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  1. ITD denies rumours Premchai is absconding

    That boy has mounted a camel and ran off into the sunset darkness to Dubai.
  2. No more official Honda dealership (Anupas) in Phuket

    Guess I wasn't hansum enough.
  3. Renewal of British Passport

    I cannot find their phone number or email address at http://www.vfsglobal.co.uk/thailand/index.html . Is there another website? It appears this website is for visas only.
  4. Passport renewal service

    Good to know. Mine will be a Thai based **credit** card. 2000b is highway robbery.
  5. No more official Honda dealership (Anupas) in Phuket

    Who cares. They hate falangs. Always asking 50% down payments. Toyota gave me 10%. Anyways, good luck with the Honda owners. I hope you will be taken care of.
  6. Careful. The Nation could be sued, too.
  7. I hope they gave the patients more anesthesia when they saw him. This guy does not care. Speedy recovery to the victims of this senseless act.
  8. This government never learns.
  9. I am sure the NRA will have some sort of positive spin on this incident. RIP to all. 17 at last count.
  10. Black panther’s leg bones found in stream

    Thorough search there. Please don't stop and don't let poo yai threats stop them from getting this guy.
  11. Yingluck 'trying to meet Japanese PM Shinzo Abe'

    Uncomfortable about talking about democracy?
  12. "wants someone to ensure consistency and continuity in educational works.”....then you are part of the problem. Bye!
  13. South African lions eat 'poacher', leaving just his head

    Break out a bottle of champagne everyone!
  14. Colombia, Brazil tighten borders as Venezuelan crisis deepens

    Diversification never helped due to the corruption there. My family and super extended family live there and Brazil. Unbelievably sad what is happening there.
  15. Hope the stage collapses and I catch her.