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  1. Same here in the deep Isaan, or in Bangkok where we have lived and also in Pattaya, same, same as the Thais would say.. No dust when I lived in Switzerland. But here it is everywhere you live. All you can do is: dust off your home every day as a daily routine in the morning, IF you have the time. I think it comes from the fact that in Thailand not much is paved and earth and sand is just about everywhere. In fact, I just made two pictures not an hour ago from the hub above my cooking plates, (I will attach them later theyre on my other computer,) they look again as we had left the home for two years. I had just washed them about a week ago. The difference comes from here: earth sand everywhere in Thailand, in Switzerland everything is paved, everything else has grass. Just look at some arial videos from Thailand and then compare with some made in Switzerland. The average home in Thailand has earth as a garden, no grass.
  2. Banks are only closed on April 13 and 14, not over whole Songkhran. They are open again on Monday April 17.
  3. I think the best way is to send your funds via Xendpay. I do this since months. When I consider that I get a higher currency exchange rate than Thai banks pay, the transfer is free of chargea. If you transfer before 12:00 European standard time and your receiving account in Thailand is Bangkok Bank, then your money arrives in your BBL account 2 days after you transferred at 14:02 local THai time,,provided that there are no public holidays in between. If you wish to know more,please send me a pm.
  4. Thank you for your input, Sheryl. I talked to my doctor about Trajenta and I said, I would like to try it out. Go ahead, he said, unfortunately, we don't have it at our hospital pharmacy. After 2 weeks taking the tablets I told him I encountered no side-effects, so he said: OK, go ahead then. So, I got his consent and he would have prescribed them if I needed a prescription. Looks OK to me. Diet and exercise are 2 things a very small minority like to adhere to, including me. Besides, I read at several occasions, that much exercise is not good at all. Whom to believe? Everyday I get health advice from various sources (from email subscriptions) and if you read them all, there's not much you can eat or drink or do. On the other side Sheryl, I think, glipicide is as strong as Trajenta or Forxiga, I have made the test, read again my post about glipizide, please. it's only 15 Baht for 10 tablets, what can they be worth healthwise against Forxiga at 1695 Baht for 30 tabs and Trajenta at 1'600 Baht for 30 tablets? When my wife had to undergo surgery for endometriosis about 28 years ago at Rama Hospital BKK, her doctor asked her at the time she was to be released if she wanted to take the normal (cheap) medication or if she was able to pay for expensive medication (at that time about 120 Baht per tablet). Medication had to be taken for several months. We chose for the latter and I remember that I went to get supply at a good discount straight from Zuellig as I knew someone at the company. I do agree that Forxiga has potential health risks, that's why I wouldn't take them, but Trajentja, in my humble opinion, seems to be OK, at least for me.
  5. Sorry, clicked the wrong quote: thank you for the compliment, I'm 71 years and 2 months ... young. 854 months or about 26'000 days. Passed just like that. Well, I feel younger again, knowing that I can really manage my diabetes now.
  6. Thank you for the compliment, I'm 71 years and 2 months ... young. 854 months or about 26'000 days. Passed just like that. Well, I feel younger again, knowing that I can really manage my diabetes now.
  7. Anyway, the complete truth will come at my next doctor's appointment on May 12 when the reading of the a1c comes out. On March 1 it was a staggering 13+%! Now I'll go and make some super tasty cinnamon rolls ... no worries about sugar anymore.
  8. Your post doesn't make sense to me. The (government) hospital I usually go to use those cheap home-grade meters. Another one I have been to use the same. When I bought this Optima meter from Pharmahof, I was told by their sales manager that the vast majority of their customers are not individuals but the hospitals in Thailand.
