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  1. I've seen a few elephants knocking around Surin with old CD's dangling from their tails on a length of string. No indicators either...
  2. SimonD

    New Site Feedback

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned (not read the whole thread) but when I'm browsing an active topic and a new post is made, the pop-up box appears at the bottom of the screen as before the change. However, clicking on that box to read the new post doesn't work. I have to reload the page to see it.
  3. I've done three TM 30's at Surin Imm./Kap Cheong this year and each time I've asked them what the requirements are for reporting (one day in/out; 24 hrs outside province etc). I've never got a clear reply. There are three or four officers in that room with almost nothing to do. Must be the ultimate 'inactive post' going in Thai immigration. The TM 30 office is separate from the main office for extensions/90 day and they do not seem to communicate with each other. When I did a 60 day extension in May, the main office were unaware of my TM 30 address until I pointed it out to them. They were assuming that I lived at my wife's address as shown on her Tabian Baan although the extension form clearly showed my actual address (on the reverse) I would think that regular reporting at this office is only necessary if one requires extensions of stay from the main office, and even then it's probably hit and miss. The last report I did (in place of my landlord who was away) I was told that I cannot do any more TM 30's myself and that my landlord must attend to it as the 'house master'. When asked who would be liable for the fine if he didn't do it, the officer said 'The house master'. I'll wait and see what happens next time I go out/in.
  4. I've signed the petition. Still seems to be short of the required five signatures... Thanks Your signature has been added to this petition as a supporter. What next? This petition needs 5 supporters to go live. When it goes live, we'll email you a link so you can start sharing it.
  5. SimonD

    New Site Feedback

    Same here. Notifications, Messages and My Profile icons are overlaid on the Twitter etc buttons, rendering the overlaid buttons unusable. Also, Blue and Green colour scheme - what a hideous combination. New design must have been copied from a golf shirt...
  6. Having done this trip before, I photographed my bus ticket before surrendering it just in case my second journey was questioned. Bus driver couldn't have been less interested.
  7. SimonD

    The Magic of Thailand Post

    I'm impressed with the service going the other way. My last non-urgent letter to the UK from Surin took eleven days by second class airmail for just 45 Baht. An urgent first class letter some months ago took only 3 days - much faster than Royal Mail ever managed.
  8. SimonD

    Where Are All You TVs From?

  9. SimonD


    Seeing as none of the boys or their 'coach' could swim, mandatory swimming lessons at primary school level would be a good start...
  10. Yes. Each and every 90 day entry can be extended in-country by 60 days at your local Immigration Office (for 1,900 Baht) or you can do an in-and-out border run for a new 90 day entry. The original Non-O based on marriage is good for one year and with a border run near the expiry date of the original visa followed by a 60 day extension gives almost 17 months of stay. How you manage 90+60 or 90+90 cycles is up to you. When and if you wish to convert an entry or 60 day extension to an one-year Extension of Stay based on marriage the financial requirements are either 400k in Thai bank or 40k Baht/month income. Have a read through this long-running thread for the full scoop: It also contains a lot of info about the detail of getting a Non-O at Savannakhet. Simon
  11. Check the later pages of this long running thread:
  12. I did my Non-O Multi at Savannakhet in early June this year and the Laos entry stamp p/copy was not asked for. Post by thatmanagain above states exactly what I had to provide also and mirrors my own experience.
  13. The prevalence of guns in popular Thai drama's on TV doesn't help. Young children must think it's quite normal to wave a gun in someone's face to get your own way...
  14. SimonD

    The Question No One Can Answer

    Great stuff - love those masks! The only thing missing is the Snapping Crocodile....
  15. SimonD

    Buriram to Siem Reap

    Seconded. Tatty or torn bills or those with scribble on them will be refused by most vendors. Simon