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  1. These feelings have always been around and perhaps its beneficial that they are now being exposed to the light of day.

    Blood type O, Rh Negative

    they might relent in an emergency?

    Blood type O, Rh Negative

    so am I and I'm always there from early March to Mid- February. Khun Han Sisaket.
  4. There is a real shortage of this type of blood in Thailand as its a rare type in Asia. Does Thai Visa have a list of members that have this type and if not, would it be possible to start one? I notice that there are emergency calls for this blood fairly regularly and a donor list might save lives. A simple list of name, location and periods of availability would be helpful.
  5. there is no change, the corruption is still trhe order of the day!
  6. feel free to tell us how actually encouraging it is no worse than acknowledging it, reporting it to the public and demanding they desist. LOl
  7. no, but its the first time a presidential candidate has encouraged it! fricken traitor!
  8. lol. just because he hasnt tested a missile since the meeting? lol
  9. greatest entertainment since the self destruction of nixon. american republicans, the clowns that keep on providing hilarious entertainment!
  10. you wern't paying attention in class. IQ=100 is the average. You probably spent most of your life with 110+ folks if you wanted to be able to discuss something more than the latest episode of the bachelor or big brother so imagine how many 70's and 80's there are out there to bring the average down?
  11. no more so than anywhere else
  12. the supply of workers of certain skill levels is determined by EDUCATION LEVELS And america is falling behind in that regard
  13. perhaps american workers should vote?

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    Black guys shootin at your car is so much worse than white guys doin it. thanks for pointing out his skin colour. It helps me to understand why you feel the way you do.