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  1. Can I ask what office this was at? My poor experiences were Bangkok Prachachuen Road and Srinakarin Road. Also what visa are you on? I wonder if it makes a difference that I'm currently on a tourist visa.
  2. First experience was December 2016 and the second was March 2017. I'm really annoyed about what's happened and would really like to appeal.
  3. What seems clear is that the people working for the SSO are now under orders to make it as difficult as possible for foreigners to do this. I went to one office within 3 months of the end of my employment and was blatantly told that this was only available to Thai people. When I disputed this I was sent to see another person who said I should come back after 6 months. I went to another office in Bangkok after 6 months because I'd moved and was told I needed the resident card or house book, but by then it was too late. What I'd like to know is if I can still do it on the basis that I did hand in the form within 3 months but it was refused. I personally doubt the 3 months number is valid though as it seems to contradict your 6 months of entitlements. Surely the time when your benefits expire is the same time you have to start paying.
  4. Would a printout of an online savings account be good enough to satisfy the bank statement requirement at the embassy or consulates in the UK?
  5. Mine has none either unless I second ferment with some fruit. If you want fizz you need to seal the jar but I prefer it nice and thick without fizz. Also the Bangkok heat hasn't done my grains any harm all these years.
  6. I don't think it's possible that there would be three times the amount of kefir grains after just one night. Maybe some curd has got mixed up with your grains. I've been making kefir for years in Bangkok and find the best way is to mix about a pint of milk with about a teaspoon of grains, leave it for 24 hours and keep that cycle going. I eat any excess grains which is about a teaspoon every few days.
  7. I was also denied the opportunity to pay for SSO privately after 7 years of paying in through employment. This was in Bangkok and I was shown what looked like a alien residence card or something and told I needed that. We also spoke about where I lived and I told her I rented a condo and she gave me 'mai dai' so I think they need more than 'some sort of proof of where you live'. This happened at 2 separate Bangkok offices - one after 3 months and one after 6. It seems as more than 6 months has expired now I have no chance of paying in privately even if I did get the pink card or yellow book.
  8. A massive 5 minutes into the promo and all the promo tickets have already gone. Scam.
  9. I got a return to Hanoi with Nok Air once when the promo tickets were about 200-300 each way and the total cost was 2100 return so the total cost should be about 1700 baht for 'free' tickets, not a bad deal and cheaper than going to Laos for a visa as Vietnam is visa-free for most of us.
  10. Is Vientiane more lenient than Savannakhet these days? I've done both once and found Savannakhet to be less hassle but that was years ago.
  11. Nokia are a disgrace. I bought a Nokia X2 and the original battery became swollen so I bought a replacement from Aliexpress (only place I could find one) and the same thing happened after a couple of months. Yes, they used to produce some functional and durable little mobiles in their day but they totally lost the plot and started pumping out crap. Now everyone is getting excited about their new Android phones that are actually made by a Chinese company and are no better than what's currently on offer from Huawei at the same price. Give up on these clowns!
  12. You shouldn't call them lazy because maybe they'll read this and start a crackdown. I think it's more the case that they're not making up their own rules like other places do. Have they improved the queuing system? Last time I went ages ago you had to queue for hours outside and there were loads of queue jumpers but I remember reading somewhere that now they have a ticket system.
  13. If you were claiming to be a tourist, what sort of tourist would want to stay in detention for 7 days rather than just change plans and go to a nearby country? So you'd be contradicting your own assertion by asking to do that.
  14. No offence (I'm trying to help) but you are clearly so absolutely clueless you have misunderstood what you were told at Nongkhai. Obviously you can't just exit Thailand and then enter again without entering a third country first. That's what the person at Nongkhai was talking about. Stop worrying about what you think you've been told at Nongkhai because clearly you've misunderstood. Why not go to Hong Kong, sleep in a cheap hostel for a few days while you apply for a tourist visa and then fly back on that?