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  1. Theeraporn, good on you sir, not like that tight wad of a so-called doctor. The miserable git should be ashamed, for giving candy.
  2. Yes one nurse, only one, not many like you impied
  3. Leo ok, but big t+ts? Your in the wrong country if thats what you like.
  4. You sir are talking nonsense. I have more experience with state hospitals here than most people. Spent 7 months in Khonkaen hospital, many very fit/sexy young nurses. Very well mannered, very good at caring for patients, yes a few older nurses. One in particular older nurse, an absolute bitch, i complained about her several times, nothing ever done about it, but she has since been sacked from the hospital, due to many complaints from Thais.
  5. Something missing in this story. Stolen in january, now bank wants over 300.000 for him to get it back? What about insurance? if it was stolen, claim on insurance, ohh wait a minute probably not insured.
  6. If you look closely at the photo, they are relatives sleeping outside the ward, not patients. What you see is something that happens every night in most government hospitals.
  7. Yingluck, i wish you well in your attempt, but as you know not even the courts here observe the law. The law here is what is dictated by those in power at the time.
  8. OP somebody is pulling your chain. I have a 6 month fixed term account at Krung Thai, and i am getting 1.15%.
  9. Dont read the Sun, well that is something i have never done. Sun readers are the people missing their brains. Gutter press that is the Sun.
  10. Sorry but my thoughts are, if the so-called migrants dont like the treatment they are receiving. They should go back to their own countries.
  11. I met this Aussie bloke once, struth sheila, he asked wheres the dunny cobber. thought he must have been an alien.
  12. Showing the dragon Not much of a dragon, if it has been going on for 10 years. P[robably a mini mee.
  13. NCPO takes action against 70 officials Well thats a start, only another 70.000 to go.
  14. The miscreants are wives of foreigners, shock horror. Being married to foreigners has corrupted those poor women. They were only doing what many thousands of Thai women do every day. Pity the authorities have nothing more serious to attend to.
  15. The PM is sh+t++g himself, terrified of what could happen. Mr PM the peasants are ready to revolt, so what you gonna do??? Get your pals with the m16s to shoot a few thousand of them, just to keep the others in line. Interesting times ahead.