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  1. A child has died, fell from a high balcony, the fact his father is a policeman is irrelevant. How he can afford to live there is also irrelevant. His parents must be going through hell over his death, the adult responsible for his care at the time must be blaming themself, if only , if only, that will be haunting that person for the rest of their life. So a little respect please, R.I.P. young man, condolences to your parents.
  2. Well little p you are a great advert for Thailand.... Not. The dipstick thinks that by threatening the media they will listen, if he thinks he can control what individuals here can do then he has definitely lost the plot.
  3. colinneil

    Japan is Having a Shortage of Ninjas Despite Offering $85,000 Salary

    Yes they should find many on soi 6 amongst the many ex SAS,
  4. All this nonsense about not allowing the boys to be interviewed is nothing what so ever to do with protecting the boys it is about those in authority here making sure they get a Big cut of any monies involved.
  5. Now Mr Unsworths mother is jumping on the bandwagon, shame on you. Both Unsworth and Musk were in the wrong,
  6. colinneil

    Motorist jailed for threatening woman with knife

    Motorist jailed !! Good exactly what was needed. Makes a welcome change from a 500 baht fine and a wai. Jail is what is needed to show others what will happen when you behave like that.
  7. colinneil

    PM concerned about flooding situation in provinces

    He also ordered a good water management plan. Hello Mr Prayut it rains every year, there should be water management plan already in operation. The man is priceless, he should be on the stage best comedian around at the moment.
  8. Yes mate your getting confused in your old age, Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray, not crocodile Dundee.
  9. colinneil

    Donating my body to medical research when I die

    Members please take note o f what Karenrn says, yes she worked there. I know because when my wife was in Srinagarind she was a great help to me.
  10. colinneil

    Donating my body to medical research when I die

    Thank you Sheryl, i said on here 3 years ago KKU would not accept foreigners bodies. I asked myself and was told no way too much hassle, we only accept Thais. These stories of i knew a ++++++ guy are just stories, no truth in them what so ever.
  11. Your not wrong mate, with some of the goings on in this village better than any tv soap opera.
  12. colinneil

    Pattaya Court

    Not a wind up, get to the airport, pay the overstay bye bye. Get caught on overstay, get locked up, everybody knows that. OP was stupid enough to get tourist police involved whilst on overstay, so he got locked up.
  13. I thought this thread was about a neighbour not happy about noisy sex. Yet you want to attack me why? You not getting any yourself?
  14. NACC denies dragging feet in the investigation of Ole Fattys watch scandal. Priceless absolutely priceless.
  15. What a stupid comment, what has Trump got to do with a rapist Thai teacher? You are obviously not the father of a girl, or you would never make a comment like that