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  1. davehowden

    Shun plastic, public urged

    In my local Big C yesterday a Thai guy looked very upset when his purchase of an ironing board was not wrapped in numerous green plastic bags for him 555.
  2. davehowden

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    " That any American can just swear on his/her honor that their income is whatever they say it is - and then get this statement written down and stamped & notarized by the US embassy/consulate " Seems to me that the problem has been caused by Thai Immigration never understanding in the first instance what an affidavit actually is , and accepting this method as proof of income for many years, then suddenly waking up to its potential misuse.
  3. davehowden

    Residency Certificate ~ Did I Make A Mistake?

    So now any Thai Government Agency in Chiang Mai that requires a Residence Certificate (RC) will get one from one of the 84 Embassy's in Thailand, each with a different layout of course, instead of one standard format, am I correct? Then they have to check that your RC issuer matches the country of your passport and many of the RCs will not be in English I imagine? Looks like an opening here for an enterprising company??
  4. "The company said that Thailand, while having low wages, also has better infrastructures and better industry potentials than rival countries." So are Thai wages lower than in China? What does "better infrastructures and better industry potentials" mean, better than China? Very mixed review from the OZ versions.
  5. davehowden

    Renewal Of Extension To Stay

    fcgprgI think you have to attend in person for a "Renewal Of Extension To Stay"?
  6. davehowden

    Ban Tawai

    Saw one shop there with a sign "ANTIQUES MADE TO ORDER", love it!
  7. davehowden

    Fyi: Exit/reentry Permits

    Have you thought of trying at the airport, or am I getting confused (again)
  8. davehowden

    Tyre/tire For Wheelbarrow

    In a hardware store immediately before you turn into Big C # 2 (Carrefour as was), but beware, they have no spares and the tyre is Chinese crap. 18 months and the tyre is peeling lumps of rubber and big splits in the casing, if you want to save the World DO NOT buy Chinese!
  9. davehowden

    Tyre/tire For Wheelbarrow

    Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement tyre and inner tube for my wheelbarrow, tyre size is 4.10 - 3.50 -6. I live out near Hang Dong so anywhere local to there would be great. Many thanks