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  1. Somtamnication

    Life beyond the smartphone

    Yes, the zombie generation will die out and CONVERSATION begins!
  2. For once, the embassy is correct.
  3. Laughable response, considering their militarization of the Spratley islands and beyond as well as their very public secret document regarding the invasion of Taiwan in 2020. When war does break out, it will be incredible and truly worldwide.
  4. We had to change my son's name from being a foreign first name to a Thai name to satisfy his school's requirements (long story, not part of the topic). We took him down to the amphur, couple of signatures, he got the name change certificate, in and out in 30 minutes. That certificate we used for ID, passports, etc. So, OP, go to the amphur, change your Thai name and at the same time, change your ID card. Do the Thai passport change and 2 weeks later you get the new passport, then do the UK one.
  5. Somtamnication

    I am Being Blackmailed and want to prosecute this Skank

    Call her bluff. That will stop her.
  6. Never met him but he was a family man and family will suffer. RIP and condolences to his young family.
  7. Ridiculous. So now all law enforcement cannot have opinions? No evidence that any of this affected his JOB duties. Highly political, just like with MCcabe. (sp).
  8. Somtamnication

    Phuket bank robber surrenders

    So which one is it? They all look the same!
  9. Somtamnication

    'Stolen' plane closes Seattle airport before crashing into sea

    Balls of steel!
  10. Somtamnication

    Thai bodies to be sent back from Israel

    That is a huge embassy. Larger than the ones I have seen in KL. There must be a huge Thai expat population there. (Yes, indentured servitude).
  11. Somtamnication

    Netizens decry school Mothers’ Day activities

    Pathetic. Even Wai Kru Day is a complete farce. Study, not prostrate!
  12. So trust a shark rather than a weasel. Hard choice!
  13. Somtamnication

    Thai Cabinet approves Higher Education Act

    So the students will get a higher chair? 'cause their education will not change with the dinosaurs teaching!
  14. Somtamnication

    Renewal UK Passport

    It took 2 weeks to get the UK passport back. You get the old one back while the other one is being processed. Then return with the old one to pick up the new one, it is clipped and returned to you. Super fast. I used my Thai based credit card on the cc form. No issues whatsoever.