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  1. Not really. Thais will often help the weaker party, especially if women or kids are involved. I've lived in Thailand 20 years and seen quite a few altercations in my time. Sad to say that the majority were initiated by farangs for various reasons, often involving alcohol and a mistaken belief that Thais won't fight back. We see videos of farangs being beaten but I've also seen remarkable restraint. For example a food vendor on Sukhumvit getting swung on by a farang who complained about paying an extra 10 Baht more than a Thai. He kept shouting "Pom Thai Pom Thai" and then shoved the food vendor and tried to take a punch. An opportunity if ever for a beating but the motorcycle drivers just held him back and his lady friend walked him away. Those type of cases don't make for exciting videos so no one bothers to post them.
  2. Poor little girl seeing that happened to her dad. Good to see everyone rushing to help. Even a little scrawny guy in a white shirt trying to drag the guy out of the car.
  3. Where are you finding these women? That can be part of your problem. Many years ago when I first arrived in Thailand a Thai male friend of mine said never to date a girl seriously if you couldn't find out about her background and behavior.
  4. " said that the intersection was well known for incidents of this nature." Accidents involving mobile cranes with brake failure?
  5. Sad situation. Guy obviously was trying to get to his destination but confused and suffering from mental issues.
  6. There's no way this is accurate. Who on earth did they survey? In Myanmar corruption is everywhere. Run a factory and expect surprise visits from officials on a monthly basis. Your whole day disappears as they run around finding violations and assessing on the spot fines. Then they expect you to take them to lunch or dinner with free flow whiskey. Goods ready for delivery? Send a crew with the container to get it through customs, X-ray, and onto the boat. Each with small payments to keep things moving. Traffic police I would say are about the same as Thailand. But that's about it.
  7. That's a serious accident for one of those soi tuk tuks. Looks like he ran someone over?
  8. It's only speculation that he was on the way to hospital. Guy had the infection for six months and had already been to the hospital many times. He had posted on Facebook and while some people recommended other hospitals others were posting about herbal remedies and other things. For all anyone knows he could have just been out for a ride.
  9. Why the hell would the parents push their child out into the middle of the road, at night, and not even at a crossing. Stunningly irresponsible.
  10. "Jesus was unavailable for comment" If Jesus made an appearance to back the guy that would make things interesting. "Yes my children, I want John to have mega money. Rolling in it. Just balling. I taught him how to defraud the bank. You got a problem with that then you got a problem with me. Jesus out!" *poof*
  11. A lot of these articles are misleading. Buying and selling of foreign reserves is normal and commonly used for controlling a currency's strength against the USD. Selling foreign reserves strengthens the Baht. Buying weakens the Baht. Neither are inherently good or bad. It depends on the objective of the government.
  12. Silly cows. No respect for the places they're visiting. Here's hoping the story blows up enough that they're identified and ridiculed.
  13. Maintenance of the parks. Thais pay for it out of tax. Other countries do the same for out of state or out of country visitors, though not normally 10x more.
  14. It's not the long tail boat owners that make high level decisions like that. If anything they'd like it to be free so a lot more tourists came in.
  15. Can't wait to see the photo pointing at some fat teenager in front of his computer.