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  1. ...an airport which hasn't destroyed the area that it's meant to serve. Samui was dynamite before the airport...look how that turned out...
  2. pramaprow

    Cheap Flight to States

    Thank you...
  3. pramaprow

    Cheap Flight to States

    Sorry for the vagueness...LAX: Los Angeles, California USA...
  4. pramaprow

    Cheap Flight to States

    Greetings, Looking for a travel agent (no credit card) for a cheap flight to LAX in early November...any recommendation on one (Bangkok) will be most appreciated... Thank you...
  5. pramaprow

    I'd like to watch NCAAF and NFL on my Mac

    http://www.wiziwig.tv/index.php?part=sports http://www.vipleague.se/
  6. Coming up on forty...bliss...
  7. pramaprow

    Short Term Monk for step son -party costs etc?

    '...amazed the foreigner is paying for it.' In spades...(this from a monk)...
  8. pramaprow

    Canadian Grand Prix 8th June.

    HD, and free... http://www.vipboxasia.co/sports/formula-1.html
  9. pramaprow

    F1 legend Jack Brabham dead at 88

    There's lots of YouTube interviews with him about his whole career...good stuff...
  10. 'It has been explained as fundamental in the Buddhist philosophy that when you interfere in the course of events unfolding before your eyes you then assume full responsibility for any outcome.' Perhaps this is the way it has been explained to you...although even a cursory glance at 'Buddhist philosophy' will reveal this is not so...
  11. pramaprow

    Thai Buddhist Chanting

  12. pramaprow

    Thai Buddhist Chanting

  13. pramaprow

    Ajahn Mun's Biography

    Greetings, I'm looking for a Thai version of this...can someone please point me in the right direction?... Thank you...
  14. pramaprow

    Ubuntu Installation Cd...

    Greetings...I'm looking to change my OS from Windows to Ubuntu/Linux but my internet connection is too slow (2 kps) to download the 700 megs...and haven't yet been able to track down a location to acquire one (the Ubuntu website will send one but wants six to ten weeks...)...I'd appreciate any pointers in how to find one...thanks...