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  1. That’s a good point. I’ve had several speeding tickets before and once removed the label from a mattress without written permission from the authorities.
  2. Dear Lord! No wonder they’re getting the death penalty.
  3. If it makes people think twice who are the type to spray graffiti then that’s a good thing. We don’t need more “Scousse Lee” and “B”.
  4. Judging by the pixels I’d say she is Japanese.
  5. Surely those can't be real tattoos can they?
  6. I'm about 15 pages of reading behind, but is there a longer clip where she was being abusive towards him?
  7. Does the 75 mean he is 43 years old? He looks about 10 years older and trying to act like he’s 20 years younger.
  8. I used to be one of those people. Couldn’t find a job after graduating with a bachelor degree and no experience so I did an internship and went straight for an MBA after. Ended up taking a job in Thailand earning just 40k when I first started!
  9. 150 Baht is a good rate, especially for smaller transfers where there aren’t decent options. Am too lazy to check exchange rates but that’s often where money is made.
  10. OP is asking for an average idea of salary. Certainly agree that someone who is desperate for a job will take anything, but there's a 15k minimum for someone with a bachelor degree. We must pay more as we require a level of English and capability. If hiring for too low people will jump ship as soon as they get a better offer anyway.
  11. Yeah if the guy wanted to rape her then her pretending to be unconscious wouldn’t have stopped him. In fact it might have made it easier for him. Like that terrible case in Krabi where the woman fell down the ravine and the guy molested her afterwards. She admits she was so drunk she was going to vomit. She can’t speak Thai. Probably was confusion where she was going or if she had a room or wanted him to help find one.
  12. I work in manufacturing and export. Thais without any experience can expect 15-20k rising to around 25-30k after 2 years or so if progressing well. Managers 50k-125k depending on position and capability. For some general management positions with niche skillsets Thais can command salaries similar to foreigners. 200-400k plus benefits.
  13. I agree. She should have said it was Koh Tao instead of KP then there'd be far more drama and popcorn.
  14. Special fast track line is a nice way of saying, “special line so we stop getting complaints about the Chinese tourists”
  15. Pretty good language skills for an island motorcycle driver. Even cursing in English at her when he thinks she is dead.