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  1. colinneil

    Phuket Airport toilets dubbed ’Best in Thailand'

    Clean toilets or not, dont bother me, not used a toilet in 5 years i just s++t myself.
  2. The Keystone cops were funny, these clowns are hilarious, bloody priceless.
  3. Nothing unusual here, not my fault, try to discredit the victim, disgusting behaviour by that woman.
  4. Scapegoat already lined up for the chop (nurse). Management/ doctor will be protected, but nurses career will be over.
  5. Were you still pi++ed when you posted that? Or maybe you are being sarcastic, the police are honest, you are shocked..... La-la land is where you are living if you believe what you posted.
  6. Of course the police have done nothing, after they received several million baht in large brown holdalls, they just sat back and did nothing.
  7. I think the Hong Kong tourist must have been drinking, saying that 2 policemen were extorting him. As we all know, no policeman here would do that, as they are all honest, genuine devoted to their job and would never stoop to extorting money from anyone. Silly me, must have had 1 of my moments now back to reality.
  8. The man deserves praise, not charges, he did what any father would do, protected his daughter.
  9. OP sadly the police here will lie about anything, justice/ truth mean nothing here.
  10. colinneil


    Sadly Trans you are now in the has been category.
  11. What a load of nonsense. Last week it is announced that the tourist visas would be free for a short time, suddenly tourist numbers increase. So tourists suddenly change their travel plans because of this BS. Just more brain dead nonsense.
  12. Anon said they dared me to shoot !! So he thought i will show them, take that punks, i am the man.
  13. Well Ittiporn maybe you believe that, but nobody else does. Anytime anyone of your lot say something like that they are not being truthful.
  14. colinneil

    Permanent secretary of Tourism Ministry resigns

    Pongpanu resigned because he had enough of having to post BS every day about the fake tourist numbers.
  15. He is just the same as all those people putting in fake insurance claims...... Fraudsters.