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  1. WOW. Like Hawai 5-0, except its Bangkok HI-SO!
  2. Somtamnication

    Phra Buddha Isara arrested after commando raid of temple

    Oh my Bhudda. What took so long?
  3. Holy Money, Batman! That was quick! Good job!
  4. Those darn pests; always handing out banners and anti-everything stickers!
  5. Somtamnication

    Cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's bloc wins Iraq election

    Time to pay the piper!!!!
  6. I could not find it if they are not pointing towards it.
  7. Somtamnication

    Trawler captains face massive fine after catching whale shark

    I really hope they are fined and lose the trawlers. What a lovely day that will be!
  8. Somtamnication


    I purchase them as gifts for my younger students. Aliexpress. Never had problems with them. I may have 1 or 2 left, if you want them. Free. Let me know and I will try to dig them up.
  9. Go a step further and create the same wall around so called "Israel" and keep those murderers inside. Just sayin'.
  10. Somtamnication

    U.S. bishop wows royal wedding with impassioned sermon on love

    Religion creates war. But this was a nice day for the couple so hence: Congratulations!
  11. Somtamnication

    Trump suggests FBI may have infiltrated his campaign

    If they did infiltrate this campaign, good on them. What a swamp this is!
  12. Somtamnication

    Texas teen charged with killing 10 in high school massacre

    Horrible. RIP. This should not be happening.
  13. Can't make this stuff up! Kudos to the teachers putting in their own money, but also glad this is now in the limelight.
  14. El animal es Trump! (The animal is Trump).
  15. No loss there; I hate Turkish food and empanadas.