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  1. colinneil

    German-Engineered Security Safes (VdS-rated)

    OK advertising safes on here, but none of us UK pensioners on here have any money, due to the fall of the pound, and our pensions frozen.
  2. What a horrific/ disgusting act, by 3 teenage boys. Bar stewards should be hung, what kind of upbringing did they have? Parents are to blame for not teaching the boys right from wrong. Poor little girl will be scarred for life, she will never have a proper relationship with any man. Never want to be left alone with a man, my heart goes out to her, hope she can at least get some help for her to try and get over it, sad so sad.
  3. Just another crazy woman posting nonsense on fakebook to get some attention.
  4. Loss of face when returning home. He had spent a lot of time telling everybody, i have got a good job in Korea, bla, bla. Also he owes the loan shark serious money he borrowed for his trip.
  5. You gotta give him credit the way he keeps coming up with different topics. He must be struggling for trade, the way he keeps popping up saying you could get jail; for this/that.
  6. colinneil

    Depression in Thailand. From diagnosis to cure.

    Startracker i hope you have a good wife/girlfriend to help you. Go see a shrink, if you get a good 1 it will certainly help. When i was in hospital, after being told i would never walk again i got seriously depressed, doctors got a shrink to come and see me. I was in bed 1 afternoon and a nice looking lady came to my bed asked if she could speak with me, after over an hour she said she had to go, thank you for taking time to chat with me i said, no problem, i am your shrink, she said, what the hell, she said if i told you, you would not have spoken openly with me. She then visited me twice a week after that, it certainly helped me. Also my wife was supportive, pushing me, a good friend was also there daily, helping me. Now i did not use any medication, only help/ support. If i can be of any help to you mate pm me, if i can help you i will.
  7. The truck driver was carrying a load of chicken s++t, well he is really in the s++t now.
  8. Another life lost due to stupidity, the motorcyclist was 100% at fault. What was he doing riding in the fast lane against oncoming traffic? The dead mans family are not pursuing the case, it would be pointless anyway.
  9. Not a case of reading, but using our eyes, the sockets in the photo near the pool do not have covers on. No i am not blind,. stop trying to defend your previous comment with more BS.
  10. Politeness training, That has to be a joke, surely. Politeness is learned at an early age, not after 3 hours of somebody yakking in your ear.
  11. What a sick comment, clearly you are not disabled, making that comment. Thailand is still in the dark ages, regarding facilities for the disabled, yet money for helping them is being siphoned off by greedy corrupt bar stewards, who think to hell with them, i need a new Merc, condo for mia noi etc, disgusting.
  12. The PM asks for cooperation from community leaders. What he clearly meant was, i am the man with the guns, keep the peasants in line or else.
  13. For once i agree with Prayut, find them and prosecute them. Elephants should roam free, not dragged around hungry begging for food, this barbaric nonsense needs stopped NOW.
  14. You are very well versed on other peoples houses, you say the photos are of another build by the same company, yet you know the electrics are earthed, and have a flap to go over them, well not in the photo. Maybe you have some involvement with the company, and are using your post as advertising.