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  1. Car driving: Thai's passing very close. WHY?

    You are getting some good advice OP, yet, you seem to want to argue. Many times I'd run into some driver going slow in the fast lane when they could/should be in the left lane. So yes, I do pass them rather close so they get the message. It's silly, but if the slug is going to annoy me, I'd want to annoy him in return.
  2. Man, you are one sick individual.
  3. Funny thing happened at the funeral. Melania actually smiled. It wasn't lost on the public that she typically looks miserable around Trump. Who can blame her... [The general consensus on Twitter is that Melania looks happy for the first time in a while and it's quite the coincidence that it happens to be at an event (even a devastatingly sad one like a funeral) that she's attending without her husband.] https://www.yahoo.com/news/barack-obama-made-melania-trump-163000107.html?.tsrc=jtc_news_index
  4. There is no war between Thais and foreigners. What the OP has is a personal problem. If he treats the locals like crap, he shouldn't act surprised when they treat him the same. The OP should have the courage to admit that the Thais just don't like HIM.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Makes you wonder if people may have "fudged" the number a bit. Say in this case the victim was ripped-off of 3,000 bt. Well he can't prove it was 3,000 cash anyways, so let's just make it 30,000. Better yet, 300,000. Just throw a number out there.
  6. Funny. Hannity is about the slimiest of slimeballs out there. Every time that guy opens his mouth, he's just asking to be punched in the face.
  7. This Holocaust survivor knows Trump pretty well.... “I’m involved with New York real estate, I know this man personally,” says Jacobs, whose eponymous architecture firm celebrated its 50th birthday in 2017. “Trump is an enabler. Trump has no ideas. Trump is out for himself. “He’s a sick, very disturbed individual. I couldn’t say that Trump is a fascist because you’ve got to know what fascism is. And I don’t think he has the mental power to even understand it.”
  8. That's really the crux of it. Most of us know Trump to be a blithering idiot, albeit a largely harmless one. True he's hired some incredibly corrupt individuals, is destroying the environment, and dividing America like no one before him. But if Trump starts a war in Syria or elsewhere just to deflect from what Mueller is doing--and then tries to fire him in the middle of a war--then we've got much more to worry about. I don't put anything pass this guy, he's that freakin crazy and stupid.
  9. Cohen always tries to come across as a tough guy, the Mr. Fixer for Trump. But he's pretty much a wuss--just like his boss--which we will see pretty soon. When it comes to saving Trump or his own ass, Cohen will turn on Trump and sing like Pavarotti. And this guy knows all the dirty little secrets.
  10. Bank Account Frozen.

    I've never had my Thai bank account frozen. So OP, do you owe people money? Late on the payments?
  11. Pretty funny...but also pretty sad. The stupidity of Trump knows no bounds.
  12. If you live in Pattaya and decided to raise kids there, I'd say "no," that's not irresponsible. It's just living your life. Heck, parents who get divorced with children are probably more irresponsible, if you think about it. But if I had a choice between raising kids in Pattaya or, say, Chiang Mai, I'd choose Chiang Mai.
  13. Summer storms predicted for Thursday and Friday

    I hope this forecast is true in the north. We are in desperate need of rain in Chiang Mai to clear the air. About two full days of non-stop rain should do it.
  14. I'm sure Melania knew that Trump was an uncontrollable sex hound prior to marrying him. She probably thought that at his age, he'd tone it down some....but she was wrong. I'm guessing that she'd divorce Trump right now if he wasn't POTUS. But they have a prenup, so she's limited as to what she can get. Melania should hire Stormy's lawyer to handle the divorce. That would be classic.
  15. You're right. Trump lies constantly and his idiot base still believes him. I knew America had some morons, but I never thought we had that many.