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  1. The thing is that when you read enough of that crap people start believing in 'alternative facts' and all that nonsense. There are now at least two 'troll factories' in Russia and their sole aim is to create as much mayhem and discord in the western world as possible. Many if not all of the things they post are fabrications, yet millions of people in the west gobble it up and think it is all true what they read and see.
  2. Do your own research, mate, it's quite easy to find out what went on in Myanmar. But even if the Rohingya fired the first shot, that doesn't justify razing whole village, killing thousands of innocent men, women and children, raping thousands of women and displacing hundreds of thousands of people. The Myanmar army behaved like animals, probably committed genocide and Suu Kyi didn't condemn all that violence even once. And the thing is that the Myanmar army are doing practically the same thing in Shan State up north, and have been doing it for years, and Suu Kyi, like the rest of the world, is silent about that as well.
  3. To paraphrase Monty Python (from ‘the travel agent’): what a stupid bunt.
  4. 'The other guy not so much.' I think you're being very generous there.
  5. Playing the victim again, are we?
  6. So the constitution is just a 'guideline' that can easily be changed in this instance, but rock-solid and carved in stone when it comes to the right to bear arms?
  7. rudi49jr

    Right-wing Bolsonaro wins Brazil presidential race

    Oh great, just what the world needs, another Trump/Duterte/Erdogan/Orban.
  8. Thanks for the advice. Will discuss it with my girlfriend, see what she thinks. The thing is that my girlfriend is a little overprotective of her daughter, so she is probably part of the problem as well. I'm going to have to tread carefully ...
  9. Thanks, I will check that out.
  10. I also thought it would be hard to convince her, considering how important ‘face’ is in Thailand, but she seems quite eager to take a first step to do something about her shyness. Mother and daughter live in Cha’am (just north of Hua Hin).
  11. My girlfriend’s daughter is almost 18 and she’s going to graduate high school next year. She’s a lovely girl, very intelligent and very determined to get ahead in life. Only problem is that she is extremely shy and introverted, and I’m worried that will limit her possibilities in college/university and later on, in getting a good job. Anyone have any recommendations? I have thought about her seeing a psychologist, or maybe getting help from a social worker. The good thing is that she is at least open to seeing someone to talk about her ‘problem’.
  12. Spot on, couldn't have said it better myself
  13. Poisoning seems to be the MO of choice to eliminate Kremlin critics these days. And those two upstanding 'normal' citizens who just happened to be in Salisbury to admire the architecture when the Skripals were poisoned turn out to be intelligence officers, one of whom was identified as GRU colonel who was highly decorated and bestowed with Russia's highest state award, Hero of the Russian Federation.
  14. I seem to recall a certain American guy with orange hair and a bad combover who said exactly the same thing two years ago during his campaign
  15. 'Walmart warns Trump tariffs may force price hikes' Duh!!!!!