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  1. SimonD

    Where Are All You TVs From?

  2. SimonD


    Seeing as none of the boys or their 'coach' could swim, mandatory swimming lessons at primary school level would be a good start...
  3. Yes. Each and every 90 day entry can be extended in-country by 60 days at your local Immigration Office (for 1,900 Baht) or you can do an in-and-out border run for a new 90 day entry. The original Non-O based on marriage is good for one year and with a border run near the expiry date of the original visa followed by a 60 day extension gives almost 17 months of stay. How you manage 90+60 or 90+90 cycles is up to you. When and if you wish to convert an entry or 60 day extension to an one-year Extension of Stay based on marriage the financial requirements are either 400k in Thai bank or 40k Baht/month income. Have a read through this long-running thread for the full scoop: It also contains a lot of info about the detail of getting a Non-O at Savannakhet. Simon
  4. Check the later pages of this long running thread:
  5. I did my Non-O Multi at Savannakhet in early June this year and the Laos entry stamp p/copy was not asked for. Post by thatmanagain above states exactly what I had to provide also and mirrors my own experience.
  6. The prevalence of guns in popular Thai drama's on TV doesn't help. Young children must think it's quite normal to wave a gun in someone's face to get your own way...
  7. SimonD

    The Question No One Can Answer

    Great stuff - love those masks! The only thing missing is the Snapping Crocodile....
  8. SimonD

    Buriram to Siem Reap

    Seconded. Tatty or torn bills or those with scribble on them will be refused by most vendors. Simon
  9. SimonD

    Buriram to Siem Reap

    Mea Culpa. I didn't check the website properly and misread the flight info as a stopover BKK en-route SR. D'Oh! Simon
  10. SimonD

    Buriram to Siem Reap

    If you get a train or bus to Surin (about 50 Km's) there are regular minivans to Chong Chom from the bus station there. These vans also stop at Prasat and Kap Choeng (for immigration) so don't get off too early. I think you can also fly from Buriram to Siem Reap with Air Asia. As Diligad said, there are taxis from the Cambodian side to Siem Reap but they tend to be 'share' taxis so I'm told. Ta Prom, the Khmer temple reclaimed by the jungle, is outstandingly creepy... Simon
  11. And where other than a foreign passport would you expect to find a Thai immigration stamp?
  12. I did my latest Savannakhet Non-O Multi based on marriage on 7-8th June, 2018 without any problems. The Consulate required the following documents: 1. Completed Visa application form 2. Two 4 x 3 cm photo's 3. Passport 4. Copy of above (signed) 5. Copy of wife's ID (signed by her) 6. Copy of wife's Blue house book/Tabien Baan (signed by her) 7. Copy of Marriage Certificate (double sided and signed by myself only) 8. Sight of Original of above (returned immediately) 9. Copy of Kor Ror 2/marriage registration (double sided and signed by myself only) 10. 5,000 Baht fee My wife did not accompany me and they did not require her ID or House book originals (she would need to keep her ID in her possession in any case); nor any letter of invitation, PP, proof of funds, accommodation, onward flight or Laos visa copy. Only what I have posted above 1 - 10. The Kor Ror 2 copy was from the original when we were married - never been updated. Hope this clarifies. Simon
  13. Four local cops came to the small estate I live on a couple of weeks ago. The senior officer (the only one who spoke English) looked at my PP for a very long time and then asked me to point out where the latest 'permission to stay until...' stamp was. He didn't appear to be familiar with foreign PP's at all. They took a photo of it but not of me or anything else. They were extremely polite and proper and spoke to the other two farangs who also live here. They apparently told one of them that they were looking for a German national but wouldn't say why. The Thai owner of the estate had warned us two months ago that they would be coming as there was a tax issue concerning the status of the estate. Whatever the 'real' reason was for the visit it was no problem. Simon
  14. Kampot/Kep area, east of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Some national parks nearby (Bokor Hill Station and Kep NP) and Kampot is on a river with trails along the banks.
  15. I'm going to Savannakhet for a Non-O multi based on marriage next week and wonder if the copies of our marriage certificate and registration documents need to be signed by either or both of us? I can't remember if we did that the last time in 2016 and this time I'm going alone. She has signed the copies of her ID card and Tabian Baan and I've got all the documents I need (I think): Application form plus two PP photos, My passport plus copy (signed), Marriage Certificate and Registration originals, Copies of above (signed or not?), Copies of wife ID card & Tabian Baan (signed), 5,000 THB fee. Simon D