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  1. The only thing the taxi drivers will understand is being taken out of the cab and given a night or two at the Hotel de Bar. Nothing will happen unless the offending drivers and operators are hit where it hurts...a DEEP dive into their wallets...and probably not even then. Corruption is too ingrained into Thai society on whole.
  2. And not enough smarts to notify the embassy to replace his passport?
  3. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    Well my car is paid for, that's a good thing. I maintain residences both here and the US on an income of $6K USD and I still have money to save each month. Oh wait, I forgot my fantastic plastic. Those bastards want their money every month too. Seriously though, I live well and take care of my wife well too on less than $1500 US per month. All these people that think they are going to retire here and live on $150 US per month are the few folks capable of blowing smoke up their own ass.
  4. As Ubon Joe stated, avoid Mondays and Fridays. Personal experience says get there around 0800 for the 0830 opening. There will be 2-300 people in line but it gets in quick. Have your forms filled out and with some luck, you will be in and out by 1000-1030. Worst case scenario is noon.
  5. I'm 65, married to my wife for 5 years and been together for 8 years. I am also a PTSD patient, so a good nights sleep is almost unheard of for me. My problem is getting up 2-3 times a night to go pee. Getting older is not easy and adapting to the rapidly changing environment we live in makes things that much harder. I think growing old, becoming less healthy and dying (possibly alone) in a foreign country is a concern for many. Evaluate your situation, rely on the advice and counsel of some trusted friends and do what is best for you.
  6. Agreed. Children lack the ability to defend themselves against comments made because a parent is a prominent politician or other high profile individual. Sent from my SM-G930F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. I have a 2012 Pajero Sport, 2.5 L diesel. While it is not a sedan, it handles well and is very comfortable. I would think that you will only find diesels in SUV and trucks here unless you go to a high end sedan like a Mercedes.
  8. Can you refuse DHL delivery ?

    I could not disagree more strenuously...
  9. Can you refuse DHL delivery ?

    I worked 20 years in the air freight industry. You are certainly welcome to refuse the shipment. If the package is coming from the vendor you bought from and not an intermediary 3rd party (like a package shipped to a relative first and forwarded to you), you will likely stand liable for freight in both directions AND any duty & tax levied by the Thai Customs department. If it is coming from a third party, you can refuse it, it will be returned and the 3rd party sending it will stand liable for freight charges. My suggestion is bite the bullet and accept charges. My wife and I are currently in the US on vacation. We sent some COACH brand bags as gifts for family. Thai Customs wanted to assess duty and tax on the full retail. When we produced documents from the store showing actual price paid, duty dropped to just under B600.00. Keep those invoices...they can become your best friend.
  10. Are you married!

    I am guessing he has not changed over to a Non-O Marriage extension of visa and is using a straight Non-O that requires a border crossing every 90 days.
  11. And they will set up in the street...
  12. The only way that will ever occur is to confiscate the scooters for several days with a hefty fine.
  13. There's always an exception. I know a thai man who would give up a month's salary for a Russian woman. For me, I have had a thing for Asian women ever since I first saw Nancy Kwan in The World of Suzie Wong. Some call it "yellow Fever." I came to Thailand the first time 46 years ago this month. I've lived here the last 12 years. Something brought me back and it wasn't elephant treks. The eyes and the smiles get me first.