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  1. This unbelievable incident will be remembered for years; a foreign tourist who didn't carry his passport with him. How dare he? Shattering news! I never carry my passport with me, but I always have photocopies in my car. Many many, probably 30 years ago, my passport, driving licence was stolen out of an overland bus while I was taking a coffee. I had learnt a lesson there.
  2. Dario

    Any experience with Banggood ?

    Hey Golden Triangle, how was your experience with Banggood? Can you update us?
  3. Dario

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    Why bank on 7/11? All my bank accounts in Thailand and Europe are online. I transfer money wherever I am, mostly at the convenience of my home.
  4. Dario

    Remember the Gorilla in the BKK Mall?

    Apalling! Not one of the priorities of Mr. Prayut Chanocha nor his deputy, the one who has friends who lend him expensive watches..
  5. How? Very simple how Thai authorities deal with to "save face", what they think: They will ultimately block the newspaper, the same way how they did it with others. Try to get www.bild.de or www.dailymail.co.uk. These major newspapers are candid and frank about what's going on in Thailand and some Thai nationals abroad. The Thai government don't want Thai people to know the truth. My mother told me when I was a young chap: never lie because the truth will always surface.
  6. Dario

    Sugar Free Sodas/Drinks/Squash?

    100Plus is a drink touted for sports people. It has no sugar at all added, but uses Stevia as a sweetener. I don't feel a Stevia after taste at all and the drink does not spike my sugar at all. Comes in several flavors. Here are Citrus and Berry pictured (my favorites) Very refreshing. I buy it at the larger Tesco-Lotus.
  7. Dario

    Beware of Shoppee

    Can anyone enlighten me how exactly a foreigner like me can register on Shopee? I have been told thatonly on the Shopee app one c an change to the English language, but to this day, I was not able to. The following message was sent to me on AUG 19 by their support team: Dear our Value Customer,According to your e-mail below concerned about Language Setting for Shopee Application. First, we do appreciate for your kind interested in our service. Therefore, you could follow these steps for language setting.1. Go to “Me”2. Go to “Setting”3. Go to Language4. Choose EnglishHowever, we do understand that our Application is in Thai language. Therefore, you could refer by our attached picture.Lastly, we do sincerely apologize for this inconvenient and if there is any further, please feel free to contact us. I can see that "Me" sign on the first picture, but can't find the gearwheel for Settings. Is anyone able to help? Thanks in advance.
  8. Having a smile on your face brings you much, much farther in Thailand! Not only in Thailand. Just imagine, if people in showbiz wouldn't smile ...
  9. Great, thanks! Installed already.
  10. Crossy, Trend Housecall do you use the free version? Thanks for answering.
  11. Dario

    Swimmingpool Thailand

    Thanks a lot for your message! Yes, the online processus works. And I found now the bank account numbers, I received 2 or 3 emails and had looked only at one. And yes, I got an order number. Stupid me! Never too old to learn... Thanks again.
  12. I tried to order 1 gallon of Algaecide from above company. When I clicked on ORDER, I got many times an error message. Finally it worked. I was promised that on an email I would get bank account numbers, but on the email I received were no account names nor account numbers. On all phone numbers I called after that, nobody answered. Does anyone know if the company might have folded down?
  13. "The season for the creatures is now here and will last through August." Well, we're August 29, the end of the month. Amazing Thailand ...
  14. Beware! You will find several cars at unbelievably low prices, they are all advertised by a scammer, see this thread in TVF.
  15. Luckily I checked on TVF, one of the group (or is it one single person) advertised on Craigslist BKK a MB320 2002 model for 120'000 Baht only. Also at Muang Buriram. The advertiser wrote that his car is at his home in Buriram, but all the pictures he sent were taken at a car dealer's tent! Same email upset, exactly the same, only different car and he went to Lome in Togo to work for the United Nations... Buriram is only 115 km away from my home, we go there every SAT and SUN early morning for my daughter's tennis lessons.