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  1. I've been to Hanoi before and didn't suffer any double pricing. There were a lot of ripoff artists in Saigon but you just have to know how to deal with them. Anyway, good to hear I'm in for some nice scenery.
  2. I bought my return ticket for 2300 baht, the cost of about five National Park visits.
  3. Probably if you act like you think you're entitled to the normal price you won't get it. My approach was to ask nicely and judging from a few posts here that might still work. I'm not interested in a 'special discount for you' price though. Seems a bit humiliating.
  4. Break of long term lease contract

    Landlords have to do what is reasonable to mitigate their losses by finding a new tenant as quickly as possible. If they go to court claiming it was impossible to find a tenant so they want the full 12 months it would be highly unlikely to succeed. No sensible landlord would waste time and money trying that.
  5. Break of long term lease contract

    This is a basic legal principle in most countries in the world. You don't really think that if a tenant leaves one month into a two year contract they have to cough up the whole lot do you?
  6. Thanks for the update. A tour of north Vietnam it is then.
  7. Break of long term lease contract

    This is false information. Landlord and tenant law has its own distinct rules, one of which is the ability of the tenant to terminate the contract. Of course he would lose his deposit though.
  8. About three years ago I went on a motorbike tour of northern Thailand and visited loads of national parks. When I showed my Thai drivers licence and asked politely (in Thai) I got the Thai price in all of them. I hear the junta cracked down on that and now a work permit or drivers licence makes no difference. Has anyone recently had any luck getting the Thai price? I accept that legally I should be paying the higher price and I'm not here to complain about the situation. The reason I ask is that it would be cheaper to fly to Hanoi and explore the Sapa area where these inflated fees are not charged. Nicer scenery too.
  9. Beware of Shoppee

    Fortunately the Xiaomi service is good and they repaired the phone in a week, replacing the motherboard. Never buying anything from Shopee again though.
  10. Beware of Shoppee

    Most places hold the money for a couple of weeks and return it to the buyer if there's a defect. Shopee just transfer it straight to the seller so no protection at all.
  11. Beware of Shoppee

    Spoke on the phone to Shopee 'customer service' and it's the worst I've ever encountered. All I got was hostility and complaints that they had 'not received a penny' from me but that all the money had been transferred to the shop as soon as the product had been delivered. What this means is that there is no return period at Shopee. All they can do, even if you want a refund within the 3-5 day window, is mediate between the buyer and seller. Their business model seems to be to be as seller-friendly as possible and screw the customer. Definitely one to avoid.
  12. Beware of Shoppee

    I see Xiaomi have a service centre in Pantip Plaza now so I'll go there if Shopee keep ignoring me. Wish I'd bought it from Lazada...
  13. Beware of Shoppee

    Yes, the return period is 3-5 days for Shopee which seems ridiculously short. The only reason I missed it is because they require you to upload photos but I couldn't as I didn't have a camera. That's the main reason I bought the phone! Now they're just ignoring my emails. Their adverts are also on the side of every sky train in Bangkok.
  14. Beware of Shoppee

    Sorry, it's actually spelled Shopee. They're marketing themselves very heavily at the moment so I'm surprised anyone hasn't heard of them.
  15. Beware of Shoppee

    I bought a new Xiaomi phone from Shoppee and it's a dud. The warranty period is 14 days on Lazada and I assumed it would be at least a week on Shoppee but it's only 3-5 days depending on the reason and I was too late by a day. The seller claimed the phone came with a one year manufacturer's warranty but no warranty card or anything came with the phone and I've received no meaningful communication from Shoppee for a week.