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  1. " the role of the political elites is one of the most important factors in moving a country from authoritarianism to democracy. " Really ??
  2. " on his return from a European trip next Tuesday, June 19th " haven't read anything about this momentous event.
  3. It would be terrible if the water or electricity supply got interrupted, I really hope that does not happen.
  4. davehowden

    anyone have any experience with ali express

    I am thinking of buying a garden cultivator for circa 4000 baht including shipping from AliExpress. Does anyone know if I will need to pay customs/ import duty on top of this figure? Many thanks.
  5. How would the UK government know where she lives, the UK does not use ID Cards, TM30's or 90 Day Reports do they ?
  6. Just a thought but maybe the original builder has some plans, but there again probably not, who needs plans anyway !
  7. davehowden

    Reforestation kicks off on Doi Suthep

    Can't knock the houses down yet as they have not been completed !!
  8. " Since the announcement, Thailand has welcomed many European diplomats and attaches including those from England, Italy, and France. " I bet Scotland, Wales and NI feel left out !!
  9. davehowden

    Pre-filter for home water

    I have the same problem with our village water. I installed two filters one where the village supply goes into my holding tank and another on the supply to the washing machine. The first mentioned filter is black every month and has contained birds feathers as well as the usual mud, but then the water is dirt cheap at at 6 baht/ 1000 litres. I used these filters from LAZADA and also replacement filters from them as well. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/housing-10-4-i111884617-s114479341.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.3.32ef5996tpKXjO&search=1
  10. Too many cosseted bloody "Civil Servants" is what the figures shout out to me !
  11. If the friend is in Thailand then no need to do anything. How would the authorities know that you had visited them anyway?
  12. Hi all, I have some candle soot damaged ceiling and walls to repaint and was planning to use the TSP/ Sugar Soap to try to remove the soot. Any advice on where to buy this product in CNX appreciated. Thanks
  13. davehowden

    Newbie movie to chiang mai ineed of some info

    There must be at least 6 or 7 sites on Facebook for rental properties in Chiang Mai, better than agents I suggest.
  14. davehowden

    Prayut wins Newin’s support

    Why not just buy a belt if your trousers keep falling down !!
  15. Stop drawing attention to yourselves might be good advise!