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    Thailand to Legalize Same-Sex Civil Unions in Support of LGBTQ Rights

    marriage in thailand used to be a religious thing? really?
  2. well its better than nothing if the landlord wont do it. and it IS a stay in the province of over 24 hours.
  3. I haven't noticed a lot of common sense in "farang countries" recently either
  4. surprised Thai Visa allows this kind of advice!!
  5. so your neighbours call the police EVERY time they see a stranger in the neighbourhood going door to door? lol
  6. sounds like a warm welcome
  7. and do the neighbours call the police on the white ones?
  8. so do you call the police on them all?
  9. none of my friends seem to have any difficulty
  10. If the landlord refuses, Wouldnt it be best to just fill out Form 28: TM28 - Form for aliens to notify their change of address or their stay in the province for over 24 hours

    How did you meet your Thai wife?

    you should take a trip and see thailand some day