odd spliff now and then but not as often as a good bottle of red wine. I think I know more people who smoke cannabis than go to the pub every other night and I would say they are all pretty decent people. I started smoking recreational cannabis at uni and that was nearly fifty years ago. I think if I was going to get "hooked" on it then it would have happened years ago. Canada has just passed a bill legalising Marijuana for recreational purposes. Eventually it will get legalised just about everywhere but until then we will have to keep on buying it under the counter.
  10. Well those pompous pricks are the only ones stopping May from screwing all the people at the moment. If Johnson and RM aren't going to step up ( and the cowards almost certainly won't) then someone has to rein her in!
  11. Just to keep it up to date. The government suffered another defeat in the House of Lords, this time by a much bigger margin! It was because May went back on what she had agreed before the last vote in the commons. To add to May's woes Phil Hammond has issued a statement over future government spending. Quite simple, because of May's cavalier move to try to kid the people into believing that the pledged money for the NHS is coming from a fictitious "Brexit dividend", there is no more money for anything else including schools, defence, prisons and the police! He added that because of May's NHS pledge the government would need to find money to replace other funding providing (at present) by the Brussels.
  12. Many say that and she was a remainer at the referendum. Makes you wonder why she should then stand for PM knowing that she had to commit to delivering Brexit. Should have done what Boris did and hide behind the sofa. He did back May for PM as did Rees Mogg. Could they have seen what was bound to happen? Better to be sniping from the sidelines than actually grasping the poisoned chalice themselves.
  13. I did have some sympathy for May and her poisoned chalice but not anymore. The lies are coming thick and fast now and she appears to be backtracking on commitments she made before last weeks vote. She really should be removed but none of the Brexit heroes have got the guts to do it.
  14. Sorry, don't get it. What do you mean by that?
  15. Part of the "help for the NHS" is to relax the immigration rules to recruit many more doctors and nurses. I assume some of the money will be for their recruitment and pay.