  9. No problem from that side, I checked that already, I have two different meters, different brands.
  10. About 11 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. Roughly one month after I received medicine from the hospital I realized that my eyesight became blurry, especially when I was driving. I lived in Bangkok at that time and I remember very well that I realized that I couldn't read the billboards along the expressways anymore. I was prescribed Metformin and glipizide. From that moment on I stopped taking glipizide. Then my eyesight returned to normal. Over the years I occasionally checked my glucose levels and until about 2009 they were always around 130/140. After 2009 they increased. Sometimes readings were 180 or even over 200. I realized that managing my condition became difficult. Around Jan/Feb this year I got in contact with a Swiss friend of mine who has type 1 diabetes and I asked him about his diabetes. He said that he had no difficulties, had his diabetes fully under control. I asked him what medicine he takes and he said insulin shots with a new drug called Forxiga which his doctor in Chiang Mai describes him. I did some research on the net and found out that Forxiga is a prescription drug and is not known in hospitals in Thailand (except that CM hospital). I also read that it has many side effects, our moderator Sheryl pointed that out as well. On a thread I opened on TV I read about a member in BKK who noted that he uses a similar drug called Tradjenta or in Thailand labelled Trajenta 5 mg. I sent him a PM and asked him if he had encountered any side effects and he answered: none. I did research about Trajenta and I came to the conclusion that Trajenta is much less dangerous (if at all) for ones health than Forxiga. Through that person from Thaivisa forum I got to know the pharmacy where he regularly buys Trajenta. I contacted them and they were willing to send me a few packages via EMS. I must add that Trajenta is also a prescription drug and like Forxiga little known by hospitals and pharmacies in Thailand. At the end of February I had to go to the hospital due to a sugar spike. Reading said: HI. Hi is beyond 600!. I was there for 2 days and when I left readings were around 190/200. Still high. About 2 days later I got my first box of 30 tablets of Trajenta and the results were (and still are) simply said: fantastic!. 110, 90, 94. I must add an important thing: my doctor prescribed me metformin, glipizide 5 mg in the mornings and evenings and Asa (aspirin) 81 mg one tablet in the morning. I took the glipizide and my eyesight became blurry again. Almost immediately after I stopped taking glipizide my glucose readings went back up 132, 146, 159, once even 262! Then I took back my Glipizide and my levels dropped back into the normal. Eyesight is a bit blurred but manageable. Last week for the first time I had readings of 72 and 76. Yesterday I went with my daughter to town, we passed at Swensen's and she said she craved for some ice-cream. I couldn't resist either and so we both indulged in ice-cream. I thought: what the heck and had one of their current mango specials. I even helped my little daughter to finish her strawberry ice-cream. That was around 13:30. Of course, I expected my Monday morning reading to be quite high. This morning I woke up early and couldn't fall asleep anymore. I got up and checked my sugar level. I couldn't believe my eyes: 68, yes only sixty-eight! Well, that's below the normal 70-110 and needs attention. I add a picture as proof. Sorry for the long, detailed post, but I'm sure, most readers will gladly forgive me, especially the diabetics.
  11. Good news: you can go ahead with your initial plan, water throwing during Songkhran will not change, only intensify this year. But you might risk to get apprehended for assault if you start punching people.
  12. Crossy, please come to my help! Your colleagues are removing heaps of posts. This will be the 4th post they will remove ...
  13. Many, many posts have been removed by the mods. A pity that George has left the scene. Two of mine as well.
  14. Not even a reply from Thaivisa Forum itself??
  15. Hi everyone, this thread is actually for the attention of the powers to be at thaivisa forum. I have been with TV for many years, joined it right after its inception. WIth the annexation of TV into the Nationgroup obviously changes are forthcoming. The first one I see is the new presentation of the Thaivisa.com News of which I read every issue. Unfortunately, TV (or is it The Nation?) has given it a new look which will not please many of us members. The printing now is so small, that even with glasses on I have real difficulty reading. I expected things would improve after the merger, but this is not an improvement at all, it is the complete opposite. Please be so kind and restore the font and fontsize TV used to have for years. Thank you.