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  1. I noted this before on TVF: Worajuth will never, ever serve any jail sentence. He's just too rich and his family is much too powerful.
  2. I use www.xendpay.com since about 2 years now. I transfer from Europe to Thailand twice a month. I get pension from 2 different countries. Less than 48 hours travel time if no public holidays are in between. The last time I transferred was yesterday and the money will be in my account tomorrow at 14:02. Works only that fast if the receiving bank account is with Bangkok Bank. Fee is 1% of the amount you transfer. The first transfers per year are free. I will get an exchange rate of 38.61079 for the Euro, BBL only paid 38.3775 Baht today and deducts a minimum fee of 200 Baht. Transfers with Transferwise from England and the USA have higher fees. I don't think with Xendpay.
  3. I'm a very frequent buyer at Lazada, in fact I order mostly every week, within the last 7 days I ordered 3 different items. The last item I ordered is a replacement battery for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet. I orderd it yesterday Sunday, July 10 at 12:19. Today Monday July 11 at 12:35 it arrived already at my home via Kerry Logistics ... free delivery. Top notch, bravo Lazada Thailand! Thanks for serving us out in the sticks.
  4. I just checked how much a room would cost for our family of three in mid February next year = 66'294.45 Baht/night and this is the cheapest room.If that isn't posh enough you can book a 3-bedroom villa for 324'633 Baht/night. Return tickets on private plane are not included. This beats the Rayavadee in Krabi which we have visited in the year 2000. By the way, included in the price are 7% VAT, OK, but also a 14.7% "Property Service Charge" (???).
  5. I think a nice solution is the Hyundai H1.
  6. Update Good news: True has reimbursed me for that amount, to say, they have adjusted my invoice. Once this is good news about True.
  7. In northern Surin province 3BB hung their cable to our village already last year but is still waiting to find 5-10 households in every village until they put up an exchange box and connect. TOT came yesterday with their cable, I asked them and they said they were commisiioned by our amphur and should be ready "in about a month". I'm waiting since 7 years to get decent Internet. 3BB here will lose out to the government initiated project.
  8. When I came to Thailand a little over 30 years ago custard powder was readily available in all supermarkets. But no more. Seems to have vanished completely. I live in northern Surin province. I have tried everywhere, not even at Tops supermarket. www.snpfoods.com who produced the most popular custard powder under the Royallee Brand has folded down. How about an Apfelstrudel without vanilla sauce? If vanilla pods were available in Thailand I could make my own vanilla sauce, but also: they aren't to be found anywhere.
  9. Unless you hit the age of 200. Apparently this is forthcoming.
  10. I have bought many, many things on Lazada and believe me I had a couple of bad experiences. Someone in this thread mentioned that it is necessary to know someone higher up. I second that, but I believe it is best to know the highest up. So concerning Lazada Thailand, time ago I just did some homework and ever since, I know the CEO and the COO of Lazada Thailand (both foreigners) via their email addresses. I also know their superior located in Singapore who is a co-founder of Rocket Internet in Germany who started Lazada as one of their ventures. Google is your frind. Ever since I know the people in the Thailand key positions, any problems arising, they are settled very quickly and efficiently.
  11. Hi everyone, I just received a bill for one of our True-H contracts, a tablet I'm using mostly as a Hub to tether the True 3G signal to one of my computers. I usually never look at the bills because I just trusted TRUE blindly. But that proves to be a biiig mistake! I already noticed that my bills were pretty high every month for a contract 899 Baht + Vat for 5GB. My bills - I until now just blindly paid every month bills which amount to 1'400/1'500/1'600 Baht a month. Today I'm finally looking at one of the bills and I see an item called WAP Video Club with an amount of 540 Baht + Vat ( 37.80). I called True and I was told that I have (maybe unknowingly) subscribed to video download. I'm not in the least interested in any video downloads, but it could be that my 8-year old daughter subscribed (unknowingly) to it. The True representative now cancelled the service and I was told that they will ionvestigate and let me know the result in about a week. So beware, if you get high True-H bills, have a closer look at them, some phoney companies might be syphoning money off for unwanted services. Anyone encounter something similar?
  12. I'm sorry to read your experience with Xendpay. I use them now twice a month since I receive pension from two countries. My last pension I transferred on the 16th of May at 17:10 local Thai time and I received money in my Bangkok Bank account on the 18th at 14:02. That took 33 hours.
  13. My wife just updated me on last nights fight in that neighboring village. The fella who died was in a group of five against another group of thirty (30). Amazing! R.I.P, my wife knew him, he was an attendant at the local PTT gas station. She goes there almost every day during the rice harvesting season to buy diesel for her two rice harvesters and ten wheel truck. She said that he was always very friendly. But he got associated with the wrong people and that deplorable fact ended his young life. His father is due to arrive this evening from Bangkok to get his body released from Surin hospital.