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  1. Police arrest 11 Africans in Bangkok for overstaying visas

    Time for all the white overstayers to take a long holiday hike also with a 10 year stamp on the passport keep it fair white black and brown out out. We have plenty locals breaking the law without the white trash joining in
  2. UK and Thailand to hold Joint Military Exercise

    uk just desperate to get friends anyware and uk goverment looking for tips on buying votes after spending 1.6billion pounds for 10 votes think its slightly cheaper in thailand
  3. So one in fifty million do a single good deed and they make a big song and dance about it Mother Teresa she is not
  4. thai army doing military work what next one asks
  5. Baldric would be proud of this cunning idea . have the junta managed to close down walking street yet and clean up pattaya to make it fit for tourists
  6. Boss in Soi Cowboy "coyote" slapping video fined

    dont do that again madam not nice for your models going modeling with red cheeks
  7. bottomless pit of money keep on spending army boys make hay while the sun shines
  8. Soon have the submarines patrolling the beach area then lookout litter louts
  9. The police and junta could have had him behind bars years ago, but obviously they are too happy to accept the ‘dare I use the word bribes to keep him out of prison, and let him enjoy his life to the full playboy life style, and I would bet my shirt on it he will never spend a full day in prison in Thailand any time soon or ever in the future. So why the sudden interest in him now possibly a distraction for other news to be hidden by the junta.
  10. A boxer who needs a bottle in a fight says it all
  11. Just watch any international news channel they will give you all the secret information you need not worth watching the Thailand news it's all Junta controlled
  12. Shinawatra family who represent the overlooked poor of Thailand driving them out of the country just shows how scared the Right wing elite are in Thailand of a single family, who will be arresting the generals after this coup and sending them to prison for 42 years for giving so much money to the Chinese and Americans for weapons and trains rather than subsidising the rural farmers in Thailand what is more important people or weapons. Good luck Yingluck take care and god bless.
  13. Surely he will get his 42year sentence reduced a little to a possible 2 months suspended sentence prior to the people taking to the streets to show solidarity against the all-powerful Junta system
  14. Getting prepared for the next clamp down on Pattaya Walking Street signs all down ‘or else ‘
  15. Soon be time again for the men in black to set off a few bombs in Bangkok