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  1. It is.........for some nationalities. That's Thailand out then.
  2. Piano Lessons in Pattaya for a 6yo

    Yamaha piano on Third Road, on the left past Hollywood junction heading North Studio Melodica on Klang, on the right past Big C Extra junction heading towards Sukhumvit, almost opposite Harbour Mall. I think there may be one in Harbour Mall too Edit: In your child's school???
  3. But if you're in another country than your bank account the local ATM will not print out the balance of your home account.
  4. Anyone ever bought a car in another province?

    It's not just the numbers you have to look at, there's 2 letters before the numbers and then the province of registration is written underneath that.
  5. That area was a nice beach when I first came to Pattaya
  6. Thailand’s first automated parking garage is expected to open in November at Bali Hai Pier, offering storage of cars and, eventually, boats. http://www.pattayamail.com/news/robotic-parking-garage-set-to-open-in-pattaya-next-month-31196
  7. When I first came to Pattaya that area was a sandy beach I would sunbath and swim at.
  8. Isn't that robotic car park supposed to be able to accommodate boats?
  9. Bali Hai Sunset restaurant ordered demolished

    The bar / restaurant AT the lighthouse has gone but the shack at the end of the car park to which I guess you refer is still there.
  10. Bali Hai Sunset restaurant ordered demolished

    If that photo is representative of the state of the beach I wouldn't want to go to it.
  11. ilikehd bein

    If the English footy is your only interest then True do a 200 Baht a month deal for all the matches, plus other leagues too.
  12. Ice skating in Thailand.

    And there's one at Ekkamai too. And one opening in Pattaya the end of October
  13. Which gogo bars Walking Street do you recommend ?

    Now it's working!! Ricky has always known how to keep the punters happy from his early days in Nana Plaza through his variuos incarnations in Soi Diamond and off Walking Street. Any place he's in is recommended. Spoke too soon, can't edit various.
  14. Which gogo bars Walking Street do you recommend ?

    Licking your eyebrows can sometimes get you attention. There's something wrong with the post function. When I want to reply to anotheeR post I can only get the previous post I've made. Edit: And I'm not able to edit incorrect text
  15. Which gogo bars Walking Street do you recommend ?

    Licking your eyebrows can sometimes get you attention.