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  1. It's also hit and miss in Chiang Mai. I reported on 29th of March, and my report still has not been approved. When I called them they refused to do anything, just told me to come in to the office (a two hour round trip) because "they were busy". How me driving to the Immigration office in person would make them less busy than handling the problem via the phone (would take all of two minutes), I don't know. Sophon
  2. If you sort the search results by price, the system automatically eliminates the "contact seller" adds (presumably because they don't have a price). Furthermore, if you want to search for a price that is not in the drop down menu, you can just change the price in the web address like this: your link: https://www.one2car.com/en/cars-for-sale?max_price=100000&max_year=2010 change: https://www.one2car.com/en/cars-for-sale?max_price=80000&max_year=2010 Sophon
  3. Specifying older than 2010 doesn't filter out the "contact seller" adds. When those are excluded from your search the number falls to 377 cars, and when only searching for auto transmission (a requirement from the OP) that number falls to 224. Limiting the search to cars up to 90,000 (the OP's stated max budget) decreases the number further to 159 cars. With the further requirements from the OP of a Japanese car with 4-5 doors are added he will be left with very few options within a reasonable distance from where he lives (very likely none unless he lives close to Bangkok). As others have said, with that budget it will require a bit of good luck to find anything reliable. Sophon
  4. rabies control

    It's my understanding that the Rabies virus travels through the nervous system from the site of the bite to the brain. That's why it takes so long for the disease to develop (and longer the further from the head the bite occurs), and it also means that the Rabies virus is not present in the blood so cannot be transmitted by mosquitoes. Sophon
  5. Not really, Europe does have 8 cities in the top 10 (Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Copenhagen and Basel). The apparant inconsistency is because Basel and Sydney was tied in tenth making the top 10 contain 11 countries. Sophon
  6. They might send him an email, it depends on which immigration office he uses and who approves the report. I report to the Chiang Mai immigration office (well to Lamphun now, but no-one has told the system that they opened up an office in Lamphun), and have only received an email twice for 10 online reports. If you don't receive an email, just log on to the system and check the status of your report. Sophon
  7. Since you are coming to Thailand to visit your Thai wife, you should also be able to get a 60 day extension. Same fee, but your wife will have to be with you when you apply. Sophon
  8. Have you confirmed that your Cambodian bank is able to send the security code to a foreign number? I suspect that the most likely explanation to your problem is that the system requires a Cambodian telephone number in order to work (similar to how Thai banks operate), and the only way for you to get it to work is to get a Cambodian number and use international roaming when wanting to do a transfer. Sophon
  9. Rabies vaccinations are very cheap, so in your situation I would just go to the local hospital and pay for the shots. I was bitten in Bangkok a few years ago and got post exposure rabies and tetanus shots at the local government health centre for 50 baht and 20 baht respectively. The immune globulin is relatively more expensive, but your GF should already have had that on the day she was bitten. Sophon
  10. Car drivers license is 505 Baht. Tax on car varies with model and the age of the car, you can check what you paid last year in the car blue book. Sophon
  11. You had a balance of THB 1,026,384.21 from November 29th until December 8th (9 days). At the current interest rate of 1.3% p.a. that earns you an interest amount of: (1,026,384.21*1.3*9)/(365*100) = THB 329.0053 After that you had a balance of THB 1,035,439.66 from December 8th until December 28th (20 days). At the current interest rate of 1.3% p.a. that earns you an interest amount of: (1,035,439.66*1.3*20)/(365*100) = THB 737.5735 That gives a total interest amount for December of 329.0053+737.5735 =1,066.5788 which is rounded up to THB 1,066.58 which is exactly the amount that was credited your account. Sophon
  12. 90 Day reporting On-Line System (555)

    Worked fine for me when I did my report this morning (using Internet Explorer). Sophon
  13. You do not need the re-entry permit until you re-enter Thailand, which is why it's just called a re-entry permit and not an exit/re-entry permit. Sophon
  14. Spider ID please (2)

    A little research indicates that it's a female Argiopi Aemula spider, also known as an Oval St. Andrew's Cross spider (because of the way it positions its legs). Sophon
  15. Spider ID please (2)

    Don't know the name of the spider, but based on the markings I'm pretty sure it's the same as one we had in our garden last year. Sophon