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  1. edwardandtubs

    The New Thai Landlord-Tenant Code

    So go to chaengwattana and open a complaint with the consumer protection board.
  2. Go and get the tourist visa and then convert it into a non-b. Ignore the first two responses.
  3. I can confirm it's much quicker now than it was earlier in the year. The procedures and staff numbers don't seem to have changed though so it may just be because of the decline in the number of tourists. The only difference is the word tourist is now printed with the stamp instead of the number 24 being handwritten.
  4. Why would a Thai citizen have a tourist visa for Thailand?
  5. Thailand finally gets contactless several years after the rest of the world. Now all that's needed is somewhere that accepts contactless payments.
  6. Sometimes what looks like an agent is actually someone from the HR department of a company or organisation that has organised a large group of their employees to go and get their work permit and visa done together on the same day. There's usually no queue-jumping in such cases, just a bit of coordination that actually speeds things up for everyone.
  7. Excellent news! Is the deadline still 1530 to get your ticket number?
  8. edwardandtubs

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    The Mi 2s is going to be available for 4xxx baht from a number of sellers for the 11.11 sale on Lazada. That could be the last chance to get it at a nice discount this cool season. And 3Mdelivery are selling their 9332A+ masks at a reasonable price for anyone who wants 99+% protection.
  9. edwardandtubs

    Please come back! Thais scurry to woo back Chinese tourists

    The strategy of getting as many Chinese in as possible was always doomed to failure. It's totally spoiled the atmosphere in Thailand's major tourist destinations which has driven better quality tourists from other countries away. And as TAT have put all their eggs in the Chinese basket, they're now screwed.
  10. Well, you're 1M baht down and the only benefit is you avoid the need for annual renewals. But those renewals are a very minor inconvenience so it's a no-brainer really unless 1M baht really means nothing to you.
  11. That would be 1M baht down the drain, unlike the investment visa option where you end up increasing your capital if you invest wisely. It's a no-brainer if you have enough money for the investment visa route.
  12. You must be the first owner.
  13. You are obviously completely uninformed so shouldn't be accusing others of nonsense. On this flight, all of the business class passengers were upgraded to first class because of a last minute aeroplane change, so yes it was a freebie which none of the precious little darlings wanted to give up.
  14. The pilots were simply insisting on what was owed to them under their contract. The people at fault were the passengers who considered themselves so important they had to fly first class, even though they'd only paid for business class.