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  1. He was convicted of second degree manslaughter with a gun but did not serve any time for it. Long story but it's available, although only for people lucky enough to have access to the internet.
  2. No, he was arrested for leaving the scene, failure to help - the non-driving version of hit-and-run. He could face more charges of course, but that's the reason he was arrested straightaway.
  3. Video: Thais tricked by "farang" roadside con man

    Really? How did you know about it then?
  4. Every one of the Makro members. That's like asking "what local Thai" is going to pay 3,500 baht for beef, but Villa keeps expanding just the same.
  5. Because the other 31 had been previously announced and are known to everyone. Um, well, almost everyone. Others will be identified for the next few days and they, too, will have their 1.5 inches of fame just like the first 32.
  6. where to find young Thai Chef to hire

    Call or contact the just-completed Masterchef Thailand people (Facebook/masterchefthailand for starters). I think maybe half a dozen of their final 16 are looking for an opportunity, almost all of them are young, in their teens of 20s, and a couple or three of them are from the South.
  7. Is Pattaya a tourist town or a mafia town? Embrace the power of "and".
  8. Can't Get Torrents

    No, it is not against the law to use torrents to download. You may be confused between the method used to download (torrents) and the fact that some people download and in the process also upload commercial copyright files with torrents - which is illegal. There is no such thing in Thailand or any country I've heard of has a law against a *method* of downloading and/or uploading files, including bittorrent. For example. The Internet Archive now provides files via torrent. Linux prefers use of torrents. For movies, Public Domain Torrents has more than 1,000 movies and a lot of other legal (out of copyright and Creative Commons) media. GamesUpdates.org supplies torrents of patches, demos and mods. And so on, and so on.
  9. To be accurate... Prachuap Khiri Khan is not in the South. The South is from Chumphon to Malaysia, and includes the other six provinces named in the OP, but Prachuap is actually part of the Central region. There is no martial law in Thailand. The three and a half southernmost provinces (half of Songkhla) are under Thaksin's six-month special emergency act which has been renewed every six months by every government since Thaksin. It's a pretty onerous act, but there are differences with martial law.
  10. No. The car company didn't check every day. It only checked when the car became overdue for return. At no time does the story quote the car renter on when the car HAD been driven, but it had NOT been driven during the two days it should have been returned.
  11. Scapegoat in murder case walks free after 5 years

    I'm pretty sure the Ministry of Justice is still part of the government.
  12. I'm a fan of Uber and Grab and the gig economy. A big fan. Having said that, there's something you should consider here: The Uber driver is picking you up because you are going the direction he wants to go at the time he wants to go. Otherwise he ignores your call and refuses to pick you up - just like Somchai Taxidriver, except that Somchai does it to your face. Taxis and Uber are different in some ways but identical in others, such as the driver deciding if he wants your business. The Uber people can ignore or reject you anonymously; you don't even know if they've done it. The taxis here can be and should be organised better. The single-message red light in the window corner for example, can't be turned off, I believe, except by starting the meter. The Singapore and New York City systems of having "off duty" signs is worth adopting. But throwing everything on the taxis while praising Uber is not exactly correct.
  13. These were reports on the final day of the trial. The verdict is set for April 21 - poor translation. Mind, there is not a lot of doubt right now what the verdict will be and sentencing will immediately follow the verdict. But it is poor editing and runs ahead of the actual story which is that the verdict *(and possible sentencing)* will be on Aptil 21.