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  1. Bangkok Air Pollution

    There is no discrepancy. The external bodies take the data published by the Pollution Control Department and convert it into their own index.
  2. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Thanks for the info. To be fair, the P Pollution Control Department is doing quite a good job of publishing the data and explaining it to the public. They correctly pointed out that this level of pollution is not unusual for this time of year.
  3. Bangkok Air Pollution

    It seems the pollution is so bad today they are refusing to publish the data.
  4. Are you sure that's what swung it?
  5. Given that there's no real control of the queue jumpers, especially Filipinos, I can't see a problem with this. It would be great if everything was perfectly ordered like a British post office but it isn't so this seems like a good way of getting past the madness, assuming it's still available. But what if there's a long queue leading up to the gate? Is this building on the left separate from that?
  6. To answer my own question, yes it's only available for tourist sim cards. Please don't omit key information like this! Here's the text message I got: 00600 Call rate 24 hrs. to UNITED KINGDOM 1 bht/min for Fixed line, 6 bht/min to Mobile (excl. VAT 7% ) *00600 service is available for Tourist sim only.
  7. Tell that to the Filipinos who just waltz up to the front gate exactly at opening time and invite themselves to the front. At least if you've paid 40 baht you have some sort of claim to be entitled to jump the queue.
  8. All I get is 'sorry you cannot make call to this number'. I'm on a standard non-tourist sim. Is that the reason?
  9. I'm still a bit lost. I can't see the relationship between paying this woman 40 baht and avoiding queueing.
  10. If it's that easy why isn't everyone doing it?
  11. Swiss chard

    Yes I've got Swiss chard a few times before from the royal project shop next to OTK market but it's very seasonal. Only available for a couple of weeks a year I think.
  12. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Which selfish bastard took all the VFlex masks from Tesco On Nut? I should have known it was a mistake to share that information.
  13. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    So take the SkyTrain to Tesco on nut or buy a box from the 3Mdelivery.com website.
  14. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    I've mentioned it before but for 39 baht you can get a very convenient 3M n95 mask from Tesco which you can fold up and put in your bag or even back pocket. It's this one: