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  1. And the reason this high so cannot be named?
  2. Yes but that was the police and governors. This is the army. VERY different ballgame now. But, I went and bought some popcorn. Will pop them on August 3rd.
  3. They give you a re entry permit at the bridge, side office to the far left of the booths. I was offered one and I refused. Long story.
  4. He made from 600k-800k USD per day. Nice money, but was it worth it?
  5. Clowns leave circuses all the time. Another one will come in. Oh, Huckabee is in! LOL
  6. Proof positive that karma takes a long time to arrive, but one day it will.
  7. Good music in the early 2000s. RIP
  8. I can hear it now: "world war what?". Where are the aliens, etc etc. For years, none of my high school nor uni students have ever heard of WW2, nor slavery in Bataan.
  9. Before the UK pays back the money, please return our lost heroes from the Battle of Somme and others to their families alive and well. I will personally pay this out of my own pocket.
  10. "One of the cars got two close". Glad it was not too close, otherwise there would have been a serious accident happening here!
  11. It's going to be 5 minutes long for each one, as they will plead the 5th.
  12. Never liked the guy but he is an American Hero, being a POW and tortured by the Vietcong. Never liked his politics, but he was a straight shooter and was a formidable politician. Setting politics aside, he has brain cancer, as announced this hour and I wish him the very best.
  13. It will never happen. Mob rules this country.
  14. ................and it takes 3-4 years?