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  1. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Since I spend more time talking to my brother in law than any other Thai, I am going to take his advice.
  2. Asked my brother in law about this last night. He was adamant that it was impolite to use the word เหี้ย . In fact, he wouldn't say it aloud. He spelled it it out letter by letter. Looks like I'll be sticking to ตัวเงินตัวทอ .
  3. They keep getting into the hen house and eating the eggs. I am in discussions with a view to improving the security of the hen house and need to refer to them often. I know enough not to call them "hia". I have been using "tdua ngern tdua tong" but this is a bit of a mouthful. Is there a snappier but polite way of referring to them ?
  4. Mystery solved ! It was actually written down wrong by a Thai. Mind you, my English spelling is a bit variable.
  5. Like the title says. The sort of rain that you would describe in English as "drizzle". I've got a note that it is "ปลอยๆ" but I can't find this in any of the dictionaries I have looked in.
  6. Like the title says. Rain that you would describe in English as "drizzle". I had a note that this would be "ปลอยๆ" but I can't find this in any of the online dictionaries.
  7. "GuyDow" = ไข่ดาว How spiffy is that!! An opinion from a Thai on Facebook from 2014: "ลักษณะนามของไข่ ใช้คำว่า ใบ ฟอง หรือลูก แต่ถ้าไข่ 30 ฟองที่ขาย เรียกว่า 1 ถาด หรือ 1 แผง คะ" eggs in a carton [Do the British use the word "carton" also?] Been using that alias for nearly 10 years and you are the first to spot the reference. Derives from my wife's comments about my less than abundant head of hair.
  8. My Thai language teacher (when I was still taking lessons) told me that "bai" and "look" referred to eggs with their shells still on, "look" being more formal and "bai" more casual. "Forng" was anything else, e.g. fried eggs. Problem I have been having recently is that my chickens have started laying eggs again and everytime I talk to a Thai about it they correct my classifier. Unfortunately the corrections are not consistent so I have ended up more confused than ever. I think I'll stick to what my teacher said since it is broadly consistent with the consensus on this forum. Thanks for the input guys. It has really helped to clarify things for me.
  9. Hi I've come across three different classifiers for eggs ; "bai", "look" and "forng". Can someone enlighten me on the correct usage of these classifiers ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Like it says in the title. I need to have some discussions on this and it would be easier if I could use the right term to kick these off.
  11. I am considering leasing a plot of land and building a house on it. Is there some procedure for registering my ownership of the house so it is completely clear that it is my property and not the property of the landowner? Sorry if this is an old question but my searches didn't tell me what I needed to know.
  12. Yesterday I went to Nakorn Pathom immigration and submitted my completed TM8. Following the suggestions I received here I had written in the date of my 8 year-old visa in the field for date of last visa. Guess what ? The official crossed that out and wrote in something else. When I asked about it I was told I should enter the date of my most recent extension. So that is what I shall be doing until I am told otherwise.
  13. I suppose when you put it like that, it seems obvious. Seems I can't see the wood for the trees. Thanks for clearing that up.
  14. I am in the process of filling in my TM8 prior to my annual visit to the folks back home. Most of the form is fine but there is one question that always stumps me and I end up getting the guys at Immigration to fill it in for me. The section is that which asks for details of your visa : place of issue and date of issue. My last visa was issued in 2007 and is in an old passport. Since then I have obtained annual extensions of stay each year. So what do I put here ? Details of my 2007 visa ? My last extension ? Or something else ? Thanks in advance for your advice on this one.
  15. For some reason Thais use the word benzene for what others call gasoline/petrol/motor spirit. Benzene is an organic chemical often used as a solvent in liquid form. It has nothing to do with the stuff you put in your car. Check the recommended octane rating and leaded/unleaded requirement for your vehicle and you are good to go.