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  1. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    Easy answer here YES
  2. 983 foreigners busted for overstays in 3 days

    We all know the rules so no excuse stamp their passports and bin them all for 5 years
  3. Another Crackdown required against Junta now
  4. Another one week crusade by the Junta once again
  5. Can't they check the arrivals at airports and border crossing for terrorist and arrest them then rather than waiting years to go looking for them again
  6. Put them up north to get processed at the detention centres cram them into small mini bus and on these wonderful dangerous roads might make a bit of money rather than processed for overstay, better to charge relative’s for cremation then send them back by courier think of the savings urn rather than flight seat.
  7. I thought not long ago the Junta was going to sort all this road carnage out didn't realise they were just going to go straight for the number one global death position, had a feeling they were going to clamp down on bad driving, so more general crap spoken only.
  8. I always found that the best English language speakers are the hookers who survive on their negotiations skills
  9. Another Thai with mental issues driving a taxi. This must be part of the job remit
  10. training people to drive in a respectful manner helps prevent accidents giving police access to a money machine in the form of a radar gun wont stop accidents from happening people will just start ducking and diving all over the road when they see a policeman with a gun in his hand and motorcyclists will be diving across the dual carriageway to avoid police and cause more accidents, better to spend your time looking out for police than watching the road and other motorists.
  11. Did they not get the motorcycle number and book him later rather than chasing around the town like the keystone cops
  12. Pattaya F1 soon round beach road up walking Street if there is enough room with all the millions of people wandering around pattaya in their lycra jogging suits
  13. what they need is 100,000 baht fine if caught on the beach with plastic or polystyrene containers if you cant pay the fine on the spot 10 years in prison or hard labour camp beaches spotless in on week no litter allowed
  14. Most of the Asian countries are leagues ahead of the military run 3Rd world country 30 years they will need 300 years just to catch up with the neighbours