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  1. Maximum of 60 days ahead of expiration. I had to renew mine just ahead of a trip back to the US as it would have expired while I was there. I tried to do 90 days but no go.
  2. You need to get the affadavit from your embassy, then have it translated to Thai, taken to the ministry of foreign affairs in Chaeng Wattana for their stamp of OK. Then you can go to the Amphur with the rest of your documents. You will also need 2 witnesses, one for your finace' and one for you. Unless you are fluent in Thai, your witness MUST be a native Thai speaker.
  3. Congestion at U Tapao

    I see it eventually bleeding off all the Pattaya traffic from BKK but that will be years away at this point.
  4. More morons heading their ugly rears...
  5. The pathologist knows where his check is written too.
  6. Just what downtown needs, another bloody damned mall.
  7. import duty on used car

    That triple the value can be triple the value of the price the vehicle sold for originally...not the second hand price.
  8. Canadian man being held against his will in Thailand, family says

    You asked for it, you got it, bend over...
  9. 727 arrested for drunk driving

    The typical governmental response will be that punishment fits as they are poor and have no money.
  10. Given the cost of a private education in Thailand, it would be less expensive to educate them stateside. Additionally, your Thai degrees are not worth the paper its printed on except in Thailand.
  11. The more I see stupid crap like this the more I believe that they can actually blow smoke up their own @$$.
  12. If you have a US bank and a smart phone, no problem. Most banks an credit unions have apps that will allow you to deposit checks with photos of the front and back. I do it all the time as I do not have need or desire to wait 45-60 days for the check to clear and lose a percentage to the Thai bank for the privilege.
  13. Emergency Medical Services System in Thailand

    My OPINION is that there are some good EMS people out there. They care but level of training is sorely lacking. The biggest impediment is the matter of face. No MD in Thailand is going to lose face over an EMT / Paramedic saving a patient. This would be considered an intrusion into their inner sanctum and a faux pas here. Another issue of contention is the abject refusal by Thai drivers to get out of the way and yield to an ambulance with lights and sirens blaring...or any other emergency vehicle. You have to change the thinking before you can make any changes worthwhile.
  14. 7-7-7 campaign to reduce death toll during New Year

    I wish them well....