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  1. Everyone knows that cars are difficult to drive without changing gears!
  2. Aren't there bigger problems in life?
  3. I won't believe it until I see a video!
  4. Somtamnication

    Pakistani Christians held in visa crackdown

    Well, with the 50+ Pakistani Christians arrested, I feel much safer now, IN HELL!
  5. Yeah, good on the rangers. Have no fear. Poach the poachers, I say.
  6. Somtamnication

    Aloe Vera plants

    You can take a small one from (graft) me if you cannot find one.
  7. Tough language to learn. Good on him!
  8. This happens routinely at the Sao Dao border with Malaysia. They will always find a way, though.
  9. Not really. We want to punch them too!!!!
  10. Somtamnication

    PM Prayut worried after Chinese tourist attacked

    That part of "universal rules" has me stumped. In a military government, that makes no sense.
  11. Somtamnication

    Driver suffers electric shock after Phuket tour bus crash

    Shocking aftermath after an electrifying crash!
  12. He should have been arrested for war crimes.
  13. There is no glitch. Cannot wait for April 2019.
  14. Put them in a cage and them go at each other. They both deserve a good punch.
  15. Good to know about this. If there is a shred of doubt, do not vote for the guy. Pure and simple. Forget party lines. Oh, I forgot, this is the USA. There are no standards.