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  1. Why Few Thai Women Are Saying #MeToo

    There was this woman on the sky train, for sure she was rubbing her arse against my erect penis. #metoo
  2. Awesome Non-B experience in Hanoi

    It's not about being superior. If the visa runners start using Hanoi instead of Vientiane then Hanoi will become just as bad, which doesn't help anyone.
  3. Awesome Non-B experience in Hanoi

    Why shout about it from the rooftops like this? It's good because for some reason the visa run mob don't use it. Let's keep it that way.
  4. Well then you need to look at their legs more closely! Any ideas how the answers are leaking? It's supposed to be a 'secure English language test' approved by the British government for visa purposes.
  5. This is why the UK government doesn't recognise TOEFL or any ETS exam as a secure English test. IELTS exams require photographs and fingerprints so little chance of anything like this happening.
  6. What variety is white rice sold in supermarkets?

    Good information. It seems that all white Thai rice is going to have a high GI due to Thai consumers' preference for more glutinous strains.
  7. What variety is white rice sold in supermarkets?

    It's probably the same as American long grain then, which is what I want. The reason I ask is that jasmine rice has a higher glycemic index than normal long grain so I think it should be healthier to switch.
  8. Obviously there's jasmine rice but there's also something unhelpfully called 'white rice' on sale, like this: What exactly is this? Is it the same as long grain white rice sold in the UK?
  9. How's rush hour on the City Line these days?

    It's the morning between 8 and 9 that I'm worried about. Do you ever use it at that time?
  10. How's rush hour on the City Line these days?

    Thanks, that would just mean waiting an extra 10 minutes so not as bad as before. I might give it a morning test run before committing though.
  11. I'm thinking of renting a condo in Ramkhamhaeng and commuting to Phayathai in the mornings. I did the same a few years back but it took ages because you had to queue and wait for two or even three trains before finally getting on one. How are things nowadays? I'm asking specifically about the City Line, not the BTS or MRT.
  12. No need to return the work permit book. Even if you turn up yourself and cancel it they let you keep it.
  13. Wiko U Feel Go or Xiaomi Redmi 4X

    It is the Wiko U Feel Go for 4,290 baht: http://www.lazada.co.th/wiko-ufeel-go-ram-2gb-support-4g-lte-16904496.html?ff=1 Or the Xiaomi Redmi 4X for 4,555 baht: http://www.lazada.co.th/xiaomi-redmi-4x-2gb16gb-matte-black-22527563.html?ff=1 Xiaomi has the better name and slightly better specs so seems to be worth the extra 250 baht.
  14. Wiko U Feel Go or Xiaomi Redmi 4X

    Both of these are available from Lazada for about 4500 baht, but the Wiko is a couple of hundred baht cheaper. They both have fingerprint scanners and almost identical specs but the Xiaomi has a slightly faster processor and slightly better battery. I would go for the Xiaomi but I'm a bit reluctant because of their closed source version of Android and the bloatware you can't uninstall. Spec comparison is here (please use Google translate): https://www.moviles.com/comparar/wiko-u-feel-go-y-xiaomi-redmi-4x What do you think? Please don't say 'get an iPhone'.
  15. Tax letter translation request

    OK that sounds right. Thank you very much for your help.