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  1. This thread is about UK pension payments, not a person transferring money. First point, are you recieving a pension from the UK government? Second point if you are, is it paid direct to a Thai bank account? If the answers are no, then you are not in a position to know. Last time i got my pension daily rate published rate was 43.46, my pension was paid at43.69. So no charges were taken out.. Another point, i chose to get my pension every 13 weeks to save on bank charges. Yes after seeing the rate my pension was paid at , i made a mistake.
  2. The options are 4 weekly or 13 weekly, not weekly.
  3. Why get your pension paid in the UK? I get my pension paid every 13 weeks, and paid direct in to my Krung Thai account. Good exchange rate, and no charges whatsoever.
  4. You have never met a Thai that dosnt work, what you arrived yesterday? I n our village, within 60 ,meters of our home ,there are 5 Thai men who never work.
  5. Mr Banks Sir you are 100% correct, if you marry and want to take your wife, you should you should have sufficient funds available to provide for her, not rely on state handouts.
  6. Everywhere there will be more flooding every year, main reason is all the construction/concrete being laid. Each year there is less open ground to help absorb the water. Why can city planners, developers not see this?
  7. There there son, you not worry, we will take of you, a good kicking awaits you. First look into the camera, i want to look good in the photo.
  8. Reading the post, it says that the case has dragged on since2011. Yet he not only refused to leave, he carried on building. That is arrogance in the extreme, i am retired army, i can do as i please.
  9. Like a lot of things here, a stage managed photo shoot. When have you ever seen a senior policeman doing bag searches?
  10. We are ready, but our superiors say, we will not allow you to search Government house.
  11. Yes you are correct, my comment was refering to her past record,
  12. Get it in your heads i am the boss, and thats the way it will stay.......Got it.
  13. You did not read my post correctly, i never said she was released on bail after killing the policeman. Please read and then comment.
  14. The editor of the Nation should hang his head in shame. 19 people have lost their lives in a terror attack, and all the Nation can do is spout rubbish about concert in Bangkok, and ticket prices. SHAME ON YOU.
  15. Sorry but your comments are nonsense, she got a suspended sentence which should have been acted on. Also talking rubbish about me fleeing the country, when i was on an immigration block.