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  1. Do you/would you rent in shared accommodation?

    Only if she had big b...bs.
  2. CPF food deal helps 'make America great again'

    Oh yummy yummy !!
  3. TATA Xenon

    Anybody have experience with the TATA Xenon ? Thanks
  4. And you can open an account whilst wearing a face mask!
  5. But not recognized as cancelled at the bank apparently ?
  6. " France is also asking for legal provisions to ensure Britain accepts more refugees " Ha ha, good luck with that one Monsieur Baguette.
  7. If her new ID card has the same ID number as the old one/s (presumably) that she lost how do they cancel those that were lost ?
  8. "The AMLO also revealed that from Nov 15, 2017 to Jan 11, 2018 they had received complaints from 157 victims of Call Center scams on their 1710 Hotline. Damages in total amount to 67,180,000 baht. Of these, AMLO have managed to help 18 victims and return 4,218, 832 baht to them." Wow, well done, time for another "slap yourselves on the back" photo guys.
  9. Clearly chosen for its maintenance record. Accidents and incidents On 15 November 2012, a T-50B of the South Korean Air Force Black Eagles aerobatic team crashed shortly after takeoff, killing the sole pilot on board. The cause of the crash was due to faulty maintenance.[165] On 28 August 2013, a T-50 of the South Korean Air Force crashed during a training mission near Kwangju city, killing both pilots on board. Investigation results revealed that the pilot deaths resulted from failing to eject at a sufficient altitude, while the crash itself was caused by faulty maintenance.[166] On 20 December 2015, an Indonesian Air Force T-50i Golden Eagle crashed while performing a flight demonstration during an airshow at Adisutjipto Air base in Yogyakarta, killing its two pilots[167][168] caused by poor maintenance and pilot error.[169] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KAI_T-50_Golden_Eagle
  10. Elderly Yakuza gang member nabbed in Lopburi

    Also charge him for not having a TM 30, bloody rogue!!
  11. I hope no crashes this year please. http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/calamity/2018/01/11/pilot-caused-childrens-day-plane-crash-army/
  12. " those who have contributed special services to Immigration", Nancy I think you qualify on this criteria, 555 ,
  13. I don't wish to add any confusion to the topic but when I was doing my annual extension about 3 weeks ago a farang couple (he in a wheelchair) where serviced via the normal downstairs desk by being simply wheeled in between ticket holders (I have no problem with that) and were dealt with in a fraction of the normal time. Maybe they had already been upstairs to the TM30 room and had come downstairs to complete the extension.
  14. Vow for digital economy to be a reality this year

    And don't forget to test that the banking systems can handle the transition from one year to the next year.
  15. " DPM Prawit ready to support PM should he enter politics" Talk about "kiss of death".