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  1. No need to return the work permit book. Even if you turn up yourself and cancel it they let you keep it.
  2. Wiko U Feel Go or Xiaomi Redmi 4X

    It is the Wiko U Feel Go for 4,290 baht: http://www.lazada.co.th/wiko-ufeel-go-ram-2gb-support-4g-lte-16904496.html?ff=1 Or the Xiaomi Redmi 4X for 4,555 baht: http://www.lazada.co.th/xiaomi-redmi-4x-2gb16gb-matte-black-22527563.html?ff=1 Xiaomi has the better name and slightly better specs so seems to be worth the extra 250 baht.
  3. Wiko U Feel Go or Xiaomi Redmi 4X

    Both of these are available from Lazada for about 4500 baht, but the Wiko is a couple of hundred baht cheaper. They both have fingerprint scanners and almost identical specs but the Xiaomi has a slightly faster processor and slightly better battery. I would go for the Xiaomi but I'm a bit reluctant because of their closed source version of Android and the bloatware you can't uninstall. Spec comparison is here (please use Google translate): https://www.moviles.com/comparar/wiko-u-feel-go-y-xiaomi-redmi-4x What do you think? Please don't say 'get an iPhone'.
  4. Tax letter translation request

    OK that sounds right. Thank you very much for your help.
  5. The "intelligence services" you extol are the ones doing the leaking, not Trump.
  6. Why WOULD they share the information when they know it's going to be leaked to the media and undermine the investigation?
  7. Tax letter translation request

    This tax letter is something to do with refusing a tax refund request. If anyone could provide a translation or just the gist of it I'd be very grateful.
  8. Where to sell a TV

    I have a TV I want to sell but can't be bothered with whole classified ads thing. Is there a place in Bangkok where I can go and sell it?
  9. Football fiasco: Two Britons, Thai accused of Premier League piracy

    Didn't these pirates used to advertise here on thaivisa? I warned people at the time that they were just pirates but no one seemed too bothered.
  10. Thanks, ubonjoe. I'll do a border run and then get my next visa in the UK. Good to know the immigration officers at the airport won't see an alert when I come back.
  11. Looking back through my old passport I see that I had 5 visa exempts between 2002 and 2007. I got a sixth at a land border last month. Will the immigration officers now see an alert when I enter? I'm going back to the UK next month for a few months but my visa exempt (which I've already extended for a month) expires next week, so there's a two-week gap. Is it worth getting a tourist visa just to avoid any future problems or would it make no difference given I've already got 6 visa exempts?
  12. Cheapest 4G device in Thailand?

    Great, I'll go and buy one. I found the details on the True website: http://truemoveh.truecorp.co.th/news/detail/622
  13. Cheapest 4G device in Thailand?

    This was the offer of a few months ago: I don't know if it's still running.
  14. Cheapest 4G device in Thailand?

    I've never seen them. Do they keep them behind the counter or what?
  15. Cheapest 4G device in Thailand?

    I'll take a look to see if True are selling them directly but I assume most of what they're trying to shift in their shops need a 12 month contract.