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  1. You mention Chris Ashton and Martin Chappel, plus a few others that helped Abe in his time of need who was the mysterious DH? David Hardcastle Well why didn't he say!!
  2. You mention Chris Ashton and Martin Chappel, plus a few others that helped Abe in his time of need who was the mysterious DH?
  3. Reading about Abe, I wonder if anyone remembers another of Chiang Mai's old charachters Harry Ineichen? A cockney of Swiss descent, he was an interesting charachter from the old days of The Escape, Domino Bar, Daniels bar etc. He passed away in December 2006. I was fortunate enough to know him and visited him during his last days at his little haven in Tambon Tassala, and attended his funeral rites at a temple nearby. His lovely wife Pongsri moved back to her home town of Phrao. In a similar vein, I was also fortunate enough to have the lovely English gentleman Bill Latham as a regular customer at the pub. His plight as a victim of smoking-related circulation problems was related in Good Morning Chiang Mai , and was used as a warning as to the dangers of smoking. Bill Latham - amputee Bill Latham - Part 2 His obiturary was posted in Chiang Mai mail Obituary I visited him regulary in hospital, in his last months, and I felt honoured to be able to help in a small way. I was also with him when he passed away - a very sad memory. I'm pleased to say that I am still good friends with his long-time partner Noy. A Thai angel, if ever there was one. Unfortunately, Bill's last days were spent in extremes of discomfort but Noy was forever at his side. She still remains, to this day, one of my heroes. I also remember, with great admiration and gratitude, the fantastic help and support offered by Khun Panida at the Bristish Consul.
  4. I know who Abe was, saw him about, but never knew him personally - I wasn't much of a bar-hopper in the old days. I'd like to express my thanks to you, Hardy, Chris Ashton, the Consul and the many people that helped a fellow farang in his time of need. A very sad and yet heartwarming story at this special time of year. An interesting anectdote I heard tonight was that if you were fortunate enough to have Abe in your team on any of the local quiz nights it was a guarantee of being in the winning team. He was very well read and extremely intelligent, by all accounts. It's always sad to hear of the passing of one of the old expat charachters of Chiang Mai. RIP.
  5. Have you guys not seen rain before?
  6. If you'd have finished that with -' Over to you Nienke', that would have been perfect, so I can only give it 9 out of 10, I'm afraid.
  7. You should be on the telly. Any chance of making these weather updates on an hourly basis? How's it panning out at Maejo, Hang Dong, San Kamphaeng, I wonder? Any forecasts for Nong hoy at 4.30? - I'm planning on being on the courts at about that time. If it's going to rain I may give it a miss. I don't like playing tennis with soggy balls.
  8. With all these gripping tales of rain during the rainy season, I wonder what we have to look forward to in 3-4 weeks time when the rain stops. "It's sunny in Saraphi"? I can't wait. I'm going to 'work' and after that I may well pop in to Guitar Man to see Nicky's now famous renditions of Sex Pistols songs. You've got to see 'God save the queen' to believe it.
  9. If Jimmy Webb could make a small fortune writing about a cake he left out in the rain, then surely you could pen one about your Frangipani seedlings tragedy. Worth thinking about.
  10. Let us know when it's finished.
  11. You should be on the telly. You're certainly non-commital enough to get the job. FYI - It will rain next week. I will not align myself with your bold prognostication, nor will I dispute it. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say keep your umbrella close at hand. Sorry about the 'bolding' your original post, it won't happen again.
  12. You should be on the telly. You're certainly non-commital enough to get the job. FYI - It will rain next week.
  13. How's your yard now? What's happening in Maerim, I wonder? I've just put a load in the machine (just the 'smalls'), so I'm hoping for a chance to for them to dry. Fingers crossed.
  14. That'll be a first - rainy season finished in early October. I hear rumbles now, although that may just be my stomach. There is still plenty of rain to come. For your information, it stops raining on November 14th. Then what will we be reading? 'It's not raining'? Although, technically, someone could start that one now , because it didn't rain for two days out at Maejo, I was enthralled to read.
  15. When I were a lad (who said 'here he goes..'?) talk of the weather was reserved for fishermen or old ladies. I remember their catch-phrases like 'Not a good day for doing the washing', or 'that breeze will get the clothes dry in no time'. Men didn't talk much and certainly didn't talk about the weather (other than the sailors - who went out in 'all sorts of weather', and we should remember that when were having our fish supper). The only important topics of conversation were the price of a pint and your smokes, or how your team (Football, cricket or rugby) were performing. I imagine that there aren't too many old sailors on this forum so I can only assume the rest are old women. Right. Norman Evans - Over the garden wall. A classic. Anyway, now that it's stopped raining (still overcast so don't forget the umbrella) I'm dashing off to work. I reckon we'll get a bit later on tonight. Could be heavy.