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  1. Why would it be a problem? The country you were in would have no idea about your new passport.
  2. edwardandtubs

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    This thread has gone quiet but for the sake of balance it's worth mentioning that the air quality has been fine recently, consistently on the borderline between moderate and good. The Chulalongkorn station is reporting an AQI of 53 but it seems to be better where I am as I can see clear skies far into the distance and my Sndway is reporting pm2.5 of 2-5.
  3. Interesting update Denim. Going back to what dictater said, it seems if you have your own transportation and spend some time on the Burmese side, it's hard to see how they could justify charging you for the arrival card.
  4. Khun Jean has said she asked the woman what the 500 baht was for and was told it was for the arrival card. The woman didn't say that it was for the pickup truck full of pig feed. If the money was for the transport why didn't the woman just say that? Personally I would have refused to pay but that's a different issue.
  5. edwardandtubs

    DTAC 2300 MHz Launch

    That number is telling me my Xiaomi Redmi 4X is not compatible, even though it supports that band according to this website: https://www.frequencycheck.com/models/GBYRR/xiaomi-redmi-4x-global-dual-sim-td-lte-32gb-mag138-xiaomi-santoni
  6. Oh, it was dictater who said that. Hopefully he can come back in and share his experience. I've never been charged for an arrival card but at this border they seem not to be freely available, so if anyone knows how to get round that perhaps they can share it. Apparently the 500 baht wasn't for transport as Khun Jean wasn't driven in the minivan but in private vehicles, so it's not really clear what went on there.
  7. You're being very argumentative for no reason. Maybe you could be helpful instead and suggest a way of getting an arrival card without paying for it. Also how do you manage to rent a motorbike without leaving your passport as a deposit?
  8. Can you recommend anyone who rents out a motorbike without taking your passport as a deposit? And why do you need to wait around a bit after you've stamped out?
  9. That same guy offers an all-in price of under 2000 baht from Bangkok with a group on Saturdays.
  10. edwardandtubs

    potato starch

    I buy mine from Tesco in Bangkok. It's also available on the online shopping site. As Michael says, it's very widely available so you must just be looking in the wrong place.
  11. Thanks, I get it now. It works out more expensive than the other Burmese options like Ranong where you can make your own way there and pay $10.
  12. I'm going to spend a few days in Kanchanaburi so I'm in no hurry to use a visa run company. There have been a few reports of paying 920 baht or something which includes a minivan and 500 baht for Burmese immigration so does that mean you can pay 420 baht for the minivan and $10 to Burmese immigration? And where exactly does this minivan leave from? Are there public transport options from Kanchanaburi? If not, can anyone recommend a visa run service from Kanchanaburi (and price)?
  13. Did you call DTAC to discuss the problems? I've been with them for over a decade and have found their customer service to be excellent.
  14. edwardandtubs

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    Early Sunday morning and it's all misty-looking outside so I put my pm2.5 monitor on the balcony and am getting readings of about 50, equivalent to an AQI of 137.
  15. Why didn't she start screaming in the airport if she was being abducted? Why just meekly walk with them into the van? It's terrifying that immigration officers are involved in abducting someone but there's a lot more to this story.