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  1. The Royal Ballet of Cambodia is making its debut in Hong Kong, performing 'Les Etoiles du Ballet’ in the Studio Theatre at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre from August 25 and 26. An orchestra will accompany the performance, and a female chorus that sing of the plot and emotions on behalf of the dancers, was once considered the kings’ messengers to the gods and to the ancestors. Inscribed as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage, the Royal Ballet of Cambodia is a dance form and heritage descended directly from the royal court of the kingdom of Cambodia and has previously graced Marseille, New York and Monaco. Featuring an elite troupe of 14 dancers, five musicians and three singers, the group is a cultural ambassador. On borth days in August, they will perform at 8pm. Tickets are priced from HK$200-HK$300. The perforamance is sponsored by the Consulate of Cambodia in Hong Kong and Macau, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, The Hong Kong Government, Cathay Pacific Airways, Asia Insurance, and Sinclair Communications. They say the proceeds will be used to support the performers. source
  2. By The Nation Cambodian police have arrested three Cambodians for allegedly supplying war weapons that were smuggled into Thailand by six Thais. Acting on the request of Thai police, Cambodian police arrested a 36-year-old man in Battambang on Friday, and his arrest led to arrest of two more men in the same province. On Saturday, Cambodian police took the three suspects to re-enact the crime at a border spot opposite Ban Pai Khiew village on Tambon Tapprik in Sa Kaew’s Aranyaprathet district. The event drew the attention of Thai reporters. Thailand asked Cambodian authorities to arrest the alleged arms suppliers after Sa Kaew police arrested six Thai men trying to smuggle war weapons into the Kingdom on two passenger vans on Tuesday. source -- © Copyright The Nation 23/07
  3. "He" should be Prasert. So Who did mortgage? Prasert or Surifath. If Prasert the article does not make ny sense. If Surifath, OK, it makes sense.
  4. Hor Kimsay The government has issued a decree that requires all businesses to put price tags on their products and services in riel to increase transparency for consumers and boost the use of the local currency. A prakas by the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) released yesterday builds off of a similar initiative announced in 2013 that fell flat on a lack of enforcement and confusion surrounding the vague penalties for non-compliance. However, according to the MoC’s updated decree, the government will coordinate with multiple agencies to regularly inspect business operations to make sure that price tags are in place, and are properly displayed in riel. read more -- © Copyright Phenom Pen Post 21/07
  5. Economic growth in Cambodia along with its other Asean neighbours is expected to accelerate further with the kingdom’s current account deficit narrowing, according to an Asian Development Bank report yesterday. “Annual GDP growth is projected to be slightly higher at 7.1 percent this year and next. With growth firming up in the major industrial economies this year, Cambodia’s export prospects are robust,” stated ADB’s “Asian Development Outlook 2017”. According to the ADB, Cambodia’s exports are expected to expand by 11 percent this year, outpacing import growth at 9 percent, with tourism revenues remaining strong this year and next. “The current account deficit is thus likely to narrow to the equivalent of 9.4 percent of GDP this year and 9 percent next,” added the report. In its outlook for Asean, the ADB stated that after rising 0.1 percentage points to 4.7 percent in 2016, growth will continue to improve to 4.8 percent in 2017 and 5 percent in 2018, “with nearly all Southeast Asian economies showing an upward trend”. Recovery for global food and fuel prices and in agricultural output will help commodity producers such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam,” added the report. read more -- © Copyright Khmer Times 21/07
  6. Four massage shop bosses and 13 women accused of offering illegal prostitution services were arrested in two separate raids in Phnom Penh on Wednesday. In the first case, two men and one woman were detained for running the 6666 Massage Shop in Tuol Kork district. Suon Sokly, a police officer with the Interior Ministry’s anti-human trafficking and juvenile protection unit, said eight masseuses aged from 18 to 25 were arrested after police raided the shop. “Some of the masseuses were caught having sex with their clients. They were charging between $20 and $30 for their services,” he said. In the second case, the owner of Rose Haircut and Makeup Shop in Stung Meanchey district was arrested along with five sex workers. Police confiscated used and unused condoms from both businesses, as well as other related evidence. read more -- © Copyright Khmer Times 21/07
  7. Phnom Penh military police officials have arrested tycoon Sok Heng and some aides involved in a land dispute in Phnom Penh’s Prek Pnov district. District military police commander Phuong Sophy said his officers, along with the Phnom Penh military police, took part in the arrest on Wednesday after a landowner filed a complaint. A Phnom Penh military official said Oknha Sok Heng and his aides were questioned at Phnom Penh military police headquarters. They will be sent to Phnom Penh Municipal Court today. Local websites said Mr Heng was accused of using forged documents. They said victims had filed many cases with the court. read more -- © Copyright Khmer Times 21/07
  8. This is also my feeling Joe. THANK YOU We have all the other documents. Topic which can be interesting for other persons.
