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  1. kannon99

    Thailand promotes potential of gifted children

    Then they need to also be promoting maternal nutrition, natural unmediated birth, delayed umbilical cord clamping, mother and baby not separated after birth, extended breastfeeding, proper introduction of solid foods at appropriate times, importance of good nutrition throughout childhood, parents reading to their children from infancy. Too much to ask for?
  2. Families with similar beliefs can often work out an arrangement with the school for the child to come after the Buddhist teaching time is done. Or teach their older children to sit respectful and pray or meditate or whatever.
  3. Fat exploitation at its finest.  So much for patient confidentiality.
  4. you know that a 6 month maternity leave will erease all the hopes for a good job for women? A step 200 years into the past. How about allowance for half time work and bringing the baby to work where possible? Not 200 years in the past. It's the future and how many developed countries have succeeded and with better health outcomes for women and children. Those women aren't losing their jobs. Yes this culture is different from the European countries that have good maternity leave (or paternity leave in trade) but there are decent and workable options if they would just be considered. This is why I mentioned laws (like most countries) that allow for working moms to have time for pumping if she can't take off more time from work. Breastfed baby = less sickness = less time mom misses work.
  5. - Enforce the WHO code of standards for correct advertising for milk substitutes. - Teach nurses, midwives, and doctors real breastfeeding education, not education supplied by the formula companies or the measly 4 hr of education in med school. - Enact laws that protect the breastfeeding mother, supply breastpumps and milk storage options, and decent amounts of time for moms to pump at work. - Allow for 6 months maternity leave so babies can get the WHO recommended minimum of six months being exclusively breastfed. - Support birthing practices that don't hinder or alter the breastfeeding dyad. Babies that have a fabulous beginning with breastmilk will have a much higher chance of survival and growth.
  6. An amniotic fluid embolism is one of those very very rare complications that can be fatal, even with the best of medical care And it can come out of nowhere. The family may claim negligence, but it's one of those things that happens when life just isn't fair.
  7. Which ones are the Bible bashing schools?
  8. kannon99

    Having A Baby In Thai Hospital

    Thanks for that link. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a hospital that compeletely follows this. I contacted a doula friend of mine in CM and she said that in her opinion the best hospital for natural birth with the best hospital policies is Suan Dawk. She recommends Dr. Supreeya.
  9. kannon99

    Having A Baby In Thai Hospital

    Yes, unfortunately most hospitals do separate babies. And 6 hours is nothing compared to the 24 hours of other hospitals!!! Yes the Baby-Friendly Initiative that hospitals sign is broken by every single one from what I have seen over the years of working with birthing and breastfeeding women. I was not aware that ALL gov't hospitals had signed this. Women should be able to breastfeed within the first hour and never be separated from the baby. The baby should be allowed to "room in" for this purpose, unlike many hospitals that require women to go down to the nursery themselves if they want to breastfeed. This leads to extremely high rates of formula use. If you are set on the doctor/hospital then you need to go to the hospital administrator and work out a compromise, including using that Initiative if they have signed it. Also be willing to sign a waiver or have them make one for you to sign that you would not hold them responsible if you refuse to have the baby taken for observation. And really, observation can easily be done in the mothers room and is actually better for baby than sitting in a heating box with no food (they'd give formula! or sugar water!), no holding, and really not all that much observation. Studies show that babies do better in mom's arms than in observation. K99
  10. kannon99

    Having A Baby In Thai Hospital

    Stay in Australia.... she's much better off with their hospital and birthing systems. Way less chance of an unnecessary C-section.
  11. Hi, i just read your post and wanted to get a little info from you if i may? Could you recommend a good, relatively cheap hospital for my Thai wife to give birth at in Bangkok? Regards, Wes.

  12. kannon99

    I Want To Witness Son's Birth

    Meconium aspiration is more likely in a vaginal birth and even then it's very rare. More likely it's fluid in the lungs, which is common with C-section babies... no vaginal squeezing during the birth to get the fluid out. Is your wife breastfeeding? Have they helped her with that? What kind of freebies is the hospital giving you when you leave as in samples? I'm always curious to see what hospitals are really advertising! Anyway, congrats, and all to you and your wife!
  13. kannon99

    I Want To Witness Son's Birth

    It sounds like he is talking about an android shaped pelvis which is not as common. The gynecoid is most commen. Android pelvii can mean that the head may not drop as low until much later in labor. As the head decends, those bones can move. It is not as easy of a birth, but still much better than the alternative C-sec. As for big babies, that's the most common reason for babies born by c-sec this day and most of those end up way smaller than predicted.
  14. kannon99

    I Want To Witness Son's Birth

    That's a common thought. Unfortunately, C-sections have a much higher risk for mother and baby during the birth and for some, for the long term, so they will care. Many women later suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their C-section. Something to keep in mind.
  15. kannon99

    I Want To Witness Son's Birth

    There is absolutely NO WAY a doctor can tell by xray or feeling that a baby is not going to fit through the pelvis. All of the bones of the pelvis MOVE during labor and birth. If the mother is pushing in an upright position (and not on her back with feet in the stirrups) the baby will come out. The "big baby card" is played by MOST doctors in Thailand. Ultrasound at this stage can show a due date off by +/- 3 weeks! And the weight? Off by as much as +/- 1 kg. Just because the baby has not dropped into position does not mean that it won't. You can wait until labor and see what happens. Going into labor, even if with a resulting C-section, is better because mother and baby both benefit from the birth hormones.