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  1. If it was an accident it’s a bit of a strange reaction to leave and check into another hotel. Wonder what name he uses. Mr. J Bond?
  2. How to invest £160k

    To be fair the same could be said about any investment. Impossible to predict when the highs and lows are unless one is manipulating the market.
  3. How to invest £160k

    You’ll need to open up an account with a broker and transfer cash from your bank account to your brokerage account. Then from there you buy the ETF and pay a commission for the transaction as you would do buying an individual stock. That’s all there is to it. Same process for selling. There is is a list of brokers on the Thai stock exchange (SET) website. There is also a list of ETFs. Most basic option is to pick one that tracks the whole Index. If the money isn’t already in Thailand you may want to consider keeping some of it offshore and invest there in a similar manner.
  4. Sell Car with finance ongoing

    Yes the financing can be transferred to the buyer. It's actually a fairly straightforward process. They need to be approved by the financing company then the buyer pays you some cash (assuming you have some equity) and you go with the buyer to the financing company to complete the paperwork. As another option maybe you can negotiate with your company to provide you an amount in cash instead of the company car.
  5. How to invest £160k

    I've done a fair amount of research actually, and would buy in if I saw anything that looked promising and had any sort of substance. I've also got two friends who made huge sums getting in Bitcoin early- one cashed out a while ago and another seems to be cashing out now. So I don't look down on anyone who has made money on cryptos. Far from it, good for them. But getting in *now* is a different story. It's gambling- and poor advice for someone who is older and needs a secure investment.
  6. How to invest £160k

    I meant older as in it looks like he won't be working again, so he very much depends on maintaining his nest egg. The theory is that younger people don't rely on the income and can absorb more volatility as they're still generating income and savings and could choose to work longer if necessary. Any particular projects you recommend? I checked out a couple including one in my industry that was getting some press but unfortunately it turned to to be nothing more than snake oil. Lots of buzzwords about combining the Internet of things with digitisation and the blockchain but no actual product.
  7. Align the two sticks test.

    You press the buttons to move the stick back and forth until it's the same distance from you as the other stick. Not easily done if one has one eye with worse vision than the other. One used to be able to cheat at this test by watching the shadows but they covered up the box so all you see is the tops of the sticks now. The good news is if you fail you can go to the back of the line and do it again. A lot of people fail. A trick is to pay attention to the amount of time people press the button who pass.
  8. How to invest £160k

    As one gets older one’s risk profile decreases as they depend more on the nest egg. Putting money into crypto is not good advice at all for OP given it’s so risky. It’s no better than trading penny stocks on margin. Could turn one into a millionaire but odds are one will probably lose the whole thing long term.
  9. How to invest £160k

    With the $200k buy some ETFs linked to indexes. Very low fees and you should clear another 20k Baht per month keeping the investment secure.
  10. You have to order a ton of food at Fuji to hit 3000 Baht. Sounds like they (it maybe she) were ordering food with the idea not to eat it for whatever reason she had decided. Then the guy has the audacity at the end to try and negotiate a discount as if he’s at a Russian vegetable market.
  11. TAX!

    There are several different taxes applied to cars. The reduction for hybrids applies to just one of them. It does make a fairly big difference for luxury cars though. For an S Class for example the S500 hybrid is about 700k cheaper than an equal spec S350 diesel.
  12. Met anybody famous in Thailand?

    Steven Segal about 10 years ago. Guy likes spending time in Thailand apparently.
  13. German arrested over tree damage in Krabi

    Another plonker who when having a problem with a girl blames Thailand and takes his revenge on everyone around him.
  14. Is UOB on the ATM network? When HSBC was still dealing with customer accounts that was their major drawback, that you had to use one of their ATMs.
  15. Why do people involved in these types of incidents in Pattaya always seem to have no shirt on?