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  1. Well you have to remember that without TV members most of the worlds elite units would be very short of recruits.
  2. Why would any farang feel unwelcome here? We are loved and wanted infact even cherished by locals. Ohh sorry i just woke up from my dream.
  3. Is the BMA going to hire thousands of new employees??? Because they will need them if they get videos of all the traffic violations.
  4. He was turned down for a hotel job. After looking at his photo, i would never employ him. Why on earth do people destroy their bodies like that and think it is ok? Imagine having someone like that as a son in law.
  5. Well that is good news. I am 1 who will condemn officials for not doing their jobs, but this time i have only praise for this lady. Good on ya girl.
  6. The internet is a wonder full thing. The things that can be done now because of the invention of the internet is staggering. The internet( social media) is also creating evil in the world. The world is becoming 1 sick sh,,t hole of a place, and i for 1 am will not be sorry to leave all this evil behind when i pass away.
  7. Sorry but what has the US elections got to do with labour in the UK???? Answer absolutely nothing.
  8. Well look at the rank of the so-called deputy commandant LT. that is the rank of a very junior office, in my opinion not old enough/ experienced enough to be in such a senior position. Maybe Daddy is a high ranking officer.
  9. Maybe she was showing some nice legs and it distracted the driver.
  10. Labour says it will tear up the Brexit plans. Well no worries then as Labour have not a hope in hell of winning the election, with Corbyn as leader.
  11. What the hell is wrong with men like this? They can only be brave when they behave like a pack of wild animals. Disabled due to polio, and attacked for doing his job, disgusting absolutely disgusting. Come on B.I.B. get up off your ar..s and do your job, without waiting for a bribe.
  12. Well at least he was only playing with his phone, and not himself.
  13. Well would you believe it, !!Senior officials linked to blackmail/ forced prostitution !! Surely not senior officials would never stoop so low, as to do such despicable things.
  14. Unbelievable that this so-called government, actually think that buying old Chinese subs is beneficial to Thailand. The useless piece of scrap of an aircraft carrier, will soon be joined by more useless junk. The school situation here is in dire straits, so that money could be used for schools, but no keep the peasants ignorant. Educated people think, and that is the last thing this government want.
  15. Anybody who helps him with this nonsense is an idiot.