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  1. Berry and Citrus Farm Open Day (Samoeng)

    Very interested Steve, look forward to you posting the coordinates.
  2. " they were employed at a cost of 3.8 million baht to develop a gas mask for military use " Like no other country's armed forces already have gas mask of military quality available, Thailand has to develop its own!!
  3. " and probably had been made in Britain. " Ah, I can see where this is going, next summons the UK Ambassador and lodge a complaint for there being no import documentation, 20 years in Thai jail my man.
  4. And cheaper as you don't need to buy a return ticket !
  5. Nice "Deck Chair" jacket you little trend setter!!
  6. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    You are being far too logical, it will all end in tears!!
  7. ‘New kind’ of corruption feared

    Maybe Thailand should use the Chinese method of combating corruption.
  8. IMF urges creation of Thai sovereign wealth fund

    Strange, I thought Thailand already had a "Sovereign Wealth Fund".
  9. Ah colonisation, the bane of the UK also.
  10. Just checked the internet weather forecasts for Chiang Mai. Seems you have a choice, you can have: RAIN TODAY RAIN TOMORROW RAIN TODAY AND TOMORROW NO RAIN
  11. I think they meant French passport holders, not French people ?
  12. Junta keeps an eye on young political movement

    Got the time Guv ?
  13. " “However, the investigation has yet to find any connection to local politicians or the permanent secretary or deputy permanent secretary of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security,” the PACC chief said. " It was the gardener what done it M'lud !
  14. Oh they belonged to his wife, surprised it was not the gardener or the maid!!!
  15. Proof of Residence for 5 year renewal of driving license

    Interesting about some LTOs not accepting a Yellow Book.