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  1. Rabies vaccinations are very cheap, so in your situation I would just go to the local hospital and pay for the shots. I was bitten in Bangkok a few years ago and got post exposure rabies and tetanus shots at the local government health centre for 50 baht and 20 baht respectively. The immune globulin is relatively more expensive, but your GF should already have had that on the day she was bitten. Sophon
  2. Car drivers license is 505 Baht. Tax on car varies with model and the age of the car, you can check what you paid last year in the car blue book. Sophon
  3. You had a balance of THB 1,026,384.21 from November 29th until December 8th (9 days). At the current interest rate of 1.3% p.a. that earns you an interest amount of: (1,026,384.21*1.3*9)/(365*100) = THB 329.0053 After that you had a balance of THB 1,035,439.66 from December 8th until December 28th (20 days). At the current interest rate of 1.3% p.a. that earns you an interest amount of: (1,035,439.66*1.3*20)/(365*100) = THB 737.5735 That gives a total interest amount for December of 329.0053+737.5735 =1,066.5788 which is rounded up to THB 1,066.58 which is exactly the amount that was credited your account. Sophon
  4. 90 Day reporting On-Line System (555)

    Worked fine for me when I did my report this morning (using Internet Explorer). Sophon
  5. You do not need the re-entry permit until you re-enter Thailand, which is why it's just called a re-entry permit and not an exit/re-entry permit. Sophon
  6. Spider ID please (2)

    A little research indicates that it's a female Argiopi Aemula spider, also known as an Oval St. Andrew's Cross spider (because of the way it positions its legs). Sophon
  7. Spider ID please (2)

    Don't know the name of the spider, but based on the markings I'm pretty sure it's the same as one we had in our garden last year. Sophon
  8. Snake ID Please

    Golden tree snake. Sophon
  9. Windows 10 also comes with Internet Explorer. Sophon
  10. Chiang Mai Immigration accept fixed deposits, I have been extending (retirement) based on one the last four years. Sophon
  11. PEA Auto-Debit......

    If you have auto debit/direct debit they won't leave the bill when they read the meter, you will receive the bill in the mail a few days later. Our meter was last read on 18th of September and my account will be debited on 6th of October. Sophon
  12. I think you are too early. Your first sentence is not very clear, but if you entered Thailand on July 16th I calculate Friday October 13th as day 90. That means that the earliest you could report online would be Friday September 29th. My calculations could be off, though. And no, you won't get an error message saying that you are outside the time window for reporting, all you get is the generic message to contact Immigration. Sophon
  13. They also charge interest rates of around 22% p.a. Sophon
  14. Conduit and box channeling in QCON

    You hold the bottom handle with your left hand and the triangular handle with your right and run the cutting edge (bottom left in the pic) down the wall where you want to cut the channel. If you have to do a lot of channels it's quite slow and hard work using this tool. I found it a lot easier and quicker to first cut five grooves with an angle grinder, and then subsequently use the tool in the picture to clear out the debris. Sophon
  15. Sounds like a sensible precaution to me given the state of the wiring in many Thai homes. I am (very) far from being an expert, but couldn't a borrowed neutral somewhere mean that a circuit could be live even though the breaker for that particular circuit was off? Sophon