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  1. SurfRider

    Custom Made Shoes?

    . Did he say if he also makes non-leather type shoes, like running or walking shoes? .
  2. SurfRider

    Custom Made Shoes?

    . "head towards the fish market/ Lan Pho" Thanks, but I don't know anything about Naklua. I seem to remember a tree somewhere in the middle of the road - is it before or after that? Any other landmarks? .
  3. SurfRider

    Custom Made Shoes?

    . Thanks Eyes! There are two "Mike's" - I assume you mean the one to the north of the smaller one. .
  4. SurfRider

    Custom Made Shoes?

    . Does anyone know if there's someone who makes custom made shoes in the Pattaya / Jomtien area (or anywhere in Thailand)? Preferably running type shoes, but anything would be better than nothing. .