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  1. I agree with Joe. It's a new ballgame now. "Let's see your money and where it's from." Do people expect Immigration to have some sympathy for their plight?
  2. What's the story with the tens of thousands of non farang settlers in Thailand.......like Indians, Bangladeshis, Japanese, Koreans and those from African countries. Are they under pressure now too?
  3. Seems many people have overlooked the fact that you can live off that 800K during the year. Bring in more 3 months before the extension is due and don't go below 800K during the seasoning period.. It's not dead money just sitting in the Thai bank but living expenses. This is pretty obvious I know but by the way people are talking about this topic you wouldn't think so.
  4. Ned

    Cleaning Out The Trash

    With no agent to help them everyone will have to get down there themselves very very early now, passport in hand. This is a big change which if enforced might see an exodus of those expats who have been tossing up whether to stay on in CM or move elsewhere. On the other hand who knows. It might mean that CM Imm might be on the road to getting an orderly and effficient service going down there. (Sorry for being optimistic.....but you never know.)
  5. Will I be able to have a beer on these days? Thanks
  6. Agree with bkk6060. Plenty of additional work for agents ahead. just another scam.
  7. I picked up a letter yesterday and once I got home I noticed that nowhere is my passport number written......only my name, bank account number and amount. Is this acceptable to imm? Thanks
  8. Complaining to Thai officials is way out of line. It will prove detremental to your cause. "Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are talking to? Whose country is this anyhow? If you haven't got 800k in your Thai bank 3 months before extension application then you are no longer welcome. Simple as that. We make the rules here."
  9. Ned

    marriage visa

    Separated from my farang wife back in 1999. Divorced her officially in 2013. Married Thai woman who I'd been living with since 2001. Went from retirement (since 2004) to marriage in 2013.....in CM. Wasn't as easy as some of you seem to expect. Had to present my brother in law for a half hour interview about my character etc....and after they'd finished with him, my wife. They wanted to know why I'd waited so many years before divorcing my farang wife. My Thai wife told them that I waited for my wife to fully get over the shock of separation. (That ought to bring a few laughs here on this forum.) They weren't too keen on the idea ....ie going from the 800k requirement down to 400k. In the end they let me go onto a marrigage extension. That was in CM which has a reputation as a tough place to please. Perhaps other offices are less scrutinizing. If hundreds or thousands of foreigners (and here I include Indians, Chinese etc etc) decide to look for the cheaper marriage option then they may find that Immigration is a wake up to the ploy and may not be so accommodating.
  10. And you don't expect any resistance from Immigration switching from the retirement to marriage option? Think again.
  11. If I'm not mistaken these new regulations make your Thai bankbook the primary document. No 800K, 3 months before extension application.....no visa extension. If you go the 65K per month route , the bottom lime is you'll need to show 800k , 3months before. Isn't it as simple as that? Doesn't this make all this discussion of income letters etc totally immaterial.
  12. Now I get it. Was the retirement age 20 years ago, 55? or was it 60? If it was 55 then this requirement would apply only to people 75 and up......ie people who have been on a retirement extension continously since 1998.
  13. Phukket Man.....I didn't read that into it. What I failed to mention though was the claimant needs to prove a regular income. In any case all these requirements will probably be subject to local interpretation.
  14. Lucky Luke.........As far as I could see the requirements remain 400K and 800K. Who can blame them for not wanting foreign exchange deposited in their banking system, whatever you happen to think of banks in general. A Stat Dec from say the Aussie embassy claiming a couple of apartments in Melbourne etc and the claimant living on rice and fish sauce and renting a 3,000 baht apartment in Chiang Mai because that's all he can afford...........What's in it for the powerful Thai banks? Give 'em the bum's rush!
  15. This might be of interest to those who have been living here since 21st October 1998. I just read the Thai language information and it states that those foreigners who are 60 or over and have been here for 20 years need only show 200,000 or 20,000 monthly for a retirement extension. Those between 55 and 60 who have been here for 20 years need to show 500,000 or 50,000 a month.