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  1. Thanks, that might be it. However, when I read the Wikipedia page on Harvest mice there are a few inconsistencies. Fully grown Harvest mice are between 55 and 75 mm long, our guest is clearly smaller than that (even if you stretch him out), so if he is a Harvest mouse he is probably not fully grown. And the tail of a Harvest mouse is supposed to be the same length (or slightly shorter) than the body, while the tail of our guest is more like 150% of the body length. Maybe some kind of subspecies? Sophon
  2. That's awfully precise (and cheap), did you mean the cost would be about 1/5 of what they would otherwise be? Sophon
  3. The Direct Sales and Marketing Act covers sales directly to the consumer at his home or place of work such as telephone or internet sales. It does not cover goods bought at a normal shop as in this case. As far as I'm aware, there is no general return right in Thai law for goods bought at a shop and it's the norm in Thailand that if a product develops a fault you don't take it back to the shop you bought it at, instead you have to take it yourself to the service centre covering that brand. Some larger business do however have their own return policies. Sophon
  4. There was someone looking for a job as a carer this last Saturday in the "job forum" She came recommended by another long-time ThaiVisa member, and although located in Sriracha seems willing to relocate. Could be an option. Sophon
  5. If you don't update your passbook often enough, after a while (depends on the bank but something like three months) the bank will combine transactions that has not been entered into you passbook into one combined entry. So instead of seeing e.g. six ATM withdrawals of 20k baht you will see one combined entry of -120k baht. Sophon
  6. Transfer fee is based on assessed value. Special business tax based on whichever is higher of assessed value or sale price. Stamp duty is based on sale price. Withholding tax is based on assessed value (however, if seller is a business it will be based on whichever is higher of assessed value or sale price). Above is taken from here. Sophon
  7. Rescued this little fellow from our dogs this afternoon. As you can see, he isn't much bigger than a 10 baht coin (so body about 3 cm long), but with a very long tail. He was hiding in an old tire we keep under our pick-up to prevent the dogs from chewing the 4-wd wire harness (but that's another story). He isn't very scared and will almost let you touch him before he moves away. Before deciding what to do, I would like to know if he is an adult and able to fend for himself, or if he is only a baby and need to be fed until he is a little bigger. If letting him go, I have to bring him to somewhere away from our house as his life expectancy would be very low if staying around the house. And if I am to feed him, of course I need to know what he eats. So any mouse experts out there who can identify the species? Any information you can give is much appreciated. Sophon
  8. There is a reason that the manufacturer didn't install seat belts in the back of extended cabs, despite them knowing very well that they will be used for carrying people. The tax on regular and extended cab pickups is lower than on four seat pickups (which are classified as cars), and installing seat belts could very well result in your pickup having to be reclassified and you having to pay the extra tax charged on cars. Sophon
  9. When copying material from another website the source should always be stated. The same list can be found on Sophon
  10. I have no doubt at all that some land offices have transferred a condo into a new foreigner name without a new FET, that doesn't mean that it was done according to the condominium act. There are also foreigners having been entered in the blue tabien bahn or signed up for the 20 baht Thai public health scheme, but that doesn't mean that you should expect to be able to do so as well. If you search the net you will find plenty of other sources confirming the information from the website I linked to. Sophon
  11. I don't know where you got that impression from, but it is definitely not true. Even without knowing the situation in Australia I would hazard a guess that the risk is exponentially higher here in Thailand. A couple of years ago one of our dogs went off his food. He was still eating, but seemed less interested in food than before. We took him to the vet and had him tested, and he tested positive for Ehrlichiosis Canis and his kidney function was severely compromised. The rest of our dogs were showing no symptoms at all, but we still took them to be tested "just to be sure". Out of the remaining seven dogs, six tested positive for Ehrlichiosis and two for Anaplasmosis on top of that. Despite having caught the disease early (the remaining dogs had close to normal blood cell, liver and kidney values), and despite treating them with Doxycycline, iron supplements and (for one dog) steroids and blood transfusion, three of our dogs still died. Two died from kidney failure and one from total collapse of the blood platelets. It took six months on Doxycycline