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  1. little bit too young for going, but at least, you were happy in your last minutes. R.I.P. fella Brit.
  2. The policeman did a good job catching him, but at the same time it was a crazy chase endangering lives, in around a market, bloody crazy riding by both of them.
  3. Thanks for that, i always thought the Monarch was head of the commomwealth.
  4. I cannot understand why the Queen backs Charles to be head of the commonwealth. When Charles is King he becomes head of commonwealth.
  5. Yes they will need to keep a watch on them southern provinces. About time something was done, and ole fatty is the man for the job, he definitely knows the time.
  6. It's not good to be around negative moany people, they probably avoid you, making you even more negative and avoiding you even more Obviously you missed the humour in my post, ask anybody who knows me, i am the most positive person going.
  7. Blood pressure monitor

    Have a look at Lazada, they have many different makes at reasonable prices.
  8. What about people like me? I bitch about everybody/ everything.
  9. Well i have learned the language, i do interact with people in our village, i do count my blessings for being alive, me more than most, and yes in my state i do take 1 day at a time.
  10. You never moaned/ criticised other members? Now please answer truthfully.
  11. Well here is a thought for posters on this thread. If cranky old buggers like me had nothing to moan about, what would we find to do all day.
  12. Why has the driver of the white car not been arrested? Surely the cars number plate was visible on the video. A thought i have just had, maybe the driver is a policeman/woman or a so-called hi-so, just a thought.
  13. Tourists pickpocketed near Pattaya Police Station

    I am getting bored with your rose tinted comments, as i have no doubt others feel the same. Thailand is a good country to live in, but serial corruption is now considered the norm. For a policeman to become a police general he has to part with millions of baht, then he has to recoup his outlay. Same goes for senior government jobs, now that is not moaning..... That is fACT. Now i would love for you to prove me wrong, but you cannot, it is considered the norm.
  14. Sadly this is becoming the norm, become a monk because there is BIG money to be made. Gone are the days of monks joining to do good for the people, now it is all about how much can i make/scam if i am a monk.
  15. Tourists pickpocketed near Pattaya Police Station

    Thank you for that, yes the problems i have had with the police here, have been well documented. Lamkyong just loves to attack/ condemn everything i post, he is becoming a pain in the backside.