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  1. I am guessing he has not changed over to a Non-O Marriage extension of visa and is using a straight Non-O that requires a border crossing every 90 days.
  2. And they will set up in the street...
  3. The only way that will ever occur is to confiscate the scooters for several days with a hefty fine.
  4. There's always an exception. I know a thai man who would give up a month's salary for a Russian woman. For me, I have had a thing for Asian women ever since I first saw Nancy Kwan in The World of Suzie Wong. Some call it "yellow Fever." I came to Thailand the first time 46 years ago this month. I've lived here the last 12 years. Something brought me back and it wasn't elephant treks. The eyes and the smiles get me first.
  5. I will be gone for four months, returning in September. I will give it a shot in another week or so. Thanks much!
  6. I'll be gone for 4 months...I appreciate the info and any updates.
  7. I am hoping someone can give me a definite answer, how far ahead of expiration can I renew my 5 year driver licenses? I have been told up to 6 months ahead but got a totally different story when I hit the LTO at Soi 62 in Bangkok. I am headed stateside soon and need to get this done before I leave or be in a crunch when I return. Thanks in advance,
  8. Lick your wounds dry your tears and go find another place to live...if you can. Methinks you may have just screwed yourself on living anywhere in CNX...
  9. The main problem is lack of proper driver training. Any idiot can handle a wheel but it takes training, patience and common sense to be a professional driver. The anything for a dollar mentality has to be replaced with a decent wage for trained drivers. Being paid per run is a prescription for disaster. Drivers must be mandated to follow certain strict DOT transport driver guidelines. Now, do you want to know why this will never happen? TiT - and status quo will remain until the public screams for change. the public won't scream for change either because TiT and Mai pen lai is the order of the day. So the carnage continues....
  10. Seems to me 1555 is Tourist Police. We can report but how will they respond unless we have a way to photograph and send pics. I am guessing it's too much trouble for the BiB to get off their collective arse and do their job?
  11. Certainly not being done in BKK. I just renewed my visa, re-entry permit and 90 days. The only additional form I had to submit was an offical request to move my visa from my old passport to my new one.
  12. UPDATE: I Just went to do my 90 days report. Last 2 reports were done on line with no issue. I recently got a new passport and transferred my visa to the new book. Everything updated fine EXCEPT 90 days reporting. Seems the left hand is not talking to the right hand. In order to use the online 90 day report you must leave the country and return...or trot your happy ass to immigration every 90 days. Side note regarding the bruhaha over a new form asking for all kinds of personal data. I filled out no such form and saw no one else filling anything extra either.
  13. FedEx merely acts as the transporter to be picked up on this end.
  14. It has been spelled U-Tapao since the mid 60s. The spelling variations have some form many doifferent points of view on correct English transliterations. For example, Jomtien has been seen as Chomtian, Chom Tian, Chomtien. The sign on the aiport terminal should be good enough for all. Use the IATA ~ UTP.