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  1. Exactly, sorry for the misinterpretation. He paid 10'000 CHF on the spot. Still a cool 350'000 Baht. Better don't drive in Switzerland on your next vacation.
  2. To the OP: 1'000 THB might be much for a Thai citizen, but I don't think for a foreigner. Recently a top banker in Switzerland who was driving in a hurry to Zurich airport, crossing a double middle line and taking cars over several times on the right and "speeding" at 114 km/h instead of the legal 80 km/h was fined by the public prosecution department to CHF 450'000.-- (four hundred and fifty thousand Swiss Franks) which translates into Thai currency to 15'750'000 (fifteen million seven hundred and fifty thousand) Thai Baht! My guess is, that in Thailand he would have paid nothing. So, think again about your 1'000 THB fine. If you can read German, here is the source.
  3. lazygourmet, you wanna say ... Spain? That is my target.
  4. Dario

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    I can believe this. I could never imagine to lose our beautiful and kindhearted daughter, it would be a slow killing for me. This father lost two children. Very tragic.
  5. Sorry the question, what is a PR? I'm only occasionally on TV forum.
  6. Is that new? AFAIK no foreigner can be registered in a blue Thai household registration.
  7. When I was a kid, when someone talked about travelling to paradise, they were talking about islands in the Pacific Ocean like Tahiti or Bali in Asia. I just looked at a video recently made by a diver exploring the once pristine waters of Bali here. This is more than alarming!
  8. I just saw a video where it is shown how pet bottles are recycled into polyester for clothing. Voila!
  9. Laws need to be enacted worldwide to collect all garbage and burn it. Plastic can be burned! Can't we? All the plastic burnt on land wouldn't be any hazard at all for the environment, not for the land and not for the sea, therefore also not for the fish. Please be so kind and correct me if I'm wrong. A documentary has been aired about this problem, I'm trying to find back the title.
  10. I simply cannot believe this! Is this really true, JAZZDOG???? If it is true, it is simply horrible, horrible! I asked myself how all this plastic gets into the sea. I think the main culprits are the vessels ploughing the oceans, fishing vessels mainly, those people are completely lawless and then are the merchant fleets, everything is thrown overboard, I've been on two Swiss vessels and we did the same, not knowing what the consequences would be. Your post is very, very alarming!
  11. This is an absolute no go! Don't waste anymore thoughts on it. The Royal Thai customs would squeeze you to dead. Better buy a new one in Thailand, or if you can't afford a brand new one, then go for a second hand one, look here. www.one2car.com is probably the best place to look for a second hand car in Thailand.
  12. Dario

    Muscle spasms/cramps

    Yes, magnesium tablets help me with cramps in my legs I have occasionally during my sleep.
  13. Dario

    Living in an oven

    16º ??? Ours are on at 28º and it's really nice, also in the bedroom, 28ºor 29º. Wonderful. 16º is like in a freezer.
  14. Dario

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    "Chavalit warned the military" (junta)? Is there a video to substantiate your post?
  15. The aircraft might have been assembled in China, the A320 is, but not sure about the A319, see here. Yes, A319 also assembled in China, and first delivery was to Sichuan Airlines, see here. And here is a fleet listing of Sichuan Airlines.