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  1. BanTamo

    Bullying in Thai schools?

    I've got ADD and I don't think it's responsible for having had to protect myself as a child (not "kid") nor, for that matter, as an adult. Nor do I share the opinion, expressed herein by some as a fact, that children are stupid. But my Thai/Caucasian child is growing up in downtown Albuquerque, the the epicenter of Breaking Bad. Actually a far safer and cooler place than portrayed, it's still a macho, Hispanic culture. Being able to defend oneself is mandatory, even if you fit in ethnically. In this culture, violence is used to 'solve' almost everything. Perhaps some of you are aware of the state sponsored terrorism and officially condoned murder of the 'other' by our police department? Google 'APD murder homeless man' if interested. Crazy chef is aptly named indeed.
  2. Just boycotting everything that's a known scam would leave most with precious little to 'do' of an evening. Or am I mistaken in my understanding that bar girls are scammers extraordinaire?
  3. He could just hire enough high school educated CBP goons to actually enforce the ridiculous laws the GOP is always on about enforcing. That would also create jobs, at least five million or so of them to be effective. And we all know how much those sanctimonious public employees in the GOP revere jobs creators. Of course, those public employees hate not only government in and of itself, but aso any expansion of public expenditure for anything whatsoever. Quite the quandary for those exemplars of Xtian morality I'd say.
  4. And if you are going to serve the nation as Commander in Chief of our nation's armed forces, you do not act in contempt of the American people by offering blatantly false rationale for an illegal, undeclared war, nor do you act in contempt of Congress by circumventing legal requirements to seek approval for your farsical overseas adventuring, nor in contempt of the Department of State and all foreign allies by circumventing and frustrating our centuries of diplomatic protocols. Nor do you, gleefully as you did or otherwise, trample our centuries of leadership in, and compliance with, both the spirit and the letter of international laws and basic human decency by engaging in torture, particularly torture known, prior to its u undertaking, to have no useful intelligence result. Shall I go on? Disgraceful indeed
  5. As if drug laws are to be respected anywhere in the world. What a bunch of bawbags wishing all this statist control on anybody. Go drink yourselves into oblivion, since its 'legal'
  6. BanTamo

    Meeting the parents - what to say?

    Why not start the conversation out with an appreciative comment on their daughter's voracious appetite and stellar performance in bed/on the breakfast table/hanging from the chandelier? No doubt khun paw'll be beaming with pride for weeks
  7. BanTamo

    'Happy' Phuket police officer kills himself

    Yes, police being such compassionate people, surely deserve compassion from us, their victims. Have any of you heard of how and why the US Department of Justice has taken over control and daily operations of the Albuquerque Police Department (APD)? Most of the police in Thailand I've had the misfortune to meet have been only slightly better. He will surely RIP if his karma so dictates, but I'll not be investing in the manufacture of celestial barcaloungers any time soon.
  8. How dare that wretched publication refer to this beautiful young boy as a 'kid'
  9. BanTamo

    22 arrested at Sex & Drugs Party in Jomtien

    Ratio seems about right for the enjoyment of a certain practice
  10. Someone reads of this tragedy and promptly references himself and his state of being pleased or delighted by some trivial co-occurance?
  11. @soalbundy - Google is faster...
  12. "The story of the Chinese Nationalist (Kuomintang or KMT) forces entrenched in Shan State of Burma and northern Thailand from the 1950s to 1980s is a complex and controversial history that involved Taiwan (the Republic of China), China (the People's Republic of China), Burma, the United States and Thailand and highlighted the confrontation between the Communist and Democratic blocks in the region during the cold war period." All sides practiced the fine art of overlooking a group of KMT guerilla forces on both sides of the Burmese border at the Shan States for well over 30 years. Its a riveting story of Cold War cynicism and duplicitous behavior. Below is a link to a review of the latest scholarship on this relatively unknown issue. http://www.harvard-yenching.org/features/tragic-history-kmt-troops-golden-triangle-1950-1981
  13. "Thais are tending to have more tendency... "
  14. You haven't lived until you've ridden a girl high on that stuff. And if you're in Thailand and you think you haven't, have I got a property deal for you, sir!
  15. BanTamo

    Nigerian held in Phuket on crack dealing charge

    The stones have been available very discretely in BKK since at least the early 90s and yes, for some poor sods its one lick and the bell in Franklin's Tower rings like fire and he's lost his way. Many of those whose genetic karma predispose them to addiction die or are killed within a year. Others, having started out with access to funds will last a bit longer, but will be penniless and unrecognizable when they land on the street, sleeping rough without the requisite survival skills. Unless they're pulled out of that predicament what becomes of them ain't pretty to watch.All across Asia the street level traders are Nigerian. There used to be a great, massive, ruthless one who worked Wanchai and TST called himself Kennedy. He actually had product. The fools working Nana Nua were known to pull sanitary crystals outta urinals and pass it off as rock to the thrill seekers who didn't know any better. One acquaintance died of a heroin overdose thinking he'd just done a massive rail of Charles. His supplier, a Thai manager of a popular bar on Patpong, had received the wrong packed condom from the tier two Nigerian nitwit. Soon after that particular incident, not his first, that Nigerian commenced pushing up daisies