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  1. When I hear or see an ambulance coming, I immediately merge away, so the ambulance can pass. I always imagine that I myself, my daughter or my wife could be in distress in that ambulance. I have escorted an ambulance in Pattaya several times to Samitivej Sri Racha and once from Pattaya to Bangkok to Bumrungrad Hospital, each time with my mother inside. Moving out of the way when an ambulance is coming is PARAMOUNT. Why the Thai drivers don't understand this is simply beyond me ...
  2. Anyone using FarangBox?

    Thank you very much! I have sent him a message via this email address. Stupid I didn't look for that address... Are you happy with the TV programs you can get? And how is the quality?
  3. Good or bad experiences at bx.in.th

    I just made another deposit this Monday morning and I sent proof of payment at 07:10. Only 6 minutes later the deposit was booked on my account, ready to use. I can say - up til now - this has been a very reliable bitcoin exchange for me.
  4. Anyone using FarangBox?

    I asked for a free trial via his LINE account about 2 months ago. Several times He never answered. The only contact with this 1 man show is via his LINE account but it seems dead now. He doesn't give a phone number and he doesn't disclose where he lives. Raises red flags for me.
  5. How right you are, Angel. It is sooooo easy to make money on bx.in.th. Many people don't see the trees in the forest.
  6. Thank you, I still have to learn...
  7. Nobody? Amazing. Apparently there aren't (m)any westerners trading during the day on bx.in.th.
  8. I don't know what's going on. I'm trading on BX. This morning I bought some XRP while it was trading around $3.20 average. In THB I bought at 92.50 average. SUddenly I saw on coinmarketcap that XRP fell down to $2.66. Immediately, I sold all I had bought without losing any money, since the traders on bx.in.th were not reacting to that fall. Also. BCH fell from around $2750 down to $2'450, just like that, from one update to the next. Bx.in.th traders are still not reacting. Anyone noticed this? It now reflects on the last updates on coinmarketcap.com
  9. Is this such a big question for the Thai government? Here is a picture of Yingluck outside Harrods taken yesterday, January 4, 2018 by Thai tourists who recognized her. Picture courtesy of Matichon.
  10. Bx.in.th again offline!

    I have the impression that the vast majority of (smaller) traders don't use a wallet to keep their valuables simply because for the average guy and gal it just seems to difficult to do this correctly. I just read about Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, it seems to be the best available on the market. When I check on Lazada Thailand, the retail for 3'990 THB.
  11. Bx.in.th again offline!

    Thanks for the advice! So, after I bought, I transfer my coins to a hardware wallet. So, they won't be on the exchange and I can't sell them. Plus. I guess, every transfer must be paid. What I usually do is: after I bought, I leave my coins on the exchange and put in a sell order and wait until the sell order is met. Then with the money I buy again. Can you please enlighten me and the community, I would be very grateful to you. By the way, I have sent you a private message.
  12. Bx.in.th again offline!

    I never, ever said or mentioned anywhere that I consider myself an experienced trader. In fact, I'm still a newbie. Please check your inbox, I sent you a private message.
  13. Bx.in.th again offline!

    You're a lucky guy. I'm trading around the clock.
  14. Since over 2 hours - maybe it's three - bx.in.th trading platform is offline. The following message is displayed: When I check on Twitter and Facebook, there are no updates whatsoever shown.Looks scary to me. The last time that happened on DEC 7 it was for 2 hours but there were updates. I have several hundred thousand Baht stuck on the site. Update: 11:33: When I just tried now, the site is again accessible.