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  1. How can they be sure it is the correct woman? Not possible to see her face.
  2. Touchy feely in Thailand

    No worries mate, just my crazy sense of humour.
  3. Touchy feely in Thailand

    Normally yes, but in my case its called paraplegia.
  4. I think he is telling porkies, got 2 women in, hoping for some threesome action, and got robbed of a few baht, ohh if i say they stole thousands insurance will pay for my holiday, di+++ead.
  5. Good job i am not planning to get married again.
  6. Vehicle strikes White House barrier, driver apprehended

    Maybe she just wanted a chat with Donald.
  7. Little bit of respect please. Poor man is dead, stop with the snide /disgraceful comments. Maybe suicide, maybe not, but serious depression can make people do almost anything to stop it. I know, i have been there, but i was fortunate, to have love/ support to help me through it.
  8. Another corrupt policeman, trying to muscle in on others peoples business. Got in a tizzy when they refused to allow it, so he though bugger this i will fix this, bang bang, nutter.
  9. Police being involved in something untoward, i am shocked !! How can anybody trust the police, when things like this come out.
  10. Well Mr 7 day wonder, i cannot allow your ridiculous comments to go unchallenged. Serial poster !! Should i be flattered or insulted?????? When you are no longer wet behind the ears, and you know more you will realize what a stupid post you just posted. Me the 1 poster on TV that has lost several million baht because of [police corruption/lies. I have posted hundreds of times my dislike for the police here, yet you say i am naive? Next time think first, check yoour facts then post, by the way welcome to TV, always good to see new members.
  11. Touchy feely in Thailand

    I get lots of Thai ladies visiting our home, almost all of them have to touch my legs, nothing rises. When i was 100% able, it never happened, now when i cannot rise to the occasion ,ladies always touching me.
  12. Prawit said the government had nothing to do with the nla decision. Well i believe him, he would never lie, would he, got his vast array of multi million baht watches from a dead pal. To think him and his ilke are supposedly running this country.
  13. Why would a person come on here and say that Polanco was seen/ photographed on Jomtien beach? Silly bugger just wanting his 15 minutes of fame, also letting people believe the police were not doing their job. Bet he keeps quiet about it now.
  14. Come on folks, give the poor man a break. Yes he was paid to protect the children, he failed in his duty, something he will have to live with. I ask everyone of you condemning the man, what would you have done? Easy to criticize after the event , the poor man froze, could happen to anyone.
  15. Well after seeing that photo of Trudeau making a plonker of himself, and his poor kids, it makes some of Prayuts photo ops look sane.