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  1. Easy to get away with murder 24 months is easy time time for this nutter to have his life ended before he clocks up a few more murders
  2. 24 months for his last murder he will be hoping for the same again think a fruit loop like him needs locking up for good or preferably put down like a sick animal
  3. Death penalty only for such a brutal murder outside of the courthouse up against a wall and pop pop all over justice done
  4. So what ignorant person lets the ignorant foreigners through immigration in the first place mental checks at immigration might be the answer to stopping the ignorant entering Thailand.
  5. Turn all the Brits back at the airport stamp on passport undesirable bye bye sorry and thank you now <deleted> off
  6. Brakes failing isn't that a 1960 excuse with all the strict servicing checks these days its a thing of the past now, think just plain speeding and bad driving sums this accident up although police will probably accept 1000 baht as a excusable accident punishment
  7. Boat crew arrested after slashing Ukrainian tourist

    Tourists should know that this is normal behaviour of thai people in most complaints departments and if they don’t like it go to Vietnam
  8. A man who obviously needs help, could the police not have helped him in making a proper noose that worked for him and let him get on with serving his punishment in the next life
  9. 32 detained I take it all the other paid up their dues.
  10. Why did he not just pull over and stop and let the crazy driver go past then carry on his journey
  11. That’s these trouble making foreigners again time for a crackdown better than any elections
  12. Its the eyes he looks like a total fruit loop
  13. Just checking out the country’s to finding the best one to startup a business
  14. 100% ownership with no red tape to bother with perfection
  15. This sort of incident will never stop as long as Thailand doesn't have any police force, when they do get one, possibly they can arrest people on seeing video evidence of a crime being perpetrated, Mini van drivers have been out of control for the last 20 years at least, mainly because only they own the roads. and all other road users are just a pest on the roads