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  1. Somehow I think China's stance on staying neutral if fat boy starts something, will probably be enough the stop him trying. Donald Trump is merely giving back to fat boy a little bit of what he and his family have been giving others for years. When I hear of 150,000 US citizens being evacuated from South Korea, then I will worry. I'm sure China cares for its 1 Million citizens currently residing there too. Best thing would be for fat boy to take a chill pill, find a decent barber and continue stuffing his face and get fatter in the hope he puts enough strain on his heart to kick the bucket. If by chance he is stupid enough to actually launch an attack, then I have no doubt the US will respond 100 fold, they have to, N Korea could never be allowed a second bite at the cherry.
  2. China is playing both N Korea and the USA like a fiddle.
  3. Return to democracy, they're having a laugh aren't they? When was the last time the military was accountable to the government and couldn't step in whenever they chose?
  4. uptheos

    Liverpool F.c.

    I like this. Klopp was asked about trying to keep Coutinho happy. The German said: ''I can't keep players happy. That's how life is".
  5. uptheos

    Eye Specialist

    I would recommend a first point of contact to be Dr Rachada at CM Ram. I have had nothing but good experience with her over a number of years and she did cataract surgery on both my eyes, which went very well. I know the OP is looking for a different condition, but as I said for me Dr Rachada would be my first point of contact and take it from there.......and for an earlier post, yes Dr Rachada is a woman and a very nice person. All the best.
  6. uptheos

    Massive petition calls for EU referendum re-run

    Anyone listening to Carney from the Bank of England today I don't remember a poll coming up with such an exact figure as 2.7 million, in fact I don't recall any poll so I can't imagine where those figures came from. Anyway, if another vote was held, remain would win in a canter.
  7. uptheos

    Massive petition calls for EU referendum re-run

    Something so big as withdrawing from the EU shouldn't have been decided so closely by people, who mostly voted for it based on playing the race card. It was surely obvious to anyone and forecast by just about every reputable economist, that leaving the EU would be both extremely complicated and very expensive and it's going to take some time for our once strong currency to to recover, if ever!
  8. What's Britain doing in the South China Seas, not planning another attempt at world domination surely? Football, Cricket and trying not to make a pigs ear of Brexit should be their priorities.
  9. uptheos

    Thai wife problems

    Maybe she's relieved to be getting a divorce, remember we don't know you either.
  10. OP with all that information, something wasn't right and got red flagged. Who knows she could have tried before, it could be anything. The problem for you is finding out what it was, all is not always what it seems.
  11. uptheos

    Dentist Search

    Elite Smile has provided all my needs satisfactory over the same number of years and Dr Joy is a super endodontist.
  12. uptheos

    Thai Baht - Your take?

    Jobs Jobs Jobs, Exports Exports Exports, Go Donald go you know it makes sense. Trump is fixated with China's currency manipulation and probably aware of other countries too, including Thailand.
  13. uptheos

    Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    And you both fall asleep as soon as you hit the sack.
  14. uptheos

    Thai Baht - Your take?

    I believe that in the next year the baht will depreciated but not too much. As major rice and tourist competitors get stronger, Thailand will probably need to keep the currency a bit weaker. Having said that my granddaughter and her friend have just returned from 6 months in Thailand and they thought it was dirt cheap, so its doesn't seem to be hurting tourism, but exports might suffer.
  15. uptheos

    Living Will

    I have a Living Will deposited in 3 hospitals, written in both Thai and English. I would like to know if anyone has a DNR? There is a particular form in the UK that your doctor will sign and you can put it on your medical records, keep a copy in a prominent location at home and one folded in your wallet if you wish. Just wondering if there's anything of its equivalent in Thailand (and whether it has any legal standing)? Thailand, keep a copy at home and one on you, as its not guaranteed you'll go to Klaimor. Or have a CC size emergency card made stating you have a Living Will and how to obtain a copy.