  9. My daughter (Cambodian national) got the ED visa already but needs the extension soon. The University gave here already the documents and she could proceed but the University added "You need to prove to Immigration that you paid the fees and, as you got a scholarship, you need to wait we establish a document regarding the payment from a Dpt of the University to another Dpt of the same University, it can be slow." But we cannot wait. When she was in high-school, immigration never asked any document related to money. My question : "In case of extension of ED visa - University, does the Immigration needs a document related to any payment ? Or, are the usual administrative documents enough ?" THANK YOU
  10. The government is working in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund on a plan to release eight tigers into the wild in Mondulkiri province by 2022. WWF-Cambodia communication manager Un Chakrey said yesterday that they are working with the ministries of environment, agriculture and tourism, among other organisations. “Before the project starts, we have to ensure we are ready for everything,” he said. “That means that we will have proper law enforcement, enough rangers for managing the wild animals in the jungle, and no more illegal hunting or illegal trapping, or illegal logging.” Mr Chakrey said six of the tigers will be female and two will be male, with hopes that they will reproduce to help buttress the endangered population. Mr Chakrey added that they planned to release the tigers in the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary. read more -- © Copyright Khmer Times 20/07
  11. The World Bank will disburse some $540 million from 2018 to 2021 to finance economic development in Cambodia with a focus on supporting the implementation of the government’s Industrial Development Policy as well as other socio-economic projects. The committed financing was revealed on Tuesday in a meeting between the newly appointed World Bank representative to Cambodia, Ellen Goldstein, and Minister of Economy and Finance Aun Pornmoniroth, according to a press release from the Finance Ministry. “Most recently, Cambodia has seen the fastest economic growth in East Asia. Through our partnership strategy, the World Bank will continue to support inclusive growth that benefits the poor,” said Ms Goldstein. “The World Bank is committed to help and cooperate with the government and the $540 million financing from 2018 to 2021 will be used to boost Cambodia’s economic development and other social development projects,” she added. Ms Goldstein said the funds would be prioritised to meet the needs of the government “following their strategic development plan and the 2015-2025 Industrial Development Policy”. Currently, the World Bank has committed $243 million to Cambodia in its support for 12 projects. read more -- © Copyright Khmer Times 20/07
  12. The Ministry of Information has sent a letter to radio stations ordering them to immediately cease advertisements from recruitment agencies looking to send migrant workers abroad. The order follows a suggestion sent to the ministry by the Labour Ministry last month. In it, the Labour Ministry suggested that nefarious recruitment agencies that exploit workers were airing ads for their businesses over the radio. Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith said in a letter to radio station owners last week that they must stop airing the ads because some are coming from criminal enterprises. “Those firms are broadcasting without honesty and are using tricks to cheat people,” he said. “They especially cheat workers who hear the advertisements in the provinces and are then approached by brokers to go and work illegally abroad. They then face serious obstacles if they take the job offer.” Mr Kanharith said that in order to ensure workers’ safety, the stations must cease broadcasting the advertisements, unless the Labour Ministry pre-approves the ad. read more -- © Copyright Khmer Times 20/07
  13. A senior Cambodian military officer has claimed there are no longer any weapons being smuggled from Cambodia to Thailand, denying Cambodian involvement with the cross-border weapons trade. Defence Ministry spokesman General Chhum Socheat made the comments after Thai media said authorities had arrested five people believed to be involved with cross-border weapons smuggling. The smugglers allegedly said they bought the weapons from Cambodia. Gen Socheat said: “We checked our weapons stockpile through Koh Kong province to other provinces along the border and found out that there were no weapons missing.” According to Thai media, officers seized three mortars and three 82mm mortar shells from a Bangkok-based public minivan in Sakaeo province’s Aranyaprathet district early on Tuesday.Last month, Thai military officers arrested a Cambodian man and a Thai air force officer after discovering a large number of weapons in a pickup truck in Thailand’s Trat province. read more -- © Copyright Khmer Times 20/07
  14. Leonie Kijewski Amid crackdowns on undocumented migrants in Malaysia and Thailand, demand for passports among Cambodian migrants has seen large spikes in recent weeks, with many making the costly journey to Phnom Penh to get their paperwork in order. However, several Cambodia-based travel agencies told The Post that they could, defying official policies, make passports for Cambodian citizens abroad – if the citizens had the wherewithal to pay around $600, or six times the official amount. Though the agents stopped short of using the word “bribe” to describe their payments to Passport Department officials, by taking advantage of the “unofficial process”, the agencies fill in for a service that advocates say should be readily available at Cambodian embassies overseas – with one official insisting that it technically is, for workers and students. read more -- © Copyright Phenom Pen Post 19/07