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  1. What a disgrace. Go home and get treated.
  2. Shocked that this happened to Ital Thai, a company doing large construction projects for decades. I always do wonder about those cranes though where I live. You have to have nuts of steel to climb up there.
  3. Thank God for my baldness!
  4. Do what I did: On a very quiet night, after they go to bed, have someone drive by on a bike and throw those super long fireworks that go on forever into their garden. It will keep them wondering, in silence.
  5. Wonder if freedom of speech is classified as a grave offence?
  6. Surely this is not about censorship?
  7. Yep, it's missing quite a few nuts and others are also loose.
  8. Irrespective of all the tv Sherlocks, RIP and my thoughts are with his family.
  9. Arrogant politician. Nothing new here.....
  10. There's that many in LA alone. These numbers don't add up.
  11. Thank God for videos; they tend to clear "misunderstandings".
  12. "could end up being treated as “second-class citizens”" . Ah, now they know how foreigners feel here.
  13. Gone! Melted already. The new revolution has begun.
  14. I hope the post can recover and lead a productive life!
  15. Step 1: Implement the already decades old law that physical abuse by teachers is criminal. Step 2: Allow students to ask questions without being told that they are studid if they do. Step 3: Get rid of those ridiculous 80 year old hair cuts forced upon public school students.