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  1. Jim walker

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    My Thai wife takes her shopping bag with her all the time now and has practaly stopped using plastic but some shops put everything into plastic then into the shopping bag seems very strange habit but I presume its just the Thai way
  2. Jim walker

    Pattaya cop fired for bribery, sexual assault

    Thai policeman involved in accepting a bribe Never must be Fake News
  3. Junta posse Heading over to the UK to do a big swoop for old prime ministers and nasty Thais in general hope they have plenty pairs of handcuffs with them. who needs Interpol Junta will manage just fine and a stop over in Singapore on the return flight to collect the Red Bull runner, job done.
  4. Jim walker

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    A bit more difficult to run a country than an military base possibly you need to have clever sharp brains and be reasonably intelligent to hold a political office unlike a military officer who has people decide everything for them any problems contact daddy or even higher ranking uncle officer problem solved
  5. Jim walker

    Nobody told Pattaya Tuesday was World Environment Day

    What rubbish nothing to speak of just a few little bits and bobs that these nasty tourists leave behind
  6. Better than gang raping some poor girl or robbing some old lady leave them alone not hurting anyone
  7. Must be terrible when you have no close friends to turn to in times of dire need RIP to the poor man a sad premature end to his life.
  8. I hope the police gave her a good talking to so she will never endanger her child's life again
  9. another 500 Baht fine its ok because it was a foreigner he murdered and we all know how nasty these foreigner's are trouble all the time so much to learn from the nice polite kind Thai people
  10. Good for entertaining the kids on their family holiday spot the rats and whoever spots the most gets a free ice cream without a wrapper
  11. looks like a toilet smells like a toilet well well
  12. Jim walker

    93 foreigners rounded up in nationwide crackdowns

    were they all English ?
  13. A hefty 500 Baht and on yer way sir that will make him think twice about his road rage antics next time .
  14. Any man who raises a hand to a woman is lower than a worms belly only a true cowered could do such a thing
  15. Jim walker

    Road accidents much higher than in 2017

    Lucky the soldiers were in charge and had their massive crackdown or the death toll might have been worse