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  1. He has been arrested, according to a local Thai rag. Pics and everything.
  2. What’s in the New Russia-Thailand Military Pact?

    They both enjoy food. The pact is that Thais will feed the ruskies some somtam and the ruskies will feed the Thais borsch. Pretty simple.
  3. Pretty serious if the military is called in. I say good job!
  4. Thailand 4.0? Police armed with ID card readers

    No idea if it can read card DARTA, but if it reads DATA, they are on to something.
  5. Video: Pensioner pole-axed by PVC pipe in Pathum Thani

    I see this often. Improperly signed loads. Very sad.
  6. Mickey Mouse museum opens in Lamphun

    I booked a tour originally thinking it was a museum about our government. I canceled when I found out it was really a MM museum.
  7. Alec Baldwin scores Emmy gold for roasting Trump on 'SNL'

    Brilliant actor. Makes us have a laugh while the world collides.
  8. We all know what he looks like. Why cover his face?
  9. Abercrombie must be happy!
  10. No sir, No one is blaming the prosecutors. We are blaming the entire judicial system, only.
  11. Another meeting of the mindless. Nothing new then.
  12. Sorry, yes. I have the backup mirror version. Installed the rear adapter above the car plates. Works great, but video sucks, especially at night.
  13. Because my current one has the backup feature when in reverse.
  14. Hotel Midway

    I would not drive at night with all the loose buffaloes about. If you are leaving in the afternoon, stop at Hua Hin. Many nice hotels there and good food, from what I hear.
  15. Veteran actor Harry Dean Stanton dies at 91

    Oh man. Loved this guy. Cool Hand Luke, Big Love....so many. RIP. Thanks for the fun.