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  1. Dario

    Reflux 80% better in Canada

    For me, all the kudos to Omeprazole, that is what my doctor in the government hospital described me, 3 months ago, never had any acid reflux during all that time. I take it in the morning before taking my breakfast. Don't worry about coming back regarding your probelm.
  2. How do you know his insurance will declare it a write-off?, surely not!
  3. Dario

    Lazada Thailand

    Don't complain, a refund to your credit card from Decathlon Thailand (sports wear) takes 21 days.
  4. Whenever I go to Big C in Surin I see loads of white Toyota Land Cruisers with Pnomh Penh license plates. That says it all how expensive grocery and other shopping must be in Cambodia. I doubt they come to Surin for sightseeing.
  5. Dario

    Best Bang for the Buck laptops

    You won't get one under 25k with an SSD. You have to replace the S-ATA with an SSD. Look at my first post in this thread. It comes with an i7 7500.
  6. Dario

    Best Bang for the Buck laptops

    Yes. Not everything. Mine was here within 4 days. Ordered on Monday and received it at my doorstep on Friday 13:00.
  7. Thank you Bandersnatch, I really appreciate. I only saw your message now, after we returned aout 40 minutes ago from a meeting with tennis officials in Buriram and we have commisssioned a coach for her. She will start her lessons tomorrow morning 08:00 and will do so every SAT/SUN and during the school holidays. Yes, Surin would be about 40 km x 2 closer than Buriram, but I must say the tennis facilities in Buriram (5 courts) are really mind blowing, brandnew, opened only about 3 weeks ago. We just missed the chance for Surin for a matter of threee days. Maybe we can meet each other once on a weekend in Buriram, it's not far from Surin. I add some pictures for the readers. The last one is of Amy.
  8. Dario

    Best Bang for the Buck laptops

    Hi, I was in the same position a few months ago. Buying a laptop in Thailand is a No-Go for me. As conventional hard drives are awefully slow, you need to have an SSD drive to boot the machine. An Apple Macbook Air with only 128GB SSD and 8GB Ram and a 13.3" screen cost 39'900 Baht in Thailand. I decided to ordered my laptop in the USA with Amazon. I paid only shipping and 7% VAT as there is no import duty on laptops. I bought a 15.6" HP 2018 model with 12GB Ram and 1TB S-ATA hard disk. I replaced the S-ATA 1TB hard disk with a Samsung 512 GB SSD (8'600 Baht on Lazada) and use the 1TB S-ATA as external hard disk. Voila, a much superior laptop than Apple McBook Air 128GB and cheaper. By the way, I ordered my laptop on Amazon on a Monday afternoon and it arrived at my home on Friday the same week at 13:00. There is no laptop in this price category available in Thailand, guaranteed.
  9. Dario

    Is it possible to be ripped off in a 711

    Some years back I gave 20'000 Baht to transfer to my Citibank card at a 7/11 in Pattaya on Soi Boonsampan and only after I returned back home and checked the receipt, I found out the cashier had given me one for 2'000 Baht. Most probably not on purpose, but it happened. Not amusing for the customer.
  10. Dario

    Any tennis players in Buriram?

    Thank you so much! We will go and try to meet him this coming Saturday.
  11. Dario

    Tennis in Khon Kaen

    KK seems to be a better ground for tennis players. In Surin and Buriram province no tennis players, only farmers ... Well, we're happy for the farmers, we cut their rice with two big harvesters. But we're looking for our 9 year old Amy for a place where she can learn how to play tennis. But KK is too far for us, 208 km one way.
  12. I have put the same question for Surin in the Sports forum, but nobody replied. I try my luck now in Buriram and have put the topic on purpose in the General topics section. So moderators, please take note. Thank you. Hi everyone, we're living between Tha Tum and Rattanaburi in northern Surin province. I would like that my daughter Amy (9 years) learns to play tennis, She just got her first Wilson racket and Artengo tennis shoes. We saw that there are tennis courts in Buriram, so we're looking for someone who could teach her the basics. We could come to Buriram on weekends, although it's a 1½ hour drive and the same to return. Anyone out there? Would be great if we find someone! Amy is very eager to learn. Maybe someone knows a Thai tennis teacher, it doesn't matter. Amy is fluent in Thai and English.
  13. We were at Srinarong Stadium yesterday. In short: disappointing. Not a soul there, not one. Four of the six courts an advanced player wouldn't like to play on. They're pretty damaged. Some youngsters were in the stadium, probably playing soccer, but nobody at the tennis courts. We have to look to Buriram, that's where we will go next weekend.
  14. Their employees probably forgot that there is a public holiday today. But anyway postal transport is at a standstill, nothing moving.