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  1. A tourist scamming a scammer, i love it.
  2. Who is the falang who sits outside Tesco Lotus?

    Why concern yourself with what other people do? Not your business, is he stealing/ raping/murdering, or other nasty deeds? No, then get on with your own life, and forget about him.
  3. Just another case of a Thai getting peope to guarantee a loan then saying up yours. Many times this happens here, ohh can you sign here to guarantee me buy a car/ house etc, then not making repayments. Guarantor then left having to repay anothers debt.
  4. Ony 2 people did not have to go through security screening, why not they cannot be trusted, they stole power from an elected government.
  5. Sir a brilliant post, best laugh i have had in ages.
  6. Sad fact is the world is being filled with little pansies, proper men are few and far between these days. Any man who sits back and does nothing when his wife is being molested, is not fit to be called a man.
  7. Nonsense, no proper man would sit back and do nothing. Also i am not a keyboard warrior, been there done that, 1984 a pr++k assaulted my wife and paid the price, nothing happened to me as he had no witnesses.
  8. I feel something missing in this story, husband goes with her to complain !! Bloody wimp should have gone and sorted the director himself. Shows he has not a lot of respect/love for his wife, any good husband would have gone and knocked out the directors lights.
  9. The article says the girl is 9, so these 2 scumbags have been molesting the poor girl since she was 7, unbelievable. Put these 2 in a room with 20 mothers for a few minutes, then there would be no need for court/prison, as they would be dead.
  10. Prayut reaches out to Central residents

    Just another staged photo op, he never got on that machine himself. Some poor sods had to lift him on, look at the nice clean shoes.
  11. Man bleeds to death after hitting glass door

    I am not reveling (as you put it) in the mans death, just pointing out the stupidity of the mans actions.
  12. Man bleeds to death after hitting glass door

    You call us bigoted ok, just 1 point though nobody asked the silly bugger to smash his arm through the glass, then sit there and do nothing, stupid is as stupid does.
  13. Man bleeds to death after hitting glass door

    Well he certainly wont do that again.
  14. Intellectual stimulation thats a cracker. Also i dont care about the price of beer and cigs, never smoked, cannot drink now ( due to medication ) so not affected by price increases. Also with the way the pound is at the moment, after my pension has been paid, i need a magnifying glass to see any change in my bank balance.