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  1. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Wow, you totally overpaid for that Xiaomi. There was a seller selling it for about 5000 not so long ago. Also be careful because it goes into auto mode every 3 hours which makes it completely useless in Bangkok. The issue and the workaround is explained here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/901639-hatari-air-purifier-ht-ap12-fan-speed-for-24-hour-running/?do=findComment&comment=12847388
  2. Bangkok Air Pollution

    I've also noticed that an unclean air conditioner can make a room worse, especially immediately after it's been turned on. I think some people are just ignorant of the fact that you have to clean the filters.
  3. Bangkok Air Pollution

    I don't think Filtrete is good value for money compared to an air purifier. I recently bought a buy one get one free offer on the 96 inch rolls for 500 baht and that probably won't last longer than a couple of months. Last night I had the air conditioning on fan only in my living room and when I tested the air this morning it was less than half as bad as the outdoor air. A good air purifier improves the air by over 90% and the filters require replacing less frequently so I think in the long term you'd be better off with a decent air purifier alone.
  4. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Always very clean air in Bangkok over Songkran. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  5. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Air quality in an office in a Silom tower is in the healthy range (under 12), probably due to the central air conditioning blowing out clean air.
  6. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Good to see my condo's gym fluctuating between 15 and 20 µg/m3, half the outside reading. Must be the heavy duty ceiling air conditioning.
  7. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Walking to a local supermarket I got similar readings on the street to balcony except when a couple of unroadworthy buses passed, then it flashed up to over 100 µg/m3 for a few seconds. In the supermarket the air was slightly better at 25 µg/m3 and I got the same reading walking next to a long row of hedges.
  8. Bangkok Air Pollution

    So, here are the official pm2.5 levels for today at 3 pm converted to AQI: Chulalongkorn Hospital - 87 Thai Meteorological Department - 63 My balcony - 99 So the Sndway seems to be working well but maybe showing higher than the true levels.
  9. Bangkok Air Pollution

    My Sndway air quality monitor arrived today. It's showing outdoor pm2.5 of 40 µg/m3 which seems surprisingly high as visibility is very good today, probably because the great Songkran getaway has started. Indoor air quality with my DIY HEPA air purifier and air-conditioning with Filtrete is currently showing 1 but sometimes goes up to 2 or down to 0 which I'm very pleased with. This is in a room about 20 square metres in a 14th floor condo near Udom Suk. My nearest monitoring station is the Thai Meteorological Office which reported an AQI of 59 equivalent to pm2.5 of 16 µg/m3 at midday. At exactly 3 pm the reading on my balcony was 35 so let's see how that compares to the official data when it's released. My readings seem to be closer to the Chulalongkorn Hospital data.
  10. Recommendations on short term housing

    He's looking for a specific recommendation, not some advice to wander around a general area looking for condos that may or may not accept a 3-month lease.
  11. Bangkok Air Pollution

    The reporting lag is a nuisance. Today I looked at the moderate air quality and thought I'd go to the gym. When I walked outside and smelt the air it was gross. Now I can see the aqi had spiked to 142 at the time. I should have trusted my nose.
  12. Bangkok Air Pollution

    What I noticed when using the Filtrete sheets in the air conditioner and separate HEPA air purifier was that the Filtrete sheets were not changing colour at all. It must be that my DIY air purifier was getting rid of almost all the particulates.
  13. Bangkok Air Pollution

    I'm not sure it is working that well. There's one report that shows the mean exposure of bus drivers in Bangkok to PM 2.5 was 323.81 mg/m3, so being on the main roads should get a much higher reading than away from all that madness. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/23130504/ So it seems the Sndway may be under-reporting PM 2.5 levels, similar to the Xiaomi sensor in the Smart Air article I posted. I suppose you get what you pay for. Then again, Pattaya might be less polluted than Bangkok. It would have been interesting to see what readings you got if you'd stayed for a few minutes near that stinky construction site.
  14. Bangkok Air Pollution

    The recommendation is that only 70% of the filter should be covered with the Filtrete sheet. This improves airflow and should reduce the problem you describe.
  15. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Beijing is getting better and Bangkok is getting worse so if the current trend continues Bangkok will be worse in a few years.