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  1. I thought we eliminated possible German control in 1945..........it's a funny old game.
  2. A lot of girls found in 'other places' are often already single mothers!
  3. Her claim to fame is embarrassing Andy Pandy, by pretending to go down on him NYE at Times Square. If that's the best she can do, its good that CNN canned her and CNN keep a lot of rubbish, so that's saying something about her. Wow working at McDonalds, I wonder what the bun smelled like?
  4. She's a second rate crass comedian, whose time might be up thank heaven!!
  5. Any taste of freedom is better than none.
  6. As they say, A Real Win Double
  7. I wouldn't trust Khan further than I can throw him.
  8. Maybe they have a good old fling with a young chick before doing it Not something that's possible in their own country
  9. Saudi, Egypt and UAE, the bastions of human rights.
  10. A tweet from the POTUS is a statement from the White House Khan could be doing a lot more as Muslim mayor of London.
  11. Loads of Thai PhD holders that would be first in the queue You could probably teach English without a teachers certificate for 25,000 baht.
  12. Where did I say Corbyn will win? I said, I think May will win but its entirely possible that she cant't get a majority to form a government, Read the post properly.
  13. Yeah like embarrassing Andy Pandy on NYE, by pretending to go down on him. She's as crass as they come, not a comedian.
  14. She doesn't want to debate because all she wants to talk is Brexit. Corbyn, like him or not is coming on strong with social care and welfare reforms and I don't think May wants any of these type of questions to answer. He has joined the debate tonight and I think a lot of people see that as courageous. I think May will win but its entirely possible that she cant't get a majority to form a government, there's no one who would form a coalition with her. Its entirely possible to see the UK run by Labour/SDP/SNP wouldn't that be a shock for the pound..........or would it?
  15. http://www.thaiembassy.se/tourism/restricted-medicine