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  1. There will be no relatives expecting any of my estate , and even if there were they wouldn't be entitled to anything anyway. Will or no will you still have to go through probate both here in Thailand and in Denmark, so I don't see how having a will would make any difference to me. Sophon
  2. Why do you believe I would I need to do wills if we were married? Sophon
  3. Yes, drawing up a will is the back-up plan, but most of my assets are in Denmark, so I would require two wills - one in Thailand and one in Denmark. However, getting married is the preferred solution, and I know that plenty of Danish people have been getting married in Thailand, so it must be not quite as complicated as it seems. I already sent an email to the Danish embassy in Bangkok yesterday, so hopefully they have some information for me (other than what is on their website). But I was hoping that someone here on ThaiVisa had real life experience of this and could help me getting started. Thanks to all for your replies so far, keep it coming. Sophon
  4. Unfortunately, it's not as easy in Denmark as in some other countries to maintain residency. When leaving Denmark permanently you are required by law to report your move to the Danish social security register, so the municipality knows that I am living in Thailand. Even if I wanted to break the law and pretend I was still living in Denmark (using my fathers address), it would have tax consequences for my savings and pension plans and would end up being quite expensive. Sophon
  5. The fact that Thailand considers me living here temporarily unless I have permanent residency isn't relevant to the Danish authorities. Having lived outside of Denmark since 2010 and having no address in Denmark or other ties to the country means that according to the Danish rules I am no longer a Danish resident. Sophon
  6. Thanks for your reply. No, unfortunately marrying in Denmark isn't an option for us. I am not convinced that getting a visa for my GF would be easier (or even possible) than getting married in Thailand. And even if it were, we have 14 dogs and getting someone to take care of that many dogs for an extended time isn't really possible. Sophon
  7. I have been living with my Thai partner for going on eight years, and since 2012 we have been living in Lamphun in northern Thailand. Neither of us is getting any younger, so lately we have been thinking of getting married to make it easier for her to get my assets, should I die before her. It's only a matter of practicality for us, so it would be a simple affair at the local amphur (no party, no sinsot etc). From reading posts here on ThaiVisa I understand, that the amphur will want a "freedom to marry" certificate from my embassy (in my case the Danish embassy in Bangkok). In order to issue such a certificate, my embassy requires (according to their website) a marital status certificate from the municipality in Denmark where I lived before moving to Thailand (in my case Copenhagen). And therein lies the rub, as in order for Copenhagen municipality to issue this marital status certificate for someone living permanently outside of Denmark , they in turn require a marital status certificate issued by the authorities in the country where that person is living. I don't believe that my local amphur would be able to issue such a certificate, as they would presumably not be able to do a nationwide search since I don't have a Thai national ID number. So it seems like I'm caught in kind of a "chicken or the egg" scenario, where Thailand want Denmark to confirm that I am not already married. But Denmark won't confirm this until Thailand first confirm that I am not married. Now, I know that there are obviously Danish citizens that have been married in Thailand, so I am hoping that someone here on ThaiVisa could explain the process to me. Or who alternatively could point me to a website with a good guide describing the process. It's not really urgent, but then again I could be hit my a car tomorrow, so maybe it is. Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide information Sophon
  8. Everything you say is correct, but doing it that way could limit the pool of potential buyers. I, for one, will only ever buy a used car, if I can go together with the seller to the DLT, and hand over the money when the blue book has been registered in my name. I would never take the chance, that there is something wrong with the paperwork, and I wouldn't be able to do the transfer. Sophon
  9. Sophon

    4 Litre Rice Cooker

    The link is in my post, just click on "Lazada". Sophon
  10. Sophon

    4 Litre Rice Cooker

    You can get a 4.2L Panasonic rice cooker from Lazada for about 2,000 Baht. Larger versions are available too. Sophon
  11. Just deleting the numbers/characters before the nationality isn't enough, you still get the "data not found" error message. The full workaround as detailed in the link in this post is as follows: Sophon
  12. Search via passport number, Date of birth and nationality have not been working reliably the last two or three months, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have just checked my own record, and currently it doesn't work ( I get a "data not found" error message in Thai). Sophon
  13. The functionality to log on to your 90 day report details using passport no.+DOB+Country have been working on and off for the last several months, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If instead logging on using the 90 day report reference number you only get details for that particular 90 day report, earlier reports will not be listed (it has always worked like that). Sophon
  14. I don't believe that it's correct that only Palle Sørensen has served significantly more than 16 years on a life sentence. Naum Conevski was sentenced to life in prison in 1985 for a double murder in 1985, and is still in prison now 33 years later. Sophon
  15. I'm pretty sure that was a joke playing on "ER" and "ear" sounding similar. Sophon