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  1. So this is attacking the poor? If you can afford a motor vehicle part of being said owner is the ability to pay for, maintain, keep a proper license, adequately insure and when cited for a traffic infraction, PAY THE FINE! In this case, methinks the cart is before the horse. The government MUST enforce all traffic safety laws equally. (I stand a better chance of seeing hell freeze.) There needs to be a mandated driver education course for all drivers regardless of age. The renewal process needs to be revamped. The biggest joke is the peripheral vision check where they ask you what color. Who gives a damn what color so long as you can see it? (Yes, I know, hell is not freezing in the near or distant future.
  2. thaikahuna

    Popular expat in Pattaya in urgent need of blood

    Yes, I have found that if you are over 60 and have NOT donated in the previous 12 months, you cannot donate.
  3. Clearly, Mr Musk has allowed his mouth to write a check his ass cannot cash...
  4. This man lived his oath in protecting his country. The best words I can summon is the creed of the USAF Pararescuemen, affectionately called PJs (parajumpers). Pararescue Creed: It is my duty as a Pararescueman to save life and to aid the injured. I will be prepared at all times to perform my assigned duties quickly and efficiently, placing these duties before personal desires and comforts. These things I do, "That Others May Live.". I would be proud to call him a brother.
  5. thaikahuna

    Credit card scam?

    I get the same notices not just with Chase but BofA too. I have gone back to merchants that tried to double dip and demand reversals of all but the original charge. If they refuse, I dispute all and they get nothing.
  6. thaikahuna

    Retirement Visa Scam?

    I got the same email this AM for my American passport. Researched it a bit as I have sent some inquiry emails on other topics but decided this is a scam.
  7. thaikahuna

    Accident Waiting To Happen In Nongprue

    I was living on the dark side when the city finally decided to put lights in at the rail crossings. Great idea, wonderful way to save lives...last about a week. Last time I was down that way I drove the road to see how it was...it wan't nice. The lights work but only when you get a professional traffic engineer to time them.
  8. thaikahuna

    True Fiber 100/30 now 100/100?

    I live in BKK and have consistently been receiving 125+ Download and 37+ Upload. When I switched to servers in SG and HK I got a negligible difference. Looks like they, as others noted, put you on the higher priced program.
  9. If the car is registered in Buriram, plan on a road trip. I bought a truck that was registered in Khon Kaen and had to make 3 trips to KK and back.
  10. I see both sides of this equally well. I am one who does require the assist and am damn glad it's available. I have no qualms giving over a 100 baht (or more as case determines) for the poor Thai that has to push me through the airport. The reason you will see an "entourage" is the airline desire to board all in the party together. I can get along fine for short distances but due to a heart condition cannot go the long trek through Swampy and other IAP like HKG, NRT or ICN. Yes, I have seen it abused too but I'd like to think the number abusing the option is small.
  11. Color of his skin has nothing to do with it. He was an incompetent POTUS. Class? He has no class either but you please carry on without me as I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
  12. He's done more to deserve it than his irrelevant predecessor.
  13. There is no BEST bank in this country. They are all about the same, equally inefficient. Your best luck in opening an account without a long term visa will be either Bangkok Bank or Kasikorn in my opinion.
  14. When the hell are people going to wake up and order retrofit to all these hazardous balconies and make them so no one can fall...accidentally or not.
  15. thaikahuna

    Prepaid SIM card validity

    I kept mine valid by having someone add 100 Baht every few months to the already decent balance I kept on it. Then I converted to post-pay account 12 years ago. I am not sure if still accurate but DTAC was killing off all numbers that had no activity call in or out for 46 days...regardless of balance.