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  1. Thank you. Likewise to you Sir.
  2. "Plausible deniability"....is that what you're claiming here? What's been established on these threads is that (1) Trump supporters are incredibly dishonest, and (2) Trump supporters--unless they're personally benefiting in some way--are dumber than dirt.
  3. When it comes to "losing face," farangs are worse than Thais.
  4. War with N Korea. Any impacts on Thailand?

    There's really no avoiding the collateral damage to S. Korea if a war were to break out (which I too doubt very much). But to actually minimize the damage, the US would have to move swiftly to wipe out NK's offensive capabilities. We're all speculating now, of course, but I would think the US military leadership has already drawn up all possible scenarios. Yes, strategic strikes at largely military facilities would be preferred, but who knows where fatboy has all his hardware. And these strikes would have to be highly effective, i.e., nukes. Because when cornered, fatboy would want to empty his entire arsenal at someone, so best he didn't have much left. Not saying every inch of NK needs to be incinerated, but figuratively speaking, there won't be much left.
  5. Why less asthma here then in Europe?

    Interesting topic. So is it the warmer weather? The humidity? Less pollen? Or actually cleaner air? I wonder.
  6. War with N Korea. Any impacts on Thailand?

    I don't believe Kim Jong fatboy will do anything. It's all PR and about trying to squeeze concessions from the rest of the world. Fatboy may be crazy, but he's not stupid. He likes his life the way it is and so do the top officials in NK. And China would prefer that NK not get together with SK and become one big democracy (and US ally) right across its border. As far as China's concerned, "Kim Jong Un may be a nutter, but he's our nutter." So don't expect much from khun Xi with regards to NK. BUT...if fatboy were to do something insanely stupid--like send a missile to Guam--NK would no longer exist. They would be incinerated within a matter of minutes.
  7. But wouldn't it be even better if the stock market was doing well AND the dollar was strong? Especially if one is an expat? Probably too much to ask you to look at two different issues at the same time. I mean, you're a Trump guy afterall.
  8. Trump surveys devastated Texas as Harvey rages on

    Trump is only in Texas for free PR and to hawk Trump merchandise... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/melania-flotus-hat_us_59a59e1ce4b084581a1395a1
  9. Fair enough. Religion/superstition one and the same. So what is the OP on about I wonder.
  10. So how do you feel about people who believes in a deity, heaven and Earth, Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, etc.? I take it you believe that Christians are a product of "poor education."
  11. I didn't see the entire fight, just clips of a few rounds. But I have this lingering thought that Mayweather may have just played around with McGregor throughout, knowing he could have taken him out at anytime. But by stretching the fight out to 10 rounds, he gave the fans their money's worth....at least in his mind. McGregor didn't belong in the same ring with Mayweather, even though the latter is well past his prime. Honestly, Mayweather should still be 49-0 as this fight doesn't qualify as a real fight. But they both made huge money, so everyone's happy.
  12. Except Mayweather is like 90 yrs old and well past his prime. Note that I'm being facetious about the 90 yrs old thing, but the guy is not young anymore.
  13. I'm not the President of the United States and neither are you. Please don't tell us what you've done with your life because we don't care.
  14. Yeap, he'll take credit for things he had nothing to do with, and blame others for his own failures. That's our POTUS in a nutshell.
  15. Nevermind the Chinese....if the US doesn't want to normalize relations with Cuba, perhaps the N. Korean's will. Can you imagine a N. Korean military base in Cuba?