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  1. Looks like apart of Al from Spokane there is nobody using a Truevision HD PVR box. Well, I guess I fork out the 3'900 Baht for the box when TV have them again in stock. Thanks Al for your message.
  2. Hi everyone, Are there any Truevision customers out there who are using their HD PVR box for recording TV programs? I have launched my daughter into the tennis world and we do this seriously. Not many tournament promoters upload their full matches on youtube. Soon the new tennis season starts with the first grand slam, the Australian Open. I would like to record some matches in full for my daughter to learn. I have ordered True to change my present box to the one I need and it is free plus the 99 Baht/month are waived for the first 12 months. I have ordered from InvadeIT an Orico 2598SUS3 enclosure and I have external SATA hard disks of 1TB and 2TB to choose from. Can anyone get in contact with me via private message, so I could get well prepared for the upcoming tennis season? I would appreciate so much. Thank you in advance!
  3. Dario

    Anyone using FarangBox?

    I stumbled over a website called farangbox dot com. The provider offers more than 5'000 TV channels from around the world for as little as 3'900 Baht/year, that's 325 Baht/month. Very cheap compared to the two accounts combined I have now with TrueVision. I'm tired of their service and the same stupid commercials all the time. Farangbox also offers Swiss channels, nice to watch once in a while as a native from Switzerland. Is there anyone here who has a subscription with them? Or woud I be better off to install Kodi on the Android box I'm about to order and get those channels for free? Or would I have to sign up anyway with some provider? Would anyone be so kind and enlighten me? Thanks in advance for any positive input!