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  1. What does "chav," apparently a Briticism, mean?
  2. "fly tipping" Another Briticism I've never heard of.
  3. I've not received any new messages for two days now. Is it just me or are others having the same problem? Thanks.
  4. First the top twenty, then a LARGE gap, and then the Thai universities remaining about where they've been: 1 Harvard University 2 Stanford University 3 University of Cambridge 4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 5 University of California, Berkeley 6 Princeton University 7 University of Oxford 8 Columbia University 9 California Institute of Technology 10 University of Chicago 11 University of California, Los Angeles 12 Cornell University 12 Yale University 14 University of Washington 15 University of California, San Diego 16 University of Pennsylvania 17 University College London 18 Johns Hopkins University 19 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich 20 Washington University in St. Louis ... 501-600 Chulalongkorn University 501-600 Mahidol University 701-800 Prince of Songkla University 801-900 Chiang Mai University http://www.shanghairanking.com/ARWU2018.html
  5. Grammar error: It should be *fewer* rather than *less* Europeans. Few/fewer for countable nouns, less for uncountables.
  6. Lodestone

    'Mission Impossible' Completed In 17 Days

    Better graphic of how the boys were taken out (via NY Times): https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/12/world/asia/thailand-cave-rescue-seals.html
  7. WTF does "banged to rights" mean? I've seen it here before and know it's a Briticism but not that's about it.