before the remaining dogs were all back to normal. Since then we have had two more of our (new) dogs test positive for Ehrlichiosis as well as two more "outside" dogs (dogs that technically belongs to other people, but that we take care of). One of the "outside" dogs had very bad blood cell values (much worse than the one that died) and couldn't even stand up, but luckily no more dogs have died. And these are all dogs that receive Ivermectin every month and we almost never find any ticks on any of them. But not seeing any ticks doesn't necessarily mean that the dog hasn't been bitten by one. The snap test used for checking tick parasite diseases also shows Lyme disease, but our long time vet had never seen any positive test for that disease here in Thailand. Ehrlichiosis Canis and Anaplasmosis on the other hand are endemic everywhere in Thailand, and the risk of your dog getting those diseases is very high. So take whatever preventive measures you can to avoid ticks, and take your dog in for testing if he acts differently than he normally does. Sophon
  12. It may make sense, but unfortunately it isn't true. The person inheriting the condo will have to qualify on his own and cannot "piggyback" on the FET from the original owner. From Condominium Law: Foreign Ownership and Inheritance Condominium Act: succession and inheritance Foreign ownership of a condo in Thailand is under condominium laws an individual right of the foreigner who qualified under condominium laws for ownership. Once foreign ownership is obtained it is not freely transferable between foreigners (not even by inheritance) and the Thailand Land Registry only allows registration of ownership to another foreigner if he is eligible for ownership pursuant to section 19 of the Condominium Act. Basically the right of foreign freehold ownership ends at death of the foreigner who qualified for ownership under the Condominium Act. Foreign freehold ownership of a condominium is not automatically transferable by inheritance to another foreigner. The Thailand Condominium Act is not foreign friendly. The Condo Act deals with inheritance of a condominium unit by foreign nationals in section 19/5 (under 1) and section 19/7 of the Condominium Act and only foreigners who qualify under section 19 of the Condominium Act are eligible and allowed to register ownership of the inherited condominium apartment unit within the 49% foreign ownership quota of the condominium (as specified in section 19/2 (bis) of the Condominium Act B.E.2522). Who (foreigners) qualifies for ownership of a condo in Thailand Condos in Thailand may be inherited by foreigners through testamentary or intestate succession, however, in order to legally register ownership of the unit with the Land Department a foreign successor of a condo must submit proof that he qualifies for ownership under section 19 of the Condominium Act. Under section 19 only the following foreigners qualify for condominium ownership registration: Foreigners permitted to have residence in the Kingdom under the Immigration law; Foreigners permitted to enter into the Kingdom under the investment promotion law; Juristic persons as provided in Section 97 and 98 of the Land Code and registered as juristic persons under Thai law; Juristic persons which are foreigners under the Announcement of the National Executive Council No.281 dated November 24, B.E. 2515 (note: repealed by the foreigner definition in section 4 of the Foreign Business Act) and have obtained promotion certificate under investment promotion law; Foreigners or juristic persons regarded by law as foreigners who have brought in foreign currency into the Kingdom or withdraw money from Thai baht account of the person who have residence outside the Kingdom or withdraw money from a foreign currency account.
  13. That story has already been posted on Tuesday, nothing new in this Norwegian language version. Sophon
  14. I'm pretty sure that hole is for the mounting brackets and has nothing to do with the flushing. If the water in your toilet bowl empties OK, but doesn't take the "solids" with it, then there is a very good chance that the small holes allowing the water to enter the bowl is blocked. If you look under the rim you will see a series of holes all around the rim where the water enters and creates the swirling motion of the water. If these holes are blocked by mineral deposits, the toilet will flush but not with enough force to clean out the bowl correctly. If this is your problem, you can clean these the holes with a straightened wire hanger or some other tool such as a small screwdriver. But the deposits can be very hard to dislodge, so be careful not to damage your toilet. Sophon
  15. One other downside is that Thailand is almost certainly at some point going to increase the financial requirements for the Non Immigrant OA visa as well as for retirement extensions, when that is going to happen is anybody's guess. If/when it happens there is a good chance that people on retirement extensions will be grandfathered at the present levels, while people relying on OA visas will have to meet the new requirements. For some that could be a major problem. Sophon