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  1. Stop analyzing. Money has changed sides, so his removal from the Interpol website has been financed. It's as simple as that.
  2. "Apart from that I don't understand what the F your talking about." What is your point? What do you wish do say? Whatever, please stay civil with your words! What I want to say is that I didn't know that the Rothschilds own practically all central banks.
  3. Thank you pokerface1, your revelation that can be found on Google opens a whole new view on the world of finance. So, the richest people in the world are not Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates & Cie. but the Rothschields who own this planet. See also the New World Order.
  4. Can I help? I was an auditor for many years.
  5. Thanks for your input Jack. I didn't really want to complain about Lazada, I order a lot from them. When anything goes wrong, I have a Thai contact at support, I always send a copy to Lazada's CEO since I know him. This always helps. I ordered this week again for around 18'000 Baht from Lazada, 2 x SSD drives 512 GB each, they have arrived at my home already, another item comes from abroad, so maybe next week.f
  6. Just got a message from Amazon.com that my refund has already been processed! Only about 3 hours after I asked them to refund me the customs clearance charges I had prepaid. Amazing company! No comparison to Lazada Thailand ...
  7. Here is an update which could interest many people here. For the first time I ordered from Amazon in the US, I ordered the laptop I gave a link in this post this week Monday March 5 at around 12:00 noon. Apart of the published price of $629.24, I was charged $34.30 for shipping to Thailand and a deposit of $54.06 for customs clearance (VAT). The laptop was dispatched the next day via UPS and it has already arrived here today Friday at around 13:00, it was delivered by Kerry Express. I did have to pay the VAT, which surprised me, since I had prepaid it already to Amazon. No problem, I paid. Minutes later I contacted Amazon customer support , they guy apologized for the mishap and asked me to send him a photo of the invoice I paid. After he received and looked at it, he said: OK, we'll refund you the $54.06 you paid. You should have the refund within 3-5 days on your credit card account. Woaw, what can I say? What a service! What a fast delivery! Four days from the moment I ordered until it arrived at my home. From America. So, anyone wants to order something from Amazon USA, don't hesitate, you don't have to bother anyone from your family, Amazon gets lower shipping rates. It cost me 1'107 Baht to ship it here from the seller's warehouse in PA, USA right to the sticks in the deep Isaan where I live. Imagine, only 1'107 Baht.
  8. Who calls this cracks? Khun Atthaporn Nung-Udom, the Airport Director? Just wanted to book flights for our family of three to Krabi. But this picture makes it an absolute No-go. All flights to Krabi should be suspended until the runway is completely repaired! As a member of a cockpit crew I would not agree to file a flight plan under such conditions. Blown tires could cause an aircraft to leave the runway.
  9. Tourist falls at Ao Nang Cliff

    Excellent and necessary remark! I applaud you. In our tiny Switzerland we have REGA (Swiss Air Rescue). Google it. Many lives have been saved with Rega. Thailand badly needs Air Rescue. Of course, topographically speaking, Switzerland couldn't live without Services like Rega, think only bout the mountains ... Thailand is another story. But one helicopter stationed in Phuket can be within minutes in Krabi and possibly save lives. That would be one at several locations like Pattaya, for example. Rega is funded with donations. A donor also gets free help from Rega should the situation arrive. CHF 70.-- (2'400 Baht) for a family of three per year, not much for an excellent service provided.
  10. Thanks very much for your input. I have bought these two boxes in December, so that's already 2 months ago. Nevertheless I have sent an email message to my contact at Lazada Thailand and asked her to contact the seller and ask for help or alternatively for a full refund. The contact I have at Lazada is very reliable and very helpful since she knows that I know Lazada Thailand's CEO and COO, both foreigners. I will wait now and see, if there will be any help from the seller. I will send an update here. To just lose almost 5'000 Baht just like that would really annoy me.
  11. Hi everyone, recently I bought 2 Android boxes, model t95z plus, after I skipped expensive top option of Truevision. They worked for about a week or ten days, but after that both of them are not booting anymore. I bought them on Lazada for 2'450 Baht each here. In the beginning I had problems already, I had to constantly remove the power cable and connect it again, then it would boot. Does anyone have an idea what could possibly be the problem? Anyone has encountered similar problems. I kinda feel p...ed off losing almost 5'000 Baht just like this. I'd be happy for any helpful input.
  12. Interesting app you have there. Can you disclose which app it is? Thank you. As you can see from my avatar, I come from a country with possibly the cleanest air on the globe.
  13. Considering a Macbook Pro

    I have in the past looked at buying an Apple MacBook Air to replace my ageing Acer notebook, my budget is 30-40'000 Baht, because I use the laptop only to travel. When I look at the MacBookAir 13.3" the lowest priced model gives me an 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of DDR4 Ram and 128 GB SSD hard disk. That'll cost me 34'900 Baht. The specs are not all impressive to me. I have looked around and my eyes fell on a 2018 HP Pavilion 15C Series laptop with the following specs: screen size 15.6" vs. 13.3", 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, screen resolution 920x1080 Full HD IPS, 12 GB SDRAM DDR4 2133MHz and a 1TB SATA Hard Drive (I will replace that one with a 500GB SSD). This laptop is available on Amazon.com and it will cost me $718.78, shipping and Thai VAT included. Taking the US$ at 33 Baht via credit card, this comes to 32'100 Baht. Much better specs for a lower price.By the way, customer reviews rate this machine very high. I will then replace the 1TB SATA hard drive with a SSD 500GB SAMSUNG 960 EVO M.2 (MZ-V6E500BW) (H) which will set me back 8'380 Baht, but I will have 500GB of the fastest SSD vs. 128 GB only on the MacBook Air. The whole will cost me 40'480 Baht for a nice travel laptop. I then still have a 1TB SATA hard drive with (a genuine) Windows 10 Home installed on it. I know, now I might have to "suffer" heavy artillery from Apple aficionados.
  14. Here is the update on the answer I received from bx.in.th, a stereotype one: Date: 2018-02-28 07:33:07 Print Was this reply helpful? yes / no Message: Thank you for contacting us The announcement just to asking financial institutions (not investors) not to do business related cryptocurrency. such as trading in cryptocurrency, offering cryptocurrency exchanges and creating platforms for cryptocurrency trading. As we know every investment has risk. We still operate as usual (even Kasikorn and KTB) you can still deposit,withdraw and trading on our site as well. If we have any latest news, we will update instantly on our website. https://bx.in.th/ https://bitcoin.co.th/ https://www.facebook.com/bitcointhai/ Thank you for using our service. If you have any concerns or questions, Don't hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Sum Customer Support Agent Bitcoin.co.th | BX.in.th | CoinPay.in.th
  15. This is disturbing news for customers of bx.in.th! I am one of their customers and have several hundred thousand Baht invested with them. imho bx.in.th is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand. Bx.in.th has currently two bank accounts for their customers: Krung THai Bank and Kasikorn Bank. Since Mr. Somchai Sujjapongse, the permanent secretary of the Finance Ministry and chairman of Krungthai Bank, ordered his bank on Monday “to halt any transactions related to cryptocurrencies with TDAX through the bank’s accounts, he can do the same with any other Thai exchange. Not really encouraging for us traders and investors! I have sent a ticket with high priority to bx.in.th and asked them to elaborate. But it's the middle of the night now. Not sure when to expect an answer.