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  1. Snake ID Please

    Golden tree snake. Sophon
  2. Windows 10 also comes with Internet Explorer. Sophon
  3. Chiang Mai Immigration accept fixed deposits, I have been extending (retirement) based on one the last four years. Sophon
  4. PEA Auto-Debit......

    If you have auto debit/direct debit they won't leave the bill when they read the meter, you will receive the bill in the mail a few days later. Our meter was last read on 18th of September and my account will be debited on 6th of October. Sophon
  5. I think you are too early. Your first sentence is not very clear, but if you entered Thailand on July 16th I calculate Friday October 13th as day 90. That means that the earliest you could report online would be Friday September 29th. My calculations could be off, though. And no, you won't get an error message saying that you are outside the time window for reporting, all you get is the generic message to contact Immigration. Sophon
  6. They also charge interest rates of around 22% p.a. Sophon
  7. Conduit and box channeling in QCON

    You hold the bottom handle with your left hand and the triangular handle with your right and run the cutting edge (bottom left in the pic) down the wall where you want to cut the channel. If you have to do a lot of channels it's quite slow and hard work using this tool. I found it a lot easier and quicker to first cut five grooves with an angle grinder, and then subsequently use the tool in the picture to clear out the debris. Sophon
  8. Sounds like a sensible precaution to me given the state of the wiring in many Thai homes. I am (very) far from being an expert, but couldn't a borrowed neutral somewhere mean that a circuit could be live even though the breaker for that particular circuit was off? Sophon
  9. Exchange Motor with Used Car Dealer

    What I personally pay is irrelevant, the cost will vary for different people depending on coverage amount, no claims bonus etc. What is relevant is that whatever insurance premium I have negotiated, I will save about 25% extra by having named drivers. All Thai insurance companies (that I know of) have similar discounts for having named drivers, so you can choose whatever company you want. Personally I chose AXA because they supply free break-down service. Of course, if you are in a situation where many different people will be driving your car, then named drivers may not be for you. Then again, since the insurance still covers you even when an unnamed driver have an accident just with an excess of 5,000 Baht, it could still be advantageous to have named drivers depending on how many claims you have. Sophon
  10. Exchange Motor with Used Car Dealer

    Having named drivers is not about limiting possibilities but rather about saving money on your insurance premium. Named drivers is not something the insurance company is going to push on you, it's something you have to ask for yourself. Nobody other than me or my girlfriend is ever going to drive our car, and by having named drivers I save almost 25% on the insurance premium for exactly the same coverage. Why would I want to pay extra for something that I am never going to need? And just add; should something totally unexpected happen and I needed someone else to drive the car, the insurance would still cover any accident. All that would happen is that I would have to pay the first 5,000 Baht of the damage myself. Sophon
  11. Pajero sport. Maybe I want to buy

    And it especially doesn't make sense to compare to what is available back in "Europe", as if there were a common price standard for cars in Europe. In my European home country the Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD (the only model available) costs just under 4 mio Baht at current exchange rates, which in comparison makes the Thai price seem very reasonable. I'm sure you will be able to get it a lot cheaper in many other European countries. Sophon
  12. The first answer was correct, the second was wrong. Sophon
  13. No, it doesn't mean that you have to have 30 days left on your permission to stay, you can apply up to the last day (in your case September 7th). It just means that you won't get your new extension there and then, but will have to come back 30 days later. You are allowed to stay in Thailand until you get your new extension is given (or, unlikely, the extension is denied), even if that is later than your current permission to stay date. Sophon
  14. Gas hob fails to light-thermocouple?

    We also have a Mex hob, and it uses a standard D size battery. If you haven't done so already, I would definitely start out by getting a new battery. We recently changed ours (after about two years of use), and went from click ----------- click ----------- click to click-click-click-click and instant ignition. Sophon
  15. If your 90 day report date is August 7th, the latest you were allowed to do it online would have been July 31st. It is now too late and you have to report in person. Sophon