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  1. So Prawit says the young man did not die from a beating. How does he know? Was he there? Man could not tell the truth if his life depended on it.
  2. Tourist police vow crackdown on taxi driver scams. Somebodies having a laugh.
  3. The reason that they may not reveal the results is because the answers given were not what Prayut wanted to hear.
  4. Electric Gate Opener

    On our gate motor you insert a key, turn it, and the gate will then free wheel.
  5. If every corrupt official in every government agency was investigated and removed, the country would grind to a halt, as there would be nobody left to do the work.
  6. I agree with you 100%, but the pickup driver is a farang, so in a Thais eyes he is to blame. If he stayed in his own country the accident would not have happened. That is what the police told my wife after my accident.
  7. 4 years ago i was made paraplegic, today i am paraplegic. So in answer to your question, no he did nothing, only take money from my wife.
  8. How pathetic,sue the hotel for what? So these money grabbers are just looking for somebody/ anybody to sue. Are they saying the hotel should go through guests luggage to make sure guests are not concealing guns.
  9. Silly sod, should have found a higher bridge and done it properly. Now he is going to spent as long time in jail.
  10. Airport limousine from Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya?

    You mean they dont make any reckless manoeuvres on you.
  11. Just another get rich scam by a monk. Another day another scam, and some brain dead folk will believe it because it is being done by a monk. Just like 3 years ago for me. Wife insisted we visit this monk at his temple near Mahasarakam. The monk could make me walk again Using his own special massage, 3 days of him messing about so called special massage, he told my wife i can feel his back getting better, keep bringing him here, i will fix his back. My wife has always refused to tell me how many thousands of baht he took from her.
  12. Top brass uniform? Joe public expect the police to do something, dream on. Police here are scared of the army, so nothing what so ever will be done.
  13. OP your gf does not have a copy of the video, she has the original, made for her by her Thai bf.
  14. So the NACC says that Sombat is unusually rich. Keep going there are 10000s more, present mob in power are fighting to get in the trough.
  15. When you have corrupt people investigating corruption the end result will be corrupt.