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  1. I was last there in Jan. 2017 and it wasn't asked for. Think I'll skip it and save a visit to the photocopy 'agent'... Thanks for the replies.
  2. Since when has a photocopy of the Laos visa been required?
  3. SimonD

    Noisy Pit Bull Next Door

    This. Seen it happen before. As a farang you cannot ever win this.
  4. SimonD

    Wood Primer

    Thanks, but I will be painting them - hence the reference in my OP to undercoat and gloss (paint).
  5. SimonD

    Wood Primer

    Hi, My wife and I have some new wooden doors, frames ( both interior and exterior) and Thai-style casement windows for our recently started house in Surin. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good quality wood primer to treat them with prior to undercoating and glossing? Is Sadolin brand a good one? Simon
  6. This happened to me at LHR in February. The check-in counter queried my one-way ticket on a SETV and I explained that an onward flight wasn't required with a visa, which she accepted without demur. Simon
  7. NHS guidelines recommend oily fish not more than four times a week: How much oily fish should I eat? We should eat at least one portion (around 140g when cooked) of oily fish a week. Oily fish can contain low levels of pollutants that can build up in the body. For this reason, there are maximum recommendations for the number of portions we should be eating each week. These recommendations are different for different groups of people: The general population is advised to have no more than four portions of oily fish a week. My UK nutritionist advised I eat not more than two portions of oily fish a week for my particular health requirements (male, late 50's, CVD and various other lifestyle ailments). Regarding HDL/LDL levels, how much Fibre (both soluble and insoluble) do you consume? I got very respectable levels after switching to a high-fibre, low fat diet several years ago (and keeping it that way). Don't neglect the essential vitamins and minerals that can come with some extreme diets - one's body needs them all in the right proportions. Simon
  8. Thanks for the speedy reply Joe. Simon
  9. Just running through the checklist of documents in advance of getting the extension tomorrow. Do I need to take copies/originals of our marriage documents from the Amphur? My wife's ID card and Tabien Baan are in my family name. Simon
  10. Passakorn also warned people not to participate in strange rituals, especially involving drinking or eating anything of unknown origin. Uh-oh, no more meals with the family for me then...
  11. And LHR... From Oxford English Dictionary: Definition of Thiefrow in English: Thiefrow NOUN A nickname for Heathrow Airport, London, with allusion to its reputation for lax security, luggage theft, etc. Origin 1970s; earliest use found in The Sunday Mail.
  12. Thanks Jack. My local office is Kap Choeng (Surin). I've got the rental contract and copies of our landlord's ID and Tabien Baan as we don't live at my wife's house. We filed a TM 30 earlier but the landlord has the copy of that. Is there any form to fill-in and are any PP-sized photos required? Simon
  13. My SETV runs out on 7th April and I want to extend it by 60 Days based on marriage. It's been a long time since I last did any extension at Immi and I'm rusty on the details. What documents do I and my Thai wife need to take to our local IO? How much in advance of the 7th April can I do this and will I lose days if applying early? Thanks, Simon
  14. SimonD

    Incredibly random question

    I'm in Thailand and got this - This page isn’t working www.taxact.com didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Simon