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  1. Follow the money. An attack like this is very expensive and extremely difficult to pull off without connections, probably to the Deep South. Anyone can find a hitman. Not just anyone can find an experienced team like this
  2. Didn't expect her boyfriend to look like that. Shouldn't be too hard to find and I'm sure he'll end up at a gym sooner rather than later for fear of losing his gains.
  3. "a swift head-butt-cum-swipe" Yikes! Those are both painful and sticky.
  4. He wasn't so defenseless when he was swinging the sword.
  5. They could make it disappear but I doubt they could conjure footage up.
  6. He had posted about magic mushrooms. Those don't usually put one in the most logical rational state of mind.
  7. Wasn't there CCTV footage on this one?
  8. A quick check of the CCTV in the area should come up with the real story.
  9. Wonder if he is paying Thai taxes on those YouTube videos he makes in Thailand. Hmm...
  10. Even worse, can you imagine the smell had the durians caught fire!
  11. The only thing not photoshopped there is part of her face.
  12. "It is not known the reason for the argument or why the Thai man challenged the tourist to a fight." One small clue might be when he explains at 0:45 what happened- that the Chinese dude smashed into his leg. He asks the woman if she saw it and she nods. Of course that's one side of the story but being shoved aside by Chinese people isn't too far-fetched.
  13. There is a very large jewelry fair twice a year and sterling silver is a huge part of it given Thailand's strength. Suggest you wait for the fair and walk it to shop manufacturers.