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  1. I think most western men are happy with what they can get...:-) But seriously, if you look at the models, celebs, beauty contestants, etc., in the USA, they are still disproportionately white women.
  2. In all fairness, all societies have their ideals of an attractive woman. And women in these societies strive to conform to that ideal, no matter how impractical. I can tell you that being obese in America is not "conforming to Western beauty standards." And although most are afraid to talk about it, skin color matters in the USA as well. Not just as a race issue, but even among light and dark skin African-Americans.
  3. I'm still waiting for the Mazda 6 to come to Thailand. But not holding my breath....
  4. I've lived up and down California for many years...although it's been awhile now. The article surprised me nevertheless, which was the point. And it was this quote that surprised me the most: "More than 90 percent of California residents live in counties with unhealthy air, according to the American Lung Association." Now I don't know what "perspective" you're talking about, but I don't think it was saying unhealthy air compared to the Rocky Mountains, the North Pole, the moon....or wherever. It just says "unhealthy air." As for some of your more exaggerated remarks, i.e., N. Thailand being among the worst in the world, come on. It's pretty darn easy to Google. Do you see Chiang Mai in any of these lists? You can Google it yourself. Maybe then, you'll stop with the hyperbole and untruths. Doesn't do your credibility much good.
  5. "Twist the facts"....??? That's just an obscene accusation. Not sure why you would say such a thing. Firstly, I quoted the article directly and provided a link. It's not fake news, it's fact. If you have a problem with the facts, take it up with the American Lung Association. It's their words. Secondly, I lived in LA back in the day when the smog was arguably worse than Chiang Mai. It's better now precisely because of the tough laws. I hate the smoke in Chiang Mai as much as the next guy. But if your narrative is always going to be that all other places in the world is pristine, then we can agree to disagree.
  6. Actually, it is genius...although in a rather tasteless and vulgar way. But heck, how many Thai women have traveled overseas chasing bogus high-paying jobs? Or fallen for online Nigerian scams? It's all about the money. This woman has a target market that is desperate and stupid enough to try anything. I did notice that she's only promising rich “Caucasian or Middle Eastern” men. If she had promised rich Thai guys, it simply wouldn't be believable because Thai women know rich Thai guys would never fall for it.
  7. Yeap, the haters won't get a chance to hate. Well, they'll probably crap on the source. I did notice that Bangkok Airways is ranked higher than any US carrier....interesting.
  8. Yes, I can see how Trump is making, America....great again!
  9. So where are you heading to? USA? California by chance? I just saw this article which kind of surprised me.... [Three California counties — Los Angeles-Long Beach, Bakersfield and Fresno-Madera — had the worst smog levels in the entire country. More than 90 percent of California residents live in counties with unhealthy air, according to the American Lung Association.] And in case some folks aren't aware, California has some of the toughest environmental laws in the USA and still, it's not enough. Chiang Mai has the same kind of problems cited in the article--lots of people and lots of sunshine. So the solution is to go to where there's fewer people and less sunshine!
  10. Hilarious. It seems anyone who tries to defend Trump make an absolute fool of themselves.
  11. "Exercise is bad for your health." (This guy I know actually told me this. He's also a Donald Trump supporter, so that should explain it)
  12. So what do you consider "adding to the discussion?" How about this article, another analysis of Trump. This is what people are thinking and saying about your hero... [Donald Trump is wrong almost all of the time about almost everything. He lies constantly, and even though he is constantly being caught in his transparent lies, he never admits error, pressing ever forward on his destructive path. Does he do this because he knows nothing about the world? (That is, is he naive ?) Alternatively, maybe it is because he is incapable of logical thinking. (Is he stupid ?) Or is it instead because he has horrible policy goals? (Is he evil ?)] So do you think Trump is naive, stupid, or evil? I'd say all three.
  13. I envy guys that can chase after the've got your pick of the litter. If you also like big women, you'll be busy 24/7.
  14. You're probably right that enthusiasm has dimmed on TF, on both sides. The guys are looking for free sex and the girls are trying to avoid sex unless they get paid. So what's happened to all those girls that you've met previously in those heydays? Seems like you met quite a few. You can always go back to them...can't you?
  15. Actually, Palin as VP would virtually guarantee that Trump would never be impeached.