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  1. Crash999

    Easy Pass

    After years of fumbling around for change I thought it could be a good idea to get one of those Easy Pass things. Does anyone have any experience applying for them and can give an outline of what the process is? The English section of the Easy Pass website only has the menu in English, the instructions are in Thai.
  2. Have you tried using the SCB app? I pay bills from it, transfer money, check balances, etc. Never any need to visit the website.
  3. Last year I flew in almost weekly. Around 30 visa exemptions total and never any issues. Was flying in to Suvarnabhumi and each time only staying 2-3 days. So I think time spent in country is a factor too.
  4. Just a guess but if that’s a naga and a pot on the other side then it’s probably Chiang Mai or elsewhere in the north. Based on the chandelier and tile floor it looks like a newer building not an old temple. So maybe a resort or hotel lobby.
  5. Hard to see what is being shown in the video as the camera is focusing on the dust flying around. Hopefully they can at least make contact with the boys and bring them food. Worst case would be they tried venturing much deeper into the cave and got lost.
  6. They set up some servers in Australia. For me being previously on US servers ping improved by around 100ms to an average of 200ms.
  7. The unfortunate consequence of breaking so many laws in Thailand is one of the highest road fatality rates in the world. If people actually stopped for red lights that'd be a good thing. To me that's more important than keeping people from changing lanes in the wrong place.
  8. That's remarkably efficient! I wonder if they're manually controlled or if the whole process is automated. A red-light camera would be a good addition to the roads here, more important I think than inappropriate lane changes. Far too many accidents in Thailand due to people running the lights and/or jumping a green one.
  9. Crash999

    Window Replacement

    That's just one corner of the office. There are probably 30 or so panels like this and each are divided into a top and bottom section. Would be very expensive to replace them all. I like the brown ones actually as it gives the light a yellow/warm tone. Anyway, adventure finished. Another one for the books!
  10. How'd they know it was your car? The plate doesn't seem to be visible in the pic.
  11. Crash999

    Fined 1000 THB for driving violation?!

    Not the whole way. Go a bit further down that road (East) on Google Maps and you can see there is traffic coming the other way. Traffic from that direction is forced onto the expressway. The expressway entrances are all a bit confusing in that area because the lanes keep changing. On Sukhumvit it's even worse. If one is in the northernmost lane heading east or west one is forced onto the highway even though it'd be quite easy just to continue down Sukhumvit. Police catch a lot of people there too.
  12. Crash999

    Fined 1000 THB for driving violation?!

    I've been caught turning from the wrong lane a couple of times before. Once about 15 years ago and once last year. I don't remember what was the starting point of negotiation but for the last one I was able to negotiate the fine down to 200 Baht. No receipt, of course.
  13. Crash999

    Fined 1000 THB for driving violation?!

    It's not a dirty trick. If you've driven there you'll know that if you don't turn onto the expressway you'll be heading directly into oncoming traffic.
  14. That's four hours of walking, not stopping at all to wait for cars to cross or to dodge any motorcycles and soi dogs. You must have some amazing shoes... and knees!
  15. Crash999

    Window Replacement

    Sure, here you go! https://imgur.com/krj93VD So the story just ended. Building manager called the owner of the business to complain. Suddenly the whole thing is down to a big miscommunication. Junior staff from the installation company has been thrown under the bus by the owner and the window will be replaced pronto. Typical Thailand story! Worst part of it all was how easily my staff accepted the excuse from the installation company... "Don't worry, it will eventually fade to the same color over the next 20 years!"