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    Current scams, the list

    New scam..... Just received this one this evening in my email - it looks like the generic scam... (admin., I don't know if the person below in the email is trying to commit a scam or if someone is trying to set up/knob the below mentioned person / company in the email...)>>>> ASIA FOREIGN CONTRACTOR SETTLEMENT CENTRE 114 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand. email: [email protected] Hello! Good fortune! Though you and I have never met before.. But I deem it necessary that I bring you this: $9.7 M ln credit/in a 'SUSPENSE ACCOUNT' is under my care. It can be transferred to your private account in your country. We can work together to get it done under 50/50% sharing ratio. Reply for concise details. Regards, Mr Som Chai Accounts Section