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  1. They might want to wear gloves when picking up that pipe. Don’t know where it has been. Actually, yes we do....
  2. I was replying to the OP who said he met some foreigners who own a condo but only have a blue book. That means they’re not registered as it’s impossible for a foreigner to be registered in a blue book. If they are registered it would need to be in a yellow book.
  3. If the foreigner is registered then they will have a yellow book and a blue book, their name being in the yellow book. If they only only have a blue book it means they’re not registered as residing there. For stuff like getting a driver’s license or getting a loan it’s very useful to be able to show one’s name in a yellow book.
  4. I’m not the boyfriend of the Koh Tao girl if that’s what you’re asking! This happened almost 10 years ago. It was a lesson to me how one can trust what people say but verifying it is equally or more important.
  5. The example they gave isn’t a great one. Teachers at prestigious schools are expected to be conservative in their actions and had anyone posted photos of penis-shaped lipstick online they likely would have been fired too. If if they had a problem with transgender professors they wouldn’t have hired her and allowed her to lecture in the first place.
  6. For people who say that the woman would never declare that she was raped if it didn't happen, here's a little story. Several years ago I was living in Singapore with my girlfriend at the time. We had been together for about three years, originally dating casually and one thing led to another and she never left my apartment. I would fly in and out on business and she would also take trips with friends and family around the region. One day after she came back from a trip she was in tears and told me that she had been raped in Bangkok. I was shocked and asked her what happened. She told me a story about how a friend of hers introduced her to a guy at dinner and the guy drove her back to the hotel, but stopped in a remote location first and raped her. I immediately wanted to contact the police but she said she was more concerned about STDs and pregnancy and wanted to go to a hospital. In the end she convinced me she didn't want the police involved as she didn't want to relive the trauma and being Thailand they'd probably do nothing anyway. And she didn't want me to confront her friends about it as it wasn't their fault. I agreed. Time went by and I noticed some warning signs that something was up. Mysterious calls, texts, her behavior seeming a bit off. At the time she would use Skype to call so I installed a program that would record every call. A day or two later when she was in the shower I listened to the calls. Many of them were to one man. And wouldn't you know it, she was cheating on me with the guy she met on the trip and this was the same person that she claimed had raped her. I confronted her and she confessed, that she hadn't used protection and was worried about STDs and pregnancy. And those loving playful words on the call were out of boredom, because I wasn't paying enough attention to her. Needless to say, her effort to turn it around and blame me didn't go over too well and that was the end of our relationship. So coming back to this case, I very much understand why someone would tell their friends and family that they had been raped if it didn't happen. And it also explains the actions afterwards- not contacting the embassy, not going to a hospital, breaking up with her BF and hanging around with the new guy, etc. I suspect it wasn't the woman who contacted Samui Times but her mom who seemed to be very outspoken. I might be completely wrong here, but it's definitely not out of the realm of possibilities that the story was made up and she never expected it to get so much attention, just sympathy from family and friends.
  7. This is Thailand. How many times have you heard of a new policy or something else declared with fanfare only to be completely walked back later. If Big Joke finds what he calls new evidence then he most certainly will do what he wants with it, and no one will dare question the reversal.
  8. If we go by the same standard people hold Koh Tao to then a lot. Example an American who was last seen swimming ends up dead, a woman falls off a balcony and dies, a body found buried in sand (Burmese, so people don't seem to care much), a tourist found floating in a pool, the sudden death in his room of a diving instructor, an unidentified foreign male washed ashore, DJ found dead and police couldn't determine how he died, a Frenchman was found dead near a waterfall and the police arrested another Frenchman. This is just two years of stuff as the website doesn't go back any further. I'm not including the obvious stuff like motorcycle accidents etc. Had these things happened on Koh Tao people would be suggesting it was foul play each time.
  9. Wonder which of the dynamic duo came up with that brilliant plan?
  10. It was 3 guys. One is the ‘new boyfriend’ and the police said they wanted to interview the other two but they’ve long since left Thailand.
  11. Or go to a hospital. Aside from the crime there was the potential for STDs and pregnancy.
  12. Actually in the original article it just says a smiling man. People are assuming it means a local but there hasn’t been any clarification yet that I’ve seen.
  13. The big batch of supercars auctioned recently came from the DSI raids a while back due to underpaid taxes. There’s another batch due soon that has been put on hold due to the problems getting the cars registered. It has been comparatively rare for cars to be stuck in port. Getting them out of port wasn’t the issue it was registering them. That’s why you can see some very expensive cars driving around on red plates. Not because they want to pretend the cars are new, as anyone would know that a Gallardo for example isn’t new, it’s that they can’t get white plates.
  14. Even if you can get it past customs you might not be able to register it. Customs is in in a fight with the land department as customs auctioned off some expensive seized cars and then the new owners couldn’t get plates for them. Oops!
  15. Maybe Musk has a hearing problem and thought she was 14 instead of 40!